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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

January 7, 1998 4:04 PM  

The meeting was called to order at 4:04 by Speaker Jason Kocina 

  • Roll Call Senators Present:  Bob Pavlenko 6-0-0, Garth Benson 11-0-2, Jim Jacobson 11-0-2, Kate Jacobsen 13-0-0, Matt Anderson 13-0-0, Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee 9-2-1, Maruf Rafik 1-2-10, Sylvia Oelberg 6-0-0, Dan Van Every 11-1-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton12-0-1, CindyWest 11-2-0, Lucretia Burgess-proxy Angela Alouch 4-1-1, Michael Vawracz 6-6-1, Kyle Jarvis 6-0-0, Melissa Bergeron 12-1-0, Seth Swanson 12-1-0, Scott Silver 12-0-1, John O'Hara 11-1-1, Amy Enter 4-1-1 Senators Absent:  Jason Dorn 9-4-0, Jason Kanz 9-2-2, Deborah Uecker 0-5-8, Maruf Rafik 1-2-10, Heather Dye 9-2-1, Emily Auseth 6-5-0, Jesse Palmer 11-2-1, Melanie Wolters 8-2-3 Executive Staff Present:  President Brian Dietz 12-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 13-0-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 7-4-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 9-2-0 Executive Staff Absent: Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 6-5-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 7-4-0  
  • Student Forum 

III.         Presentations                  

  • Constitution Commission-need to get a copy of the disc with the bylaws and constitution, needs schedules for this quarter, by noon tomorrow-major project, finishing bylaws


IV.         Approval of Minutes - 11/19/97-not yet ready


V.         Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee-received year end operating budgets-covered briefly-questions concerning why cheerleading deficit so great-see handouts in the senate office-Friday 9-11 a.m. meeting concerning this problem-legislation-see attachment-adopted


VI.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz-Jason Reinke resigned.  Jan 23-25 MSUSA Conference-explained some details-MSUSA lobby trip-need more people-library hours-evaluated by quarter, but was received well.  Appointment: Treasurer-Jen Hibbard (also Vice-Chair of SAC)-approved                                     

b) Vice President - Jason Patten-College of Business Dean search-flat rate tuition a concern-received necessary bonding ($11 million)                  

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina-schedules for Cheri-address and phone number change, make sure you're up to date-recognized the vacancy in Allied Health and Nursing. Recognition of Organizations Computer Science Club, Financial Planning Club, Kappa Delta Pi-Lambda Lambda Chpt. MSU Aikido Club, R.A.I.S.E., St. Thomas More Newman Center, SURSI, The Lions Den, Dental Hygiene Club, Honors Club  VI.  Staff Reports           Urban Affairs Coordinator Matt Chase-The city wants an informal get together with the city council members-have an opening on city council-bus stop clean ups a possibility 

VII. Senator Reports                  

  • Senator Van Every-motion made concerning attendance and auditing committees-seconded by Senator Pavlenko-amended to say bi-quarterly and amended again to say twice per academic term-first amendment withdrawn-question called-failed


VIII. Old Business                  

a) #B11.19.97A #B 11.19.97A Tobacco Usage Elimination. Sponsor: Jim Jacobson Co-Sponsor: Dan Van Every  Whereas:         There are 430,000 tobacco related deaths each  year in the United States and  Whereas: The Mankato State University is committed to providing a healthy environment for all of its members  Be it Resolved: That Mankato State University prohibit the use of all forms of tobacco by students, faculty, staff, administration and all others that make up the University community, on campus grounds or at University related events Question called-roll call-amended-roll call-back to voting on the motion made-roll call on the motion-3-17, motion fails  Roll Call Votes #B11.19.97A

(1)                   (2)                  (3) Senators Present/Voting  Bob Pavlenko                           Y                  Y                  Y Garth Benson                           N                  N                  N Jim Jacobson                           Y                  N                  N Kate Jacobsen                           Y                  Y                  N Matt Anderson                           N                  Y                  N Allison Plathe                           N                  Y                  N Sylvia Oelberg                           N                  N                  N Dan Van Every                           Y                  N                  Y Vicki Edwards-Merton         Y                   N                  Y Cindy West                           Y                  Y                  N Michelle Selvidge                  N                  Y                  N Lucretia Burgess                           N Michael Vawracz                  Y                  Y                  N Kyle Jarvis                                    N                  Y                  N Melissa Bergeron                  Y                  Y                  N Seth Swanson                           N                  Y                  N Scott Silver                           Y                  Y                  N John O'Hara                           Y                  Y                  N Emy Enter                                    N                  Y                  N Executive Officers Present/Voting President Brian Dietz                  N                  N                  N Vice President Jason Patten         N                  Y                  N                                      

IX.         New Business                  

a) #B01.07.98A-motion 11-9 carries  #B   01.07.98A MSU Positive Participation Award. Sponsor Senator Dan Van Every, Co-Sponsor: Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton Whereas:         Participation in community and the development of leadership and followership skills are essential in all students for a healthy and productive college carrier.  Whereas:         activism, philanthropy and the promotion of Esprit de Corps in the Body Academic are the foundations of School Spirit and the university community.  Therefore be it resolved:  that this committee of the senate shall not consider applications naming a member of the senate, nor members of any of its committees, nor the spouses or relatives thereof.  Therefore be it resolved:  the committee is empowered with the responsibility of formulating any policies and regulations consistent with the MSSA constitution and bylaws which shall become necessary for the committees operation in fulfillment of its purpose.  Therefore be it resolved:  that the MSSA president, or his appointed representative, whom shall be a member of MSSA, is charged with the responsibility of obtaining the plaque awarded to the individual selected by the above mentioned committee to receive the "MSU Positive Participation Award." Roll Call Vote #B-01.07.98A                                              (1) Senators Present/Voting Bob Pavlenko                           Y Garth Benson                           N Jim Jacobson                           Y Kate Jacobsen                           N Matt Anderson                           N Allison Plathe                           N Sylvia Oelberg                           Y Dan Van Every                           Y Vicki Edwards-Merton         Y Cindy West                           Y Michelle Selvidge                  Y Michael Vawracz                   Y Kyle Jarvis                                    N Melissa Bergeron                  Y Seth Swanson                           N Scott Silver                           N John O'Hara                           N Amy Enter                             N Executive Officers/Voting President Brian Dietz                  Y Vice President Jason Patten         Y                                              

b) #B01.07.98B-motion to table passes  B-01-07-98B  Adult Entertainment in the Centennial Student Union. Sponsor: Jim Jacobson, Co-Sponsor: Dan Van Every  Whereas:         The Mankato State University does not provide enough entertainment                   for mature students and  Whereas:         There is a lack of night life and student unity  Be it Resolved:  That after 7:00 PM the Indigo be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages and to have performances of exotic dancers, in compliance with state and local laws.  Adjourned at 6:08 p.m. due to lack of quorum

  • Announcements 

XI.         Adjournment Respectfully submitted, Kate Jacobsen, Recording Secretary