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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mankato State Student Association

May 28, 1997

Speaker Jason Kocina called meeting to order at 4:03

I. Roll Call
Senators Present
Amy Arenz (proxy Bob Pavlenko), Jason Reinke, Jim Jacobson, Jason Kanz (proxy Scott Lillestrand), Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe, Maruf Rafik (proxy Dustin Mayfield), Brenda Elwood (proxy Gary Prantner), Dan Van Every, Vicki Edwards-Merton,
Allison McGee (proxy Natekia Stokes) Richmond Amporful (proxy Peni Blakley), Melissa Bergeron, Heather Dye, Emily Auseth, Seth Swanson, Scott Silver, John O'Hara, Jesse Palmer, Melanie Wolters
Senators Absent
Jason Dorn, Brent Larson, Deborah Uecker, Cindy West, Michael Vawracz
Executive Staff Present
Vice President Jason Patten
Executive Staff Absent
President Brian Dietz

II. Student Forum
Dustin Mayfield- Constitution Commission overturned Speaker Ruling 2 allowing the Speaker to appoint positions. Does a Constitution Commission ruling take precedence over a Senate ruling?

III. Presentations
A. Constitution Commission - Chair Harmon
Feb. 21 ruled on the question of whether the rules to choose King and Queen violated policy. It was determined that it did.
B. Aviation Club - Senator Jacobson
Fred Haise came to speak. We came to the Senate for funding of this speaker. $3000 was allocated to us and any money made at the door was to be given back to the Senate. Presented a $1000 check to the Senate.
C. Dr. Elliot 5:00 PM- Dr. Healy- Last summer we did a marketing study to see how we did. The results told us that the most important information source was our currently enrolled students. Student Satisfaction is important for retention. Dr. Elliot asked me what studies were available for use in higher ed. He was interested in following up on it. Tonight we are presenting the results of Dr. Elliot's research.
Dr. Elliot- 1765 students participated in this survey. All ages were represented. 116 questions, first 83 deal with your satisfaction as a student here. The 10 questions on the handout are questions that Mankato decided to ask. First section is on Academic advising-5 statements in this section. This was considered to be the most important to all students(advising). Second section- Campus Climate- sense of belonging, campus pride. Third section- campus life- .
Fourth section campus support services. Fifth section- concern for the individual. Sixth section- Instructional effectiveness - This section is second highest in importance to students. Seventh section- Recruitment and Financial Aid. Eighth section- Registration Effectiveness. Ninth section- Safety and Security. Tenth section- Service Excellence (staff and personnel). Eleventh section- Student centeredness.
Senator Jacobson- How were the 1700 students chosen?
Elliot- went to Institutional research- and took a representative sample of all academic colleges and freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. We had a fairly representative sample of the student body. It was a stratified sample of the students that we wanted.
Dr. Healy- The results seem to be very representative of the undergraduate students as a group. What should the MSSA do? What should we work collaboratively on with Academic or Student affairs? What can we do to make a difference? What is most important?
Senator Plathe- Is it possible to take a student away from an ineffective advisor, because I have heard some real horror stories. Dr. Healy-Talk to Student Relations Coordinator, or department head.
Senator Jacobson- Is a central advising center more possible now? Dr. Healy- We need to discuss what functions we're talking about.
Senator Swanson- My transcript from my former college wasn't reviewed for 6 months. Why is that? Dr. Healy- that is something that shouldn't happen. Proxy Prantner- what qualifications are required to become an advisor? Dr. Healy- Part of the job duties as a professor. Senator McGee- Is there any training for becoming an academic advising? Dr. Healy- In first year experience, they focus on gen. ed. advising. Elliot- There is no formal training that colleges do for advising. College of Business- we have full-time advisors. That is all that they do.
Senator Plathe- I don't think that being knowledgeable is that time-consuming. Dr. Healy- I don't think so either. With semester conversion- I think that professors got a little training right there. Knowing how the courses fit together will help professors advise students on a more knowledgeable level. Faculty Association has an interest. If this becomes an MSSA priority, we should start working over the summer with the faculty. They are equally committed to making you aware. It's just a matter of getting it all together.
Senator McGee- Why didn't this come around before Semester Conversion? Dr. Healy- We saw Semester conversions as an opportunity to better the advising. We have tried to incorporate advising into how we've done semester conversion.
Senator McGee- will this remain after Semester conversion? Dr. Healy- I hope so. You can keep this alive.

Speaker Report-Jason Kocina
We have two open Senate Seats, Mav Hall and Undeclared. All senators must put in two office hours. You need to be a member of two committees. Must attend a Leadership Seminar over the summer. You must give two oral Senator Reports every quarter. You can not miss two consecutive, or more than 49% of all meetings or you will be sent to the Ethics Commission. Everyone has a mailbox, please check them regularly. All committee recommendations must be submitted in writing. Please feel free to enter into the Speaker's office.
Questions- Senator Jacobson- Is Leadership Seminar at Camp Patterson? Speaker Kocina-yes. Senator Jacobson-I strongly recommend it. Learn a lot and it is fun.

V. Approval of Minutes (postponed)
4-30-97, 5-14-97, 5-16-97, 5-21-97

VI. Committee Reports
A. Student Allocations- Nate Prouty
There are two recommendations out of committee:
#1 That $7175 be allocated to Intercollegiate Athletics for the purchase of Track and Cross Country equipment. Recommendation passes.
#2 That Article IV Section B be replaced with: Student salaries of activity programs leaders should not exceed $6500 per fiscal year and subordinates should not exceed 80% of the top salary paid ($5200). For positions held less than 12 months, the salaries should be prorated accordingly with the maximum ceiling. Student salaries related to commission sales (i.e., Reporter Ad Manager) are exempt. It should be understood that this guideline does not apply to graduate assistants, classified or unclassified positions. Recommendation-passes.

B. Steering- Dustin Mayfield- Recommends that Michelle Murzyn head Mini Mavs.
Senator Blakley- I would express some concern as to which steering committee has recommended this. The committee that has made this recommendation was one appointed by former President Hanson, and not by the new President and Vice President.
Senator Jacobson- Michelle has done a great job with this, and I would support this fully.
Senator Plathe- Have you and Vice President Jason talked to the Steering committee.,
Senator Bergeron- Is it a paid position, and what is the salary?
Senator Dye- she is the only person that came to SAC with a reduction in the budget.

VII. Officer Reports
A. Vice President - Jason Patten
Main concern is to get information out as to what the committees are, and find out what ones you would like to sit on. We will have all the committees listed in the office. Stop by and look at the list, and find out which ones you would like to be on. Let me know which three you would like to be on by next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Senator Jacobson- Why aren't we having Academic or Student Affairs meetings? Vice President Patten- President Hanson's appointments technically still standing, so there isn't a coordinator for Academic Affairs.
Senator Blakley- are you going to have a list of university committee's and which have seats open? Those will probably be meeting over the summer.

VIII. New Business- No New Business

IX. Senator Reports - (not to exceed 5 minutes per Senator)
A. Senator Van Every- I would like to start representing the Military Science Program, it is an underrepresented program on campus. One thing I would like to offer is a scholarship to Residence Halls cadets. Senator Jacobson- I have a committee for you. There is an ROTC committee under Academic Affairs. Senator Jacobson- Is the Repel tower for any student? Senator Van Every - I believe so.

X. Announcements - (not to exceed 5 minutes total)
Speaker Kocina- sign up your summer address. We are done with meetings for the year. All new senators- I would like you to meet with me to go over a few things.
Senator Plathe- I would like to start an annual Senate squirt gun-war games thing next year.
Senator McGee- Building Student Unity, on June 7th. $3 for students or 5 non- perishable food items.
Eric Bakke- Thank you for taking steering committees recommendation to appoint Michelle Murzyn.

XI. Adjournment- 5:49 PM.