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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

April 15, 1998 4:01 pm  

Meeting called to order at 4:01 PM by Speaker Jason Kocina 

I.         Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Andrew Benzer 1-0-0, Senator Maya Beatty 9-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 17-0-0, Senator ,  Senator Pete Schwane 8-0-0,  Senator Eric Bakke 9-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 24-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 24-0-0,  Senator Sylvia Oelberg12-0-5  Senator Dan Van Every-Proxy Matt Harmon 21-1-2, Senator Joost Dettmeijer 9-0-0,  Senator Scott Silver 23-0-1,  Senator Amy Enter 15-1-1, Senator Kyle Jarvis 16-0-1, Senator Cindy West 20-4-0, Senator Chris Elvebak 8-0-0, Senator Jen Drganc 6-0-0. Senator Jim Jacobson 19-1-2, Senator Allison Plathe12-14-8,  Senators Absent:  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-12-1 Executive Staff Present President Brian Dietz 22-2-0, Vice President Jason Patten 23-1-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 17-5-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 11-0-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 14-8-0 Executive Staff Absent:  ,  Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

  • Student Forum 

III.         Presentations                  

a) Banded Tuition - Vice President Trauger At MSSA to present follow up information. Compared tuition assessment with other institutions. President Dietz mentioned impact on students. (See written handout) (1230) 12.29% MSU Students take 1-12 credits. (8,293) 82.88% MSU Students take 12 -18 credits. (483) 4.83 % MSU Students take 19 plus credits. 6 reasons identified as to why MSU is looking at this and how it can work for Mankato State. Senator Oelberg - Representing  College of Social and Behavior - How many students at other institutions work 40 hrs per week?  Vice President Trauger-Need model that makes sense to majority of students. Students at NDSU overwhelmingly opposed change to per credit choice. They like banding Coordinator Blakley - If these figures are correct 85% of our students would be paying more if they didn't take more credits.  Vice President  Trauger - Yes if they don't take more credits. This approach is very competitive with other schools. Coordinator Blakley - What are the credits needed for a State Grant?  Dean Trauger - State requires 15 credits.             

b) Phase III Update - Dr. Healy-Vice President Student Affairs Nothing new to report. Bids were open they came in half million dollars higher. Need to reduce cost and find new funding. Need to return to revenue fund ( Board office). We are on hold. When they can help us we will sit down with the Student Union Board. Expect to hear from them next week. Senator Jacobson - Are you pushing to get this done? Dr. Healy - We are seeking information, we will lobby - We will push board when we have answers. Vice President  Patten - Does Bid have a time line? Dr. Healy - We have from April 6 - 17 to review bid. We are still in time line.  Dr. Healy - If we don't hear from them next week we will be contacting the board.. Senator Drganc - Should we be E-Mailing them? What are chances that current students are going to pay more for this. Dr. Healy - I don't want to speculate. President wants to find a way where students won't have to pay.

IV.         Board & Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations - Vice Chair Jen Hibbard R#04.15.98 Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #28  United Nations Club Allocation Move to allocate up to $400.00 for transportation and lodging to the United Nations Club to attend the Model United Nations Conference pending RSO Recognition. Speaker Kocina- They are not an RSO They are working on it Senator Van Every - Is This also the Model UN that you can receive credit for. Vice Chair Hibbard - I don't believe so. Senator Drganc - I have some concerns about this - about going to SAC before being recognize. Senator Jacobson-Proxy Baardson - Why is not one member here tonight? Senator Enter - They are not expected to be there. That is why they go to SAC. Motion carries.           b) Communications Board - Chair Mayfield Approved budgets of MN River Review Report. Approved selection of new editors......          

c) Union Board (no representation) 

  • Elections - Allied Health, Graduate Studies, Off Campus, Business, Gage A, Social & Behavioral Science. Allied Health - Andrew Benzer  Allied Health Senator -Andrew Benzer - elected Graduate Studies - No Student present for election Off Campus - John Bauer, Dan Hesse, Kelsi Turner, Roger Baardson, Matt Harmon. Off Campus Senator Roger Baardson -elected Off Campus - John Bauer, Dan Hesse, Kelsi Turner, Matt Harmon., Vicki Edwards-Merton Off Campus Senator John Bauer - elected Moved to suspend the rules Senator Jarvis , Senator West second. Passed  Off Campus - Dan Hesse, Kelsi Turner, Matt Harmon., Vicki Edwards-Merton Off Campus Senator Matt Harmon - elected Off Campus - Dan Hesse, Kelsi Turner Motion to suspend the rules by Senator Drganc, second by Senator Jarvis. Passed. Off Campus Senator Dan Hesse - elected Off Campus  Kelsi Turner Motion to suspend the rules by Senator Jarvis, second by Senator Oelberg. Passed Off Campus Senator Kelsi Turner- elected Business - No Students present Gage A - No Students Social and Behavioral Science - Shawn Bakke, Vicki Edwards-Merton Motion for 5 minute caucus by Senator Drganc, second by Senator Van Every. Passed Social and Behavioral Science Senator Shawn Bakke - elected   

VI.          Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz - (see written report)  Coordinator McGee - How are you doing this evening?           b) Vice President - Jason Patten IFO needs help to monitor boxes in Morris Hall. Bus Shelter Proposal - Put one by rugby field. Will be talking with David Cowan. Election meeting 4-27-98 CSU 202. Need to follow rules. Debates are May 6 at 11 and 12. Vice Pres. Trauger would like feed back concerning Tuition band. New Senators need to be on other committees. Contact Jason, Brian, or fellow Senators if you have questions. Senator Drganc - Why was Elections committee report  on VP report instead of Elections Committee? Vice President Patten - Ran out of time to discuss with Brian. Senator Drganc - Jason implied that all were running for Spring elections. Senator Enter - Briefly state different committees. Vice President Patten - Pick an interest and see someone concerning it. Motion to recess for 15 min.  Motion carried.          

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina Student Friendly, Teacher of year, staff of year, senator of year. Applications due 4-27, vote 4-29. Welcome new senators and Susan, new work study. Student Organization Recognition Pagan Organization- recognized College Democrats. Read letter from Jeff Bower (apology) Dated 12-4-97. Senator Baardson - Senator Wellstone handing flyers out inside of building instead of outside. Disregard for college rules. Senator Bakke - Was involved in the protest and he is concerned by  list. Not a Democrat vs Republic issue Senator Elvebak - Hard to tract down old members. JJ, Chair of College of Democrats- Want opportunities for students to get involved. Senator Drganc - Students need to have their voices heard. Coordinator Blakley - As an organization we are not breaking rules -MSSA President was to write to ask for apologies. Speaker - Motion didn't pass the senate, stand corrected but the intent was that Pres. was to write letter and didn't do it. JJ - NO intention to wait until an election year. Senator Oelberg - MSSA is here to recognize a student organization. Student Senate is here all the time but student organizations come and go. Should be accountable for what happened last year. College of Democrats should be able to be recognized. President Dietz - Yeild to Speaker Speaker - College of Democrats came back to clear up problems. They are in compliance with MSU rules. President Dietz - Yield time to JJ JJ - Get politicians involved at MSU. Speaker - As long as organization is in compliance they should be recognized as one. President Dietz - Have the organizations fulfilled all requirement? Senator Bakke - There were no formal requirements Senator Mayfield - Yield to Coordinator McGee Coordinator McGee - Everyone has right to their own beliefs. Move the question. Move to end debate. passed Roll call vote Senators voting yes Andrew Benzer, Maya Beatty, Bob Pavlenko, Pete Schwane, Jim Jacobson, Eric Bakke, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe, Dustin Mayfield, Sylvia Oelberg, Dan Van Every, Shawn Bakke, Cindy West, Joost Dettmeijer, Kyle Jarvis, Roger Baardson, Jon Bauer, Jen Drganc, Chris Elvebak, Kelsi Turner, Scott Silver, Dan Hesse, Matt Harmon, Amy Enter Executive Staff voting yes President Brian Dietz Passed Unanimous Senator Elvebak- abstain with rights due to being an officer of the College Dems if recognized. Senator Oelberg - Abstain vote with rights. Member of Student Organization College Democrats          

d) Treasurer - Jen Hibbard Apologize no report on board. Will be there tomorrow 4-16-98. Budget request sheet posted. Any Questions please call. 

VII.         Staff Reports                  

  • Legislative Affairs - Peni Blakley Athletics facilities was passed. Total 11 million was accepted. Will fill in next week. Have been E-Mailing Heidi concerning Washington trip. Discussion in committee 2-3 people with 7 universities. Planning meeting with Legislative committee to set up meeting to see how they felt about the legislative outcome. 

IX.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Bakke No legislation. Did the right thing by recognizing College  Democrats. Congratulate newest senators.                  

b) Senator Jarvis No Student Affairs due to lack of quorum. Campus Representative Spring Presidential  Board of Directors. Elections Sunday Agenda on MSUSA board Minnesota State (Dean Trauger's Presentation)2-2.5% IS inflation Vice President Trauger is proposing 3-3.5% WHY? Banded tuition - Bad we will be screwing over 35 + % of students IFO strike vote Our faculty are being screwed Minnesota State wants adjuncts, Don't we deserve advising? Residential  Life- Met with Diane Solinger. Gage wasn't designed to fall apart during tornado's Brochure distributed next week. RHA, concern from a few weeks ago brought to RHA's attention tried to get things done through RHA, if nothing gets done he will handle it here. Mac Olympics - bombed last year, will try again, hopefully will go better this year. Bomb threat in McElroy last night.                  

c) Senator Oelberg Student Advisory Board meeting 4-23-98 at 9 am Senate is business, Politeness is leadership. Senator Van Every - Proxy Harmon - I yield myself as much time as I may consume. Banded tuition -show of hands who wants to meet with Dean Trauger and myself. Many hands went up. 

X.         Announcements Senator Bakke - Concerns about numbers in second Senator report Senator McGee - Took Dietz seriously when he said Academics comes first. AMLC conference (going to La Cross, WI)  Loa Cultural Day 4-24 Loa Cultural Night 4-25 Chicano Latino - 4-23 (Symposium) Joe working to fix access doors for disabled. I don't deal with emotions I will help you in any way shape or form International Student Festival 4-18-98 Senator Jarvis - My numbers are correct Senator Bauer - Radio club meeting -Fridays at 1 PM in the Indigo                                      

XI.         Adjournment