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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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66th MSSA Senate
January 27, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dan Van Every
Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 7-3-0, Chelsea Dullard 17-3-0, Marie Ntangsi 9-7-4, Adam Hutzenbuhler 10-0-0, S.R. Niehy 1-0-0, Kyle Jarvis 19-1-0, Lucretia Burgess 16-4-0, Laura Depuydt 12-0-0, Tim Huebsch 1-0-0, Muhammad Qamar 1-0-0, Ken Feucht 11-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 17-1-2, Helen Mbuagbaw 7-0-0, Andy Welti 6-0-0, Phil Rowan 18-1-0, Chris Henneck 1-0-0, Chris Boyce 14-1-5, Nate Prouty ­proxy- 14-1-3S
Senators Absent
Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 11-7-2, Arif Khan 5-2-3, Abdoul Aziz- 5-8-7, Bob Pavlenko 4-2-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 14-3-3, Mickey Cupkie 8-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 20-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 19-1-0,
Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 19-1-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 18-1-1
Executive Staff Absent
Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 16-1-0, Macharia Githaiga 3-2-0

Union Board Report/Resolution - Vice Chair Melissa Bergeron
International Student Center Proposal
The Union Board recommends that the MN River Review be relocated to the first floor of the Phase III addition, furthermore the Union Board recommends that a International Student Center be located on the second floor of the Phase III addition. This space shall be for the following purposes:
ß To provide space that will be open to the International Student Association, international student organizations, and any international student.
ß To provide a space for association meetings and individuals who want to come in and make friends with other international and domestic students.
ß To provide a space that will be open for domestic students who are meeting with international students and working on international projects and activities.
ß To provide a space for students (both international and domestic students) to come and obtain information on countries in the world.
Also the International Student Office shall be responsible for the administration and operation of the International Student Center space and equipment.

Senator Boyce-What is the additional cost of this proposal?
President Kocina-basically just the cost of a computer and a phone line. The costs will be minimal.
Senator Noah-I see the MN River Review will be relocated? Is this
move acceptable to them?
Ms. Bergeron-The review only comes out twice a year, they don't need a substantial space. This is acceptable to them.
Resolution # Motion passes unanimously

Approval of Minutes - January 02, 1999 Minutes stand approved

Social & Behavioral Sciences
Chris Hennek- Previous senator, has been on SAC, SOAFC, is well
aware of the time commitment.
Senator Boyce-what are issues within your college that you will be
bringing forth?
Chris Hennek-would like to work on making more Internships
available and assisting students in college.
Elect-Social & Behavioral Science Senator Chris Hennek
College of Graduate Studies
S.R. Niehy (Netee)
Attended University of Minnesota, was a student senator. Grad student in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies.
First semester student, looking forward to working on the senate.
Elect-College of Graduate Studies Senator Niehy
Undeclared (no candidates)
Gage A (no candidates)
Jesse Palmer - Was a senator last year, had a good attendance policy,
and was dedicated. A senator must be here and in the office. I read
the minutes and the SAC report. Schedule now permits time for involvement.
Tim Huebsch - Currently serving on Technology Roundtable, feels he
could serve better if he was on senate and could report back.
Muhammad Qamar- Currently on university committees, is on committees in International Office. Would like to be on Cultural Diversity Committee.
John Maxwell - There are a few things I don't like about campus and
some things like parking that I would like to change
Questions: What are things you would to work on?
Mr. Maxwell-don't like all the concrete, would like to work on parking
Mr. Qamar-would like to work on security concerns, crime is going
up. parking is also a concern
Mr. Huebsch-parking is a concern, also keeping up to date with
Mr. Palmer-Main issue would be working on Dial in Accounts. Would like to see more modem accounts added.
Senator Welti- State your previous leadership experiences.
Muhammad-Director of International Correspondence for ISA. Was a student leader in high school, answered questions when a faculty was not present.
Mr. Huebsch-Currently on Learning Technology Roundtable and Fiscal Affairs Focus Group, worked on technology in high school, year book, private technology
Mr. Palmer-Ran work crew in part-time position. Also ROTC cadet for
three years.
Mr. Maxwell-Environmental Learning Secretary. President of HS Student
Senate. Co-director of Community Service Organization.
Senator Noah-candidates please state your major.
Mr. Huebsch-Management Information Systems
Mr. Palmer -Business Management MIS
Mr. Maxwell-Biology
Mr. Qamar-Computer & Information Sciences
Senator Elvebak-please give one last concern of your constituents
Mr. Huebsch-Dial-in-Access
Mr. Palmer-wants to represent vast Off-Campus students and their issues
Mr. Qamar-start dialogue with Off-Campus apartment complexes.
Also make services for Off-Campus students available and well known.
Mr. Maxwell-safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Closing Comments
Mr. Maxwell-no comments
Mr. Qamar-demand a high level of excellence of himself and looks
forward to working with this body.
Mr. Huebsch-thank you if I get a senate position
Mr. Palmer-Tenant meeting tomorrow.
Elect-Off-Campus Senator - Tim Huebsch
Elect-Off-Campus Senator ­ Muhammad Qamar

Presentation - Dr. Sylverna Ford, Dean - Memorial Library
(Two part presentation)
Exciting things happening related to technology. A new vision on
campus. A year ago library, computing & technology were combined.
The bringing together of these 3 units will provide access and support for technology on campus. Whole focus in creating information technology is so that strengths outnumber weaknesses. Within the institution we provide the technology and access necessary for when you join the work force. Considering the environment here on this campus, invision what technology could do for you, how it could be improved. What do you wish you had, what makes a student's life easier, or could give you greater resources on campus?
Dr. Sylverna Ford-what changes do you wish we could make?
Senator Boyce-do you think the reason we do not have this, is it a lack of funding?
Dr. Ford-we need to plan and decide what technology is best for us.
Planning is important in moving us forward. We don't want to get into the mode of technology for technology sake. But rather to proceed with the mission of the university.
Senator Boyce-what is the point where the technology will serve the masses and yet be on the cutting edge? It seems that when we try to broaden
technology we are always lagging behind. Are we moving beyond PALS?
Dr. Ford-there is a need for balance between being innovative and providing
effeciency. We need an environment for people to learn Email yet
for people that are sophisticated technology users.
Senator Hennek- are we doing things to replace dot matrix printers?
Wayne Sharpe-there is a line item in the presentation on this.
Senator Niehy- how can non-traditional students become friendly with
library system and technology?
Dr. Ford-there are more and more non-traditional students and we
need to figure out how to connect with those students. One of things
being looked at is a way of integrating training into the Orientation
programs and going to off-campus sites. As more people move on
line it is harder and harder to connect with students. Also looking at idea of looking at a librarian that would focus on these students. No one currently is focusing on these students.
Senator Welti- In classes you take a certain program-could there be
a class where you learn about the computer and how you take it
apart, or a lab where you can learn about this?
Dr. Ford-many of these things are occurring. Many new positions will
also be involved in training. There are sessions currently offered to help.
Senator Boyce-Can you explain-do you also oversea the ACC and
Computer Services-do you take care of everything that is not College of Science Engineering and Technology? .
Dr. Ford-yes, all of general use, administrative computers, all computing and information support.
Technology Enhancements at MSU,M Imagine (presentation)
Senator Rowan-curious about hardware consistency?
Mr. Sharpe-users tend to go one way or another.
Dr. Ford-we will always have different choosers, however, number of
models will try to be reduced.
Senator Rowan-when we start spending money to upgrade-are there
concerns about cost of upgrading?
Mr. Sharpe-we are looking at leasing. Replacement cycle-three year,
then we should be talking about leasing, because it would not be
capitol equipment. If we do not do use a three year cycle then we need to look at
Senator Niehy-what a shock to hear we only 125 modems for 11,000 students.
Mr. Sharpe-this is twice as many as we had last year. Modems are
around 100 dollars. The new ones cost us $50,000 plus money for monthly
phone lines. 40% of people are using this. There should be modems
for every 10-20 people.
Senator Boyce-don't you agree that this is state M&E dollars and
We are trying to balance low tuition with high technology needs?
Mr. Sharpe-we want to provide you with the best technology enhanced campus.
Senator Boyce-are we talking about new M&E dollars or student fee dollars?
Mr. Sharpe-more is M&E, current technology fee supports computer center
desktop computers.
Senator Niehy- as a group we need to look at this strongly, so that our students are served well. If students have to wait for a modem they will be here extra time. We need to take leadership to expand this area.
Senator Noah-Proxy Palmer-technology fee is roughly $1.57 per credit hour; this is approximately $400,000.
Senator Welti-are we getting direct access to Dial in in the dorms?
Dr. Ford-the plan is that Bresnan will wire all the dorms by fall.
Senator Dullard-What kind of dollar amount are we looking at including from state
and personal?
Dr. Ford-at this time we are only at a dreaming stage. We are working
on getting things in perspective. This is related to University budget,
Campus Campaign. It is hard to say this is the amount we will need
because the picture is so big.
Dr. Ford-we are meeting with you at this time to hear your dreams and what barriers have existed for you.
Senator Fuecht-how can we as students provide input to you.
Dr. Ford-can come visit, do read e-mail, Technology Roundtable.

Committee Reports
Student Allocations Committee- Chair Chris Boyce
Recommendation #01.27.99
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU Flight Team be appropriated an allocation of $800.00 for travel and competition to the NIFA National Flight Meet.
Move to immediate vote.
Recommendation #01.27.99 passes

Senator for your information- The fee that Wayne Sharp and Dr. Ford are talking about is $1.57 per credit hour. This fee is set by SAC, Senate has input. Senate will ultimately set fees for technology.

Elections Committee- Chair Kocina
Committee met yesterday and reviewed proposals for changes. Clerical changes were made to reflect semester change. Approval of changes should be next week. Rules will then be made available to senators.

Officer Reports
President Kocina
Appointments: Communication Board-Victoria Guthrie
MSUSA Federal Lobby Trip participants: Senator Ken Feucht
Senator Kyle Jarvis, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak.
Communications Board met and elected Jon Bauer Chair, Laura Depuydt Vice Chair.
Received Civic Center alcohol policy, available for review in office.
Web page-our Web page is not updated as often as it should. Would
like volunteers to work on updating our page.
Also need volunteers for Bookstore Advisory Committee. Bookstore contract is up; we need student representatives ASAP.
ARAMARK is running out of trays-if you see some around, please return them back to ARAMARK.

Vice President Oelberg
Tomorrow is the Tenant Forum-2:00 PM CSU 253. Please be there
Have been hearing about issues on campus; met with MSU Dance Team Coach
Brenke, Dance Team finished first in the preliminaries for the Nationals.
Support them, they will be performing this weekend.
Tonight is open house for the Student Events Team.
Committees-we need support to work on issues.
Senate Newsletter, this will be sent out to various departments on
campus and will be a quick reference for you when talking to your
Union Board-working on 1 year lease space, possibly a lottery system.
ARAMARK-receiving a tour of Gage, Stompers, Carkoski. Will also
be eating in Carkoski. I will learn all about this food business.
Goals-many people have assisted in accomplishing goals that
were set early in the year. Presented an award to Jason (as a student) for helping her accomplish many goals this year that she set such as Tenant Forum etc.

Speaker Dan Van Every
Vacancies still exist in Off-Campus, Allied Health & Nursing, Graduate Studies, Gage A and Undeclared. Next election will be held 2/3/99.
Correspondence: Received from Malcolm OÕSullivan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Resolution #01.20.99A recommends that the MSSA Senate be appropriated a "non-budgeted funs allocation" of up to $624.00 for expenses related to the annual MSUSA Federal lobby trip. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.
Grade Appeal process is now officially in progress.
Senator Dullard-Appeal should also be forwarded to Graduate
Senator Hutzenbuhler. He should be aware of this appeal in his college.
President Kocina-will you be attending the RSO meeting?
Speaker Van Every-yes this was productive and I will be attending.
Would like to invite you to PT with the cadets. You can show up
Monday through Friday.
Appreciate the senators that ran for seats tonight. Elections will
be held next week. Majority of work is not done in these chambers,
it is done outside.

Senator Rowan-Speaking for Senator Vue-Student Events Team Open House tonight,
poetry reading tonight at 7:00. Frost Days, Feb 1-5. Organizations
can compete for fabulous prizes.
Congratulations to new senators.
President Kocina-reminder Tenant Forum is tomorrow at 2:00.
We need to organize a night to use the gameroom and use the
facilities on campus.
Senator Jarvis-Everyone is invited out after the meeting.
Vice President Oelberg-reminder of forum, returning trays.
Coordinator Elvebak-posted on board in office is a sign-up for
Lobby Days. Also for future reference, hold questions until
after a presentation, it will help meeting run smoothly.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:32 P.M.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard, Adam Hutzenbuhler, S.R. Niehy, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Chris Hennek, Andy Welti, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Muhammad Qamar, Laura Depuydt, Tim Huebsch, Rachel D. Noah-proxy Jesse Palmer, Helen MbuagbawNate Prouty-proxy Chris Elvebak, Ken Feucht
Senators Absent
Houa Vue, Marie Ntangsi, Mickey Cupkie, Bob Pavlenko, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Abdoul Aziz, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Arif Khan
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak