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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

May 13, 1998

Meeting called to order at 4:01  PM  by Speaker Jason Kocina

  • Roll Call Senators Present: Senator Andrew Benzer 4-0-0, Senator Maya Beatty 10-1-0, Senator Bob Pavlenko 20-0-0, Senator,  Senator Pete Schwane 11-0-0, Senator Eric Bakke 12-0-0, Senator Kate Jacobsen 27-0-0, Senator Matt Anderson 27-0-0, Senator Sylvia Oelberg14-0-6,  Senator Dan Van Every 24-1-2, Senator Joost Dettmeijer 12-0-0, , Senator Amy Enter 7-2-1, Senator Kyle Jarvis 19-0-1, Senator Chris Elvebak 11-0-0, Senator Jen Drganc 9-0-0., Senator Lucretia Burgess 7-12-1, Senator Dustin Mayfield 5-0-0, Senator Shawn Bakke 4-0-0, Senator Roger Baardson 3-1-0, Senator Jon Bauer 4-0-0, Senator Matt Harmon 4-0-0, Senator Kelsi Turner 4-0-0, Senator Dan Hesse 4-0-0, Senator Scott Silver 24-1-1 Senators Absent: Senator Cindy West 20-7-0, Senator Jim Jacobson 19-5-2 Executive Staff Present President Brian Dietz 25-2-0, Vice President Jason Patten 26-1-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 18-6-0, Campus Coordinator Scott Silver 25-1-1, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 12-2-0 Executive Staff Absent:    Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 15-10-0 Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 
  • Student Forum Scott Thomas gave out Phase III buttons Jennifer Pricher - Women Studies LGBC Concerned that trans-gender is not recognized. Would like to help get the trans-gender people recognized at MSU. Wants the trans-gender title as part of the official name placed on the door at the LGBC.

III. Presentation                  

    • MSU name change - Dr. Sachau - Information on name change, Why it should happen - Name recognition - Would be good for professors (example - Would help when applying for grants) - Would help at State government level, would help elevate above the technical schools. Right now we are in the same class. - Comparison with enrollment with Small U, Directional U, State U-City - Comparison with ACT scores (MSU 22.5) - Reputation - MSU is mislabeled - Ranking Schools by MSU students. Would like to go to a Directional School Discussion -Some of the schools are resistant to change but also don't want us to do it. -Short term drop from Alumni from old name. but would increase with new -name also. - Name doesn't match the contents of the school. - As Alumni, it would help to come from a big name school in the job market. - Would be better to be on the front end of the trend rather on the back. Suspend the rules to the name change - by S Bakke, 2nd by President Dietz Motion By Senator S. Bakke to make the name change, 2nd by President Dietz. R#05.13.98A Be it resolved: That the MSSA Senate supports changing the name of this institution from Mankato State University to Minnesota State          University - Mankato. [65th MSSA Senate]  Discussion Senator S Bakke - City of Mankato should want what is best for the students. Vice President Patten - President Rush wants something better for each graduating class. Wants more for the students when they leave this University. Senator Harmon - This should not be decided without more information. Senator E Bakke - Is comfortable with making a decision but others are not.  Matt Chase - Presented past information concerning MSU. Would like to see a student survey concerning different universities. Words do mean something when you are going for a job. Would like to see Senate support the issue. Senator Baardson - Concerned that we are going to still have to explain where Mankato is, whether we change the name or not. Senator Bauer - MSU is titled with a bad reputation. Who cares what the city is thinking. Would like to see the name changed. Treasurer Hibbard - Would be pleased to come from a university that had a name change. Senator Jacobson - Everyone should be pleased with the change. Senator Mayfield - The name is in the best interest of the students. President Dietz - Information was brought up before. Information is adequate. Coordinator McGee - Students are for and against it. Let's do the name change. In life you have to fight hard to get what you want. Motion fails Speaker Kocina - How much input have the students had in this? This should be a student involvement with out hasty decision. Senator Beatty - MSU- you get your money's worth. It would help with getting a job. Vice President Patten - Senate is making budget decisions. The students are not involved in that. Our degrees are going to be worth more. Our job is to speak for our students. Senator Enter. - Alumni might not like it but change is good. Senator Elvebak - In favor of the decision. Name change could be a positive thing. Senate should put out the issues of the pros and cons to the students. Senator Oelberg - Should poll the students and go beyond this meeting and see the effects of the change. Who is going to follow through? Senator S Bakke - Have talked to students and those students have stood behind it. It is a win - win situation. Let's vote. President Dietz - Yield to Dr. Sachau - This has been in the making for 8 years. There is a benefit to the change. Senate needs to take the leadership roll. President Dietz. - Students have been informed. Options to attend the Senate meeting have been open. We have the responsibility, it benefits the University. The notion of railroading this in is ridiculous. Senator Jarvis - It made me happy to hear it from other than the administration. Senator Anderson - This is not a risk. We need to make a decision. This isn't going to hurt anyone. Let's make a decision. Moved by Senator Drganc 2nd by Senator Elvebak Senator Drganc - Only concern that President Rush will stick us with the bill for changing all the things that are involved in changing, example - letterhead, uniforms etc. Senate passes previous bills than the students get stuck with the bill. Senator Harmon - Concern of passing amendment. Move the previous question by Anderson, 2nd by Drganc 14 -3 motion passes. Vote on amendment - motion fails Senator Burgess - Need to wait.  Senator Benzer - We are worried about the Alumni. Lets take action. Senator Harmon - We are not changing content with leaving the name of Mankato in the name. Would like to see MN State University. But when others change then the name will have to be attached. Senator Baardson - Name a University that doesn't have state in the name. Without it is the college a private one? When leaving and getting a job I'm going to sell myself. Treasurer Hibbard - Supporting the name change is important. Vice President Patten - Have the information, our opinion is important. We need to support this. Senator Mayfield - 6 people don't make a survey. Vote on amendment....... Senator Jarvis - roll call vote, 2nd Mayfield Roll Call Students voting yes Andrew Benzer, Maya Beatty, Bob Pavlenko, Eric Bakke, Matt Anderson, Dustin Mayfield, Shawn Bakke, Joost Dettmeijer, Jen Drganc, Jon Bauer, Scott Silver, Dan Hesse, Amy Enter Students voting no  Matt Harmon Students voting no with rights Sylvia Oelberg, Kyle Jarvis, Chris Elvebak Student abstaining with rights Lucretia Burgess Executive staff voting yes President Brian Dietz, Vice President Jason Patten  R#05.13.98A Be it resolved: That the MSSA Senate supports changing the name of this institution from Mankato State University to Minnesota State University - Mankato. [65th MSSA Senate] Motions passes  15-5 No with Rights Senator Elvebak - While I believe the issue has much positive merit, the timeliness of the presentation didn't allow for a polling of the student body. Senator Jarvis - Although I personally like the change and it has the potential to better the recognition of the university, as published in the May 12, 1998, six random students voiced their opinion against the change. The students of this university need to know what is going on before their representatives go against their voices. Senator Oelberg - Polling of students is important, also, senate is here to get information and relay information to students. If this issue has been around for eight years then it is obvious that President Rush and prior administration can not stand their own ground and make a choice on the name change since we all know they have the final decision. Is this because they are fearful of offending donors. Senator Burgess - I am not at this time able to state my vote on this issue because I feel that my constituents as well as other students, whom I have talked to and who have stated to me they do not like this change, did not have their say in this decision. 
    •  Dave Hendel - Kris Perrie (Director of First Year Experience) - Academic Advising improvements - Thanked the Senate for bringing up concerns - We will be opening an Academic Information Center in Spring1999 - Its focus will be on academic information - This will be located on the first floor of the Administration Building. - It will be staffed by students. - Purpose will be to help students get direction. -  Information concerning forms and procedures          - Advisor information. - Career Exploration Center - To help students determine a major - Candidates will be coming for the Assistant Director Position. - Please offer any information concerning anything. - Michelle Murzyn - what about improving the advising? - Yes, this is a concern, please talk to the individual Deans. - Michelle Murzyn- How do you plan to make it known that FYE is available to all students? - Kris Perrie- Honestly, I am not sure if we can address that issue now. - Senator Pavlenko- Thank You. Its good to see that progress on this has been made. - Matt Anderson- Where did you get this idea? - Kris Perrie- We have wanted to do this for awhile. - Senator Anderson- I look forward to meeting with you concerning this. - Senator Harmon- What will the structure be, who will be working there, what will the focus be? - Kris Perrie- Students will be the main employees, usage will be mainly the undeclared, first year students, people who are looking for information. We want to remodel. Motion to recess for 15 minutes. Second. Withdrawn, without objection.                    

IV.         Committee Reports                  

a) Student Allocations Committee -  First a ten year comparison of allocations. -  Athletics is appealing its allocation  

  • Approval of Minutes


VI.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz -vote on picnic after the meeting next week.                   

b) Vice President - Jason Patten -Press conference yesterday Bresnan Communication donated 1 million dollars to University for the Taylor Center. -elections were done and with very successful outcome                  

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina -letters read concerning resolutions. -David Cowan approved banded tuition -Senate seats that carry over until September         Senator Enter and Senator Dettmeijer -Budget Meeting needs quorum throughout whole meeting          Noon Friday May 15, 1998 North Ballroom -66th Senate will have their first meeting on May 20th 

VII.         Staff Reports                  

  • Cultural Diversity - Allison McGee - Eliminate Hate Day - Wed May 20th, Volunteers needed - Africa Night Celebration -Thanks to Jen Drganc and to everyone else who helped this year. 

VI.         Senator Reports                  


b) Senator Jarvis - MSU approved banded tuition and sent to Minnesota State this morning. Handout on proposal. -From fax as of 4:30 today, 45% paying more, 55% paying less at MSU from Board of Trustees. We need to stick to our guns. -State recognizes 15 credits as full time not 12 credits, 3 credits would be out of pocket if Financial Aid is granted. -Board of trustees will vote on this issue Tuesday or Wednesday. Please e-mail your opinion on this issue. -MSUSA Picnic - See me for information -Thanks to the Senate for getting me involved and taught me alot. -Two Awards Given Out to ARAmark. -Thanks to Matt Chase and Francis Klinkner Questions - Why wasn't the out state tuition posted?  Senator Jarvis - Probably because it is to high Senator Baardson - Question concern for motorcycle parking Senator Jarvis - Have not been able to talk to David Cowan long enough. Senator Anderson - Please add to the e-mail to MSUSA that we were not aware of the banded tuition. Senator Jarvis - I will e-mail both Senator Oelberg - We are not representing the students. We need to know how much we need to put in our budget. People will need to know how much they will be paying for budget reasons. Senator Jarvis - Minnesota State.- All the board of trustees are listed. Apologized for talking to the wrong people. E-Mail. Coordinator Blakley - Did you think of filing a grievance because we were not notified? Motion to caucus for 5 min. by Senator Jarvis. 2nd by Senator Elvebak. R#05.13.98B Be it resolved:         That the 65th MSSA Senate file a grievance against the Administration of Mankato State University for not consulting with the Student Association in regards to the tuition increase plan found in the May 13, 1998, Minnesota State Board of Trustees supplemental packet.  This grievance is pursuant to system policy which requires student consultation. Discussion Vice President Patten - Hoping that Dean would have discussed it with me. We did have a chance but I was in the van with elections. I would prefer to talk to Dean before sending a grievance. Move to table Senator Benzer and 2nd S. Bakke Move to Question Senator Bakke, 2nd by Benzer Motion fails. Senator Jarvis - Students should have been able to speak. Senator Oelberg - Send the grievance. We can not leave here tonight without discussion. They have the right to know what they are going to pay. Senator Harmon - Motion is to file a grievance. We are not totally out of line. Troubling that this issue came up on election day. Senator Mayfield - Has anything been done about it in this time since we received the notice. Rather Hasty firing off the bullet against the administration. Senator Baardson - Support of grievance. Why did they pick one of the busiest day to go over an important issue. Dean should have come by to let someone know about the issue.  Coordinator Blakley - The numbers were not given to us as asked for. The best point of action is by filing a grievance. Vice President Patten - Letter was sent to Dean with motion that was passed. Focus meeting will be on the 19th. Be careful on how the grievance is stated. so it doesn't counter dick the letter from Vice President Patten. Move to caucus for 5 minutes by Senator Jarvis and 2nd by Coordinator Blakley. Move by Senator Jarvis 2nd by Senator Elvebak Sentor Pavlenko - I think that administration planned this. I can't forgive them. R#05.13.98B Be it resolved:         That the 65th MSSA Senate file a grievance against the Administration of Mankato State University for not consulting with the Student Association in regards to the tuition increase plan found in the May 13, 1998, Minnesota State Board of Trustees supplemental packet.  This grievance is pursuant to system policy which requires student consultation. Motion carries                   

c) Senator Enter -It's been fun. -I'm looking forward to                    

d) Senator S. Bakke -It's a win win situation for the name change.                  

e) Senator Benzer -It has been fun.  -Need to not over look anything in the budget.                  

f) Senator Burgess -Waiting for next year to be on the Senate. -Apologize for winter quarter when I wasn't here.                  

g) Senator Pavlenko -Need to pursue the grievance. Administration acted in the wrong Motion by Senator Pavlenko 2nd by Senator Dettmeijer. R#05.13.98C Resolved:         That the MSSA Senate requests that the name of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Center be officially changed to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center, and be it further Resolved: That the aforementioned center be allowed to post signs reflecting the center's new name. -Keep in mind that different groups need to be recognized. Senator Van Every - People should have a right to have what ever title that they need fit. Senator Baardson - In agreement with Senator Van Every.  R#05.13.98C Resolved: That the MSSA Senate requests that the name of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Center be officially changed to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center, and be it further Resolved: That the aforementioned center be allowed to post signs reflecting the center's new name. Motion carried vote passed unanimous.                   

h) Senator Harmon -Thanks to Heather for sitting through  meetings and having someone write about the senate meetings that have actually been here. -Thanks to Speaker Kocina                  

i) Senator Silver -Thanks to executive staff -Have grown alot through out the year -Hope that everyone shows up at the ground breaking                  

j) Senator E. Bakke -Last senator report that I will give -Giving up Senate seat to study and write a book. -Reminiscing over the years of service. -Wished everyone the best of luck. The Senate is a team sport. 

  • Final Remarks - (1 minute each) Senator Pavlenko - Thanks to everyone Senator Bauer - Thanks to everyone. Senator Jacobson - Thanks to Matt Chase, and Mark Harmon Senator Beatty - Thanks to everyone, I'm not sure if I will be here. Wish everyone the best. Senator Oelberg - Thanks to everyone for staying in this last meeting. Coffee still stands. Senator Elvebak - Thanks to everyone, Everyone handled themselves so well on Tuesday. Senator Silver - Thanks and good luck to everyone next year. Coordinator Blakley - Thanks and I hope the Senate as an organization can be open to all students. Senator Mayfield - Quote "What's your point" Senator Benzer- Thanks to everyone Senator Bakke - Thanks and good luck to everyone next year Senator Drganc - Thanks to everyone Senator Baardson - I let my voice be known as a student. Senator Van Every - It was a pleasure to work with all of you. I have learned alot Senator Jarvis - Thank you everyone. It has been a pleasure. Thanks to Heather for all the ink I received this year. Senator Harmon - Thanks. "Heather there are no stupid questions just stupid people that ask them." Heather - Thanks to everyone. I have learned alot. Coordinator McGee - Thanks to everyone.  
  • Announcements Senator Jarvis - Friday's meeting is going to be a long one. 10 objections.

IX.         Adjournment