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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

March 4,  1998  

Meeting called to order at 4:0  PM by Speaker Jason Kocina 

I.         Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Maya Beatty 6-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 14-0-0, Senator Garth Benson -proxy Jen Hibbard 15-0-6,  Senator Pete Schwane 5-0-0, Senator Jim Jacobson 18-1-2, Senator Eric Bakke 6-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 21-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 21-0-0, Senator Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee 10-3-8, Senator Sylvia Oelberg-proxy Peni Blakley 9-0-5  Senator Dan Van Every 19-1-1, Senator Vicki Edwards -Merton-18-0-3,  Senator Joost Dettmeijer 5-0-0, Senator Melissa Bergeron-proxy Jon Bauer 18-1-2,  Senator Seth Swanson 12-1-1, Senator Scott Silver 20-0-1,  Senator Amy Enter 12-1-1, Senator Michael Vawracz 13-6-2,  Senator Kyle Jarvis- 13-0-1,  Senator Jesse Palmer 18-2-1, Senator Melanie Wolters - 16-2-3, Senator Cindy West 17-4-0, Senator Chris Elvebak 5-0-0, Senator Jen Drganc 3-0-0 Senators Absent:  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-9-1, Senator John O'Hara 14-4-3    Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 20-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 21-0-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 15-4-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 8-0-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 13-6-0 Executive Staff Absent:  Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

  • Student Forum Ben Hiltner-Minnesota River Review-Came before Senate to clear up controversey regarding discussion on selection in River Review.  Article in question was reviewed by EnglishJ instructors, Reporter staff writer, classes-concensus was that this is creative writing.  This poem could be published.  Because of all of this some people might object but it is a problem you deal with as an editor, this poem seems real.  This booklet is for MSU students and staff.  The reason for the Minnesota River Review is to help people get a first chance at publishing, it is for new writers, it is also for students who might not read a poem or a story.  If they can sell one new student to look at poetry, that is what it is all about.  Review has poems and writings regarding many topics. Poetry is for everybody, so the average person can express their lives.  At some point is something not literay, yes, we have editors read everything that is published so that something that is not literay will not get in.  They make their best effort to put their very best in the review. 
  • President's Report - Brian Dietz Meet and Confer Monday-discussed resolutions that Dr. Rush had not responded to, and hope that some resolutions can be made. KRNR Vandalism-Issue is being taken care of, this is an issue of confidentiality.  Appropriate people will be working with this, contact Mary Dowd if you have any questions. Appointments:  Eric Bakke to Acting Vice President during Washington D.C. trip. Motion carried.  17-7 Michelle Murzyn-Elections, Michael Vawracz - Communications Board, Jen Drganc-Delegate Assembly Senator Jarvis-have you made decisions regarding Campus Rep position?. President Dietz-I want this person to be competent, and able to take on the additional duties. Senator Jacobson-Is there an investigatigation under way regarding KRNR President Dietz-this is private information. Malcolm- As was said the frustrating part is that something could be being done without anyone even knowing about it. 

IV.         Presentations                  

a) Joe Metro - Vice President of Operations Presentation on projects not including Phase 3.  Viewed video regarding Athletic Facility.  Trafton East will receive upgrades. Fire protection project. Andreas Black Box Theater will hopefully begin this Spring, hoping to use in house fuding not Minnesota State.  Heating plant, Amphetheater, extendidng road to make it more student freiendly. Hungry Hollow bridge, need to be replaced before we can take it, but the funding is there. Losing parking, but will work to replace, looking at long term model.  Additional funds will be necessary.  Do have a request in to the legislature to build a ramp.  Also the city has said you can not have unpaved parking lots, we will need to pave these lots, that will cost about $500,000. We have asked city for a one year delay.  We will eventually have to comply.  Phase 3 will break ground this Spring, or Joe Metro will do it himself          

b) Bob Pavlenko - KRNR/Senate Liaison Do to the interest in the vandalism, and inacuarate reporting in Reporter decided to report on vandalism.  They have been cleaning it off the walls since January.  They have tried to find out who perpritrators where.  Many people were in booth the last weeks of operation.  It would be really hard to tell who did the graffati. Will aid Senate if they wish to continue this investigation.  This position carries through until the end of the year. Senator Plathe-proxy McGee-why did you not report this vandalism before? Liaison Pavlenko-we felt this would be isolated incidents and we could handle it. Senator Jacobson-how seriously do you take the graffati that says all senate must die, also satanic words? Liaison Pavlenko-I don't beleive this is satanic, terrioristic or devil worship. Senator Drganc-Where you misquoted in Free Press regarding giving away contaracted CD's? Liaison Pavlenko-we were not misquoted. Senator Drganc-do you feel you are to be held responsible for the actions taken by the DJ's. Liaison Pavlenko-in this case no. Senator Drganc-confused about the timelines.  What happened when? Pavlenko-the first incident was after the Union Board decision, and sparaically after that.  All things termininated a week before the decision to cut KRNR. Senator Oelberg-who directs you as liaison? Pavlenko-I take direction from the entire senate, in this case particularly the Vice President. Senator Oelberg-do you feel the senate as a whole has supported you? Dustin Mayfiled-before the closure of KRNR whose responsibility was this? Pavlenko-the station manager. Senator Plathe-proxy McGee-is this a crinimal offense? Liaison Pavlenko-yes.            

V.          Board & Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee - Jen Hibbard No recommendations this week.  Reviewing student salaries          

b) Union Board - Scott Thomas Seating in Union-Lounge 63, 105-231.  532 in Stompers 319 in lower level 851 total.  Additional 900 can be used.  Table space has not been lost, but they have gained lounge space. KRNR Graffati-Union Board should take action on this. They will meet with Mary Dowd, to see options. This might be a witch hunt, but maybe people that know who did it will come forward.  Senator Jacobson-if a group of students wanted to work on a project between 11 an 1 in the Indigo would we be able to? Scott Thomas-Indigo needs that space for revenue at that time. Senator Van Every-it is my understanding that tables in Stompers are being counted as Study tables. Scott Thomas-tables will be moved up to Stompers during finals week. Yes tables are considered study spaces or seating spaces. Senator Bakke-was directive sent to Union Board regarding lose of space or was it for more seating? Senator Oelberg-during study stations, will rooms also be open?  How will Security monitor that? Concern with Stompers tables because tables are not big enough. Scott Thomas-we encourage people to use lower level. Couch area, etc. Table space has not be decreased.  Tables have been shifted into hall way and Indigo. Lower tables were purchased because they are handicapped accessible.          

c) Elections Committee - Jason Patten (see written handout) Senator Drganc-is the document constitutional?  Speaker Kocina-no this is not constitutional?  VI.     Approval of Minutes - The minutes stand approved.  

  • Election - Allied, Health & Nursing Seat  

VIII.         Officer Reports                  

a) Vice President - Jason Patten Meet and Confer-discussed Advising.  Something is actually in the works.  Proposal will be Spring quarter.  Phase 3-if this does not go through they will personally go to the Chancellors office. Residential Life-felt issues we passed were a non issue. KRNR-did meet with Bob and Union Bd. Sylabbi on WWW-President felt we needed more time for this.  We need to see how realistic this is. Post Season Travel Account-Dr. Healy interprets that account is for any Intercollegiate Team. Supplimental fee for Student Union-27 cents, Minnesota State asked for that request to be given in the middle of March.  They did not have time for this to go through allbodies.  This was sent up in highest amount.  It will go through SAC, Senate etc. We will follow up on this.          

b) Speaker - Jason Kocina Two vacancies-Graduate Studies, Science Engineering and Technology. Presidential responses- R#02.18.98A-This resolution requests the University end operations with KRNR with all possible speed.  The President has been informed about the significant debate regarding this topic and approves the Senate's recommendation.  The President requests that President Brian Dietz meet with Mr. Henry Morris and the Station Manager from KRNR, to arrive at the appropriate date, as determined by MSSA, to cease operations.  The President asks Mr. Morris to participate in these conversations and to reach an acceptable date fora ll involved. R#02.18.98B-This resolution requests that KRNR acess to the building and the station Manager of KRNR to accommodate the intent of the resolution. R#02.18.98C This resolution recommends a supplemental allocation of up to $560 to Intramural/Recreational Sports for the Men's Volleyball Team to attend the National Tournament.  The President has no questions and approves this resolution. R#02.18.98D This resolution recommends an allocation of "up to $2,5000" to the Department of Theatre Arts for reimbursement of expenses from the American College Theatre Festival.  The President has no questions and approves this resolution. R#02.25.98A-This resolution recommends a one-time allocation of up to $1,1338.15 for the Alternative Spring Break Service Trip for transportation.  The President has no questions and approves this resolution. R#02.25.98B-This resolution requests up to $22,500 for the SOS Concert contingent upon financial need.  The Comittee recommends that Mankato State University students be charged a minimum of $5 for admission and non-students be charged a minimum of $10.  The President has no questins and approves this resolution. Talked to Dave Gjerde about Veterans Affairs replacement. Viewing Articles of Operations of Communications Board. Student Friendly/Teacher of the Year Award-will get out appropriate information by early next quarter. In regard to complaints-"the world is run by those who show up". Senator Bakke-in regards to ruling regarding Election Rules?   Speaker Kocina-Election Committee has some latitude.  Feel there is discrimination against students enrolled in MSU. 

IX.         Staff Reports                  

a) Leg. Affairs - Peni Blakley Resignation letter - Matt Chase (will submitt written letter) Sending letters to legislators - the Higher Ed bill is going to the House.  The conference committee has not received names, but will post them on the Legislative Affairs boards in the senate office.  "higher ed" bills  Precient caucus - Legislation was taken to these caucus in the Mankato area.  Motion out of committee (submitted in written form). Speaker reads motion out of committee Motion R#03-04-98A       MSSA Proposed Federal Legislative Agenda for 1998

1)  Strong support" maintenance of effort" provision for the Pell Grant program so that Minnesota State grants are not reduced when Pell Grants are increased.

2) Strongly support restoring aid to independent student's, particularly hose without dependents that were cut off in 1992-93.

3)  Strongly support tax credits and tax deductions that are beneficial to students at public colleges and universities.

4) Strongly support lower interest rates and retaining the in-school interest subsidy for the Stafford Loan Program.

5) Strongly support student oriented changes in the Higher Education Re authorization Act with student involvement at every level of decision making.  Pervious motion passed unanimously.  Coordinator Blakley-the motion deals with the act of higher education and is what we will be lobbying for in Washington in two weeks.  The reasoning for re-numbering is the order of priority. Senator Silver: Does not feel good and Senator Wolters will read his senate report Report continued; met with the Union and at this point they are not for-seeing a strike, though this does not mean it would not or could not happen. The city of Mankato and MSU relationships in regards to issue. 

X.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Pavlenko (information above)                           b) Senator Dettmeijer: Oral Report  Moved to end of senators reports                    

c) Senator Wolters:  (Submitted Written Report)                                                                       

d) Senator Bakke:  most memorable senate meeting tonight, I acted as president for a meeting, one of my most important moments in life.  I assumed this responsibility without senate consent.  President Dietz and Vice President Patten have given me the opportunity to be Vice President during their absence while in Washington.  Matt Chase resigned, Eric spoke highly on this individual and that he will be remembered.   Motion  Senator Bakke     2nd  Senator Jarvis R#03.04.98B Resolved:         The MSSA Senate on behalf of the MSSA express it's deep gratitude to former Vice President                   Chase for his years of service. Senator Jarvis spoke on the motion and no discussion took place                  

e) Senator Drganc:  After the ad in the paper, has received many requests for meetings and now currently meets with people on days the Reporter comes out and they discuss the written material.   Working on payphones, Mediation Center and talking to students, Letter to Editor, Important issues to students Parking KRNR vandalism and the legitimacy of certain senators.                   

f) Senator Elvebak:  Oral Report                  

g) Senator Silver:  Student affairs attendance is good to keep it up.  Surveys will be discussed with Dr. Healy, Spoke with Mary Dowd about KRNR vandalism.  Fiscal Affairs Advisory Board looking at New Mav Cards and Flat Rate Tuition.                                                                       

h) Senator Schwane: Oral Report                  

i) Senator Palmer: Oral report                  

j) Senator Enter: Oral Report 

XI.          Old Business                  

a) Report Senator Bakke:  Oral Report                  

b) Report Senator Palmer:  Oral Report                  

c) Report Senator Beatty:  Oral Report                           d) Report Senator Silver:  Budget committee doing Senate budget this week, Senior Salute looking for volunteers to help with the Senior Salute on April 15-16 (9-6 Wed. 15) (9-2 Thursday 16)                  

e) Report Senator Swanson: Oral Report                           f) Report Senator Benson:  not present  XII.         Announcements          Senator Oelberg informed everyone to clean-up their area, by throwing away all garbage, etc. Senator Bakke:  Appreciates all senators that voted and agreed with President on his appointment as temporary Vice President. Senator Pavlenko:  Communication Board meeting Friday         Coordinator Blakley: Thanked Matt Chase  XIII.         Adjournment           Roll Call  Senators Present Maya Beatty, Pete Schwane, Eric Bakke, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee, Sylvia Oelberg, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Chris Elvebak, Seth Swanson, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer, Amy Enter Senators Present voting no Bob Pavlenko Senators Present abstaining Joost Dettmeijer, Kyle Jarvis