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65th MSSA Senate

February 11,1998   Meeting called to order at 4:02 P.M. by Speaker Jason Kocina 

I.         Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Maya Beatty 3-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 11-0-0, Senator Garth Benson 15-0-3,  Senator Pete Schwane 2-0-0, Senator Jim Jacobson 15-1-2, Senator Kate Jacobsen 18-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 18-0-0, Senator Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee 10-3-5, Senator Maruf Rafik 2-6-10, Senator Sylvia Oelberg 8-0-3,  Senator Dan Van Every 16-1-1, Senator Vicki Edwards Merton 16-0-2,   Senator Cindy West 15-3-0, Senator Joost Dettmeijer 2-0-0, Senator Melissa Bergeron 17-1-0,  Senator Seth Swanson 16-1-1, Senator Scott Silver 17-0-1,  Senator John O'Hara 13-2-3,  Senator Amy Enter 9-1-1, Senator Michael Vawracz-proxy campbell Kristenson 10-6-2,  Senator Kyle Jarvis-proxy Kristy Anderson 10-0-1,  Senator Jesse Palmer 15-2-1, Senator Melanie Wolters -proxy Jen Hibbard 13-2-3 Senators Absent:  Senator Jason Dorn 11-7-0, Senator Jason Kanz-9-6-3,  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-6-1     Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 17-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 18-0-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 12-4-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 5-0-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 11-5-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

II.         Student Forum Dustin Mayfield-I have been involved in Senate for over a year, a member of RHA, and an engineer at KRNR.  Spoke regarding letter on KRNR.  Senate has been waffling, this issue has been around along time, even before Chase and Bakke.  Presented two motions-One to save KRNR, one to kill KRNR.  Do not put off, do not lose quorum.  Last week motion was passed to move KRNR, sincerely hope this was to move not kill KRNR Senator Jacobson-how would moving kill KRNR?  Radio stations do not need center stage to be effective. Mayfield-this is just an allegation which I heard second hand.  Vice President Jason Patten-read letters from students (see written letters)  Senator Sylvia Oelberg-thank senators for helping out with her nephew, while she attended classes.  Buy grams for Mini-Mavs.  

III.         Presentations                  

  • KRNR/Senate Liaison - Bob Pavlenko No one is really asking questions about KRNR anymore, if you don't have anymore questions, please act. 

IV.          Board & Committee Reports                  

a)  Student Allocations Committee - Michelle Murzyn Chair Student Allocations met Friday.  They reviewed the results of the Student Leadership Salary Survey and the Five Year Equipment Plan Requests.  The information compiled is in the SAC Folder. Discussed SAC membership and other Senate and university committee memberships. SAC Recommendation #19-Intramural Sports Loan R#02.11.98A Move to recommend a non-interest loan of up to $10,400 to be paid back by Fiscal Year 2001 to Intramural Sports to purchase two treadmills.  Intramurals have paid back their loans in the past.   Senator Van Every-attended meeting, read proposal, this is a worthy proposal.  Director had done research. Senator Jacobson-how will this be paid back? Chair Murzyn-they were told to pay back by the year 2001.  They said they would like to pay back in the next year and a half. Motion carries 

  • Approval of Minutes Minutes of 2/4/98 approved  

VI.         Election - Graduate Studies  Seat, (2) Off-campus Seats Graduate Senator Seat Eric Bakke Graduate Senator Eric Bakke Off-Campus Seat #1 Jen Drganc         Chris Elvebak Jon Bauer Christopher Hiller Off-Campus Senator Jen Drganc Off-Campus Seat Senator #2 Chris Elvebak Jon Bauer Christopher Hiller Off-Campus Senator Chris Elvebak           

VII.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz KRNR-discussed funding and loan.  Information will be on board. Campus Rep-decision will be made by the end of the month. Delegate Assembly-April 3-5, Twin Cities.  Decision will be made this week, announced next Wed. Met with Dr. Healy and Henry Morris, discussed senate issues. Will meet with Dr. Rush next week, informing him of what is happening with senate. Softball game with administrators, hopefully in June Appointments: Eric Bakke-Newspaper Maya Baetty-Bookstore Advisory, Jesse Palmer-Bookstore Advisory Jean Printy -SAC, Dustin Mayfield-Communications Board  Senator Anderson-has Mr. Morris told you about plans for moving? Senator Pavlenko-the only discussion has been to Gretels, and a very rough estimate of the cost.                  

b) Vice President - Jason Patten Election Committee will be going over rules, and making some slight changes. Senator Jacobson-regarding SAC membership, have you done anything to try and fill these committees? Vice President Patten-sent E-Mails to departments letting them know of vacancies. President Dietz-we have been talking to people all year.  They are going to keep asking, we want involvement. Vice President Patten-we are trying to diversify. Vice President Patten-talked to Rep. Opatz, there is some confusion as to what we passed.  They are looking to amend bill according to the way we amended. President Dietz-we have asked Rep. Opatz to represent us in the  correct manner. Senator Drganc-can we demand anything from our President or Vice President?  Concern is how you decide who is to be on committees. Vice President Patten-we do not like to ask people to put academics second.  President Dietz- My expectation is that academics come first.  We tell people what the requirements are for Senate or a committee, so they can fulfill commitments.  This should not supersede academics. Senator Drganc-isn't this the Vice President's report? Senator Drganc-do you feel going to Washington, DC is a reward for being in Senate?                   b) Speaker - Jason Kocina Changes in Bylaws-Article IV Section 1, Strike the word "the treasurer". Article VII Section 3, Strike "A Student Representative shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate." Strike Subdivision 1.  Change wording in Section 3 "The duties of the Student (to Campus) Representative shall be to": Speaker ruling #17-passing of the gavel.  Ruling is correct. Working on RSO review. Tradition-long accepted custom or belief, we should look at tradition carefully.  When we make changes proceed with caution. History-study the past-alot of people do not know much about our history.  Read from 1970 article -Fools Rush In and Filibuster.  Senate met for a record 4 hours-filibuster had to do with structure of Senate committees.  David Cowan held floor for three hours ...... to stand and ramble for three hours is amazing.  David Cowan is now Director of Auxiliary Services.  Second individual is rather unique, "Eight is enough" speech. To be accountable for eight people is admirable.   Senator Bakke-comments on uniform ruling. Speaker Kocina-Ruling #18 The MSSA Constitution may only be interpreted by the Senate Speaker or the MSSA Vice President.  However; the MSSA Vice President may only interpret the MSSA Constitution in the absence of the Senate Speaker.  Any other person presiding over the MSSA Senate lack, exclusive interpretive powers, and any rulings they make are subject to appeal by the Senate even if those rulings pertain to the MSSA Constitution. Senator Bakke-what do think about absence of Speaker and what does it mean? Speaker Kocina - Stop by and visit and I will tell you details on what I know about the senate. Senator Edwards-Merton-move to recess for ten minutes. Motion fails.                    

c) Treasurer - Jenny Hibbard  (no report)          

VIII.         Staff Reports                  

a) Leg. Affairs - Peni Blakley Lobby Day, met with 10-12 senators.  Most reports were productive, most senators were in favor of Athletic Facility, Decoupling-some were unsure, but we can continue to lobby.                   

b) Cultural Diversity - Allison McGee Attended Asian New Year, we were really proud that we have our own table. Would love to see more of senate represented. BSU benefit for Sickle Cell is this weekend.  Candy Grams proceeds go to Mini-Mavs. ECDC -legislation   Motion out of committee We, the members of the ECDC committee request that we obtain the Cultural Diversity courses listed and the Cultural Diversity related core courses and the curriculum of the Ethnic Studies department be submitted to the ECDC for our review and input as student representatives.  In order for our time and research we are requesting that we receive this information by February 25, 1998. Senator Anderson-we want to review Cultural Diversity courses offered to make sure it is fair to all cultures as we are required to take 3 credits. Senator Pavlenko-not sure I agree with the date. Committees  may not be ready to provide this information by 2/25 deadline. Senator Oelberg-date is adequate, this information should be  available. Senator Pavlenko-is it three credits?     

R#02.11.98B Motion- We, the members of the ECDC committee request that we obtain the Cultural Diversity courses listed and the Cultural Diversity related core courses and the curriculum of the Ethnic Studies department be submitted to the ECDC for our review and input as student representatives.  In order for our time and research we are requesting that we receive this information by February 25, 1998. Motion carries 

IX.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Anderson Working on ECDC legislation.  ECDC did some looking back, they have not participated in courses for many years. We need to get involved with that. Look closely at KRNR.                  

b) Senator Plathe Still working on Academic Advising, Semester Conversion, working with SET regarding course work.  Thanked Allison McGee for proxying for her.  Personal agendas should not be apart of Senate.                  

c) Senator Oelberg         Welcome to new senators.  I have been fondling the idea of remaining a senator, feel I have given 155%.  Investigated issues, and brought back to senate.  If you have not investigated, abstain, you are here for people you represent.   Senator Plathe-proxy McGee, how can other senators get involved? Senator Oelberg-meet with Speaker, he can help you.                   d)Senator Benson (not present for report)                   e)Senator Bakke-thank you for electing me.  When someone has a position of senator, there are profound decisions that have to be made.  "There is no greater purpose in the world than fighting for what you believe in".  Senator Dettmeijer-Senator Oelberg stated we should fight for what our constituents believe in, you say ourselves, what is correct? Senator Bakke-Discussed models of representation:  Delegate, Burkean Trustee. Matt Chase-Management Model-in terms of structure you don't make a decision of right or wrong.  You just manage. Senator Bakke-Do what you think is right or what people that sent you think is right?                  

f) Senator Drganc-today at capitol was a really good day. Senators Van Every, Senator Jarvis did a good job of not letting senators beat around the bush. Senator Plathe-proxy Mcgee-how do you feel about being a senator? Senator Drganc-it feels awesome.  I feel I have alot to get done. 

X.         Old Business                  

a) Cultural Diversity Coordinator Stipends SAC recommendation Move to recommend an SAF subsidy of $1000.00 to MSSA.  SAC also recommends that MSSA develop minimal position expectations for these positions.  Senator Bakke-speaking on behalf of President Dietz, this will be  for the presidents' discretion, he will use service and time as criteria. Coordinator McGee-please decide on this. It has been on floor for 3 weeks. R#02.11.98C Move to recommend an SAF subsidy of $1000.00 to MSSA.  SAC also recommends that MSSA develop minimal position expectations for these positions. Motion carries unanimous                    

XI.         New Business                                            

  • KRNR motion  Senator Swanson, 2nd Senator Bakke B#02.11.98D Resolved:          the MSSA Senate express its commitment to the continued operation of KRNR,  be it further Resolved:          the cost of KRNR's relocation be met with SAF funds as are needed.  Be it further Resolved:         KRNR's relocation take place subsequent to the preparation of an appropriate space for KRNR, as defined by the Communications Board and MSSA Senate  Senator Bakke-I have not had to make decisions up until now, it was not advantages until now.  This is a permanent decision, with the realities and research done, if we give up the radio, we will not have a radio in the future. Senator Jarvis-Move to table for one week for purpose of discussion. 2nd-Senator Palmer Senator Jarvis-Just as Bakke said, decision is permanent.  If we cut it is gone.  We need to have a full body to discuss this rationally. This has been looming over our head, but we need to do this correctly. Give it a week, do your research.  This is a touchy subject.  It is gone or it stays.  Do your homework.  If Senator Swanson's motion fails, what happens then?  How many years has this been going on? Senator Palmer-Lets bring this up next week.  Everyone should be here. Proxy Bauer-They are on borrowed time, they are losing energy. People want to know, if it dies, it dies.  Want to know future of station. Senator Plathe-proxy McGee-we dealt with this last year.  Personal agendas have come into this issue.  Deal with this now. Senator Oelberg-a student came today in student forum for us to deal with this issue. Dustin Mayfield-we have had years to deal with this issue.  Beg you now to postpone. Senator Oelberg-have done research, if you haven't abstain. Senator Edwards-Merton-representative government-people had faith in you to vote for them.   Matt Chase-Decision does need to be made, but not tonight.  There is a conflict of interest here tonight.  When you make a decision of this magnitude you should have students here for decision.  There is no jeopardy here, cutting funding without committee recommendation, is probably a violation of state law.  State law requires a recommendation from committee.  The President can veto this.  If a station broadcasts and no one listens, is it still a station. Senator Anderson-Postpone one week, to clarify State law.  

Senator Bakke-I would suggest that if there is a question about legality we should delete second resolve. Senator West-maybe we should take a Union tour of available space. Senator Silver-we only have general information, a week would give us accurate numbers.  We need to know that before we pass. Senator Dettmeijer-Senator Pavlenko and Dustin did ask us if we had questions. Senator Jarvis-Move to recommend this to SAC Due to misunderstanding as to what was on the floor.  However, again, I firmly agree there is doubt at this table.  This needs to be taken care of by the whole senate. 

There are nine empty seats.  This is not fair to students of this university. Old Business could be put to the front of the agenda, and we could have a full body for a vote.  Time is not a concern.   Senator Palmer-yield Senator Oelberg-amend motion on floor.  Let's make a special  meeting regarding KRNR, a mandatory meeting that Mr. Morris could be at. Senator Bakke-we could have a special meeting, but attendance  could not be mandatory. Senator Oelberg-amend motion to postpone for two weeks, and put to top of agenda. Senator Dettmeijer-would like to vote ASAP but a meeting where we could learn more should also happen. Senator Swanson-a special meeting is ludicrous.  Your apathy is wasting my time. Senator West-new senators need to be informed. Senator Anderson-oppose, we represent the body if we have quorum. Senator Bergeron-proxy Bauer-if new senators do not know how to vote they can abstain. Senator Plathe-proxy McGee-amendments on table are conflicting. Deal with issue.

Senator Bakke-move the second and third degree amendment. You need to specify questions.  Speaker Kocina-Original motion is to postpone for one week, amend to postpone for two weeks.   Motion carries. Amended motion-to postpone for two weeks- motion fails. Discussion of original motion- Senator Drganc-point of parliamentary inquiry-what committee has discussed this and reported back?  Move to refer this to all three committees. 2nd West Senator Drganc-trying to make a compromise.  All three committees should   make a recommendation.

Senator Edwrds-Merton - yield time to Matt Harmon - Union Board brought forth this forth to move KRNR not cut KRNR.  Union Board is committed to keeping KRNR.  Union Board is not a funding committee. Senate passed Union Boards Recommendation. Senator Bakke: Move to Caucus for five minutes.  2nd Wolters Motion passes to caucus for five minutes  Back to Order 7:34  Return to motion 2nd Speaking turn Senator Drganc- remove motion - no objections. Senator Palmer- motion Move to postpone until next week directly after student forum -this will allow time for appropriate individuals to bring facts. 2nd Bob Pavlenko Senator Jarvis: I made the motion 1/2 hour ago for the purpose that all Senators can deal with this effectively. Senator Bakke: would choose to follow the ruling: motion carries  Senator Drganc- motion B#02.11.98E Resolved, the MSSA Senate request that the university suspend operation of KRNR with all possible speed. Second Vicki Edwards- Merton:  There is no reason to support KRNR , I've been against it and stand firm.  Does it really come down to the issue of  pumping  money in to something that is dying anyway.  Senator Bakke - move to table Senator Wolters 2nd Division motion carries         


  • Announcements Senator Bakke: compliments the Speaker Senator Jarvis- spent time in St. Paul and will have presentation next week. Senator Oelberg candy grams available to support Mini Mavs and Sickle Cell benefit and Valentines dance Saturday. Student:  Asked that the Speaker call senators that are not present to be present and that they  Senator-proxy McGee benefit for Sickle Cell.   Senators need a back bone Speaker Kocina- KRNR issue will be handled next week after Student Forum 

XIII. Adjournment Motion to adjourn Senator Plathe-proxy Mcgee, 2nd  Senator West Meeting adjourned 7:43 P.M. Motion Passes Roll Call   Senators voting Yes Maya Beatty, Pete Schwane, Eric Bakke, Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe-proxy McGee, Sylvia Oelberg, Vicki Edwrds-Merton, Cindy West, Jen Drganc, Chris Elvebak, Seth Swanson, Scott Swanson, Melanie Wolters,  Jesse Palmer Senators voting No Bob Pavlenko, Joost Dettmeijer Senators Abstaining Kyle Jarvis  Quote of the week -  "We must be servants not masters" - former McElroy Senator