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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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66th MSSA Senate
September 9, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Speaker Dan Van Every at 4:07 PM
Roll Call
Senators Present
Marie Ntangsi 4-1-0, Chris Elvebak 4-0-1, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Ngoni Mareya 3-0-2, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 4-0-1, Phil Rowan 5-0-0, Chris Boyce-proxy Shawn Bakke 4-0-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Tina Englund 4-0-1, Lucretia Burgess 4-1-0, Kyle Jarvis 5-0-0, Cleo Miller -proxy Amy Kessler 3-0-2, Francis Klinkner 4-0-1, Laura Depuydt 5-0-0, Tonya Knaak 5-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 4-1-0, Soni Penh Lo 2-2-1, Nate Prouty 5-0-0, Amy Enter 5-0-0
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-4-0, Chelsea Dullard 4-1-0, Brian Opatz 0-5-0, Andres Sudbeck 0-5-0, Cindy West 2-3-0,
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 5-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 5-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 5-0-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 2-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 4-0-1
Quorum Present

Student Forum

Presentations - No presentations 9/9/98

Committee Reports
Election Committee - Chair -Jason Kocina
Election Committee met 9/8/98, President Kocina elected chair, Dan Van Every elected secretary (see handout - election rules) Senator Boyce-when does Election Committee meet?
Chair Kocina-committee met Tuesday at 2:00
Speaker Van Every-is there any discussion on Fall Vacancy Rules?
Senator Rowan-were the rules available before today?
Chair Kocina-we lost the material on the disk and some clerical changes needed to be made, this was done today.
Senator Klinkner-move to postpone until after New Business - Passed

Senator Jarvis-move for a ten minute caucus before New Business - Passed

Old Business

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of September 2, 1998 approved

Officer Reports

a) President- Jason Kocina
MSUSA - Minnesota State University Student Association. We belong to this association, they have four conferences during the year. At Delegate Assembly they vote on Legislative platform, federal and state. This Saturday we will be hosting the Fall Conference (see agenda) Everyone is welcome to attend meetings-if you attend you will be a voting member.
Appointments Constitution Commission-Kyle Jarvis, Francis Klinkner, Vicki Edwards-Merton
Union Board-Sarah Meulebroeck
History Issues-Presented picture of Armstrong Hall from approximately 1962- note changes, we sometimes forget to look or reflect on where the university has been and where we are going. Notice changes, attend the
luncheon before the homecoming football game, visit with alumni from student senate from 1986-88. Some changes are the Bell Tower, Phase III (presented artist conception of Phase III) 1994-95 MSSA administration
was in conflict-this picture was passed on to the incoming Vice Presidents for the next three years. This tradition needs a rebirth, the whole point is to take a look around you, recognize changes.

Senator Klinkner-considering the future name change, will this be a problem for what MSUSA stands for?
President Kocina-some might perceive some problems, but MSUSA does a good job with their name recognition.

b) Vice President-Sylvia Oelberg
Met with FYE regarding Academic Information Center (see handout regarding
staffing positions). FYE feels they could not have got this off the ground without our Student Senate Academic Affairs & Student Affairs Committees. Our name is attached to this, whether we are for or against it.
We need to help support this.
Security has become an issue in the Res Halls and Off-Campus. We need to combat these issues, we need to get information to help Security and to help our students.
Academic Information Center will be located in the old information booth at the center of campus.
Senator Rowan-will we have input on how this Center will be run?
Vice President Oelberg-we need to back this, call them with suggestions, or bring suggestions to Vice President or President Kocina.
Senator Knaak-are these security issues related?
Vice President Oelberg-I don't know exact issue, only that there are serious concerns

c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Homecoming is coming up, try to be active with your constituents, help them out in any way that you can so that they participate. Remind students that Recognized Student Organization renewal forms will be coming soon.
Why is this a suitcase college? There are a variety of events, be aware of these and let your constituents know.
Remind students that we have an open gallery. Let's get students in here and have them take an interest
Senator Ntangsi-are you aware of homecoming committees?
Speaker Van Every-yes there are committees through Student Events Team, they can give you information
President Kocina-have you received any Recognition's yet this year?
Speaker Van Every-we have not received any this year.
President Kocina-is there a deadline for those Recognized Student Organizations?
Speaker Van Every-they need to be in by noon on Tuesdays to be recognized on Wednesday.
Senator Penh Lo-where do you get these forms?
Speaker Van Every-forms are available in SDP&A, forms are returned to them and then brought to the Senate office
Senator Ntangsi-is there any Union space available for RSO's in the Union?
Speaker Van Every-currently only the Greeks have office space in the Union.

Staff Reports

a)Campus Coordinator - Kyle Jarvis
Student Affairs Committee-recommended Comment boxes placed in target offices,
Financial Aid etc., students are more likely to do something immediately when they have a concern.
MSUSA (see agenda on MSUSA Board) Please show up and vote.
Student Affairs Committee-quorum was not present, that is not acceptable, we have many issues to deal with. Bylaws state that you need to be present at 50% of meetings, senators will be referred to Ethics if they do not attend.
Vice President Margi Healy-student information center will open in Spring of 1999, would like to get How to MSU out before that.
Addressing Suitcase campus issue-part of the problem was that few people in the past had classes on Friday, people went home on Thursday, now with new schedule we should have more people around on weekends. We hope to see more programming done on weekends by SDP&A.
Vice President Oelberg-what can we do to get people to come to meetings before we report them to Ethics? We need to be proactive.
Campus Coordinator Jarvis-people were elected, that is part of their job. The reward should be doing what they are supposed to do, and getting the job done. Student Affairs has many things to do but they can not do it without people attending.
Vice President Oelberg-We need to be better about thanking people for being in attendance, and helping them be informed
Senator Noah-we need to approach people and ask them if they know what they should be doing, maybe we should have a "How to Senate", new people coming in to the office, don't know what they should be
Campus Coordinator Jarvis-I will speak with chair of Academic Affairs Committee and I will send out letters explaining issues, meeting times etc. Look over the Bylaws and become familiar with them. Meetings are
posted on chalkboard, they will remain at 3:00 on Wed.

b) Legislative Affairs Coordinator - Chris Elvebak
MSUSA Conference-please show up for a least one day. Please also sign up for Student Senate shirts.

Senator Reports (no reports)

New Business
MSSA Senate Rules Committee-Senator Klinkner/President Kocina
R# 09.09.98A
Be it Enacted: The MSSA Senate shall establish the Rules Committee to
hear all issues and concerns regarding internal operation of the
MSSA Senate, and be it further

Enacted: The membership of this committee shall consist of five (5)
senators of which three (3) will be elected by the MSSA Senate
and the other two (2) shall be appointed by the MSSA President,
and be it further

Enacted: The MSSA Senate Speaker shall be an ex-officio non-voting
member of the Rules Committee.

Senator Klinkner-legislation presented because a need is their to empower committees. We should be getting things done in committee. On internal issues we lack a committee, this does not need to meet weekly but more
on a as needed basis.
President Klinkner-we need a rules committee to decide issues instead of a committee of 29. A small committee of 5 can get things done, the speaker can give advice on how things have been done in the past etc.
We need this committee to cover our selves so that we do not have long meetings to discuss things that could have been settled in committee.
Senator Enter-when have we needed this?
Senator Klinkner-1995-96, many issues came up like name tags, coordinators sitting at table, office policies. Rules committee does not determine fitness, but discusses operating matters in stead of senate taking up time.
Senator Enter-this seems like we are getting a committee to make decisions that the body could make
Senator Boyce-how would this process go about?
Senator Klinkner-Process is outlined in the Bylaws
Senator Boyce-what is the line that will be drawn between Constitution Commission and the Rules Committee?
President Kocina-in the senate operating policies we have developed these rules, name tags, dress policy etc should not be discussed at Senate table, this is not necessary. Rules committee should not have
issues brought to them that deal with constitution.
Senator Elvebak-would this be an example of what is happening right now?
President Kocina-Speaker can decide when Elections will take place. What is happening now is an excellent example.
Vice President Oelberg-what happens if there is not quorum in committee?
Senator Klinkner-Speaker could then refer it to Senate
Senator Rowan-how was the size of the committee chosen and who is to be chosen by the President?
President Klinkner-President and Vice President should have a certain amount of ownership. This would be enacted into the Operating Policies
Proxy Bakke-do you feel this is an important committee?
Senator Klinkner-sometimes this might not be necessary, however some years many rules could be imposed by the speaker, this is unpredictable. In the past I would rather have had this committee.
Proxy Bakke-I would like to see us resolve the second issue before the first issue.
Senator Noah-does this mean that we could not bring anything to the table without first going to committee?
President Kocina-legislation has a higher chance of passing if it came out of committee. If something came from body the rules would have to be suspended which would take a 2/3 vote.
Senator Enter-what is the connection between the first and second legislation?
Senator Klinkner-Let's say someone says let's merge the College of Business and College of Education-that would be referred to the Academic Affairs committee-if someone says I think we should
suspend the rules in a certain issue within Senate-that would go to the Rules Committee, this would
only be a committee for internal issues.
President Kocina-I encourage you to pass this, it will make internal issues stronger, it will give strength to the body.
Vote on main motion
Roll Call Vote
Senators Present voting yes
Chris Elvebak, Abdoul Aziz, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Vicki Edwards-Mreton-proxy Tina Englund, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Cleo Miller-proxy Amy Kessler, Francis Klinkner, Laura Depuydt, Tonya Knaak, Rachel D. Noah, Soni Penh Lo, Nate Prouty, Amy Enter
Executive Staff Voting yes
President Kocina, Vice President Oelberg

motion passes unanimously 17-0
R# 09.09.98A
Be it Enacted: The MSSA Senate shall establish the Rules Committee to
hear all issues and concerns regarding internal operation of the
MSSA Senate, and be it further

Enacted: The membership of this committee shall consist of five (5)
senators of which three (3) will be elected by the MSSA Senate
and the other two (2) shall be appointed by the MSSA President,
and be it further

Enacted: The MSSA Senate Speaker shall be an ex-officio non-voting
member of the Rules Committee.

Committee "Trigger" Senator Klinkner/President Kocina
R# 09.09.98B
Be it enacted: All proposed MSSA Senate legislation must have a public hearing in a committee
to be determined by the MSSA Senate Speaker, and be it further

Enacted: The speaker through a written directive shall instruct the committee to
schedule a public hearing, which shall be defined as any regular or
special meeting in which the proposed legislation will be discussed, and be it

Enacted: The author shall be notified of the committee's date of hearing, by the committee chair.

Senator Klinkner-question of Parliamentary Procedure- should this be referred to the committee just passed?
Senator Klinkner-move to postpone for one week. Postpone for one week because it seems hypocritical to pass legislation and then enact legislation
President Kocina-move to amend to "postpone for two weeks". We need time to establish Rules Committee so that this could be referred to the committee.
Asst. Coordinator Pavlenko-agree with this however if committee does get together sooner then this should be considered as soon as possible.
Vote to amend-passes
Vote on motion R#09.09.98B to postpone-motion carries

University Name Change
President Kocina/Senator Depuydt

Be it Resolved: The 66th MSSA Senate supports President Richard R. Rush's initiative to change the name of Mankato State University to Minnesota State University - Mankato.

President Kocina-This will be brought before the Minnesota State Board of Trustees next week,
I feel this body should make a stance before that Legislation is passed.
Senator Klinkner-I object to this legislation because it is not good public policy, if it included all seven campuses it would make sense, but it does not except for Akita. Why does Mankato not have prestige?
Prestige takes time, if you change your name all the time, you don't have time to gain recognition. If we do change our name the other schools will follow, is that good policy? Tax payers will feel the brunt
of this because of all the things that will have to b changed, like Athletics, bookstore, the business world will stick it to you. Does the community support this? Alumni Association does not support name change. Why
are we changing our name-just cause, I hate just cause. I can see why it might benefit students, but in the long run it might not.
Senator Depuydt-I am for this, it will give us more prestige, we have changed name as we have grown, companies change their name as they grow also.
Asst. Coordinator Pavlenko-concerns on both sides-cost is a concern. People ultimately will remember that Mankato State University used to be Mankato State College, etc. if it passes it should not be
Senator Noah- we should want our name to be Minnesota State University, it is a great idea, it will
cost initially, but it will help everyone.
Senator Elvebak-other schools will probably follow, it will pass anyway-I think it would be a good image for us if we passed this, we would for once be on the progressive side
Senator Burgess-There are so many people that come here even if our name is Mankato, we will stay the same, even if we have a new name.
Proxy Bakke-I strongly support this, perception does create change, state has proud tradition, we should link ourselves to that. Homework has been done about this, costs will not be that much. Things can still
be used, signs sandblasted.
Vice President Oelberg-if this does go through then we need to get our name out there.
Senator Rowan-I am for this because I don't plan on graduating from here, I plan on graduating from The University of Minnesota, prestige is important.
Senator Boyce-Shakespeare said it best-what is in a name? I am proud of Mankato State University but would be of Minnesota State University- however the President should use funds and advertise like bumper sticker etc.
Senator Klinkner-I apparently am the only one opposed-I heard that a name change will signify how we have grown, how have we grown, enrollment is down again. We could be like University of Waseca-
they have a name change, they are a prison. Companies usually change because they have merged. I support this if every school does change, then we will also have merged. MSUSA might tell the Board of Trustees that they do not support this. Let's have some real reasons for doing this. There is so much that does not make
sense here. Let's not disillusion ourselves-it is an empty promise that will not change anything, like flat rate tuition. Let's not perpetuate the ills of our society. People of industries know what schools are
good, the name does not make a difference. If a program is lacking a name change might make a difference, but a good program will not be affected.
Senator Boyce-why should Mankato State not take the first initiative?
Senator Klinkner- we should just do it all right away.
Proxy Englund-I feel we will be absorbed into a bigger system, and we will lose our identity.
Proxy Kessler-On a personal note I transferred because Mankato offered a better Education program, however, it usually isn't the name that gets you a job, but rather the degree.
Role Call Vote
Senators voting yes
Chris Elvebak, Abdoul Aziz, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Tonya Knaak, Rachel D. Noah, Soni Penh Lo-proxy Shawn Bakke, Nate Prouty
Senators voting no
Lucretia Burgess, Cleo Miller-proxy Amy Kessler, Francis Klinkner
Senators Abstaining
Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Tina Englund
Executive Staff voting yes
President Jason Kocina
Executive Staff voting no
Vice President Sylvia Oelberg
Motion carries 10-4
Be it Resolved: The 66th MSSA Senate supports President Richard R. Rush's initiative to change the name of Mankato State University to Minnesota State University - Mankato.

Fall Election Rules Chair Kocina/Secretary Kocina
(See Fall Election Rules)
Approval of Fall Vacancy Election Rules - Passes
President Kocina abstains

Vice President Oelberg-Hispanic History Month Agenda (on CD Board)
President Kocina-acknowledes Parliamentarian.
Asst. Coordinator Pavlenko-will be sending out mail on main server, let him know your email address.
Prospective RSO - Radio Club will be having a meeting Sept. 16 at noon

Attendance Roll Call
Senators Present
Chris Elvebak, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Ngoni Mareya, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Tina Englund, Lucretia Burgess,
Cleo Miller-proxy Amy Kessler, Francis Klinkner, Laura Depuydt, Tonya Knaak, Rachel D. Noah, Soni Penh Lo-proxy Shawn Bakke, Nate Prouty
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Chelsea Dullard, Marie Ntangsi, Brian Opatz, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Cindy West, Andres Sudbeck, Kyle Jarvis, Amy Enter
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Treasurer Ngoni Mareya

Meeting adjourned at 6:47 P.M.