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66th MSSA Senate
March 10, 1999 Minutes

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 12-4-0, Bob Pavlenko 10-2-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 16-0-0, S.R. Nithy 7-0-0, Andrew Marshall 5-0-1, Chris Boyce-16-1-9, Andy Welti 10-1-0, Arif Khan-proxy Jami Drake 7-2-7, Rachel D. Noah-20-3-3, Laura Depuydt 25-1-0, Helen Mbuagbaw 11-1-1, Phil Rowan 24-2-0, Muhammad Qamar 6-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy-Tina England 17-5-4, Tim Huebsch 5-1-0, Nate Prouty 18-3-3, Chris Hennek 5-2-0, Lucretia Burgess 21-5-0, Abdoul Aziz-proxy-Corey 5-10-10
Senators Absent
Chelsea Dullard 20-6-0, Marie Ntangsi 9-13-4, Kyle Jarvis 23-3-0, Abdoul Aziz 5-11-9, Mickey Cupkie 8-8-0, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman- 11-11-4, David Paulzine 5-1-0, Ken Feucht 15-2-0,
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 25-1-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 24 -2-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 22-1-0,
Executive Staff Absent
Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 23-3-0, Macharia Githaiga 6-5-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 22-2-1
Quorum Present

Student Forum

Approval of Minutes ­March 3, 1999 (minutes approved)

Committee Reports
a) Elections Committee-Chair Jason Kocina
Filing closes Tuesday, March 23. Students need to submit application by this date. We are not required to accept applications after this date. Wed. March 31 candidate debates. 11:00 Vice Presidential debates, 12:00 noon Presidential debates. Tuesday April 6, polls open at 8:00 AM - close 6:00 PM. Students need picture ID to vote. Poster hanging can begin at 10:00 PM March 22.
Posters need to be in by 2:00 PM Monday to be approved. Voting booths will be in Gage Lobby, McElroy, Crawford and the Student Union purple lounge. Students must vote by residence. Please read rules and ask questions if
something is not clear
b) SAC-Chair Chris Boyce
(see Budget Hearing Schedule) Minnesota State is requiring the Unions budget by March

Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU Forensics Team be allowed to access the remainder of up to $1,993.00 from SAC Recommendation 02.17.99-01 for travel of members of the team to the Interstate Oratory National Tournament.

Chair Boyce-Two students from MSU have qualified for this Interstate tournament, this has not happened in many years. That total cost of $1,993.00 is not the entire cost for this tournament, they will be taking funds from alumni, personal, fundraising and budget.
President Kocina-if the forensics team does not receive this, will they still send
them to the tournament?
Chair Boyce-they said they would find the funds, because of the high honor of this tournament.
Senator Hennek-has this been paid for before from SAF dollars?
Chair Boyce-yes we have sent someone from this University before. We don't
have the figures however, they have paid in the past, these budget figures only go back three years.
Recommendation passes

Recommendation #03.10.99-02
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU Men's Club Volleyball Team be allocated a supplemental of up to $635.00 for travel of the team to Men's Club Volleyball Nationals.

Total cost of the tournament will be over $5,000.00. SAC recommended that
a University van be taken, this would be an appropriate allocation.
Senator Noah-what is the difference between a club sport and intercollegiate?
Intercollegiate is under the NCAA that falls under athletics. Club sports are
not intercollegiate.
President Kocina-was the men's volleyball team consulted on this change of taking a state vehicle?
Chair Boyce-when the presenter was asked this question as to the impact, they
said they would go anyway. SAC felt it was not cost effective to fly and rent a vehicle to use once they got there.
President Kocina-what are the dates of the tournament? Will they be missing class time?
Chair Boyce-April 6-11. I have no information regarding classes.
Senator Hennek-Have they received SOAFC money?
Chair Boyce-they are not an RSO-they are a club sport. This is somewhat of a grey area. They are a line item. Intercollegiate is used for title 9. SOAFC can not be used for travel.
Senator Welti-if we accept this will other clubs that don't receive money then
come to SAC for money?
Chair Boyce-I am not going to say this is setting a precident. They are allowed to come and ask for money. They have this right; we have given them money in the past. In 1998 they were allocated $568.00 for travel to a national tournament.
Senator Edwards-Merton-Proxy England-Is this going out for general travel expenses?
Chair Boyce-we have asked Mike Hodapp to relay that this would be more
cost effective. They will be made aware of this.
Proxy England-Can they apply this to whatever method of travel that they choose?
Chair Boyce-yes, SAC does not have control over this, the rational for the $635.00 is for van travel.
President Kocina-this is not a grey area. This is a program that receives an
allocation every year, just as we treat Forensics, the Reporter. They do not
fall under RSO because of their affiliation with Intramurals and Rec. Sports. Every year we have provided support for these club sports. They are aware that they can come and ask for money each year. Usually only two or three sports qualify for a tournament.
Recommendation passes
c) Rules Committee, Chair Rachel D. Noah
Recommendation from Rules Committee
Addition: Senate Operating Policy, Article IV Section 2

Any caucus during Mid Year Vacancy Elections shall be held in a location, separate from the Senate Chambers, designated by the Senate Speaker

Senator Boyce-Stand in opposition-we don't need rules for rules. Why is it
necessary for us to have these rules? Is it so necessary to have all these
rules when we already have a constitution, operating policies etc.? ShouldnÕt
we be using common sense, courtesy? We don't need another rule in our
lives. This is not necessary.
President Kocina-I brought this to Rules because a number of people were
concerned about the conduct of the senate. Not hear to sell you, but a number of people have had this concern. Comment on rules, Operating Policy is meant to be informative guide-it is in your handbook, it is for direction on how you go about doing things. This would simplify a method and make Operating Policy
easier. Most people don't know how to caucus. Motion to caucus was meant for a recess in the past. Absolute sticklers made the motion as it would be appropriate. Not everyone knows the rules; this gives you a simple guide to Robert's. It is not meant as a way to control you, but to simplify. Is this policy necessary? Is this policy good? Does this have support?
Senator Pavlenko-I don't think we need to change location on caucus. It has come up on recent times, but it has not been necessary. We can pretty
much do what ever we want to do during a caucus; ultimately it is a recess.
Parliamentarian Mayfield-some future speakers may not interrupt a caucus as a recess. Language is important.
Senator Hennek-oppose this, moving the caucus, seems to be micro managing,
if you can't say something in front of the candidates, maybe it should not
have been said. We don't need to tell people where to go.
Vice President Oelberg-I am one of the people that talked to Jason about an
incident, however it was not something that needed a rule. Also when you
recess this should be a time to interact with the candidate. They need to see
you working. Concern was the disorderly conduct going on. If individuals
were talked to, individuals would be aware of this. We don't need a rule.
Chair Noah-some misunderstanding going on. We are a voting body,
everyone needs to know what is going on. When we move to another room,
everyone can know what is going on. It is not about yelling across the room, but rather so that everyone can hear. This is a good idea. When we are in a small area, decisions get made faster. We did not bring this forward to control but to simplify and educate.
Senator Edwards-Merton-Proxy England-the question & answer period gives you a chance to ask questions, but you can't hear when several people are talking.
Senator Qamar-When you have 30 or so people, voices tend to get louder. When caucus began someone said, "who voted wrong?" I felt there was peer pressure right here. Candidates want their qualifications heard. It felt
like everyone was to agree and their was no difference of opinion. When we left and went to the caucus room I found out something that I did not know. It is more important for people to voice concerns.
Senator Depuydt-I hear sides, I am opposed, the point may not to be restrictive but the wording seems restrictive. I liked the idea of going, but I also like the idea of talking to the candidate.
Senator Boyce-a previous unnamed person said he would not pass judgement. If
we do not want to vote this down turn it back to Rules
Senator Hennek-this is a good example of how good intentions can pave the road to hell. This does not have to be restrictive, but it would be. When you talk to everyone you can come up with your own ideas. You have more ability to make a decision.
Senator Welti-I agree with Senator Hennek. I feel all senators can make their own decision.
Chair Noah-I never would consider myself a conformant. You are not understanding this. This is if you want to-this is a recess, it is not forcing you to do anything. It is a good idea, we should hear what senators want to say and the candidates should not hear what we are saying. A recess means you can do what you want.
Senator Rowan-this is about choice, the intentions are good, if we choose to go to a different room we can do this on our own. We don't need a rule. We can make a motion on our own. We can caucus in the senate chambers.
Senator Aziz-Proxy Howk-yield to Senator Hennek.
Senator Hennek-would like to make a motion to send this back to Rules
Senator Depuydt-move to refer this back to committee.
Senator Depuydt-wording may not meant to be restrictive but it is. It does not say can be or shall be.
Senator Boyce-the word shall needs to be defined. 6 against 2 for.
Senator Rowan-this does not need to be sent back. We just need to vote it down.
Senator Pavlenko-we need to be conscious but we do not need a rule.
Senator Welti-we need to vote it down and not debate this again.
All those in favor of returning to committee-motion fails
Main motion fails

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Appointment: Student Affairs-Christopher Farah, Nancy Sager, Bookstore-Tim Huebsch, Andrew Marshall, Faculty Evaluation and Graduate Studies Advisory-Andrew Marshall, Student Union-Manzur Quadir, Cultural Diversity-S.R. Nithy,
Parking Appeals Board-Chris Hennek
DC participants will be back in town tonight. Will be giving report next week. No
delegates training tonight. Will meet again Wed. March 24.
Next Wed. we will be setting Meet & Confer agenda. Leave a note outside PresidentÕs door if you have items. President will be out of the office next week. Vice President Oelberg can help with immediate concerns.
Attended SAC hearing today. Members did a good job with their questioning. Commend Senator Huebsch for attending SAC, recommend you all attend and ask questions. The Budget binder is in the office, if you don't understand a budget ask Chair Boyce or President Kocina. President would love to share wealth of knowledge on student activity policy so you can make an educated decision.
It is always intriguing the amount of time we can spend on internal policy and very little time on important budget issues. Don't always worry about internal policies of senate. We always need to keep in mind the real reason we meet on Wed. We can not
be experts on everything, you need to put trust in associates. Even Mr. O'Sullivan
can not keep up with me on SAC fees, but Academic policies are not my fortitude so that is why I yield to people like Bob Pavlenko who know these issues. Recognize when you don't know what you are talking about, so that you don't make assumptions.
Remember what you are working for, and why you are here. If it is about you it is not helping students at large. You should be here because you care and you thought students were getting the short end of an issue. I got involved because I was ticked off about activity fees. You need to have a purpose. Should ask yourself why am I here, what issue do I want to work on? Procedure-if there is no debate; you don't need to call the previous question.
Senator Boyce-would you say that the SAF policy is readily available in the office?
President Kocina-Yes, it was available.
Senator Boyce-it is now in the office.
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Thank each and everyone for getting her through Pan African Conference, without
help it would not have been as successful. Really appreciate everything.
The Tenant booklet is coming along very well. There will be three books. One for
the President and Vice President and one in the lobby area. If you have other things to be included let us know. Summer course booklet is out.
Credit Card policy-there was a vendor in the lobby today. Policy was brought to Union Board but it was not detailed enough. Talk to students you represent.
Gameroom night-March 31, after senate meeting.
Sign up sheet for African Night for reserved seating on door. You must pay for your own ticket. Good luck on Spring break
Senator Nithy-compliment-official recognition for Sylvia's hardwork, good work for
what she has done with Pan African Conference.
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
No correspondence or RSO's
Speaker ­ would like to be pompous and arrogant tonight. It never ceases to amaze me when there are no placards up during debate, but a question is called. Apologize for mistake, but this is because of lacksidasical approach senate has been taking. The average meeting time is 90 minutes compared to 3 hours last year. Regarding what happened during the debates in regard to the failed motion; this does not happen alot because of policy "Trigger". It is the speakerÕs responsibility to train senators in parliamentary procedure. Come see me if you have questions. It is my fault for letting my skills deteriorate
How many senators know the difference between a privileged and non- privileged
Question? What is the difference between point of information, qualification? These
things will come up and cause confusion. Thanks for allowing me time to be arrogant and pompous as I belittle your skills.
Vice President Oelberg-apoligize to Speaker, many times I distract Dan on issues when he is giving me information on parli pro.

Senator Reports
a) Muhammad Qamar, Off-Campus Senator
I have been sitting on the side for about a month. I am working on a project
in my college. Would like to say some things, I feel you all do an excellent
job. When new senators get elected, new people should be told process.
Someone should explain things to new people. When senators are elected
you need to let them know about certain committees etc. Also 90% of
people I see here I do not see in office. Would like to see this body get
together outside of this office to go over issues.
Major thing I want to focus on is Security Issues. This affects us greatly.
We need to be aware of issues off campus. Will be talking to Security
regarding how many calls they get about "student housing". I worry about new students coming in, International, freshman. Don't feel safe in Highland. Crime
is an issue. I park my car far away from Highland. Some people are not aware of the problems in these apartments. Will be working on this during Spring break.
b) Laura Depuydt, Off-Campus Senator
Graduation Ad Hoc has been dissolved because Spring walk through for graduates has been settled.
Communication Board, going over budgets, recommendation regarding editor. Waiting on information from River Review.
To clarify Student Affairs-we were waiting for information from President and Vice President. Will be forwarding a recommendation to Union Board. Felt they did what they could at this point.
Attended Lobby Day. It was a great experience. Met legislators and saw how
the process worked. Am very excited about Delegate Assembly. We will rock and blow everyone away.
d) Chris Boyce, Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Alot of points, into specific issues. Social & Behavioral Sciences-in the big picture
there are many ideas and concepts, also a world wide vision on what college would like to see on educating students.
Social & Behavioral Science College is one of the finest in this state and region. Am proud to be out of it. Senator Boyce will be featured in a "How to for Freshman". Regarding SAC-Pres. Kocina alluded to it. He is the SAC God. Has taught me alot, look forward to working with this again next year. Urge you to come to meetings and be informed before you make decisions on budgets.
Food Service Contract-the University is now deciding between two vendors. This will take effect July 1. Recommendations will be given to the President
in the direction the University should take. Sometimes it is fun to play the game on how you get around Robert's Etc. Knowledge is power. Senator Boyce told a student that we are advocates for university, that her education is number one. This person did not even know we were around.
Helping someone reaffirmed to me why we are here. Many people do not know
why we are here. We need to assure people we are here as an advocate. We
also have some obligations to the community. People need to know who and where we are. Fulfilling this obligation will be our challenge and next years
obligation. Elections-hope this years elections can remain friendly, merely friends disagreeing. Throw past behind, and remember why we are here as advocates. Bottom line is about students.

e) Phil Rowan, Science, Engineering & Technology Senator
College of Science Engineering & Technology is the largest college on campus. Good news items-Dean is now putting out WhoÕs Who for graduates. --- Rapid prototyping, purpose of center is to tie in with industry, university, can also work on special projects. One of big things coming out is1999 and 2000 academic scholarships. Lists of scholarships and applications are available. There are over 100 scholarships given out to students involved in SET. This allows students to get recognition they deserve.
Student Advising Center-Angie Bomier works with FYE and SET. Helps students
make decisions on careers. Trafton Central C125.
Student Advisory Board for SET-invited Math Dept Chair to ask questions. Financial Aid Director. Dean of College. Issue that came out is safety
at Warren and Stadium intersection. More traffic will be in this area when Taylor Center is built. We need to advocate; we need to look out for their safety. Majority of campus parking will be across intersection-safety will be an issue.
Attended MSUSA Lobby Day. Had an informative time. Come to Leg Affairs meetings, Thursday 10-11. Academic Affairs have good discussions.
Appreciated debate today regarding Rules Committee. Senator Rowan works in Gameroom, we have slow time, come and talk
Senator Boyce-just how slow is it?

Senator Khan-Proxy Jami Drake-Where did everyone go? IsnÕt there an obligation to Senate?
Senator Mbuagbaw-need people to come audition for play. Call at 6424, or come join
the fashion show.
Senator Noah-Amateur Comedy Night March 31, then go to gameroom
Senator Rowan-FYE-still looking for coordinators (learning community). Required to live in the residence halls.
Parliamentarian. Mayfield-loved seeing debate today. Apologize for outburst.
Vice President Oelberg-do see Helen regarding African night. Play will be excellent.
In regards to senate night March 31, we can change the time, this is free time.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue, Bob Pavlenko, Adam Hutzenbuhler, S.R. Nithy, Andrew Marshall, Chris Boyce, Andy Welti, Arif Khan-proxy Jami Drake, Rachel D. Noah, Helen Mbuagbaw, Phil Rowan, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy-Tina England, Tim Huebsch, Nate Prouty, Chris Hennek, Lucretia Burgess, Abdoul Aziz-proxy-Corey Howk
Senators Absent
Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Marie Ntangsi, Kyle Jarvis, Mickey Cupkie, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, David Paulzine, Ken Feucht, Muhammad Qamar, Laura Depuydt,
Executive Staff Present
Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko,
Executive Staff Absent
President Jason Kocina , Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Macharia Githaiga, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak
Quorum Present
Adjournment 6:10 PM