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66th MSSA Senate
March 31, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 by Speaker Dan Van Every
Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 14-4-0, Bob Pavlenko 12-2-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 18-0-0, S.R. Nithy 9 -0-0, Andrew Marshall 7-0-1, Chris Boyce 17-1-10, Andy Welti 12-1-0, Arif Khan 9-2-7, Rachel D. Noah-22-3-3, Laura Depuydt 27-1-0, Phil Rowan 26-2-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 19-5-4, Tim Huebsch 7-1-0, Nate Prouty 20-3-3, Chris Hennek 7-2-0, Kyle Jarvis 25-3-0, Muhammad Qamar 7-1-0, David Paulzine 6-2-0, Ken Feucht 16-2-0
Senators Absent
Chelsea Dullard 20-8-0, Marie Ntangsi 9-15-4, Helen Mbuagbaw 11-3-1, Abdoul Aziz 5-12-9, Mickey Cupkie 8-10-0, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman 11-13-4, Lucretia Burgess 21-7-0,
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 27-1-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 26 -2-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 24-1-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 25-3-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 24-2-1
Executive Staff Absent
Macharia Githaiga 6-7-0
Quorum Present

Student Forum-Jason Downing (see Reporter article)
Speaking today about a huge campus issue. There are many reasons why many of us would not be happy to graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato.
A few weeks ago in class a girl had a book for course listing. When professor read syllabus after ten minutes, 10 student s left. A core required class should be taken, instead someone in the department has constructed a "culturally-based" independent study that will end up counting the same as "helping across cultures"
Jason talked with an African women and was told that students don't have to take the core course. Jason called professor and asked about an independent study, the professor
called back in five minutes and asked the nature of the call. Jason stated that he is not attacking the rehab department. The professor blew him off. Jason called another professor and asked whether changes in curriclum need to be announced. Rehab councelors in department are not truthful. In the latest update there were three more girls that have dropped. Since writing the letter, emails have came in requesting his article . Sick of professors intimatidaing studnets.
Students should ask questions about professorÕs movtvation.

Senator Feucht- is this graduate student class?
Senator Noah- Regarding this rehab class, have you spoken to Dean of College?
Jason-I talked to two professors and the Department Chair. Students deserve honesty.
Senator Pavlenko- have you followed the chain of command in the department?
Jason- yes, we have followed everything. They are trying to scramble credits and know they can slip it by.
Vice President Oelberg-have you talked to anyone in the rehab department?
Jason- talked to professor in the department.
Jason-professors started using confidentiality and professor don't have to answer question except to the department regarding curriculum.
Senator Noah-to clarify that he said that confidentiality and professor couldnÕt; talk about content of course
Senator Boyce-what can we do to help you?
Jason- unless students take interest, this will be bypassed and it looks poorly on MSU, Cultural Diversity is growing huge and Cultural Diversity can be put under the rug.
Senator Pavlenko- wish to speak outside meeting, have more information for you.
Jason- wish to have the professor Email him instead of email to each other talking about him.

Melissa Bergeron-
Ethnic Studies Dept mission. Upset with the Cultural Diversity requirements at
MSU, M. In the past year we have had many tragedies. Mathew Spherha was killed.
A young lady was killed because she was black. The war in Kosovo. If MSU is going into the 21st century, we need to voice our concerns. This body needs to voice opinions on injustice of diversity. This starts with education, if we ignore education on campus it is wrong.

Approval of Minutes March 24, 1999 Minutes approved

Committee Reports
a) Elections Committee, Chair Jason Kocina
The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates were today. There was good participation, good addition of general students. Next Tuesday polls are open 8:00 AM-6: 00PM. Number of candidates compared to last year-second highest amount of candidates running, we currently have over 60 candidates.
b) SAC, Chair Chris Boyce
The Student Allocations met today. Heard from Athletics, Health Services and ACC (Student Technology)
Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #03.31.99
Regarding ACC many of the dollars were not for student use. We are not
sure what will happen with this. Athletics is asking for an increase,
Health Services is requesting an increase for funding for a sabbatical leave.

The Student Allocation Committee moves that the MSU United Nations Club be appropriated a non-budgeted fund allocation of $1000.00 for travel and competition at the 23rd Annual Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference.

This conference will be held April 29-May 2. 20 students and 1 faculty will be attending. The total cost of the conference is $2,509.00. The group has raised $250.00 plus received $250.00 the Dean of Social & Behavioral. Chair Boyce abstained from this vote and did leave the room during the presentation, as he would be attending the Conference. The proposal was written by leadership of the club, including Mr. Khan, Secretary and Treasurer
Senator Henneck-Is the United Nations Club an RSO?
Chair Boyce-It is an RSO. SOAFC AND SAC policy states that to receive money for travel they must go to SAC.
Senator Noah-SOAFC is for on campus events, not for travel.
Coordinator Elvebak-do you have a list of the people going on this
Conference? Did you write a proposal for SAC?
Senator Noah-if not awarded this $1,000 will all members still attend
the conference.
Chair Boyce-yes they will travel with what ever contribution they receive.
Senator Jarvis-what is the personal contribution?
Chair Boyce-Approximately $65-70.00 a person
Senator Jarvis-what is the individual contribution for lodging, and expenses for the trip?
Chair Boyce-SAF dollars will not be paying for food.
Senator Jarvis-How much money will each of the 20 people pay for
lodging and transportation?
Chair Boyce-it is a total cost of $250 dollars. This will be divided up.
Senator Jarvis-how is the UN Club being transported?
Chair Boyce-by University van.
Senator Henneck-I realize this is a delicate question, are there any other SAC members going on this trip?
Chair Boyce-no
Recommendation approved Senator Hutzenbuhler abstained.

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
I do appreciate when the Speaker takes charge and uses the gavel.
Parking-there is a proposal to charge for free lots. The lots will be
paved in the front half. There is a policy to take away several purple spaces. If interested in Parking, attend public hearing tomorrow.
Meet & Confer-Warning, Suspension policy. Dialogue on opening dates. Received copies of Statement of student Responsibilities. If you have a response, get back to President. This will be discussed at next Meet & Confer. In regard to Student Forum, please investigate. Curriculum issues are very sensitive, and you need to go into them with caution. Senator Nithy -talked to the Dean and does have a meeting set up for next week in regard to this issue.
Comments on the last year-After watching the debates I have come to
the realization that after we close next week we will have new leadership. The tone of the senate will change. Last major issues will be SAC fee budget and the Technology fee. In my years of senate the last days of senate seemed to end in an ugly note. This is not the way our senate should end. We started the year out hard when Mr. Trauger called the question of the legitimacy of the student association. Last spring
The Students party came in with a long list of goals. Everyone intends to keep those promises, but can not always do this. Things we have done well in student life platform: we have done well in Athletics, cleaned up post-season travel accounts, met with Athletic advisory committee on their issues. Met with student organizations
to provide space for International students. Provided two representatives on
food service task force. They have come to a respectable decision. On
Academic Affairs the Academic Advising Center opened in the Fall.
We should have increased hours of access in registration. We took
our stand on banded tuition last year. We said we would oppose this.
We have provided support for numerous of the programs on this campus. I
think that is what is important on this campus. We have also done
some great work with the city of Mankato on issues. We have had
meetings with Al Retzlaff of the Fire Dept., City Counsel, also Residence Hall. We have
moved ahead on Legislative Affairs issues. Coordinator Elvebak has gone on many Lobby trips, they have done a good job all year. Everyone has worked on all these issues in their own way. As we move to new leadership, don't forget where you come from. Loyalty and friendship is more important than senate. I always speak well
of the institution. People need to be motivated to do right. Thanks
Matt Chase, Francis Klinkner and Eric Bakke, their contributions have
led to my understanding of the student senate. Sylvia-you have been the VP I wanted. You did things I asked you well, and things I didnÕt ask you well.
Also Dan, you have filled the role of Speaker well. You have balanced things well with individuals and groups. You did the right thing at the right time. Also I want to thank my staff. I believe staff need to be self-motivated. I also want to thank many of the senators; I can go right around the room and mention individual accomplishments. Thanks to alumni Matt Harmon, he was influential in my understanding of several senate issues, Jim Jacobsen, an alumni, who has learned how to use the system,
Jen Drganc has made her own contribution. Final thoughts-senate is not for everyone, well everyone has the opportunity, but you have to truly enjoy being involved in issues. You need to concentrate on what you get out of senate and what you want to put into it. There are other organizations out there. For the Reporter-the old guard
is dead.
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Today we will be having our time of bonding in the gameroom. Directly following the meeting we will go to the gameroom
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organization Recognition
Initial Recognition
Nepoli Student Organization, Chinese Student Association, Amnisty International

Correspondence ­Malcolm OÕSullivan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
R#03.10.99A. This resolution recommends that the MSU Forensics Team be allowed to access the remainder of up to $1,993 from SAC Recommendation #02.17.99A for travel of members of the team to the Interstate Oratory National Tournament. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.

R#03.10.99B. This resolution recommends that the MSU MenÕs club Volleyball Team be allocated a supplemental of up to $635.00 for travel of the team to menÕs club
Volleyball Nationals. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.

R#03.24.99A. This resolution amends R#03.10.99B in which the MSU MenÕs Club Volleyball Team is to be allocated a supplemental of up to $635.00 for travel of the team to MenÕs Club Volleyball Nationals. The amendment states"Ébe allocated a supplemental of up to $635.00 $1,290.00 for travelÉ" The President believes that the intent of this resolution is to provide a supplemental allocation of $635.00 and not a supplemental allocation of $1,290.00. Based on this assumption, the President has no further questions and approves this amending of a previous allocation.

R#03.24.99B. This resolution recommends that the Student Union receive a subsidy of $505,439.00 of which $1000,000.00 shall be used as a second allocation for expenses required for the Phase III Equipment/Furniture Fund. $120,000.00 of the subsidy amount is to be used to purchase new equipment and to cover costs of Repair and Renovation (R&R) in Phase I and II of the Student Union. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.

In Meet & Confer we received a copy of the resolution chart. 20 resolutions have been forwarded for approval and all 20 have been approved. Congratulations, this means you are doing you homework. (joke)
Senator Vicki-Edwards-Merton, did you dream this up in your
office while snoring with the door closed?

Senator Reports
a) Rachel D. Noah, Off-Campus Senator
SOAFC had its last meeting; they used most of the money allocated. It will exhaust the budget. Newspaper Committee is done, Wayne Carlson was recommended to be the new Editor. Attend the International Festival if you are not going to delegates.
b) Adam Hutzenbuhler, Graduate Senator
Last Thursday met with Dean Tony Filipovitch and a national recruiter they asked questions of how he got here etc. Since I have been here all year I realize this is a good institution. Moaning the fact that Graduate Studies lost a seat and Education gained a seat. As soon as we get those sweatshirts, grad enrollment will go up. There is a meeting on Monday at 3:00 with the Dean. My glorious political science association is thriving.
President Kocina-are any of the members of the Political Science Club not in your classes?
Senator Hutzenbuhler, yes.
c) Vicki Edwards-Merton-Internship is going very well at Blue Earth
County Government Center. I am also doing 24 hour on call, group facilitating for survivors of sexual violence. Please try to be involved with Eliminate Hate days, April 6-7. I have information to share with you from Sidney Smith. Working on organizing a Take Back the Night Rally, Thursday night, April 22. Sister Gin will be there. It will be at Highland Park.
Attending Delegates Assembly next week with Matt Harmon, Francis Klinkner and Matt Chase, we are paying our own way and we will be available for advice, regardless if you want it, we will be there to boost morale. Good luck to all the candidates. Graduation Party Saturday May 8. Have a Happy Easter or a relaxing fun weekend.
d) Andy Welti-I will be checking into the AT&T rate. If I don't get anything resolved, please encourage you to take this on next year. Have a safe and happy Easter.
e) Christopher Henneck-at Academic Affairs last week Dave Gjerde talked about refund dates, drop add dates, currently it is April 15 to drop. If we want to keep this date we will need to come up with some resolution to change this. Refund date is the first
week of school-this could be prorated. They are open to extending this date. Banded tuition-when you take from one to pay for another, as far as I can see this is not fair. Will be talking to Mr. Gjerde to see how many people are taking advantage of this. It is
important we stay with this and do not give up.
Senator Edwards-Merton-when you talked to Dave Gjerde, what was the date for dropping classes? Is any of this Minnesota State policy?
Senator Henneck-some of this is Minnesota State policy. The refund policy is Minnesota State policy
Senator Rowan-did you know that MSUSA is lobbying the board to change the Minnesota State policy?
Senator Jarvis-I was asked by an alumni of the senate to see if you would like to place an order or design a Tshirt for RUM club.

Vice President Oelberg-gameroom is open to us for two hours
Vicki Edwards-Merton-Sister Gin playing at the Grind
SAF policy is readily available in the senate office as is all proposed policies coming before you next week.
President Kocina-will you have all recommendations next week?
Senator Boyce-We hope to have them by the end of the week.
Vicki-Edwards-Merton-April 6-7 Ostrander Aud. Keith Boykin, keynote speaker 8:00 PM. Workshops all day. Closing keynote Michelle Gross 7:00 PM in the ballroom. Contact Sidney Smith at 5131 for more information

Roll Call
Senators Present

Bob Pavlenko, Adam Hutzenbuhler, S.R. Nithy, Andrew Marshall, Chris Boyce, Andy Welti, Rachel D. Noah, Laura Depuydt, Phil Rowan, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Tim Huebsch, Nate Prouty, Chris Hennek, Kyle Jarvis, Muhammad Qamar, David Paulzine, Ken Feucht
Senators Absent
Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Marie Ntangsi, Helen Mbuagbaw, Abdoul Aziz, Mickey Cupkie, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Lucretia Burgess, Arif Khan
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak
Executive Staff Absent
Macharia Githaiga 6-7-0

Adjournment 5:48 PM