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65th MSSA Senate

February 4,1998  Meeting Called to Order at 4:03 P.M.


  • Roll Call


  • Student Forum Speaker Jason Kocina-read letter (see written report) Matt Chase-resigned as Urban Affairs Coordinator Will write to SAC asking that Homeride be disbanned.  Funds will be returned to Student Allocations Committee. Met with City Councilman Ed Twedt regarding lighting on Warren St., not bright enough, blinks etc. Talked today with CouncilPerson Anne Ganey and Councilman Ed Twedt regarding seats on Planning Commission and Environmental Commission. Also the possiblility of being able to vote on Housing Task Force.  Thank councilpersons that helped with this issue and  in regard to the Mankato City Council we don't know if it will be voting or non voting membership.  We do have voting position on Mass Transit Advisory Board.  In regard to the new Coalition with Rasmussen, Bethany, South Central Tech. College we are making progress.  I talked to Representative Ruth Johnson from St. Peter and she wanted to know how Gustavus students could be come involved in a coalition such as this. The Human Rights Commission-city revamping, changing mission statement.  Having former duties done by another committee. Thank Mankato City Council for their support, and involvement with the Coalition. Michelle Murzyn-Mini Mavs Coordinator-Black Student Union will give proceeds from Valentines Candy Grams to Mini-Mavs Evening Childcare.  Mini-Mavs is a program of senate, please support. Chelsea Dullard-Forensics-presented proposal to SAC.  Forensics, does put out  own money to compete.  Being on the Forensics team does not permit time to have outside job, compete October to April.  Very successful team, number of national members grows.  Members work hard to qualify, would hate to see money prevent them from competing. Melissa Bergeron-Speaking in support of Lea Jensen-College of Business seat candidate, Bob Pavlenko-presented surveys conducted by KRNR, after 2 hours.  Passed around student opinion. 

III.         Presentations                  

a) Don Larsson - IFO Vice President Problems with negotiation and Minnesota State Board.  Faculty has been working without a contract since last Spring.  The course of the negotiations has been difficult.  Several major concerns:  Lengthy process this negotiation is taking-direction from Minnesota State office and direction is not always clear.  Present 2 major issues:  wages brought to parity compared to other institutions, asking for more flexibility in hiring of adjunct faculty-not clear what board is asking for.  Our administrators are happy with current policy.  This is an attempt to put a cap on faculty or use adjunct to phase out faculty or departments.  Adjunct can serve but are not there all the time and can not serve students and interact with students.  This has lead to statement of vote of No Confidence with Chancellor.  Feel need for students to be aware of these issues and hope for support.  Contract negotiation gets in way.  The general attitude of Minnesota State to state university - general emphasis has been toward JR colleges.  No clear definition from Minnesota State regarding four year institutions.  Not one person on Minnesota State Board graduated from state university. Senator Bergeron-By hiring part-time people are they doing that to not have to pay extra benefits etc. Larsson-When this issue was brought up it was asked for clarification, they do not have clarification we are assuming there are reasons such as that. Senator Bergeron-Have faculty discussed going on strike? Larsson-That is always an option, it is a last resort-we will move is to take actions to avoid.  This effects students for duration, and effects pocketbooks and  effects institution as a whole.  If no other recourse, they would entertain possibility. President Dietz-What are you asking for specifically? Larsson-Initially asking for 6.6 percent, Minnesota State Board was asking for 1%. Faculty is more concerned about adjunct issue on state level.          b) Vice President Trauger - Flat Rate Tuition Flat Rate 

1.Eliminate a significant number of refund transactions that occur when students reduce their credit hour load.

2.  To eliminate a significant number of billings for added credits that occurred after the first day of classes  (1100)

3.  Assist families in budgeting tuition and fee costs more accurately Changes in Financial Aid Distribution

4.  To simplify financial aid awards because the tuition and fee charges would not fluctuate each time a student adds or drops a credit hour.

5.  To eliminate questions concerning why dropped classes after the third instructional day of the quarter do not qualify for a refund. Senator Anderson-how would this benefit me?  Will this reduce my bill?  If I drop now within 3 days, I would get money back. Trauger-Some students don't know, even though they publish policy. Students should be referred to work group to hear problems. We process Financial Aid for 6-7,000 students.  Would like to keep this on first day of quarter. Senator Anderson-I have had to take fewer classes because of working, would't Flat Rate make my tuition more. Trauger-Yes, but it is currently the way colleges and universities assess students.   Senator Jacobsen-Under Flat Rate if you are taking between 12 and 15 credits, student will pay the same amount? Trauger-Yes, and Financial Aid will not change.  No change in terms of refunds as long as you stay within range. President Dietz-Threefold question-what is the average number of credits that a student takes?  Trauger-The average number is 14.  We are working on possibility of different bands other than 12-18, felt they needed something consistent.  That is what other institutions are doing.  They can look at changing band (1-5)  (6-8)  That approach follows Financial Aid policy. Coordinator Blakley-dealing with State grant-you need 15 credits, how will you deal with that? Trauger-no specific answer, amount for state grant would be the same if it a flat rate because it is the same for 12 or 15.  You should qualify for the 15. Coordinator Blakley-would we have more revenue generated than through current policy. Trauger-yes, but it could also be less.  Most institutions find students register for more credits under Flat Rate.  Revenue is not what Flat Rate is about -it is about streamling and making process easier for students Senator-Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon-as far as Financial Aid issue, currently students are lobbying for financial aid to change,  if we do this financial aid will be based on cost. Trauger-We continue to deal with problems where students are losing $200 etc.  We reserve space for a student, after 4th day chance to fill is remote.  Other schools use this approach so variable costs are reduced. Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon-Do not feel Flat Rate is only solution. Trauger-We lose students because they can't buy their books, going on the first day of classes for Financial Aid has helped, but they still drop etc. on the 4th.   Bergeron-You felt this might cause revenue to go down-is this smart for revenue problems we have with faculty etc. Trauger-if students do take more classes, fine.  They will get through school faster.  Legislators are pressing for students to graduate in 4 years. In terms of revenue, it could reduce, but we pay faculty on projected income, we would know what it would be in a Flat Rate system. Historically, in Semester Conversion student credit loads go down 3-4 %

1.  1st Instructinal Day, Balance-Direct deposit, EFT Loans.

2. Bill and and payment procedures:  Semester calendar, Installment Plan- Interest, Refunds        

3.FY 99 Tuition and Fee Policy:  Course Fees-Board would like to elminate, FY 99

4.Rate Change, Flat-Rate Assessment Amounts-under current course loads we would generate

5.  State funding:  MSU vs. Peers, equalization.  $919 below average in appropriation compared to peer schools.  We do not have as much money to spend as other schools do.  Opatz Bill equalization of funding.  This is a good thing, it would bring us up to the average for fiscal year 98.   University of Minnesota is number one in appropriation in big ten schools. Mankato is 39.  Students at University of MN get $4500 per student in appropriations.                          

d) Ethics Commission - Chair Dan Van Every Ethics met for second time this year.  Worked on internal operating proceedures, this had not been established.  Minutes will not be disclosed until proceedings are finished.  Several senators were brought up on charges. Deborah Uecker has been removed.  5 senators put on probation.  5 senators were found in violation of senator reports.

IV.          Board & Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee Gary Prantner-read letter from Chair Michelle Murzyn. SAC Recommendation #18  Move to recommend that the Mankato State University Forensics Team receive a supplemental allocation of up to $6141.00 for competition at the American Forensics Association's National Tournament.  Senator Silver-How many years have you competed? Dr. Dan Kron-Mills-Have competed for last 20 years.  Competition would be difficult to put in to budget because of change in allocation etc. Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon-Why do we go through this everytime.  Information is in folder, but we do not have all the specifics. Senator Palmer-Did read information in folder, it stated amounts for food, lodging etc. Dr. Dan Kron-Mills read itemized budget. Senator Oelberg-do your research, vote. Senator Silver-Do you do any fundraising?  Fundraising does go to suppliment budget, cases, legal aid, most of fundraising montey goes to regular season budget. Dr. Dan Kron-Mills-Host high school speech debate, we raise $700-$1,000 Dr. Dan Kron-Mills-to qualify you must attend a tournament, compete against 40-50 people, must place in top three.  Must place in three tournaments in top ranks.  Very stringent. Students are on feet speaking 2-6 hours speaking in front of a judge. Top five criteria of fortune 500 businesses-ability to communicate-public speaking. Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon-how does our budget compare to other schools? Dr. Dan Kron-Mills-In the state our budget is one of the smallest. Motion carries unanimously Student Allocation Committee Recommendation  - Peer Mediation Training The committee felt that the proposal was not solid and that other funding sources had not been adequately explored.  Therefore, the committee decided that they will work with the representatives from the organization as well as the University Administration to help find the necessary funds.   SAC Folder in office regarding recommendations.  Review before meetings.                  

b) Union Board Computer Center Proposal. Exact same proposal as was presented last week. Whereas: Computer technology is necessary for academics Whereas:         The current computer services offered is drastically inadequate for the 11,000 students enrolled at MSU. Be it Resolved:         To replace the current space occupied by the radio station KRNR with a satellite computer center available for all students. Be it Further Resolved: That Mr. Morris will seek viable options for space to KRNR until the Senate makes a final decision to cut KRNR Scott Thomas-They are an advisory board for students.  Their business is not about KRNR staying around, it is about using space in the most viable manner. Senator Wolters-Make a motion to change Mr. Morris to University and to change the word cut to concerning.  

Vice President Patten-2nd Senator Pavlenko-In dialogue with Mr.Morris he delegated this to Scott.  If it goes to university it will get lost in shuffle. Senator Jarvis-amend amended motion to say leave in Mr. Morris, cut out words after until the Senate makes a final decision to cut KRNR. 2nd Senator Oelberg Senator Jarvis-Mr. Morris needs to be accountable. Senator Oelberg-Heard board say they are board that gives recommendations for viable space only. Amended motion  

Mr. Morris will seek viable options for space to KRNR Motion passes. Senator Bergeron-where is KRNR going to go.  A computer lab would be nice, but where are they going to go.  If we adopt it would be easy for administration to get rid of them.  Administration is not our friend. Senator Enter-Survey from  students (50 students) 

Asked 3 questions. Have you heard of KRNR, Should KRNR be continuted with student fees. Should KRNR be continued where they currently are? Results, most of them had heard of KRNR 80%.  84% of students (stoped discussion until after vote on motion) Motion-Last line of original motion-That Mr. Morris will seek viable options for space to KRNR   Amended motion passes Senator Enter - continues with survey results. 

Comments-it is only for a select audience, mostly alternative, can listen to alot of other stations. Senator Pavlenko-KRNR is no longer only supported by Student Fees. You outlined survey to make the survey slanted.  This motion is not specific  enough.  It does not show costs to move or costs of new computer lab. Senator Anderson-Where will KRNR move, and what about all the technical problems.  If they have downtown in this move how will effect them.

Would like specifics. Vice President Patten-Read letter from Dr. Healy. Last summer discussion was held in regard to computer lab and location.  In discussions with Attorney- over 25 years ago KRNR was being cut.  How much money have we lost over 25 years when station has not changed.  

Students do not want to see empty space-money will come from CSU budget, it is there for moving and renovation.  Computers will come from ACC. If we move KRNR it will cost about $10-15,000. 

At this time we can take care of one of two major problems on this campus. We have the opportuity to have a 24 hour computer station. 

Senator Jacobsen-If we do move them the Union should have the responsibility for hooking everything up etc. Senator Oelberg-Yes students want an ACC lab, it will cost $10,000 to move KRNR.  Lets put computers in Lincoln Lounge-KRNR in Gretels, lets look at what the students really need-they need more seats and tables. 

Henry Morris says it is possible to move it to the Lincoln Lounge Senator Bergeron-referring to letter-administration wants to move, not students. Senator Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon-We do have problems with computer lab-why not have the ACC open 24 hours?  Would rather see computers in obvious spaces in Student Union. 

This would take a load off of comuter lab.  We haven't decided to do anything with KRNR yet.  We need to make a decision on their future before we spend money President Dietz-What do students want?  This was removed last week, do they  want a comuter lab in Student Union, or do students want KRNR. This is a serious issue. 

KRNR has been a question for a long time. Make an informed decision. Scott Thomas-From Union Board perspective-space is not being used to full potential. 

Only recommending that it is moved at this time.  Certain spaces have been identified as spaces KRNR could use.   Senator Jarvis-Had doubt in what constitutients wanted.  Set up meetings and talked with residents.  Met with 70-100 people, two people wanted KRNR, rest wanted Computer Lab.  Constitutients wanted a computer center. 

Senator Jacobsen-spoke with graduate students, most of graduate students don't care about KRNR or computer lab they do want more tables and places for group study. Senator Swanson call question-2nd Motion Carries Role Call Senators voting Yes Jason Kanz-proxy Jason Neuhaus, Kyle Jarvis, Seth Swanson, Scott Silver, Jesse Palmer, Amy Enter Senators voting No Bob Pavlenko, Matt Anderson, Dan Van Every, Vicki-Edwards-Merton-proxy Matt Harmon, Michael Vawracz, Melanie Wolters Senators abstaining Maya Beatty, Kate Jacobsen, Sylvia Oelberg, Cindy West, Melissa Bergeron Executive Staff voting Yes President Brian Dietz, Vice President Jason Patten Voting with Rights Senator Matt Anderson-Until the KRNR issue is settled it is unwise to spend money to move it. Senator Sylvia Oelberg-The process of drawing good, reliable conclusions from incomplete information is central to come to a conclusion. Many, if not most of the important decisions in life involve incomplete information.  Such decisions often involve so many complicated factors that a complete analysis is not practical or even possible. 

We are often forced into the position of making a guess based on limited information.  To guess is cheap.  To guess wrongly is expensive.  I've learned that getting information told to me, I may forget, show me and I may remember, but when I get involved, I understand and this is why I did ask questions and did not receive complete answers and the students I represent were 50% for a lounge with tables and did not care about "ACC Lab" as much a having more space for students.  This is why I abstained, because I can not vote against who I represent. Senator Bob Pavlenko I have been lobbied by over 70 students who want a radio station there, and believe that this is a plot to destroy the radio station, further more they believe there are better places to put a computer lab.  Main Motion Passes R # 02.04.98B Whereas:

Computer technology is necessary for academics Whereas: The current computer services offered is drastically inadequate for the 11,000 students enrolled at MSU. Be it Resolved:         To replace the current space occupied by the radio station                            KRNR with a satellite computer center available for all students. Be it Further Resolved:         That Mr. Morris will seek viable options for space to KRNR.


  • Approval of Minutes  

VI.         Elections - Business Seat & Undeclared Candidates for Business Seat Pete Schwayne          Cindy Janson          Pete Schwayne -  College Business Senator Candidate for Undeclared Seat Joost Dettmeyer          Joost Dettmeyer-Undeclared Senator 

VII.         Officer Reports                  

a) Vice President - Jason Patten Golden Key Honor Society, focus on job placement, board of directors, 8 are high ranking Human Resource people.  See handout Voice support for committees.  SAC recommends what they feel is appropriate recommendation.  It is not our right to attack them, unless we sit in on their process.          

b) Speaker - Jason Kocina Speaker Kocina appreciate students staying for meetings. Vacancies on Senate:  Graduate Seat, 2 Off Campus Seats Due to last weeks questioning of Board recommendation, Boards will now initial recommendation. President Rush's response to recommendations:  

R#01.21.98C-MSSA Presidential veto-no Presidential action

R#01.14.98E-Cheer allocation-presidential concerns:  some of the limits recommended for specific line item expenditures may already have been exceeded prior to the resolution being passed by the Student Senate, the decision to allocate any additional funds in FY 98 should occur when a request is made to the Student Association Committee. the President does approve the recommendation that the Department of Student Development Programs and Activities use up to $5,5000 of its budget to help fund the Spirit/Cheer Program.  He also concurs with the intent of the stipulation that the Spirit/Cheer budget end the year without a deficit.  The President requests the remaining stipulations be reviewed with Dr. Healy to see if any editing should occur to insure adherence with current budgetary expenditures and procedures.

R#01.21.98A-Dance Team allocation-The President is concerned that the process used by the Dance Team in seeking funding through the Student Allocations Committee may not have been appropriate, given that the Dance Team is recognized as an intercollegiate athletic team.  The President believes it is more appropriate for this request to be processed through the Postseason Tournament Travel account.  The President denies this resolution and indicates that the Dance Team should process their expenses as stated above.

R#01.21.98E.  Written explanation regarding Spirit/Cheer The President has asked Dr. Healy to expand on the material submitted to the Student Senate on 1/14/98 by Mr. Henry Morris.  This expansion will include written information to the Student Senate that commits all S.A.F. funded accounts, within the Division of Student Affairs, to adhere to the procedures established by the Student Allocations Committee and the Student Senate. R#01.21.98B  Spirit/Cheer Team fiscal resources The President makes the assumption that it relates to the budgets of Student Development Programs and Activities and/or Spirit/Cheer Team.  If this is the case, then the President has no questions and approves this resolution.  RSO review-have met with 10 organizations, reviewing constitution, giving them an opportunity to air complaints etc.  Senator Oelberg and Eric Thomas met to discuss GPA requirement. Senator Silver-proxy Bakke-is protocol from last year valid regarding passing of gavel? Speaker Kocina-Yes Senator Jarvis-In RSO recognition does that include new and recently passed R.U.M. Club.? Speaker Kocina-have not met with that club yet.           

c) Treasurer - Jenny Hibbard   (no report) Senator Jarvis-move to suspend rules to place New Business after Staff Reports. Motion fails

VIII.         Staff Reports                  

a) Legislative Affairs - Peni Blakley Spoke with Ruth Johnson, John Dorn, John Hottinger on Monday regarding Opatz Bill, gave them copies of the bills we passed.  Discussed outcome of each vote, discussed MSUSA Bill  not being a priority.  We would support changes brought to senate last week.  Priorities ranked in order.

1.  Athletic Bonding

2.  Decoupling -Pell Grant


4.    Security Initiative,

5. MSUSA  St. Cloud put out a statement saying that we passed the Opatz bill.  MSUSA put out a Press Advisory regarding St. Cloud's statements.  We might want to take a position of support for IFO contract. Legislative Affairs  focus group-discussed Opatz bill.                   

b) Cultural Diversity - Jesus Gonzalez  (no report) 

IX.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Jacobsen         Met with Mr. Filipovitch-Graduate advisory committee, discussed  stipends, parking permits, health care, childcare, computer issues.                          

b) Senator Plathe  (no report)                  

c) Senator Jarvis                  Resolution: Resolved:         That MSSA/Senate requests that the Department of Residential Life of Mankato State University not overbook the Residence Halls of McElroy, Crawford and Gage Centers due to the construction and/or refurbishing of residence halls;  Resolved:         That only a maximum of two full time students may occupy a residence hall room; and be it further Resolved:         That no student can permanently or temporarily occupy a lounge or other public area of the residence halls for the purpose of living quarters, unless a situation of emergence arises.  Senator Silver- proxy Eric Bakke - 2nd  Senator Jarvis-We do not have regular triples.  We have super doubles. Students have been living in lounges up to four or five weeks.  Students were not given time that they would be in the lounge.  They did not have a telephone. They had portable closets, they did not have privacy.  They were not given a price break.  Students that wanted a lounge, did not have that privilege. Lounge is considered a privilege, laundry is considered a privilege.  Students are not happy with what is going on.  I believe I am helping students and future students. Senator Van Every-Senator Jarvis as a resident does know what is going on- before anyone amends this, ask if you live in the halls. President Dietz-Are there any students currently living in the lounges? Senator Jarvis-No,  President Dietz-Did they explain the rationale on why they opened up the lounges. Senator Jarvis-It was explained that Minnesota State collects dollars and redistributes it.  It was important for us to get our refurbishing completed.   President Dietz-From my understanding the reason they closed a hall was to refurbish it. Senator Jarvis-From a discussion it had to do with showers. President Dietz-Were people were given the option of living in a lounge?  Senator Jarvis-Yes, but issues of telephones did not come up. President Dietz-I don't disagree with you, but people were given options. Senator Pavlenko-When I heard people were living in lounges, I was appalled. This bill will stop that from happening again. Senator Bergeron-We should try to improve this situation for people that live in dorms. Senator Wolters-Living in the Lounge is not a good choice. Senator Beatty-I can't believe this is happening.  Laundry should not be a privilege. Vice President Patten-I appreciate Senator Jarvis's work on this issue and I talked to Dan Elliott, this construction is a matter of timing.  They  could not tell Freshman they could not stay there, these were freshmen that enrolled late.  They did not have many options. Senator Anderson-In favor of bill, people choose to go in lounges, but many were International Students who did not know their options. R

Motion passes Resolved:         That MSSA/Senate requests that the Department of Residential Life of Mankato State University not overbook the Residence Halls of McElroy, Crawford and Gage Centers due to the construction and/or refurbishing of residence halls;  Resolved:         That only a maximum of two full time students may occupy a residence hall room; and be it further Resolved:         That no student can permanently or temporarily occupy a lounge or other public area of the residence halls for the purpose of living quarters, unless a situation of emergence arises.  President Dietz  call Roll Call Roll Call  Senators voting Yes Bob Pavlenko, Pete Schware, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Sylvia Oelberg, Dan Van Every, Kyle Jarvis, Melissa Bergeron, Seth Swanson, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer Senators Abstaining Joost Dettmeyer Senators voting Present Scott Silver Executive Staff voting no President Brian Dietz Executive Staff voting Present Vice President Jason Patten                                               

d) Senator Oelberg Has had a busy week, abstained from vote - please read my rights. Last week I had a Miscommunication between Union Board - at a meeting I found out that it was best to request information from Mr. Morris or Scott Hagebak because Scott Thomas did  not have those answers. I learned that people can disagree and still work out concerns, I have learned alot from this incident, and I hope to excel in my seat.  President Dietz-move to suspend rules to put New Business in front of Old Business Motion Fails                          

f) Senator Enter 

X.         Old Business                  

a) Cultural Diversity Coordinator Stipends Move to postpone until next week. Motion Carries                  

b) Senator Report - Jarvis I now sit on Res Hall Advisory Board as a liaison.  Explained to RHA things going on in Senate, gave them overview of motion just passed.  Senator Liaison position is a nonvoting seat.  Ever since I attended Conference I have felt different about my senate position.  To new senators you are now where I was four months ago.  All is good now.  I have learned enough to understand meetings and make motions.  I now spend time in office because I want to                  

c) Senator Report -Van Every Mini-Mavs is the only program to ask for less money.  Please support Candy Grams.   Resolution.......2nd Pavlenko Resolved:         That the MSSA Senate supports all students receiving Veteran Education Benefits, either earned personally or through the service of a parent, by requesting that Mankato State University immediately hire a permanent replacement for the position of Veteran's Affairs Representative. Senator Van Every-Veterans Benefits are a right that is not granted but earned. By not providing a full-time representative on this campus, many people will be affected.  There is no provision for filling this position, if we do not pass this motion.  Over 400 students on this campus receive benefits. Senator Oelberg-I attended the Roundtable meeting, there were several Vets in attendance, they need help with scheduling etc.  Very important position. 

R # Veterans Affairs Representative Resolved:         That the MSSA Senate supports all students receiving Veteran Education Benefits, either earned personally or through the service of a parent, by requesting that Mankato State University immediately hire a permanent replacement for the position of Veteran's Affairs Representative. Motion Carries Unanimously  Senator Van Every-Yield to Matt Chase-He resigned position as Urban Affairs Coordinator to take over KRNR, he will have a station dedicated  to Country and Rap. He will have a mobile station.

KRNR will travel to Gage, eventually maybe even Joe Metro's Office. He will give cable converters as a gift. We will advertise sports games.

Just as ridiculous as this sounds it is also as ridiculous to keep this station.  We have been saying this for 15 years.  Since then we have spent almost a half a million dollars.  They have not repaid loan of $6,000 in 1991. Two years ago we listed 15 managers that thought they could get it back on air.  The fact is, this is not real.  We have wasted over one-half a million dollars on this station.  People have received good experience, we can support student voice in many other ways.  Directors of station have  said that any thing that can go wrong will in regards to our finances.  Internally, we have more volunteers than before.....but.... It is not just the $16,000 that they owe, but this is reality, it is time to cut.  As Vice President I said "Doing what is popular, is not always doing what is right.  It is not popular, but do something that no senate has been able to do in 20 years.  We have let the minority give us their piece of mind.  Majority says give us peace and quiet. Senator Van Every-It is time to move on, if that means cutting it, cut it.  We need to look at other options.  $12,000 for a scholarship or another option could do alot of good.                  

d) Senator Report - Anderson  Not able to attend Academic Affairs.  Have been trying to get to  Ensuring Cultural Diversity.

XI.         New Business                                            

  • Legislative Affairs Platform - Senator Jarvis Resolution Be it resolved that R#1128.98A be suspended from MSSA/Senate's legislative platform until after MSUSA's 1998 Delegate's Assembly Senator Silver-Proxy Bakke-will this reverse or suspend the MSSA stance? Senator Jarvis-This will suspend until after Delegate Assembly.  We need to take care of internal remedies first.  Yielded time to Peni Blakley. 

Coordinator Blakley-This resolution will be good for our lobby effort.  This motion will put the issue to after Delegate Assembly. Senator Silver-Proxy Bakke-I urge you to pass this. Vice President Patten-call question R # Be it resolved that R#1128.98A be suspended from MSSA/Senate's legislative platform until after MSUSA's 1998 Delegate's Assembly  Motion Carries-unanimous        

  • Legislative Affairs  Platform - Senator Jarvis Resolution  Be it resolved that R #01.28.98B be repealed 2nd Proxy Bakke Senator Jarvis-Issue is not that we don't think it is important,  but that we would rather focus on other lobby efforts and concentrate on this after Delegate Assembly Vice President Patten call question, 2nd R#  Be it resolved that R #01.28.98B be repealed  Motion carries 

XII.         Announcements Senator Oelberg-Don't forget Candy Grams on sale Senator Pavlenko-General  Ed committee has a new draft of proposals.  Possible next week Dave Gjerde coming in to give us information on classes etc.

XIII. Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M. Roll Call Senators voting yes Bob Pavlenko, Pete Schware, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Sylvia Oelberg, Kyle Jarvis, Joost Dettmeyer, Melissa Bergeron, Seth Swanson, Scott Silver- proxy Eric Bakke, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer Senators voting Present Dan Van Every Executive Staff voting yes Vice President Jason Patten