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66th MSSA Senate
March 24, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M. by Speaker Dan Van Every
Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 13-4-0, Bob Pavlenko 11-2-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 17-0-0, S.R. Nithy 8 -0-0, Andrew Marshall 6-0-1, Chris Boyce-proxy Tina England 16-1-10, Andy Welti 11-1-0, Arif Khan 8-2-7, Rachel D. Noah-21-3-3, Laura Depuydt 26-1-0, Phil Rowan 25-2-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 18-5-4, Tim Huebsch 6-1-0, Nate Prouty 19-3-3, Chris Hennek 6-2-0, Kyle Jarvis 24-3-0,
Senators Absent
Chelsea Dullard 20-7-0, Marie Ntangsi 9-14-4, Helen Mbuagbaw 11-2-1, Abdoul Aziz 5-11-9, Mickey Cupkie 8-9-0, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman 11-12-4, David Paulzine 5-2-0, Ken Feucht 15-2-0, Abdoul Aziz 5-11-10, Lucretia Burgess 21-6-0, Muhammad Qamar 6-1-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 26-1-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 25 -2-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 23-1-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 24-3-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 23-2-1
Executive Staff Absent
Macharia Githaiga 6-6-0
Quorum Present

Student Forum
Robert Wolter-President Minnesota State University MenÕs Volleyball Club
Met with SAC for funding for National Volleyball Meet to be held in College Park, MD. The club received a SAC allocation of $635.00. This barely covers half of what is needed. Driving and additional hotel rooms would be more than what was originally requested. Club paid for entry and registration fees. Members paid over $275 for airfare. Club is still short over $700.00. They would like assistance in help for this trip. They have had fundraisers, but they also need to pay for officials and dues throughout their season. .
SAC Chair Boyce-did numbers change since original request?
Robert Wolter-numbers did not change, however in original request transportation was not included. Members are expected to pay for their own flight.
Senator Dullard-What was the amount of allocation?
Robert Wolter-$3500.00. This was a number that included all expenditures except airfare. We did not expect to receive this entire amount of funding.
President Kocina-Speaker, when can we suspend the rules?
Senator Henneck-basically what you are saying is that you did not know all the expenditures at the time of your SAC request? Were you always planning on paying airfare?
Robert Wolter-We were planning on paying our own airfare. We need $1300 for lodging and $400 for vans. We did not know how much we would receive from SAC.
Coordinator Elvebak-team purchased airfare. SAC made a recommendation to drive.
What was the consultation process?
Robert Wolter-we did not mention that we were paying for our own transportation. We left it up in the air what SAC would allocate. We knew $3500 was alot, but we felt that we would receive enough to cover lodging. Money received is half of lodging.
Senator Welti-right now you are short $700. How much more would this mean for
each player?
Robert Wolter-probably another $50.00.
Senator Boyce-Is there money left in the men's volleyball account?
Robert Wolter-I don't know the amount of money in that account.
Rules suspended to amend something previously adopted.
President Kocina
Move to amend SAC Recommendation R. #03.10.99-02 Second Senator Noah
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU MenÕs Club Volleyball
Team be allocated a supplemental of up to $635.00 for travel of the team to MenÕs Club Volleyball Nationals.

Resolution #03.24.99A
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU MenÕs Club Volleyball
Team be allocated a supplemental of up to $1,290.00 for travel of the team to MenÕs Club Volleyball Nationals.

President Kocina-concerned with the consultation process. Seems to be some miscommunication between, Volleyball Club, SAC, and Senate. If it was SAC's intention
to alter method of travel, Volleyball Club should have been consulted. This program has been lacking direction. Prefer senate error on side of miscommunication, these guys pay out of their own pocket. This is the right thing to do.

Senator Nithy-would like to hear what SAC Chair has to say.
Senator Boyce-believe this is the right thing to do. I spoke to Scott the GA. I confirmed with the Volleyball Captain. I communicate apologies. I would like to see all actual fund requests on our form. Would like to see men's volleyball go and do well.
Senator Henneck-would like to see if these funds would cover.
Nithy abstain, Edwards-Merton Abstain

Resolution #03.24.99A amending Resolution #03.10.99-02
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU MenÕs Club Volleyball
Team be allocated a supplemental of up to $1,290.00 for travel of the team to MenÕs Club Volleyball Nationals.
Motion carries.

Presentation Mr. David Bambeneck, National Guard
Proposal is to try to get a rental space in the Student Union. (see enclosed Fact Sheet) Commander is governor. We report to him and that is where we get our money. We are paid by the State of Minnesota. Was unsure of why the State University and the National Guard can not work together. The National Guard was here during the tornadoes and flooding. They are a state agency; they work off of taxpayerÕs money. Number one mission is community service in cases of national disaster or they provide security. They are here for us. We are part of your organization; you are part of us. National Guard did not know that it would be a difficult process to obtain office space on campus. This would provide students a means of getting through school without debt. Value of college education-college graduates earn $13,892 more per year. MSU students pay $3,557.00 per year. Room and board included $4,531.00. Most students graduate with an average debt of $12,000 & $13,000.00. The bottom line-a degree is a sound investment, but expensive, loans and aid need to be paid back. Where can you get that money-Minnesota Army National Guard. Work one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer and they pay for your education. You are sent to basic training and the technical training of your choice. If you enlist you let Uncle Sam pay for your education. This is the Montgomery GI Bill. It is $251.00 a month. Tuition and fees are paid up front. You are paid once a month. You can make between $400-500 a month. You can take CLEP tests SAT & GRE free. You can receive college credit for Dantes tests. The bottom line it would cost you nothing to graduate from school. You can proudly serve, major in any area of your choice, and attend full or part time study. The guard is not right for everyone but would like to have easy access for folks that would be interested. You can learn a valuable skill, career development and make useful networking contacts. Opportunities for leadership training, West Point, OCS, ROTC, ROTC simultaneous membership program (ROTC/SMO). We are you, proudly serving our community. We can show you the money. Uncle Sam has it. This is a huge tax break.
Sergeant Bambeneck-the bottom-line is acquiring space. The Guard side is ready to request money. We need only a small area. Over 10,000 students requested money
from financial aid. This could make a tremendous impact on studentÕs lives.
Dave Jansen-MSU student. Experience is that he has seen people hit the road due to
financial reasons. Would not be here if not for National Guard. Currently receive
over $400 a month. An office on campus would give students access and benefit them.
It is more than just money, have applied things learned to job and fraternal organization.
Jerri-Sophomore at MSU. Would not be in school if not for the guard. You gain friendships, valuable experience. An office on campus would benefit students.
Sergeant Bambeneck-The National Guard will be presenting to the Student Union Board.

Mr. Tony Rust, MSUSA State Chair
(see enclosed documents) Three pieces of legislation this year. All bills have been
sent on for enclosure in omnibus Bill. Independent part-time bill. Minnesota State is working with students. Assigned family responsibility-we need to pro-rate grant rate award. You should not be penalized if you can not take 12 credits. This should be equalized. People are working and going to school. The Pell Pass Through-when federal Pell increases state grant goes down. The Pell Pass Through $ 3,000 cap, H.E. 1686, S.F 1396. We need to equal things out with Private and State schools 50-50. Assigned Student Shore
We are dropping off state grant program and Private schools are picking up those dollars through the EFC.
Tax Credit-$1,000 tax credit-financial aid for your parents. If parents claim you they
can receive $1,000 off taxes. There is alot of interest in the House on this. They will
give us something, maybe 1 or 2 million. Everything helps. Financial aid is not a
simple thing to understand. We need you to email - House file 1096 and 1136. Target representatives. Contact them once a week. You can change legislatorÕs minds. They
are listening to us a little better this year. The first step is to get a hearing, we got that and now on the omnibus bill.
MSUSA Budget- (see enclosed budget)
President Kocina-how does budget tie in with former State Chair KlinknerÕs 5-year budget?
Tony Rust-Did put an emphasis on things requested, tried to keep that as close as possible.

Mr. Henry Morris-Director of Student Involvement
Much of allocation request is for additional space of 30,000 square feet.
Senator Boyce-explain $505,439-how was that number brought about?
Budget is made of two parts, basis is set by Minnesota State, and they tell us what they will charge us. Supplemental is what we think we need to operate in addition to what we have. Also 90,000 goes
for repairs, this is a one shot deal for Phase I and II. Extra cost for Phase III-$278,000 out of
$505,439, some things will be on going, such as staffing, additional maintenance, student help,
other costs associated with Phase III.
President Kocina- Severance pay-is this on going? Will this number be similar?
Mr. Morris-no this should drop off at end of three years?
Senator Henneck-line item-120, is something that will be on going?
Mr. Morris-this is a one time deal for repairs.
Look under rents-Student Union is a revenue building; Armstrong is a state building. Many people want to come into the Union. There is a process. Phase III and budget has been a long process, it was a goal to decrease supplemental, after Phase III is in line we should be able to decrease supplemental. Investment in the Student Union is a worth while goal.

Approval of Minutes ­ March 10, 1999 (minutes approved)

Move for Recess- Senator Pauzline-Proxy Elevebak. Second by Senator Jarvis.

Committee Reports
a) Elections Committee-Chair Jason Kocina
Sponsor: MSSA Elections Committee
Amendment to Spring Election Rules
Article II: Filing
Section A
1. All potential candidates must file a Candidacy Application To be placed on the
General Election Ballot. Candidacy Applications shall be available, in the Senate Office, five weeks prior to Election Day. Potential candidates may file no later than two one weeks prior to Election Day.
2. Potential candidates must file Candidacy Applications to be active during the Campaign Period, outlined in Article III of these Elections Rules.
3. When potential candidates file they will receive a copy of the General Election Rules and notice of the recommended candidate meeting.

Committee concerned with low number of students running, and effect of voter turnout.
Senator Rowan-number of candidates that have filed is very low. This would be in
the best interests of the election process and the representations of the students.
Vice President Oelberg-what is the intent of the committee to reach students so that
they will know of the extended deadline?
President Kocina-E Mail, posters, also parties need to be responsible for notifying
Vice President Oelberg-basically this would benefit campaigns over individual students.
President Kocina-this is not an accurate assumption. We do not have enough applications to fill seats. We just want students that want to do the job.
Vice President Oelberg-I support this change, it is important to get other students involved. I will abstain, but I do feel this is important
Senator Nithy-prior to this amendment what efforts have been done to get the
word out?
President Kocina-approximately 46 individuals have filed. It is the hope of the
committee that more students will file. We are a month ahead of schedule, and
with spring break it has had a negative effect.
Senator Boyce-to me it is a concern that only 46 people have filed. Have we lost
touch with the people we are representing? It is our responsibility to get the word out.
R#03.24.99.B Amending Spring Election rules
Article II: Filing
Section A

1. All potential candidates must file a Candidacy Application To be placed on the
General Election Ballot. Candidacy Applications shall be available, in the Senate Office, five weeks prior to Election Day. Potential candidates may file no later than two weeks prior to Election Day.
2. Potential candidates must file Candidacy Applications to be active during the Campaign Period, outlined in Article III of these Elections Rules.
3. When potential candidates file they will receive a copy of the General Election Rules and notice of the recommended candidate meeting.
Motion carries
Senator Edwards-Merton-Chair Kocina, thank you for your committees efforts and for trying to expand these efforts.
President Kocina, Senator Jarvis, Senator Pavlenko abstain. Vice President Oelberg abstain with rights.
Vice President Oelberg rights: I am not voting because I am running for office.

Student Senate Debates are next Wednesday. Presidential debates are at 12:00 noon
and Vice Presidential debates at 11:00 AM in the Purple lounge.

b) SAC-Chair Chris Boyce
ACC has not returned budget request; there is something wrong here. We have
less than two weeks. Mr. Morris eluded to this but due to the Minnesota State office
request for UnionÕs budget by March 26, how should we proceed for this allocation
for next year?
President Kocina-this recommendation would be the same process as last year and the year before as well.
SAC Recommendation #
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the Student Union receive a subsidy of $505,439. Of the subsidy amount $100,000 shall be used to meet the second part of expenses required for the Phase III Equipment/Furniture Fund and $120,000 of the subsidy amount shall be used to purchase new equipment and to cover costs of R&R in Phases I & II of the Student Union.
Senator Rowan-who wrote the actual recommendation?
Chair Boyce-Chair wrote the recommendation, but this is in line with the request.
Chair Boyce-Student Allocations has held numerous meetings with the Director of Student Involvement, have met with members of the senate. This is very straight
forward, but it is bringing on a wonderful facility. This will be one of the finest
student unions in the Midwest, if not the finest.
Senator Edwards-Merton-do you have the utmost of confidence in this budget?
Chair Boyce-Committee members, chair, and liaison, Mr. Morris, numerous senators, believe this is necessary to bring Phase III online and operate the student union at a comfortable level. To my knowledge this is what I want to see.
Chair Boyce-once again this is a complex budget, short of food service contracts,
look at bottom lines and operating budget. There are two pots of money-Minnesota State and
what we pay as a supplemental allocation for lights, maintenance etc. This blue
document represents both M&E dollars and supplemental.
The blue document represents total amount. There is 200,000 from last year and
100,000 from this year.
President Kocina-clarification- there are no M&E dollars. $900,000 is base facility, we deal with supplemental. This is not M&E dollars.
Chair Boyce-Base fee-we pay for other unions (big schools pay for small schools)
President Kocina-the chair is correct on the base fee, however, it is likely that
with our drop in enrollment we will become one of the schools receiving, not
paying out subsidy.
Senator Noah-what is the remaining $200,00 out of the $505,439.
Chair Boyce-this is a one time base, it is more like they are getting $300,000 & $120,00 and $100,000 for furniture. $120 is for Equipment/Furniture Fund; this is a one-time fee when they are moving into Phase III.
Senator Edwards-Merton, request roll call vote, second Senator Rowan
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Bob Pavlenko, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Chris Boyce, Andy Welti, Kyle Jarvis, Laura Depuydt, Nate Prouty, Chris Hennek, Senator Paulzine-proxy Elvebak yes

Senator voting with Rights
Senator Rowan-yes with rights, I would just like to express my feelings that I would like to see the business services item, ie. The Indigo and the Rec Center, make every effort to operate such that the revenue and allocations are at least equal.
Senator Edwards-Merton yes with rights, I voted yes on this because as a former SAC member, I can appreciate the time, effort, and consideration SAC has put in on this proposal. However, because I received this paperwork at the last minute, I was unable to review it properly. I have put my faith in Chair Boyce that he brought a good and true recommendation to the Senate.

Senator Paulzine-proxy Elvebak­pass, Senator Feucht-present,

Senators Abstain
Senator Noah-abstain

Executive Staff voting yes
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg
Recommendation carries
Next Wednesday meeting cancelled at 11 AM. Will resume at 1:00 with Athletics.
Thanks to Senator Huebsch for being present at all hearings.

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Meet and Confer next week. We are in formal review stage of Academic Affairs
Probation and Suspension policy. Met with Athletic Director Don Amiot to discuss budget and issues relating to Athletics. Commend Mr. Amiot for working with us
this year on Post-season and accounts. In regard to student fees, meeting tomorrow
with Dr. Boubel and Vice President Ford, hopefully we will have things for your review after that meeting. Delegate Assembly meeting tonight.

b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Passing around draft for space allocation of student organizations. Will be discussing
this at Union Board. Remember this is a draft. It is hard to split student orgs in five
spaces. Make your suggestions. Also received proposed changes of hearings in state judicial system. This is legislation that requires meetings to be open to the pubic. African Night-Saturday April 27. Sign up in the office.
April 13-off-campus housing meeting. Senator Paulzine and Senator Qamar are contacting housing complexes-these are facilities that are registered at Community Connection. Highland is the only one that has confirmed that they will be there. Tenant Issues book will be in President or Vice PresidentÕs Office.
b) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Mankato State University Biology Club, Bangladesh Student Association

Would like to remind the senate of the budget hearing on April 14. Educate yourselves on the procedures of the hearings. Senator of the Year Award and Staff of the Year Award. It is under the MSSA constitution that the Speaker has the right
to set the agenda. Speaker invited Sergeant Bambeneck. They felt they were getting
the run around. After speaking with Scott Hagebak and Mr. Morris and Sergeant. Bambeneck several times, I felt they knew there was a process but they were not told of this process. They felt they did not receive straight forward answers.
Senator Noah-can you speak on the awards?
Speaker Van Every-these awards are given out at the transition meeting. It is a
farewell and accommodation for a senator and staff.
Vice President Oelberg-who do you think controls the setting of agendas of committees?
Speaker Van Every- committees control the agendas, not administration.
President Kocina-in your opinion, committees represented by the senate can control
who they wish to represent and come before this body.
Speaker Van Every-Senate as a whole has been very productive this year.

Staff Reports
a) MSUSA Campus Rep Kyle Jarvis
For those of you that are going to Delegate Assembly see the guidelines.
Next Tuesday-second Lobby Day for MSUSA. Washington DC-will provide
a written report for details. Every senator that they spoke with received
a booklet with our platform and priorities, Pell grant, loans. Trio program.
Attended a training program for a full day on Saturday. Meetings began
on Monday morning. Met with Tom Peterson-who represents St. Cloud,
Bemidji etc. He did listen to us. Most representatives did listen. The
learning experience was very good.
b) Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak
Any questions on lobbying in DC. National politics, everyone is trying to be in control of Budget Caps because President Clinton has proposed a much larger National Defense budget and he has proposed cutting discretionary spending in Higher Ed (lame ducks can do that). We will be doing email drives next week for pell & trio increases. Campus Security for judicial systems-language will be changed to say alleged and "nothing shall be construed to prohibit." (conflict with state laws) E Mail drive-state grant for independent students, Pell Pass through Bill and tax credit, there will be a blanket form for everyone to follow. This is the first time in many years that we have gotten this far in supporting part time students. Was in St. Paul last week-for Rochester issue, the vast majority of Southern senators say they will oppose this expansion. There are influential legislators on key committees (Rep. Bishop, Chair of Ways & Means) that can earmark funds for this and can force a vote on an amendment on the House floor. If this happens we need to be available for Emails and phone calls.
Board of Trustees Meeting-no one questioned our athletic facility. It went right through. DC everything went well, everyone was pretty receptive. Worked on five main issues and we are getting positive responses on some of them. See me for details.

Senator Edwards-Merton move for a five-minute recess, second Senator Jarvis passes

Senator Reports
a) Adam Hutzenbuhler, Graduate Studies Senator
Meeting with Dean Graduate school Monday 3-4
Grad student full tuition wavers and increased rate of pay for grad assistants
Law Enforcement advising office moving.
Political Science Association going well;
Nov vice Chair of College Republicans
Commend all student workers at MSUM for their hard work and EFFORT especially Melissa and Nicole at library

b) Andy Welti, Undecided Senator (see written report)
c) Ken Feucht, Mav Hall Senator
$8 dollar charge added to residence hall for services now added to contract. Checking into this.
d) Tim Huebsch, Science Engineering & Technology Senator
Technical update: wiring residence halls for internet
Looking at purchasing domino to be layered on top of student record system. This would let students access more info about courses. Will allow for future growth.
Proposal to close microcomputer store
Technology Plus located at old Bretts building.

Senator Rowan- Star Wars pinball game in game room
President Kocina distributes bookmarks
Senator Hutzenbuhler - Friday go to Bangladesh luncheon at noon
Senator Jarvis - longest meeting this year, thanks for sticking around
Senator Nithy-Africa night-Saturday
Vice President Oelberg -next week gameroom. Reservation for Africa night ­ see signup sheet in office.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Adam Hutzenbuhler, S.R. Nithy, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Kyle Jarvis, Tim Huebsch, Laura Depuydt, Rachel D. Noah, David Paulzine-proxy Chris Elvebak, Ken Feucht
Senators Absent
Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Marie Ntangsi, Mickey Cupkie, Bob Pavlenko, Andrew Marshall, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Abdoul Aziz, Chris Hennek, Andy Welti, Lucretia Burgess, Arif Khan, Muhammad Qamar, Helen Mbuagbaw, Nate Prouty
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg

Adjournment 7:27