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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

February 25,1998  

Meeting called to order at 4:01   by Speaker Jason Kocina 

I.         Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Maya Beatty 5-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 13-0-0, Senator Garth Benson -proxy Jen Hibbard 15-0-5,  Senator Pete Schwane 4-0-0, Senator Jim Jacobson 17-1-2, Senator Eric Bakke 5-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 20-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 20-0-0, Senator Allison Plathe-proxy Dustin Mayfield 10-3-7, , Senator Sylvia Oelberg-proxy Peni Blakley 9-0-4,  Senator Dan Van Every 18-1-1, Senator Vicki Edwards -Merton-proxy Matt Harmon 17-0-3,  Senator Joost Dettmeijer 4-0-0, Senator Melissa Bergeron-proxy Jon Bauer 18-1-1,  Senator Seth Swanson 11-1-1, Senator Scott Silver 19-0-1,  Senator Amy Enter 11-1-1, Senator Michael Vawracz 12-6-2,  Senator Kyle Jarvis- 12-0-1,  Senator Jesse Palmer 17-2-1, Senator Melanie Wolters - 15-2-3 Senators Absent:  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-8-1, Senator Maruf Rafik 3-7-10, Senator John O'Hara 14-3-3, Senator Cindy West 16-4-0,     Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 19-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 20-0-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 14-4-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 7-0-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver  Executive Staff Absent: Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 12-6-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

  • Student Forum Michelle Murzyn-Presented pictures of KRNR, graffiti shows disrespect and childish behavior.  This is an outright violation of students rights.  The fact that nothing has been done to investigate this is terrible.  I appeal to senators to stand up and not tolerate this behavior. Ed McBride-Introduced himself and thanked senate for appointment Kyle Jarvis-Discussion on E-Mail name change for St. Cloud State.  St. Cloud wants to withdraw from MSUSA  and perhaps the state university system. Jon Bauer-Discussed future of radio at MSU, low power AM.  In discussion stages, contact him if you are interested. Jim Jacobson-Minnesota River Review, supported by MSU student activity fees. Appalling selections in this publication.  They have right to publish, but this is embarrassing to MSU.  We do not need to fund them.  Search and see if this is what you want to see MSU's name on. 

III.          Board & Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee-Michelle Murzyn, Chair Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #22  alternative Spring Break Supplemental Request. R#02.25.98A Move to recommend a one-time supplemental allocation of up to $1338.15  for the 1998 Alternative Spring Break Service Trip for transportation.  The committee recommends and encourages that grant writing occur for future trips. Motion Carries 14-8 Committee Recommendation #23  SOS Concert Supplemental Request Motion R# 02.25.98B Move to recommend a supplemental request of up to $22,500.00 for the SOS Concert contingent upon financial need.  The committee recommends that Mankato State University Students be charged a minimum of $5.00 for admission and non-students be charged a minimum of $10.00  Eric Thomas/Fred Snyder-presented information on itemized costs.  (see handouts) Motion Carries unanimously           

b) MSSA Budget Committee #1 Legislation from Budget Committee 2/23/98 Spending of Senate Budget   Resolved:     that the MSSA President shall secure the consent of the MSSA           Senate to spend more than $75.00 in discretionary spending.           The Senate Speaker and Treasurer may together grant an exemption to this policy.  Line items can go into deficit, there needs to be some form of accountability. Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Harmon-what is the purpose of last line regarding Speaker or Treasurer? Treasurer Hibbard-in case a decision needs to be made in absence of Senate. Speaker Kocina-author Senator Bakke can explain Senator Bakke-As to who in the senate decides where money falls in budget, the Senate decides where.  Under Robert's the assembly determines the rules. Also keep in mind that this is a single expenditure.  Intention is not grounded at this time for this Senate, resolution is for future. President Dietz-was the incident you are talking about related to food service? Treasurer Hibbard-no, we are only looking at numbers, Treasurer should have  some control, so over expenditures are not fault of Treasurer. Gallery-Michelle Murzyn-wouldn't this be easy if you state what subcode this money or expenditure would apply to. Treasurer Hibbard-this might apply to any subcode.  This would merely alert the Treasurer, they would know if money is there or not.  Senator Oelberg-proxy Blakley-wording is too abstract.  Is there a way we could change wording to get to what you want. Treasurer does not see how at this time. Senator Plathe-proxy Mayfield-move this back to committee.  2nd Senator Bakke Motion carries Next budget meeting is March 9.  If you have requests please submit by that time.     

c)     Academic Affairs- Chair Jim Jacobson Motion-R# 02.18-98   remove from Old Business.  Carried Motion out of committee-  Motion  Resolved: The MSSA Senate request that an Academic Advisory information Center be placed in the space formerly occupied by the State Capitol Credit Union  Vice President Patten-will this hinder progress that is already being made in regard to an advising center? Senator Jacobson-this motion will prove that we are serious and this is a priority. Senator Drganc-is there currently an academic advising center? What is the academic advising center? Move this to Union Board. Senator Jacobson-met with Dr. Boubel and Dr. Healy, there is something in the works.  This motion will make them aware that we do want to pursue this.  This is the first step in starting an advising center. Senator Drganc-are we going about this backward?  Maybe we should say we are serious first, and then find the space.   Senator Jacobson-this came out of committee, if you feel we are doing this background please refer it back to committee. Senator Bakke-amendment- Resolved:     That MSSA Senate request that an Academic Advisory Information Center be placed in the space formerly occupied by the State Capitol Credit Union or the space formerly occupied by Gretel's Senator Bakke-I was informed by vice chair that there are two spaces available, this will let Administration know we want this but it will give options. President Dietz-I agree this is less specific, but will let administration know we do want this. Vice President Patten-Administration  is working on this, they are waiting for input from Deans.  Let's just send them something, so they know we are interested. Senator Van Every-as far as amendment-this was discussed in committee, they want it in a high profile area.  Any other area would defeat purpose. Senator Oelberg-proxy Blakley-Union Board considers drop in service or destination service.  This would be considered a destination service.  People will find it in any location. Senator Jacobsen-committee had Vice President of Union Board in and this is only a temporary solution.  If more space is needed, they will deal with that later. Senator Anderson-disagree, current advising option is not being used as it should be. Senator Van Every-regarding what was said about a drop in spot or a destination, location is important, location, location, location. Senator Anderson-we need to go for what we want. Senator Drganc-move previous question, 2nd President Dietz Motion fails. Senator Plathe-proxy Harmon, where did it used to be? Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Harmon- why was the academic area not considered when the computer lab was considered. Vice President Patten-this is not a ACC, only extra computers for E-Mail etc. Senator Jarivs-location, location, why is first year experience over at Gage. Gretels is not as high a traffic area as the SCCU, people are in bookstore to buy books for academics. SCCU is the best place for it to go. Senator Pavlenko-against motion, this is a college campus, academics permeate everything. Amendment to motion fails. Senator Drganc amend wording Motion Resolved:     The MSSA Senate look into the possibility of an Academic Advisory Information Center being placed in the space formerly occuppied by the State Capitol Credit Union. Senator Jacobson-maybe this should be referred back to committee and discuss this further with Union Board. Senator Bakke-I move to refer to the academic affairs committee all pending questions.  This would allow further discussion. Motions carries 

IV.          Election of Allied Health & Nursing Senator 

V.         Approval of Minutes  Approval of minutes clerical change of word (MPR)          approved after corrections. 

VI.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz Appointments-Chris Elvebak-Legislative Affairs, Jon Bauer-Constitution Committee Delegates Assembly-Jason Kocina, Dan Van Every, Vicki Edwards -Merton, Sylvia Oelberg, Kate Jacobsen, Scott Silver, Jason Patten, Alternates, Jen Drganc, Peni Blakley, Matt Harmon, Chris Elvebak, Bob Pavlenko,  Matt Chase, Chris Hi ller, Jim Jacobson   MSSA Meet & Confer-March 2  4:30 PM  VII.         Adjournment         5:30 PM