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65th MSSA Senate

March 11, 1998  

Meeting called to order at 4:00  PM by Speaker Jason Kocina

I.         Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Maya Beatty 7-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 15-0-0, Senator ,  Senator Pete Schwane 6-0-0,  Senator Eric Bakke 7-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 22-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 22-0-0,  Senator Sylvia Oelberg10-0-5  Senator Dan Van Every 20-1-1, Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton19-0-3,  Senator Joost Dettmeijer 6-0-0, Senator Melissa Bergeron19-1-2,  Senator Scott Silver 21-0-1,  Senator Amy Enter 13-1-1, Senator Michael Vawracz 14-6-2,  Senator Kyle Jarvis 14-0-1,  Senator Jesse Palmer 19-2-1, Senator Melanie Wolters17-2-3, Senator Cindy West 18-4-0, Senator Chris Elvebak 6-0-0, Senator Jen Drganc 4-0-0 Senators Absent:  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-10-1, Senator John O'Hara 14-5-3, Garth Benson15-1-6, Senator Jim Jacobson 18-1-2, Senator Allison Plathe10-4-8,  Senator Seth Swanson 12-2-1, Executive Staff Present Treasurer Jen Hibbard 9-0-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver Executive Staff Absent: President Brian Dietz 20-2-0, Vice President Jason Patten 21-1-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 15-5-0, , Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 13-7-0 Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

  • Student Forum Eric Bakke-spoke in favor of Dustin Mayfield, Science Engineering & Technology Senator candidate.  Is it appropriate for me to ask body if I was indeed President in 1995? It is the Speaker's belief that Senator Bakke was Acting President during that short time frame. Dan Van Every - Tuesday an interesting editorial was written regarding the  Senate.  Everything that the President or Vice President has passed through this body has carried.  This editorial was scathing.   Robert Pavlenko-Speaking in regard to Student Events Team, last year many people worked at getting Henry Rollins at MSU.  Now I will pay $13.00 to hear him speak at the University of Minnesota 

III.          Presentation                  

  • Constitution Commission Vice Chair Vicki Edwards-Merton.  Commission determined that referral  regarding Vice Presidential appointment is unconstitutional. 

IV.          Board & Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee-Jen Hibbard Vice Chair Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #24-Athletic Post Season Travel Account R#03-11-98A Move to recommend that the following addition to the SAF Policy Statement regarding the Athletic Post Season Travel Account:  SAF Policy Statement, Article IV, Section G G).  Athletic Post Season Travel Account          This account is established to provide SAF funding for possible post season travel that is not to be included in the regular athletic operating budgets.  It is SAC's intent to follow the NCAA Championships Guidelines for Division I-II Sports, which includes transportation costs, perdiem, official traveling parties limits.  All other intercollegiate post season travel, that is not NCAA sponsored may submit funding requests for consideration by SAC.  It is SAC's intent to follow the same guidelines (NCAA) for these requests.  Also, any tournament reimbursements or profit sharing must be deposited back to this account. 

Motion passes 18-0.  Senator Oelberg abstains.  Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #25  Athletic Post Season Travel Account R#03-11-98B Move to allocate funds necessary to balance the Athletic Post Season Account.  This would be approximately $36,000, from the SAF reserve.  Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton-what would this leave our reserve balance at? Chair Hibbard-$220.287. Senator Bakke-I move to postpone until Old Business of the next Senate meeting. With the amount of money involved, more time is necessary. 2nd Senator Drganc Chair Hibbard-this deficit has occurred over several years. Senator Van Every-agree this does need a little more time to support.  Motion to postpone carries Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #26  Parking Permit Purchase Move to recommend the following addition to the SAF Policy Statement regarding Parking Permit Purchases. R#03-11.98C SAF Policy Statement, Article IV, Section A, No. 9 SAF funds may not be used to purchase parking permits for individual MSU employees.  Senator Jarvis-as a student representative on the Parking Committee, I don't feel that any staff should receive a free parking permit. Senator Bakke-could Speaker suggest new language to correct recommendation? Amend motion to eliminate last four words of recommendation.  2nd Senator Jarvis Senator Jarvis-this wording would represent the intention of SAC. Senator Jarvis-people who are not apart of this University have permits paid by the department. Senator Bakke-move all pending questions, 2nd Senator Oelberg Motion passes 18-2 R#03-11.98D SAF funds may not be used to purchase parking permits.  In regard to Flight Team, they have already received funds this year. Therefore to comply with SAC guidelines this did not pass.                    

b) Communications Board Communications Board met Friday, March 6.  Elected-Chair Dustin Mayfield, Liz Arms-Vice Chair.  Reports were given by Reporter and River Review. Motion out of committee  Resolved: The Communication Board advises the Senate Speaker that it believes it's Articles of Operations are not in Conflict with the MSSA Constitution and it's Bylaws.  No Senate recommendation necessary.                  

c) Elections Committee Scott Silver. See written handouts.  Election Rules changes:  Date of posting, cap on spending amounts.  Senator Edwards-Merton has many changes. Senator Oelberg-was hoping that rules were going to be simplified. Senator Drganc-friendly amendments-see changes.  2nd Senator Edwards-Merton  Amendment-revise  Article I. Section 2-change word quarter to term Motion passes Motion change two Sundays to Two weeks  Article III, Section 2 Motion passes Senator Bergeron-don't feel students want to see posters up longer than a week. Senator Oelberg-if students want their posters up for two weeks then they should be allowed to have them up. Senator Palmer-most students feel campaigning is a nuisance. Motion on amendment Amendment on expenditure Maximum expenditure  for an individual candidate is $200, and for supporting groups is $100.  Total expenditure of a campaign shall not exceed $2,000. Senator Bergeron-I feel that we are students and it is unfair for some students that may not have the money to spend. Senator Oelberg-we are students, but life is not fair.  If you want to spend the money you should have that option. Senator Anderson-I support this, running a campaign is expensive. Senator Drganc-people should spend what they want.  I feel last years wording is the best recommendation.  Maybe that wording is best, because you should be able to add student groups, the more students that want to get involved the better.  People then become apart of this process.  Article IV:  Finances  Maximum expenditure for an individual candidate is $200, and for supporting groups is $100.  Total expenditure of a campaign shall not exceed $2000. Motion passes 9-5 Senator Edwards-Merton-clerical changes and request copy of constitution for candidates. Senator Bakke-is it your understanding Speaker Ruling #8 can apply? Speaker Kocina-yes Senator Bakke-I have had a distaste for Senate getting involved with debating Election rules.  Election Rules in general tend to micro manage.  This is utopian.  Election Rules have always been changed.  Senate should deal with this in a practical manner.  Adoption of Election Rules 18-0 passes. 

  • Approval of Minutes   
  • Election - Allied, Health & Nursing Seat- no candidates Science Engineering & Tech. Dustin Mayfield, Mohammad Rafiquzzaman , Zahid Ahmed Zahid-would like to be involved in issues on campus, off campus, parking, insurance. Mohammad-this is a good way for people to raise voice, have debate.  Would like to see computerized voting.  Would like to represent International students. Dustin Mayfield-SET students are interested in Dial-up serving, Taylor grant. Plan on researching refurbishing to computer lab at Gage. Questions posed to all candidates: Senator Bakke-If you are not elected today, would you still stay involved in MSSA and student government? Senator Bergeron-Are any of you currently involved in any other organizations? What is your major and would you be interested in being on the ACC Committee? Senator Drganc-If you could choose between a new computer lab that would only serve 300 students but would raise student fees, what would you choose to raise fees or go with the lab.? Senator Oelberg-What would be your goal next quarter if you are elected? Senator Bakke-What is the nature of justice and fairness? Senator Edwards-Merton-When will you graduate and how many credits will you have Spring quarter? Senator Jarvis-Will you come back at the beginning of Spring quarter, if we can not make a decision today? Senator Van Every-What is your primary source of gaining information? Senator Schwane-Do you currently have a job, and how much do you work? Senator Elvebak? Should the student senate poll the student body before legislation? Senator Dettmeijer-Can you be here every Wednesday?  Senator Elect Science Engineering & Technology-Senator Dustin Mayfield 

VII.         Officer Reports

a) President - Brian Dietz - (in writing)     Appointment:  Shawn Proescher-Committee on Ethics and Standards Good Luck with finals.          

b) Speaker - Jason Kocina Read letter written to Matt Chase in regard to R#03.04.98.  See letter. RSO's-have met with 47 organizations.  Student Organizations are unaware of resources available in SDP&A.  Biggest problem is keeping people involved. Appreciate Communication Board, is belief I have asked the Constitution Commission to look at the Communication Board Articles of Operation, Newspaper Committee Articles of Operation  and MSSA Bylaws, to assure that they all are in compliance.  In Speaking on respect in the office, I would like to reinforce what the President and Vice President have stated. Under constant pressure from individuals regarding MSSA Bylaws, in 652 days no action has been taken.  Many of these Bylaws are in opposition to our constitution.  Look at these bylaws, and pass new bylaws. Awards for attendance:  Senator Beatty, Senator Jacobsen, Senator Bakke, Senator Schwane, Senator Pavlenko, Senator Elvebak, Senator Dettmeijer, Senator Anderson Defend Senate regarding editorial.  Senate has supported and passed all legislation brought forward by President and Vice President. Speaker Kocina passes gavel to Senator Mayfield.  Moved by Senator Jarvis, 2nd by Senator Jacobsen 

  • Old Business Senate Operating policies/changes necessary to establish the Senate Operating Policy:  Name tags should be worn by all senators, at meetings and on a daily basis. Just showing up at the beginning of the meeting does not qualify you for attending the whole meeting.  Speaker can excuse you if you have a class and you can not find a proxy or in the case of a family emergency. Full Day Training - this should not be in the Bylaws, rather in operating procedures. Senate needs to pass this with a 2/3rds majority.  They could be amended.  As maker of the motion I would like to speak on the importance of name tags, also   mandatory office hours, posting of minutes ( one designated spot), head table should be executive staff but not eliminating any other individuals.  You need to be involved in researching issues and attendance at committee meetings.  Fall training seminar -this will be an overview of the procedures and who to go to for information.  A training session once classes have started is not always the best option. I wanted the voting in writing the witness should be present during the counting of the ballots.  Last item -special meeting rules.  The most important meeting is the budget meeting and it deserves special meeting rules. Senator Jarvis agrees with everything written here not one word I would change. Senator Jacobsen spoke on the policies. Speaker Kocina:  Should we approve this item by item or as a whole? Will discuss Document as a whole: Move to amend by addition Article IV Section 2  Design of a special ballot for the purpose of mid year election Amendment passes Senator Palmer wants speaker to acknowledge Proxy for Scott Silver:  Zahid Ahmed Senator Jarvis : accepts amendment as "Friendly" Senator Bakke Directs senates attention to page 52, 53 for information on Friendly amendment,  Jason Kocina explains that approval means no debate.  Chair Mayfield parliamentary OK,  any objection to this amendment.   Senator Drgnac has floor:  move to amend  Article III Subsection 1 Participation is mandatory for senators.  All new incoming officers and staff members shall attend this seminar. 2nd Senator Anderson Senator Dettmeijer speaking on the word term Senator Jarvis:  Moves to strike for first term Senator Drgnac:  Not in-order Chair: Does not amend the amendment Senator Jarvis: moves for friendly amendment Chair:  Any objections: no objections Senator Dettmeijer:  When our we voting on this ? Senator Jarvis:  Move to strike for first term  2nd Senator Drganc Chair: Any objection on a friendly amendment? No objections Senator Drganc-Will there be  training during the year for fall elections?  Speaker will consider.   Senator Drganc:  Move to pass this document with a 2/3rds vote: Senator Bakke:  Point of parlimentary procedure.   Chair:  Previously adopted will need 2/3rds yote: Senator Drganc: Remove motion Voting on the Operating Policy:  Vote of 14 to 1 passes 

IX.         New Business                  

a) Senator of the Year Award - ( naming of ) Senator Bakke  Resolved, the MSSA Senate rename the Senator of the Year Award to the "Matthew R. Chase Senator of the Year Award" Motion Fails: Senator Bakke removes his 2nd motion          

b)  Staff of the Year Award - withdrawn 

X.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Bakke R#03-11-98G Be it resolved:          That the MSSA Senate hereby request of MSU and Heartland Express, that a bus shelter be placed at the bus stop located near the entrance of the Visitor's Paylot. Motion passes R#03-11-98H     Be it resolved:     That the MSSA Senate hereby supports the City of Mankato's creation of an "adopt-a-stop" program Motion passes          

b) Senator Schwane: oral report          

c) Senator K. Jacobsen: oral report: time yielded to Senator Merton; representing constitution commission.                        

d) Senator Enter:  oral Report          

e) Senator Jarvis:  oral report          

f) Senator  Oelberg:  oral report:  Move to reconsider SAC recommendation #26, 2nd by Senator Mayfield  Motion passed 12-2  John Aase from the Reporter:   SAC or Senate should make it mandatory that what effects departments or individuals that motions would affect.,  division 10-3 motion to return to Committee          

g) Senator Wolters: Oral Report                              h) Senator Plathe: absent          

i) Senator Elvebak: oral report          

j) Senator Dettmeijer : Written report  F03.25.98 E  Sponsor  Senator Dettmeijer/Cosponsor Senator Bakke Resolved:     That the MSSA Senate request that Mankato State University adopt a policy to replace the terms "Freshman", "Sophomore", "Junior", and "Senior" with terms "First Year Student", "Second Year Student", "Third Year Student" and "Fourth Year Student" respectively in all its written documents as of the next printing.  Motion Fails  Senator Pavlenko: R#033-11-98F Senator Pavlenko/cosponsor Senator Jacobsen Resolved: The students of Mankato State University receive an inordinate amount of telephone solicitation, and Resolved: The University facilities this by releasing this information to businesses therefore be it Resolved: That Mankato State University top releasing student addresses and telephone numbers to businesses, or the administration and publicly inform the student body in writing about this practice , provide information on how to exempt from solicitation lists provided by MSU Motion passes unanimously          

k)Senator Beatty:  Oral Report          

l) Senator Mayfield: Oral Report  Motion to reconsider senator of the year award 2nd the reconsideration's:  Senator Bakke Motion to reconsidered:  motion fails. 

  • Announcements Speaker Kocina-next meeting April 1, 1998 - first week spring quarter. 

XII.         Adjournment Senator Bakke, 2nd by Senator Oelberg                  Attendance Senators Present Senator Baetty, Senator Pavlenko, Senator Schwane, Senator Bakke, Senator Jacobsen, Senator Anderson, Senator Mayfield, Senator Oelberg, Senator Edwards-Merton, Senator West, Senator Dettmeijer, Senator Vawracz, Senator Jarvis, Senator Elvebak, Senator Enter, Senator Drganc-proxy  Senator Absent Senator Benson, Senator Jacobson, Senator Plathe, Senator Van Every, Senator West, Senator Burgess, Senator Vawracz,  Senator Bergeron, Senator Swanson, Senator O'Hara, Senator Palmer, Senator Wolters