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66th MSSA Senate
April 7, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dan Van Every

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 15-4-0, Bob Pavlenko 13-2-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 19-0-0, S.R. Nithy 10 -0-0, Andrew Marshall 8-0-1, Chris Boyce 18-1-10, Rachel D. Noah-23-3-3, Laura Depuydt 28-1-0, Phil Rowan 27-2-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 20-5-4, Tim Huebsch 8-1-0, Nate Prouty 21-3-3, Kyle Jarvis 26-3-0, Ken Feucht 17-2-0, Chelsea Dullard 21-8-0, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman 12-13-4, Helen Mbuagbaw 12-3-1
Senators Absent
Marie Ntangsi 9-16-4, Abdoul Aziz 5-13-9, Mickey Cupkie 8-11-0, Lucretia Burgess 21-8-0, Chris Hennek 7-3-0, Andy Welti 12-2-0, Arif Khan 9-3-7, , Muhammad Qamar 7-2-0, David Paulzine 6-3-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 28-1-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 25-1-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 26-3-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 25-2-1
Executive Staff Absent
Macharia Githaiga 6-8-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 26 -3-0
Quorum Present

Presentation Eric Bakke, MSSA Alumni-Inspirational Speech
If things had been different I would have been part of this senate.
When I ran for president there were five candidates-all five promised to serve the students, to students not successful for election, I challenge you to do the same-serve the students. To President Oelberg-I encourage you to do the same.
(Spring 1994) My fellow Senators, it is hard to fail, but joy never comes without the risk of pain. Last year, against all odds, I became the McElroy Senator with only eight votes. I recall that many McElroy residents were outraged by my triumph, certain that as a religious right-wing fanatic that I could not represent them. I did the best I could and always listened to everyone who wanted to talk to me. When a few people wanted to recall me, I copied for them the procedure from our Constitution they would need to follow to remove me because it was my duty. I tried to be fair, but I had to be fair to everyone.
I had to be fair to the seven other people who voted for me to be their Senator. They voted for me because they counted on me to be their Senator. They voted for me because they counted on me to be true to my conservative beliefs in office if elected. As I made no secret of my conservative nature, I have throughout my career refused to betray the eight people (including me) who sent me to the Senate.
I try to show this commitment by always trying to wear the same white prink-striped pants to every meeting. Mark Klassen, on of the eight, game them to me and so I wear them to remember him and the other six who voted for me whenever I vote.
Now, at the end of my term, I must ask myself, especially in light of two out of three people in McElroy voting against me in the election, if I failed. All last night, I wrestled with this question and to my joy, which will remain after the pain of defeat as subsided, I feel I may answer yes.
I have battled for the conservative cause and won. Religious student organizations may now freely use the Student Union and the anti-discrimination clause is dead. I played a key role in both events and that alone made this year worthwhile.
Thank you to Mark and others who gave me the unique opportunity I enjoyed this year.

Approval of Minutes March 31, 1999

Senator of the Year Award
Staff of the Year Award
Dr. Duane Orr Teacher of the Year Award Support letters: Kathy Day submitted by Bob Pavlenko, Pat McKenzie submitted by Jim Jacobsen, Fred Fritz submitted by Chris Elvebak, Marilyn Frank submitted by Sylvia Oelberg, Houa Vue other students, Ernest Boyd submitted by Grad students
Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award Support letters: Marilyn Frank submitted by Sylvia Oelberg, Houa Vue & students, Clark Johnson submitted by
Chris Elvebak, Walt Wolff submitted by Jason Kocina and Chris Elvebak

Committee Reports
a) Elections, Jason Kocina Chair
All open seats were filled in the Spring election. Editing mistake occurred in the ballots, mistake was caught and name was added to the ballot. 1,062 ballots cast, approximatly10%. List of recommendations will be given to next yearÕs committee regarding security precautions, counting of ballots etc.
b) SAC, Chris Boyce, Chair
Final recommendations will be made regarding budgets and sent to
Delegate Assembly. Budgets are available in the office.
Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #04.07.99
The Student Allocation Committee moves that the International Student Association/International Student Office be appropriated a non-budgeted fund allocation of $1,000.00 for the 1999 Mankato Area International Festival.

Recommendation passes unanimously.

If you have questions regarding budget recommendations, please discuss them
with Chair Boyce.

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Vice President Oelberg and I met with Dean Trauger today regarding tuition (see written copy) also discussed proposals for MAV Card. Friday April 9, 1999 Delegate Assembly. Will be meeting with President Elect Oelberg to give her information that has been worked on. Encourage all senators to pass on information that you have been working on. If you were not successful in re-election, stay involved, you have accumulated knowledge that should be passed on, get on a committee
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Lao Celebration-April 17, sign up on door, International Student Festival-Sunday April 10. Have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Tenant information is available in the office.
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Correspondence Vice President of Student Affairs Malcolm O'Sullivan
This letter is submitted to replace correspondence of March 30, 1999. That letter included confusing language in response to R#03.24.99A. This letter clarifies that language.
R#03.24.99A. This resolution amends R#03.10.99B through with the MSU MenÕs Club Volleyball Team was allotted up to $635.00 for travel to the MenÕs Club Volleyball Nationals. This current resolution increases the funds available for the MenÕs Club Volleyball Team from $636.00 to $1,290.00 for the travel. The President has no question and approves this amending of a previous allocation.
R#03.24.99B. This resolution recommends that the Student Union receive a subsidy of $505,439.00 of which $100,000 shall be used as a second allocation for expenses required for the Phase III Equipment/Furniture Fund. Additionally, $120,000 of the subsidy amount is to be used to purchase new equipment and to cover costs of Repair and Renovation (R&R) in Phase I and II of the Student Union. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.

Article 5-Section 1. Special Meeting Rules-review for Budget Hearing. Change Over Meeting-April 21, 1999. Chair of Ethics Commission will swear in the incoming President and Vice President. Ethics Chair would prefer that Speaker would do the swearing in ceremony due to her on-call service.
Speaker Van Every-there has been no clear precedent in the past, and would
like to set a precedent to follow.
Senator Jarvis- as proven every year there will be problems, speaker Van Every
just do it.
Speaker Van Every-Traditionally the Vice President would run the meetings until a new Speaker was elected. Vice President Patten ruled that Speaker's term would end with the election of a new Speaker.
Senator Noah-to clarify, usually the VP ran the meetings but because this was changed last year, you are going to stay with that.
Senator Jarvis-if this was a ruling wouldn't the senate have to rule on this?
Speaker Van Every-no, this is not a ruling.
Senator Jarvis-I object to the Speaker running the 67th Senate. You were
elected by the 66th Senate, out of respect you should step down.
President Kocina-Unique idea-talk to President Elect Oelberg and Vice President
Elect Vue and they can decide how they want the meeting run.
Speaker Van Every joke-----
Staff Reports
a) Bob Pavlenko, Assistant Campus Coordinator
I am currently at work on several cases, and by the leave of the current president, I intend to continue advising and assisting these students until their concerns and problems are resolved.

Rejoice all, as a new policy to address general complaints, entailing a well-planned referral process will be delivered to this university soon. For the first time, provisions will have been made for student problems previously left on the student victims to try to solve informally without guidance.

This has been a good year for university policy, in terms of the student role in decision making and the policy draft process. I thank you all.
Senator Reports
a) Adam Hutzenbuhler, Graduate Studies Senator
I was elected in a land slide victory in Oct and again yesterday. I am proud grad students came out and voted, the numbers quadruped.
Have discussed with the Dean, increased wages, and tuition breaks for graduate students. To be a successful senate you have to have respect for your fellow senators.
b) Rachel D. Noah, Off Campus Senator
Congratulations to everyone that won in the election. Thank you to
President Kocina, my standards for a president are now up there. Jason you did a great job as a public speaker and a leader, someday you will be up there and I will be proud you were my President. To the MSUSA boys thank you for your assistance in educating me on State issues. I enjoyed chairing SOAFC. I learned what happens to our money. I hope that everyone that won yesterday ran for the right reason-a 3:00 class and a 6:00 class are not a good idea. You need to come to a medium on your classes and senate. You were elected not your proxy. You do not bring to this body what you need to bring if you have a proxy. I hope the 67th Senate will pass that on. Thank you to the 66th Senate, thank you to Jen Drganc for getting me involved. Thank you to everybody for teaching me things about the university and how it works and what an administrator is and the fun we had in Student Affairs.
c) Phil Rowan, SET Senator
The elections are over (see written report)
d) Vicki Edwards-Merton, Social & Behavioral Science Senator
(see written report)
e) Houa Vue, Allied Health & Nursing Senator
ARAMARK is working on ventilation problems. Met with the Dean of Allied
Health & Nursing regarding involvement of Allied Health and Nursing students on campus and how to get the department more unified.
f) Tim Huebsch, Off-Campus Senator
Announcing a new step forward with technology.
Just to let everyone know, we will be on line for web registration for fall semester. Web registration will be available starting on April 15 and will follow the same timetable as published in the semester catalog.

The Academic Computer Center in cooperation with the RegistrarÕs Office will be on hand for some student workshops and will also be training the lab assistants to be able to provide support for students wishing to register via the internet. Web registration will be available starting April 15 from any computer connected to the internet.
g) Nate Prouty, Off Campus Senator
Congratulations to people who won in the elections. Thank you also
to my fellow ballot counters. I was impressed with the professionalism
and integrity. Regarding Budget Meeting-trust your committee.
Will be graduating, four years have flown by, it has been an honor to
be with this body. Thank you Speaker Van Every and Vice President
Oelberg, thanks to President Kocina and Matt Chase for getting me involved. This has been the most successful senate.
h) Laura Depuydt, Off Campus Senator
The cleanliness in the office has improved, but keep working on it.
Keep the meetings short. Phil, Kyle, Chelsea, Ken, Chris, thanks for the
talks and encouraging me, thanks to Sylvia for helping me strive in my classes. Thanks to Jason. Thanks to Laura D. Noah, you make me laugh. I have learned more from this yearÕs senate than in all my classes.
i) Kyle Jarvis, MeElroy Senator
Student Affairs Committee-on Sept 23, 1998 President Jason Kocina instituted the Safety & Security Taskforce, he made his appointments, everyone received a letter. A month later Student Affairs received recommendations. Recommendation was for Peer Educators-$1418.00. Recommendation was tossed around in November, December. Drafted a letter to the Chair of the Safety & Security Taskforce.
Student Affairs felt they needed a better-detailed report. Four weeks
ago Student Affairs received another recommendation on the Peer Educators. Recommendation was tabled, intent, as one of last action was to not take action. We hope Student Affairs committee will take this up
with President Elect Oelberg and Vice President Vue, can institute
a new task force. In Student Affairs they dealt with alot of issues.
No one left meeting, this was a great committee. It was fun, thanks
for letting me chair. We got some things done and we had quorum.
Two tabled motions, these will be provided to the next SA Chair.
McElroy-started career in the Fall of 97. Garth Benson was removed
by the Ethics Commission. For two months I did not say a word. I was
not serving the students, when I returned from winter break and saw
the Dept of Res life had closed one of the biggest halls and had people living in lounges. I heard this from 300 people, people who wanted to use the lounges, people who wanted out of the lounges.
Dept. of Res life did not care. They were not giving rebates, discounts.
That is what set me off. When it rains it thunders, I did not realize when I got elected, I did not know what my job was but since then I
have worked for the students of this University. As a Night-owl I had more contact with students than anyone else. 66th Senate was fun
I talked with students, administrators, and faculty. I knew things that
other students didn't. It was my job to represent the students. That is my job. We represent the students. For those not reelected, please stay involved, your service to this university and the students is the greatest thing you will ever do. It is the most impact you will ever have. For those of you who will be serving and were re elected last night I hope and pray that this was not for resumes, I have complete respect and trust for President elect Oelberg and Vice President Vue that they will serve the students, for the students, you need to serve to the best you know how. That is your job and that is why you are here. In the debates one candidate talked about apathy, that is what we are here for. I wish you all the best of luck in life. For next yearÕs senate, do not take 6:00 class, this is important. Academics are important, student government is a close second. I had a blast this has been the best experience of my life. I am not leaving but this will be my last senate report. Thank you to all of you. Jason, Sylvia, Dan, there are not words to describe your leadership. You had your foot in every administrative door. You had the most successful administration since Mike Opela. Good Job. Syliva, keep it going. Thank you to the Election Committee. It was clean. This concludes my final report forever.

Coordinator Elvebak-We will be having finals at the peak of the Legislative session. The House has set their targets for how much they are going to spend. The governor has had his budget out for months. The only thing missing is the DFL senate budget, rumors are that they are coming in $40-$60 below what the Republicans are proposing. Email DFL leadership to at least match what the Republicans are proposing.
Senator Jarvis-appreciate Reporter being here
Senator Nithy-Sunday, International Student Festival 11 AM-4 PM

Roll Call
Senators Present
Adam Hutzenbuhler, S.R. Nithy, Andrew Marshall, Chris Boyce, Rachel D. Noah, Laura Depuydt, Phil Rowan, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Tim Huebsch, Nate Prouty, Kyle Jarvis, Ken Feucht, Chelsea Dullard, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Arif Khan
Senators Absent
Marie Ntangsi, Abdoul Aziz, Mickey Cupkie, Lucretia Burgess, Chris Hennek, Andy Welti, Muhammad Qamar, David Paulzine, Houa Vue, Bob Pavlenko, Helen Mbuagbaw
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis ,
Executive Staff Absent
Macharia Githaiga, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak