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65th MSSA Senate 4-8-98 

I.     Roll Call Senators Present:   Senator Maya Beatty 8-0-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 16-0-0, Senator ,  Senator Pete Schwane 7-0-0,  Senator Eric Bakke 8-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 23-0-0,  Senator Matt Anderson 23-0-0,  Senator Sylvia Oelberg 11-0-5  Senator Dan Van Every 21-1-1, Senator Joost Dettmeijer 8-0-0,  Senator Scott Silver 22-0-1,  Senator Amy Enter 14-1-1, Senator Kyle Jarvis 15-0-1, Senator Cindy West 19-4-0, Senator Chris Elvebak 7-0-0, Senator Jen Drganc 5-0-0. Senator Jim Jacobson 18-1-2, Senator Allison Plathe11-14-8,  Senators Absent:  Senator Lucretia Burgess 4-11-1, Executive Staff Present President Brian Dietz 21-2-0, Vice President Jason Patten 22-1-0,  Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 16-5-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 10-0-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver, Executive Staff Absent:  , Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 13-8-0 Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 

II.   Student Forum 

a)   Senator Melissa Bergeron - Unfortunately resigned from the Student Association, Senate and all committees.  Wish everyone well, and thanked everyone for what she has learned this year. 

b)   Senator Dan Van Every-  Resigned from Parking Appeals, and Urban Affairs. 

III.  Presentations Gail Mericle and Don Larsson - MSU IFO President and Vice President 

a)    IFO Strike Vote - We have reached a complete stale mate,  Minnesota State wants to  replace full time faculty with full time adjuncts.  This will mean a loss of advising and -  Minnesota State wants to remove the "arbitrary capricious"  which would allow the Presidents to remove faculty. -  IFO has agreed to arbitration to settle financial differences. - Minnesota State has repeatedly turned down meetings with IFO (Dave Able).   -  Strike Authorization is just an authorization for the executive board to strike IF NECESSARY!  At least ten days after vote must pass before strike could be implemented. Question from Senator Drganc-  What can we do to help if we so choose? President Mericle-  Contacting legislators, urging them to help.  Problem lies in having a board which does not have a background in higher education.  MSU administration seems to understand but it can only go so far.  Feels comfortable with relationship with MSSA leadership.  Question from President Dietz- What are chances of strike this spring?  And what impact would it have on graduating students? Answer from Mericle-  The time line would have five schools out of session.  Mankato will not be the only one on strike.  President Dietz-   How would grades be affected? President Mericle-  It depends on what Minnesota State does. President Mericle-  Situation is serious, many faculty are very frustrated, with Minnesota State.  The future of four year education can be drastically affected by the outcome.  Don Larsson-  Spoke of adjuncts.  Our administration has been very good, but you can't assume that this will always be the case.  We need a contractual clause to protect the faculty.  Spoke at length of past experience in Wisconsin with strikes.  We care about the students.  Minnesota State will be sending down messages that they care about the students.  Wrong.  They will say they care about saving you money.  Wrong.  Who do you trust?  Political figures, or those you interact with daily?  Senator Elvebak- What is the role of the board of trustees? Don Larsson-   We are getting mixed messages, Chancellor Anderson will praise us down here on visits, yet rips us at the capital. President Mericle-   They do not know what we mean by "quality" in education.    Treasurer Hibbard- Do you have any knowledge of what will happen to those in class? Don Larsson- Could be a stumbling block, we will try and help you if it comes to a strike.  We understand the costs involved, not just financial, and heathcare.  Emotional loss must be considered. Senator Blakley- What is the possibility of contracting out jobs? President Mericle- We have talked at length about this, we don't want you to lose out on Grad school, or a job opportunity.  President Mericle-  Thank you for allowing us to come, I hope we have answered your questions. 

b)  Commission on Ethics & Standards (see written report)   

c)  Tuition Banding President Dietz and Vice President Patten President Dietz- Passed around sheet pertaining to Flat Rate tuition possibilities.  Vice President Trauger will come and answer questions next week. Looking at going to a possible tuition band and flat rate.  Four schools including Bemidji , St. Cloud, Winona, and Mankato. Six reasons (look to Attached sheets) about FY99 Tuition band. Vice President Patten- Looking at a set rate for tuition with Flat rate and having 14 credits a benefit to students with 14 credits or more paying less than the current per credit tuition price.  Vice President Trauger stated that with the semester change it will set students back farther.  Especially with the students who only take 12 credits a year. Senator Drganc-  Is this going to happen? Has Vice President Trauger been trying to do this for 5 years? Vice President Patten- It is still unsure, we are just looking at the possibilities. Senator Pavlenko-  Is this the same as the one brought to us last quarter? Vice President Patten- It is slightly different.  Senator Enter- Aren't there more question's that could be answered that don't deal with Finances? Vice President Patten- yes, here are more than just financial issues. Canceling classes right now results in the university asking for money back. Senator Van Every- Why is University of Northern Iowa compared to Mankato?  Vice President Patten-  Just using it to compare.  

IV.   Board & Committee Reports    

a. Student Allocations - SAC Chair Michelle Murzyn      -  SAC parking permit policy resolution.  -  Vote Article concerning Section 4 A #9 SAC Recommendations R#04-08.98A Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #27-Parking Permit Purchase Move to recommend the following addition to the SAF Policy Statement regarding Parking Permit Purchases.  SAF Policy Statement, Article IV, Section A, No. 9 SAF funds may not be used to purchase parking permits for individual MSU employees (The MSU Reporter shall be exempt from this policy.)  #27 Passes. 12 - 7-   Chair notified Senate of budget process and asked that all questions be asked ahead of time. -   SAC denied the Flight Team request due to low levels of reserve. -   Semester change- everyone needs to know that their bill will be arriving early and will be larger.    

b) Union Board Chair Scott Thomas -  We are trying to get ARA to expand lower level advertising concerning food items, and services. -  We will be conducting a survey about the lower level, and the Indigo. -  Phase three:   President Dietz letter from Vice President Healy concerning the status of Phases Three, and options to continue. (See letter)  - Motion by Senator Drganc to suspend the rules.  Second by Senator Van Every.  Motion passes.  16 to 2  -  Senator Drganc Moves,  Senator Jacobson second That the Union Board analyze the cost to students per credit to build the CSU Phase III.  Over 63,000 students have already paid for Phase III.  Also to have the Union Board back to Senate with in a week as it is a timely matter.   Senator Drganc-  Can we trust the administration? Thomas- Yes, we have accepted bids and received Minnesota State OK.  President Dietz- Can you have answers for our questions by next week? Scott Thomas-  Yes.  Speaker Kocina- Dr. Healy will be here next week to answer questions.  Lets allow the process to work. Senator Jarvis moves by amendment.   Be it resolved that MSSA Senate requests Union Board Analyze the cost per credit to compete Phase III and furthermore request the Union Board to present the requested information at the April 15th, 1998 MSSA Senate meeting, and further more requests the Campus Coordinator to be a be a part of this investigation.   Senator Drganc second Chair Murzyn- just to let you know that the costs might be as high as 1 million dollars.  President Dietz- Dr. Healy did not promise but she spoke towards the possibility of taking one of the bids and finding the money later.    Senator Jarvis- Is concerned about where the responsibility will be placed, the students. Why are we going ahead with a proposal which is $500,000 short.    Question called by Vice President Patten. Seconded by Senator Elvebak. Motion passes. R#  04-08-98B Be it resolved that MSSA Senate requests Union Board Analyze the cost per credit to compete Phase III and furthermore request the Union Board to present the requested information at the April 15th, 1998 MSSA Senate meeting, and further more requests the Campus Coordinator to be a be a part of this investigation. Amendment  Passes.  Motion passes.  

V.    Approval of Minutes   3/11/98 Minutes Approved         

  • Elections - Allied Health & Nursing, Graduate Studies (no candidates) 

VII.  Officer Reports

a)  President Dietz Appointments Kyle Jarvis - Campus Rep. Joost Dettmeijer-  Cultural Diversity Andrew Benzer-  Constitution Shawn Bakke-  Constitution Anthony Loser-  Newspaper  Laura Graf- Athletic Director Search Rainey Briggs- AD Search  -  open committee positions at MSUSA are placed on the board in the office.  These include:  Academic Affairs, Student Services, State and Federal Legislative, Public, and Cultural Diversity. -  5 percent increase in the fee, including a 3 year guarantee. -  Articles Changes:  General Assembly Down (3 Pro, 4 against) -  DC Trip, AD Hoc Committee  -  Established long term reserve -  DC Trip -  MSUSA set 7 meetings, we set up 4. -  Elections- Tony Rust (Southwest )  State Chair,  Mike Kurowski (Winona)  Vice    Chair. -  St. Peter,  thank you for you help -  Ground breaking, tentatively set for May 14. -  Dwindling numbers, don't be discouraged.   -  Moorhead conference:  give me names by 4/14 

b)  Vice President Patten  -    Elections met on Monday.  Dates set for Dean T. meeting set.   Elections committee meets Monday 10 p.m.  Poster hanging date tentatively changed. Senator Mayfield- will the candidates be notified of this change? Patten-Yes  

c)  Speaker Kocina  -  Administration resolutions, Last senate meeting resolution athletic ...... -  2 resolutions phone number posting, privacy and information.   -  Open senate seats 9 (10).....               -  If you need a name tag please ask Cheri.   -  Teacher of the year and Student Friendly award.  Spoke about the purpose    and history of both awards.   -  Thank you for volunteering to help St. Peter residents. 

d)  Treasurer Hibbard   -  Budget is posted in the office. -  Budget meeting will be on Monday at 4.  Senator Drganc-  is there a conflict of interest in holding your many positions.   Treasurer Hibbard-  No.   

VIII.   Staff Reports 

a)  Legislative  Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley  -   I am on the Ad Hoc committee working on the Washington DC trip. -   We made a few changes to the state, and federal platforms.  Basically it added student voter rights, and made adjustments for semesters.   -   We did not get the De Coupling, thank you for your e-mails in support.  Kyle Jarvis  and I attended the last conference meeting.  We asked them if tuition would go up.  Their response was that if it did it would be due to STUDENTS asking for the increase. -   Bonding:  Our athletic facility is jeopardy, currently the proposal has been reduced from 11 million to 4 million.  If this is the case we will probably lose the project. Senator Elvebak-  is the tuition increase, an increase above inflation or an increase period? Senator Blakley-  I believe it is just those above inflation.  Anything above 2.5% would be something we might be concerned with.    Senator Jarvis moves for a ten minutes recess.   Motion Passes.     

IX. Old Business SAC Recommendation #25 R#03-11-98B Move to allocate funds necessary to balance the Athletic Post Season Account.  This would be approximately $36,000, from the SAF reserve.  Senator Jarvis-  Concerned with the budget. Senator Jacobson-  It will be at $220,000 AFTER the $36,000. Treasurer Hibbard- With the emphasis we have placed on balanced accounts we need to bring it up to zero.   Senator Jacobson- Will that money be replenished? Treasurer Hibbard- I am not completely sure, ideally the NCAA will be reimbursing the account, but  not necessarily.  This will hopefully prevent problems in the future. Senator Pavlenko-  Will this happen again? Treasurer Hibbard-  The intent is to not have this happen again. Speaker Kocina-  That account will was started to save time in addressing the athletic teams. Vice President Patten-  This account is accessed by any MSU recognized athletic team.  So we might run into this again, due to the fact that not only NCAA reimbursed.   Amendment:  Senator Jarvis move to amend by substitution, "$36,000 with $18,000"  and with, "with the intent to balance in FY 1999.",   Vice President Patten-  in doing this we are totally contradicting ourselves.  We went after an administrator this year due accounts in deficit.  We can't allow one of our accounts to do the same just to have money "left over".  Senator Jarvis-  amendment withdrawn.  Senator Bakke-  speaker, can we put this off? Speaker Kocina-  yes, but the amount could grow. Senator Bakke-  could we to better plan for such a expenditure? Speaker Kocina-  we tried to last year but we ran out of time.  Senator Jacobson-  would it complicate the process to wait until next year? Treasurer Hibbard- yes, it would in my estimation.  $36,000 is alot of money.  Take care of the debt now, and watch the account in the future.  Now it the best time.   Senator Bakke- Moves to postpone until the budget meeting. Speaker-  Out of order, due to the budget meeting purpose to only hear annual budget requests.  Senator Bakke-  hind sight is 20/20 while front is not.  We need to face this over a period of time.  If it is addressed today I will support it. Speaker passed the gavel to Dustin Hayfield. Speaker Kocina- just to clarify, last year SAC realized that the post season travel account was in deficit during the budget process.  I recommend that we delay this until the budget meeting and allow SAC to work this into the annual budget.  I feel that we should address the deficit through the line item in the budget. Senator Jacobson- can non-NCAA recognized teams access this account? Speaker Kocina-  Yes. Senator Drganc- I am confused about the account. Speaker Kocina- We have to cover the amount not picked up by the NCAA, specifically in the case of the Dance Team. Senator Drganc- please read the motion.  Motion: Be it resolved that MSSA Senate requests that SAC review and budget for the $36,000 deficit for athletic post season travel for FY 1999. Moved by Jarvis. Second by Jacobson.  Treasurer Hibbard- this is something which we need to take care of now.   These are things which need to be addressed now. Senator Anderson-   we need to budget for this in the future. Speaker Kocina- we would need to raise the fee to cover this, it would not need to come out of the reserve. Senator Pavlenko- moves for a 5 minute caucus. Passes. Senator Drganc- moves for a 5 minute caucus.  Second President Dietz.  Passes.  Meeting back in order. Senator Jarvis-  would like to withdraw my motion. Senator Drganc- Senator Anderson: seconds Move to amend:  that Intercollegiate Athletics be 50% responsible for the existing post season travel account in deficit of $36,000 and that the remaining $18,000 be budgeted for in the 1999 fiscal budget. Senator Jarvis- move to amend to change 98-99 fiscal year to 1999 year. Speaker Kocina- Is this what you want? Vice President Patten- I agree that President Rush might not accept this.  But we are being reasonable, and it says what we want. Senator Jarvis- We don't represent the administration.  Question called by Senator Jacobson.  Second President Dietz. Amendment- Passes.  Unanimously. Question called by Dietz, Seconded by Jacobson. Main motion - Passes. Unanimously.  R#03-11-98B Move to amend:  that Intercollegiate Athletics be 50% responsible for the existing post season travel account in deficit of $36,000 and that the remaining $18,000 be budgeted for in the 1999 fiscal budget.   

X.     New Business 

a)    Flight Team appeal of SAC decision.  Senator Jacobson- The Flight Team earned 2nd at the regional, which allows us to go to Kansas for Nationals.  Many of our goals including achieving 2nd, have been met.  I would like to allow a alumni to speak briefly on our behalf.  Senator Jacobson- The majority of the money not covered will come out of our pockets. Jeremy Toos- Gave budget information. Senator Beatty- How long have you known about this? Senator Jacobson- December, but we did not receive a answer from SAC until end of February.  Senator Van Every- How do you practice?  Do the hours count toward your flight hours? Senator Jacobson - Yes.  Senator Bakke -  moved:   That the MSSA grant the flight team $8,000, and that this is not used as a reference in the future.  Senator Elvebak-  Why did SAC turn this down? Treasurer Hibbard-  RSO guidelines do not allow for groups to receive more that $1,000.   Senator Bakke-  due to the fact that we have granted, several appeals in past this is very difficult. Vice President Patten- I have problems with several parts of the proposed budget.  Meals have traditionally not been covered, that is $2660.00.  Paying for their flight hours is another $2150.00.  We don't have the money. This would be very irresponsible.   Senator Drganc-  move to caucus.  Passed.  Senator Van Every- Move to amend to $1,500. Senator Bakke- I would like to accept without objection. Senator Anderson- We basically give money to athletics because they represent us.  Why can't we help this group out.  Treasurer Hibbard- I know that I have said we don't the money.  We didn't like turning them down.  We wanted to leave this to Senate.  I would support this motion of $1,500.  Senator Pavlenko-  Yield to the flight team.  Senator West-  It is less than 100 dollars per person. Could we make it $1,600. Senator Oelberg-  either we should give them nothing or at  least $6,000.  Senator Drganc  "the $1,500 is to be used for registration fees for registered students."    Questioned called by President Dietz.  Vice President Patten- the dance team asked for $12,000 we gave them $6,000.  Why?  Because that is what we could afford.  If I needed 50 bucks from this body I would ask for ....... Senator Oelberg-  I move to amend by substitution:  the amount to $4,500. Senator West-  Second.  Vote on amendment: Division.  Motion Fails. Senator Jacobson abstained. Senator Oelberg votes Yes.  Senator Oelberg- moves to amend by substitution:  the amount to $3922.50. Vote on amendment:  Division.  Motion Fails. Vote on main motion 04-08-98C  That the MSSA grant the Flight Team "the $1,500 is to be used for registration fees for registered students." Motion Passes. Senator Jacobson abstained.   

b)    Bob Pavlenko Motion  Be it resolved:  Neither the Chair nor the Vice Chair of the Student Union Board will receive a stipend. Senator Pavlenko-  no other chair is currently paid. I feel that we need to stay consistent. Senator Van Every- I have problems with current stipend procedures.  Coordinators could possibly receive two stipends.   Senator Drganc- where does the stipends come from.  Coordinator Pavlenko- it comes out of the students money, and I don't want my money going toward this.  Senator Bakke- I move to place the motion on the table. NO second. President Dietz- I would not like to see this take in affect this year.  So I might make a motion later on. Senator Elvebak- Why is this stipend given? Coordinator Blakley - I was the first to receive the stipend. I took it out of ignorance. If I have known better at the time, I probably would not have taken it. Senator Oelberg-  moves to amend to: refer to SAC. Second by Senator Bakke. Senator Oelberg- I believe that this should go through the proper channels.  Lobby the individuals who are involved. Senator Mayfield- I want to hear what SAC thinks. Senator Van Every-Proxy Harmon- this is stupid that this has taken so long.  Senator Jarvis- Move to amend:  that this would go into affect in FY 1999. Second by President Dietz.  Call the question. By Senator Drganc. Second President Dietz. Passes. 04-08-98D Be it resolved:  Neither the Chair nor the Vice Chair of the Student Union Board will receive a stipend. This will go into affect in FY 1999     Amendment passes.    Vote on main motion:  Passes. 

XI.        Senator Reports 

a)    Senator Bakke R#04-08-98E Motion:  Be it resolved that MSSA Senate on behalf of the MSSA express its gratitude to the MSU Memorial Library employees for their hard work to accommodate the extended hours during last quarters finals week.   Second: Senator Pavlenko. Motion.  Passes. Mayfield did not vote. Motion:  Be it resolved the Senator of the Year Award be renamed the Matthew R. Chase Senator of the Year, and be it further resolved the Staff of Year Award be renamed the Adam Glasgow MSSA Staff of the Award. Motion fails.  NO Second.   Motion:  Be it resolved that the MSSA Senate in order to create service for its self invest the Senate Speaker with limited appointment powers to facilitate the fuller fulfillment of their office. Seconded by Mayfield. Proxy Harmon- I feel that this is not specific enough. Motion Fails. Motion: Be it resolved, that the MSSA Senate grant the Senate Treasurer speaking privileges during its meetings. Seconded by Jarvis. Proxy Harmon- move to amend: during debate on Senate budget issues. Seconded by Senator Jarvis. Senator Elvebak- is this concerning SAC issues? Senator Drganc-  If Treasurer Klinkner had speaking privileges we would have been here forever. Proxy Harmon- Treasurer has no responsibility outside of the MSSA budget. Treasurer Hibbard- I feel as if the treasurer is apart of the Senate, and I represent the students in affect. Senator Enter- Can Coordinators speak? Speaker Kocina - Only if there is no objection. Vice President Patten-  The MSUSA teaser speaks often and I find that it is not appropriate. Mayfield- how can the speaker gain speaking privileges. Speaker Kocina - Same as other non- members of the assembly.    President Dietz called the question. Vote on the amendment:  passes. R#04-08-98F Motion:  Be it resolved, that the MSSA Senate grant the Senate Treasurer speaking privileges during debate on Senate budget issues  Vote on the main motion:  passes.  Senator Bakke- will this become apart of the Senates operating policy? Speaker Kocina- Yes. Senator Bakke-  Are you overruling the decision, last year involving McElroy Senator Justin Smith. Speaker Kocina -  Maybe. 

b) Senator Jarvis Please know your parli-pro -  Number one. The 5% increase of the MSUSA fee.  Not sure if the delegation wanted it. -  I was in St. Cloud working on a new articles of operations.   -  I have information on the MSUSA budget. -  State Chair and Vice were elected. -  Dan Van Every has been nominated for Treasurer and Operations Officer, along with Mr. Hiller. -  I have concerns about MSUSA, if you have questions see me. -  Monday at the RHA meeting there will be action taken about a situation about the evacuation procedures in Gage.  I have a meeting with Diane Solinger. -  Monday I was at the Capital.   -  Received call from Frank. -  Keep E-mailing for 11 million dollars -  Parking meeting, 2 free lots will be yellow at 15.00 a piece.   -  Yielding time to Matt Harmon e-mail Taylor about $ -  Increasing fee amounts  

c.) Senator Anderson -  the Dean of Science and Engineering has put together a student committee  

d) Senator Jacobson (Proxy Bakke) 

e) Senator Oelberg -  went to the Cultural Diversity meetings yesterday and today. -  went to Delegates, was late to a few meetings. Learned to communicate better, and that the majority is not always right.  -  I think that people learned a lot about me, and I apologize to those who I have offended.   -  I think that better preparation would help. -  I think that changes would really help MSUSA, I am an outsider and I don't think that should be. 

f) senator Drganc  -   Asked Scott Thomas how many pay phones in the Union.  As a result there will be a phone bank placed in the second floor, thank you to the U- board. - I went to Delegates, attended several meetings.  I feel that I served the students.  I did have a few problems with our President but will deal with it through the proper channels. 

g) Senator Van Every  -   looked into the ACC issue for several students. -   looked into the modems, we are getting quite a few more lines. -   Delegates assembly:  Ran for Chair, didn't get elected.  Ran for Vice Chair didn't get elected.  MSUSA is a old boy organization.  We need to get more individuals to count. 

h)Senator  Elvebak  -  Delegates Assembly could sure use some changes. -  worked on e-mails for legislation.  (de coupling etc.) -  SS#  is becoming a issue. -  Frank and Kathy at MSUSA thank us for our e-mail work. -  Privates got a huge win in HESO.  Minnesota State is not working very well. 

  • Announcements  Senator Pavlenko-  possible Radio Club. Vice President Patten-  Senior Salute volunteers needed. 

XIII.  Adjournment   Respectfully submitted  Jason H. Patten