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66th MSSA Senate
September 2, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM

Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard 4-0-0, Marie Ntangsi 3-1-0, Chris Elvebak 3-0-1, Abdoul Aziz 3-0-1,
Phil Rowan 4-0-0, Chris Boyce 3-0-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton 4-0-0, Cindy West 2-2-0, Lucretia Burgess 3-1-0, Kyle Jarvis 4-0-0, Cleo Miller 3-0-1, Francis Klinkner 3-0-1, Laura Depuydt 4-0-0, Tonya Knaak 4-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 3-1-0, Soni Penh Lo -proxy Ngoni Mareya, 1-2-1, Nate Prouty 4-0-0, Amy Enter 4-0-0
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-3-0, Brian Opatz 0-4-0, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 3-0-1, Andres Sudbeck 4-0-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 4-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 4-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 4-0-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 1-0-0,
Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 3-0-1
Quorum Present

Student Forum
Matt Harmon officially announced his resignation. He will no longer be a student at MSU. Please talk to him if you want to know reasons for not being a student.

a) Asst. Campus Coordinator-Bob Pavlenko
It has come to his attention that the Grade Appeal process is something that is not known about by this body. If someone would like to start the grade appeal process, please copy handout and give it to them. Find out who their senators are and through the senators and Bob they will track the process. Appeals usually do go fairly smoothly. Everyone should know accurate information on this process.
(See handout)

President Kocina-maybe we could develop a form on tracking, like when student met with instructor, type of class etc.

Senator Boyce-how many grade appeals are made each year?

Coordinator Pavlenko-we don't have the actual count, we could possibly get this information. In the past six months we have seen five or six appeals.

Old Business
a) R#05.27.98B - Take from table (Jarvis/Kocina)

Whereas: Vice President for Fiscal Affairs H. Dean Trauger stated on May 20, 1998 at the Minnesota State Board of Trustees meeting, "..working with
student senates which are limited representation of the overall
student body.", and

Whereas: Minnesota State policy states in Chapter 2, Section 1, Part 3,"...The College
or University president or designee shall recognize the student government as the official representative of the students...", and

Whereas: Stated in the Constitution of the MSSA in Article 1, Section 1, "The
Legislative and Administrative authority of MSSA shall be vested in it's Senate; therefore

Be it Resolved: That the MSSA Senate take a vote of No Confidence in the Mankato State University Vice President for Fiscal Affairs H. Dean Trauger

Senator Jarvis-resolution came to the floor last Spring, it has been resolved. Vice President Dean Trauger wrote a formal apology, you should have received this in your mailbox. This should be taken from table.

President Kocina-I agree this should be taken from the table. Vice President Trauger is a friend of the students. This has been resolved and should be voted down.

R#05.27.98B removed from the table.
Vote on main motion- R#05.27.98B vote was unanimously

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of June 3, 1998 approved

Officer Reports

a) President- Jason Kocina
(see handouts) There is a briefing in your mailbox of what went on over the summer.
Academic Affairs-we will be meeting with Kris Pierre and Lynette DeBrito tomorrow regarding the Information Center, on where this should go and what we would like to see.
Fiscal Affairs-it was brought to our attention that Minnesota State removed the fee for adding classes, in the past we have paid $5.00. The new computer system has that built in. Students have been incorrectly billed. Students who were billed will be receiving a refund. Relay to your constituents, that your student government was responsible for this correction.
Enrollment numbers-Freshmen up 10%, undergraduate students down 1.1%, graduate students down 3.3% . University overall is down 2.9%. Total credit hours are down 3.50%
Dean Trauger is working on MavCard promotions with retailers.
Discussed a Student Service Center with Dean Trauger, students
are getting a run around. A one-stop shop is being considered where someone is held accountable.
Minnesota State allocation model is being considered for revival, a public
hearing will be held Tuesday at MSU. This will affect student life on-campus.

Residential Life-this year there was no need to house students in lounges.

A committee of six students and 3 administrations will be looking at developing
a "school spirit" plan with band/cheer and other.

A committee will also be looking at stipends of student leaders-a review of all SAC funded salaries

Phase III-occupancy in August of 1999. Not all offices will be moving until the end of the first semester-a tenant meeting will be held this month. Union Board will be looking at funding of equipment etc.

Student Development has scheduled the Blues Travelers

University wide issues: Name change-Sept 17-18 meeting of Board of Trustees, currently no open opposition. Minnesota State University-Mankato

Vice President Metro-will be leaving, he has been arguably the most student friendly vice president on campus. He has always cooperated with this body and assisted us in all needs. He will be missed.

(See Handout) We have recently been had a few sexual assaults on campus. Action needs to be taken, policies reviewed. Talk to Res Life and RHA about these issues.

(See yellow handout) University is looking at changing calendar for
Fall of 1999. Changes need to be made because of Vikings, August weather. This is not final, we can forward proposals. The biggest change is the December break. There are advantages to a split finals but also the shortened break could be a downfall. Let me know if you have a proposal.

Internal Issues-MSUSA had a conflict with Fall Conference in Marshall, we will be hosting this Conference September 18-20. Everyone has voting privileges at this Conference.
There are still many committee vacancies-talk to Vice President Oelberg or President Kocina if you are interested in a committee.
Last year the student senate took a vote that Union Board Chair and Vice Chair not receive a stipend. Henry Morris has agreed to not offer stipends for those positions.

Senator Elvebak-do you have a copy of the enrollment figures?
How will the name change affect other groups on campus?

President Kocina-I don't see this affect our name. Our Constitution committee will have to see if this affects us. Other groups like Athletics have been instructed to begin changing in uniforms etc.
MSSA Meet & Confer-Sylvia Oelberg, Dan Van Every, Kyle Jarvis, Bob Pavlenko, Chris Elvebak. SAC-Jennifer Fiedor, Jean Printy, Bookstore Advisory-Marie Ntangsi, Parking Appeals-Shelly Jones, Parking Advisory-Jason Kocina, Union Board-Sylvia Oelberg, MSSA Budget-Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Academic Affairs-Amy Kessler, SOAFC-Rachel D. Noah, Elections-Katie Hensel, ROTC Advisory-Dan Van Every

b) Vice President-Sylvia Oelberg

Welcome Back, please get to know our student worker Abu.
Presented Orientation certificates. Orientation was video taped, please review this, it will meet your qualification for attendance.
Discussed ways of recruiting students to get to know their senators-posters etc. bags of flyers.
Serious issues-Off-Campus issues as well as Res Hall. Highland Hills has been having some problems. Met with management regarding broken windows, fence etc. Senators get names of students that are having trouble in case of future problems. We will be meeting with their management again.

c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Invited Eric Bakke to podium. Presented letter of Commendation
to Mr. Bakke for his five years of commitment to MSSA and Mankato State University.

Mr. Bakke-it is amazing how things change. This is truly something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Discussed guidelines for meetings and proxies. Coordinate absences during meeting with Speaker Van Every. Each individual senator must get their own proxy.

Committees-Liked what he saw in committee meetings this afternoon, this is a good initiative. The majority of the work should be done in committee.
Vacancies-Undeclared, Off-Campus. We have seven vacancies for September 29 election.
Again-if you were not at Orientation watch video.
Appointment of Parliamentarian position-Dustin Mayfield
Senator Klinkner-could you refresh my memory on other positions held by Senator Mayfield.

President Kocina-Mr. Mayfield is currently on Ethics and Standards and Constitution Commission.
Senator Klinkner-Perhaps Mr. Mayfield is the best person for this position however this position is responsible for providing advice, keeping attendance etc. This individual would then be in charge of keeping in force ethics and would need to sit as Clerk and be informed of rules, he also knows how Constitution Commission
views items. They would need to facilitate information on items on floor. Sometimes items on floor could get quite wicked, we do not know what will happen this year, but we do not want to be in a position for someone to balance this power.

President Kocina-I would like to hear from some responses before we proceed.
Yield to Mr. Mayfield-understanding of position would be to give advice to Speaker on Parliamentarian issues, as such does not see how this would impact ethical issues or constitutional issues.

President Kocina-Mr. Mayfield would you consider resigning any other position if you were given the Parliamentarian position?

Mr. Mayfield-if it were argued necessary, I would resign other positions.

President Kocina-concern is more so on the Commission on Ethics and Standards then on the Constitution Commission.
Mr. Mayfield is a voting member of Ethics and Standards-he has a 25% vote, it might be difficult to vote on issues that come before the Commission. I would prefer he resigned this position.

Speaker Van Every-the Parliamentarian position is as an agent of the Senate-to aid the senate in smooth running of the meetings, not to aid the Speaker in any more then a minimal way.

President Kocina- (read description of Parliamentarian position)
The direction of advisor almost serves as an employee position of the Speaker-it has some merit. What are other senators opinions?

Senator Edwards-Merton-I would like to see this position separate of any other positions. Finds conflict with someone on the commission and in giving advice. Does not question capabilities of Mr. Mayfield rather the conflict of the positions. See Article 4 Judicial Authority (page 5 of constitution)

Vote - Approval of Mr. Mayfield as Parliamentarian-vote carries 11-3

Senator Edwards-Merton-are senators required to attend one MSUSA Conference?

President Kocina-Bylaws list requirement (Article 3 Section 4)
In regards to this Conference because of special situation it might be argued if attendance is required.

Speaker Van Every-this is a policy but one that has not been enforced.

Senator Noah-what are vacant positions and when will elections be held? Elections-September 29. Vacancies- Allied Health & Nursing, Graduate Studies (3), Social &
Behavioral Sciences, Undeclared, Off-Campus

Coordinator Pavlenko-where is the copy of the new Bylaws, and was it passed by last year's senate?

President Kocina-was under impression that this years commission should review Bylaws before forwarding to this senate.

Staff Reports

a)Campus Coordinator - Kyle Jarvis
Will be working on "How to MSU" that was started a few years ago, this should be easy, it should be for all students, I would like it ready by February 1999. This should be available for Fall of 1999.
Working with President Kocina on Athletics, Hockey games, meal plans, student seating. Working on new meal plans to see that they are done correctly.
MSUSA -September 18-20, sign up, it can be fun and interesting, last year was battle of MSU and St. Cloud. Get involved.

Senator Boyce-why so long on the "How to MSU", six months is a concern,
we promised this in the election.

Coordinator Jarvis-it was stated in the election that this was to be underway, there are many things that need to be covered, Financial Aid-Registration-any problems that people would encounter on this campus.

Senator Dullard-how are you going to find out problems that students are having?

Coordinator Jarvis-Student Affairs will be working on this, we will actually be out talking to students.

Senator Dullard-will this then be called "How to MSU back then" ?

Coordinator Jarvis-"How to MSU" does have a nice ring but we will look into this.

b) Legislative Affairs Coordinator - Chris Elvebak
Committee consists of four members. They deal with any higher ed issues that effect our students on campus. We are working on a few issues now such as Soap Box on the Mall", the Higher Ed Re authorization Act. Please join us so we are ready to go in January when the session is on. This can be the most exciting committee we have. You can articulate your views on a higher level then working on Parking at MSU etc. You can meet your state and local reps. Leg Affairs meets at 2:30
on Monday afternoons. Look at articles in Monitor it will explain what
Legislative Affairs Committee does. We need to focus on getting community
members involved with MSU, to promote positive image.

Senator Reports
a) Senator Francis Klinkner- Off Campus Senator
Government is an amazing thing, it lives and breathes just like people. It loves and fights like people.. And like people it changes.

Throughout the course of history we can look at the governments of nations and identify clear changes in thought and policy. And in that investigation we will begin to notice that the lines that define the changes are related to generational changes in the leadership of those governments.

In America we can see clear differences between the older Republican era of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush, and the newer, younger era of Clinton.

Even in the former Soviet Union we notice the major charges created by young Mikial Gorbechov who was in his early 50's when he became the head of the
U.S.S. R. compared to his elder predecessors Ardropov, Chernenko both of whom were in their 70's when they took power.

Today the Student Senate experiences it's own generational change. With the retirements of leaders like Matt Chase, Eric Bakke, Matt Harmon, and soon myself, the Senate will have an opportunity to develop it's own identity under the leadership of President Kocina and Vice President Oelberg.

With that knowledge of my future retirement I commit my final semester with the
Senate to three items.
1) SAC. This is the last major area of Senate that I have yet to experience. My main goal in this area is to open the discussion between Senate and the administration about how to best fund many of the programs we currently fund through SAF. etc.
2) Mentoring. With this being my final semester it will be my primary goal to answer any questions and provide any advice that anyone has. Even if you know I will disagree with what you are trying to do, I will still give you all the advice I can to help you succeed. Though that doesn't mean I won't debate against you on this floor.
3) Bookstore Prices. ...

So many students come through these doors with the illusion that this organization is just another extra curricular, just another activity, but it's not.

This group holds legal responsibilities on multiple levels and has the power to create real change. This is our opportunity, it is your opportunity. Look at each issue, stand up for your beliefs.

Some of this bodies most respected members have been the lone no vote on many important issues. Never be intimidated to disagree with anyone sitting here.

Real change takes place over time. That reality is the very obstacle that stops many senates. The Administration, Board of Trustees, Legislative and Congress will outlive our time here. If you want to change something it must be your priority year after year after year.

As time goes on, support for your issues will grow until finally someone upstairs says ok, lets give it a try.

Principles, professionalism, and vision will make for a successfull senate experience. At times it may seem like we never accomplish anything but don't be fooled. Every word spoken in this room is heard by higher forces. Whether or not a resolution passes, the opinions are heard and they have an impact we may never understand.

With that in mind let us begin this new year and ride into the sunset as MSU's best Senate ever!

President Kocina - Football game Saturday 1:00
Vice President Oelberg-Congratulations on being elected Chair-Student Affairs-Kyle Jarvis, Academic Affairs-Phil Rowan/Bob Pavlenko
Coordinator Jarvis-we want this to be the best MSUSA Conference

Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard , Marie Ntangsi , Chris Elvebak , Phil Rowan , Chris Boyce , Vicki Edwards-Merton , Cindy West, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis , Cleo Miller , Francis Klinkner , Laura Depuydt , Tonya Knaak , Rachel D. Noah , Soni Penh Lo-proxy Ngoni Mareya, Nate Prouty ,
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Brian Opatz, Abdoul Aziz , Mohammed Rafizuzzaman , Andres Sudbeck. Amy Enter
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg , Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis , Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko , Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 P.M.