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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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66th MSSA Senate
September 23, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M. by Speaker Dan Van Every

Roll Call
Senators Present
Rainey Briggs-proxy Noua Vue 1-4-2, Chelsea Dullard 6-1-0, Chris Elvebak 6-0-1, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 6-0-1, Phil Rowan 7-0-0, Chris Boyce-proxy Ken Fuechs 5-0-2, Vicki Edwards-Merton 6-0-1, Cindy West 4-3-0, Lucretia Burgess 6-1-0, Kyle Jarvis 7-0-0, Cleo Miller 5-0-2, Francis Klinkner 6-0-1, Laura Depuydt 7-0-0, Tonya Knaak-proxy Tina England 6-0-1, Rachel D. Noah 6-1-0, Nate Prouty 7-0-0, Amy Enter 7-0-0
Senators Absent
Brian Opatz 0-7-0 , Soni Penh Lo 2-3-2, Abdoul Aziz 3-2-2, Marie Ntangsi 5-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 7-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 7-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 7-0-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 4-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 6-0-1
Quorum Present

Student Forum Ed McBride-Thank you to President Kocina & Vice President Oelberg for taking a stand on personal safety issues on campus. "By confronting these crimes we are taking the necessary steps for safety on campus."

Old Business
a) R#09.09.98B

Committee "Trigger" Senator Klinkner/President Kocina
Be it enacted: All proposed MSSA Senate legislation must have
a public hearing in a committee to be determined
by the MSSA Senate Speaker, and be if further

Enacted: The speaker through a written directive shall
instruct the committee to schedule a public
hearing, which shall be defined as any regular or
special meeting in which the proposed legislation
will be discussed, and be it further

Enacted: The author shall be notified of the committee's date of hearing, by the committee chair.

President Kocina-move to refer to Rules Committee, 2nd Senator Klinkner

New Business
a) Safety and Security Task Force
Sponsor President Kocina/Co-Sponsors Vice President Oelberg, Senator
Dullard, Senator Noah, Senator Jarvis, Senator Depuydt

Be it Enacted: The MSSA Senate creates the MSSA Safety & Security
Task Force, and be it further

Enacted: The MSSA Safety & Security Task Force shall have
seven (7) voting members appointed by the MSSA
President, and be it further

Enacted: The MSSA Safety & Security Task Force shall submit
a final report to the MSSA Student Affairs Committee
by November 4, 1998.

President Kocina (see handout regarding Task Force)
It is time for students to make recommendations regarding security on campus. Students need to have some ownership in this issue, we need a student perspective.

Senator Boyce-how will this be impacted by the Campus Security
President Kocina-that initiative has never been supported by the
State Board. That is only a recommendation being presented to the
President and discussed at Meet & Confer.
Coordinator Pavlenko-this is something we should invest our time in.

Approval of Minutes - September 16, 1998

Commiittee Reports
a) Union Board - Chair Cleo Miller
Union Board met last week and will meet again on Thursday. Not reporting much at this time, will keep you informed on progress of Phase III.

Officer Reports
a) President Jason Kocina
Minnesota State Board approved name change, Minnesota State University, Mankato.
Last Wed. University announced changes: Vice President Boubel-Sr. Vice President, University Operations now under Fiscal Affairs, University Security is now under Student Affairs. Printing Services is now under University Advancement.
Student Affairs
Discussed "How to MSU" and correlation between university handbook and attempt on our part to not duplicate material.
Monday-meeting on Allocation Model. Tuesday, Sept. 29, there will be a regional meeting here on Allocation Model. With proposed model, Minnesota State will drastically change, this appears to be a detriment. Other universities will also lose-Southwest State, approximately 12% over a few years. Students are always welcome at these meetings, student presence can make an impact.
Academic Affairs
Semester Calendar-currently under discussion is starting of summer school session-starting immediately following graduation or starting one week later. There will be two five week sessions.
Senator Dullard-departments do have discretion of doing modules.
Straw poll- majority of students prefer Summer school beginning the Monday immediately following graduation.
Urban Issues
Vice President Oelberg and I met with Councilman Ed Twedt and Council Person Ann Ganey, we discussed housing and rental issues. Will be meeting with Housing Inspector next week regarding codes, landlord responsibilities. Council person Ann Ganey- 53% of housing in Mankato is rental. Students are largest amount of tenants. Will be meeting with Ed Twedt and Ann Ganey about once a month regarding city issues.
Interesting event. Board did many good and some bad things. Thank you for
participating. We stunned other universities and showed them how effective
we can be. We presented a very effective Cultural Diversity document Sign-up will be on board for Fall Conference (5 at large positions)
David Cowan gave a very interesting history presentation at MSUSA, Councilman Ed Twedt was a presenter.

We need committee representation on committees making recommendation to
Dr. Rush. You will learn more being on a university committee than you can image. You will be amazed at how much you do not know. Students can make an impact.

Congratulations to Senator Miller-Union Board Chair, Senator Boyce-SAC Chair
Safety and Security Task Force: Amy Hoyt, Ed McBride, Jamie Stuart, Sidney Smith, Tina England, Rachel D. Noah, Ryan Gohlinghorst

Asst. Coordinator Pavlenko-how do you feel about the comma?
President Kocina-It separates us from Akita.
Senator Elvebak-Explain why Minnesota State is holding an allocation model meeting here.
President Kocina-Minnesota State is looking for staff and student feedback regarding our
budget. Meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 29 from 1-5 PM.

b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
I was proud of the representation we had at the Conference, I felt good to be a part of Mankato, I appreciated your effort.
Introduced Chris Chopin as graduate intern.
Meeting with Highland Hills tomorrow regarding security issues, possible putting in cameras and better lighting, possible parking permits.
Several students were going to put out a petition regarding Financial Aid, we would like to meet with them first and refer them to proper individuals for discussion before a petition is put out.
Need assistance in filling committees-announce at classes etc.
Councilman Ed Twedt did say he would like to meet with Off-Campus students.

Senator Klinkner-Financial Aid petition- what are the issues?
Vice President Oelberg-many issues regarding personnel, money etc. Students need opportunity to have those questions answered first.
Senator Noah-will there be a time for us to take issues to Highland Hills?
Vice President Oelberg-I am hoping Highland Hills will be open to this, this has not been presented to them yet.

c) Speaker - Dan Van Every

Recognized Student Organizations:
Renewal: Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Graduate Student Association, Honors Club, Intramural Judo Club, LDSSA Institute of Religion, Management Information Systems Club (MIS), Minnesota Rehabilitation-Student Division, Muslim Students' Association, Technology Education Club, Vietnamese American Student Association, Women's Studies Student Organization

Homecoming-Maverick Magic, we do have booklet in office to provide information to constituents.
Again, congratulations to proxies-brochures available in office on Parliamentary Procedures. Talk to your constituents, mentor them, get them involved. Know
issues and make sure they know the issues. Know the university
Senator Klinkner-Intramural Judo Club-are they official intramural sport?
Speaker Van Every-yes they are intramurals and a club sport.
President Kocina-Judo is a recreational club
Senator Boyce-does this body have an interest in providing a team for Homecoming?
President Kocina-PR Director informed him that majority of body did not have an interest in forming an official team.
Senator Edwards-Merton-I was not approached. I would have been interested
in this.
Senator Noah-I was not approached, senate should be represented in Homecoming events. I am all for it.

Staff Reports
a) Bob Pavlenko - Asst. Campus Coordinator
Met with Dr. Boubel, she expressed interest in meeting with this body or
Academic Affairs.
Met with Anne Latsch from Career Development Center regarding volunteering
during Career Month for Business & Career Day and also Social & Behavioral Day. Also discussed Career Exploration Program, offering workshops, Home page and releasing more information regarding employer information.
b) Kyle D. Jarvis - MSUSA Campus Rep
Thanks to people that worked on Conference. It was dynamite, especially regarding Cultural Diversity document.
Watch for October Monitor-in that issue there will be an article from President Kocina on Elections, and form Campus Rep.
Thank hosts for Friday night.
Penny Fellowship, Loan Program, Media Conference-information will be posted
in academic buildings regarding Penny Fellowship. Friday November 6-Media
Conference-information available. (see handout)
MSUSA- will be making extra copies of Survival Guide.
The Penny Fellowship Dinner is very expensive-we will not be seeking funds for
purchasing a table.
C) Chris Elevebak - Leg Affairs
Discussed State and Federal platform at MSUSA. Focus will be on reciprocity, independent student status. Federal Lobby trip split in two this year- one in Fall and one in Spring.
A point of debate at MSUSA regarding Federal Lobby trip in Fall-MSUSA members will not be included in meetings-MSUSA is strong-it consists of 7 campuses-they are influential.
Higher Ed Conference Committee has appointed it's members. They have not
met yet. We will have names and EMail addresses soon
In 1991 State Universities received 25% in grants, 70% loans and 5% workstudy, now it has dropped over 5% in every category. This is an indicator of our financial world, we have lost funding for the sixth straight year. Hoping this will help us get more volunteers, this directly effects MSU students.
10th day Head Count-Mankato has dropped 5% from last year.
MSUSA collects fees from all campuses-now have fee agreement signed.

Senator Jarvis-define HESO?
Coordinator Elvebak-Higher Education Services Office
Senator Jarvis-what is head count of Southwest State, that does not have banded
Coordinator Elvebak- enrollment went up 13%.
President Kocina-Mankato does not get to choose who attends Fall Lobby trip.

Senator Reports
a) Lucretia Burgess
Attended Crawford Meeting, they are working on issues regarding how they can get people involved. Discussed volleyball court, parking lots.

b) Francis Klinkner
Got Bookstore prices from Barnes & Noble, Maverick, prices of UBS were comparable. We are not getting ripped off.
Student Affairs was an interesting meeting today. Many students complained about fees regarding MSUSA State Lobby trip. Came up with - Contract Minnesota-10 statements that legislators could commit to. This could provide
direction for Higher Education.
SAC met today-we had an orientation, congratulations to Senator Boyce.
MSUSA-I was not at conference, however, Student Media Conference-this is beyond their (MSUSA) jurisdiction, it serves as opportunity for student newspapers or other media, but don't understand the point of it, this seems like a waste of employee resources.
Penny Fellowship-again we should not be operating a scholarship fund. Important that we not spend money that our students pay, 12,000 students pay for maybe one MSU student to get a scholarship or maybe not. I am in favor of
our student government boycotting Penny Fellowship Dinner.
MSCSA-Technical Colleges-we are in partner with them, it is important that we are unified-yet we should not give opposing views in meeting with congressmen.
This shows lack of organization. Congressmen can be confused with MSUSA and MSCSA-we should be separate in lobby trips. This would give them a chance to express their views and also allow us a chance to voice our concerns, which may or may not be the same as theirs. Regarding Maverick Magic packet-some rules are inappropriate, one of the Rules is that the King has to be male and Queen has to be female. Also GPA requirement of 2.5. Why? Do they need to be role models? Also, candidates must have taken at least 30 credits, Freshmen are eliminated. One good thing-on page 21 - they are selling buttons which are good for discounts in city. SDP&A claims autonomy. This is a yearly problem, people should be aware of this, especially when this should be a good time for all students, that is the spirit that Homecoming should be conducted in.
Senator Boyce-did you look at used or new bookstore prices?
Senator Klinkner-I did only look at the new price.
President Kocina-did you know one of our Alumni works for Senator Grams?
Have you done anything about Homecoming or are you just whining?
Senator Klinkner-we have tried to pass resolutions, but they have been denied by President Rush. This was also referred to Constitution Commission-they decided this was not in their jurisdiction.
President Kocina-requirements for Homecoming come through a committee, any student can attend these meetings and give their input.
Senator Edwards-Merton-did you know that there will be alcohol available at
Homecoming this year?
Senator Klinkner-yes, I believe this is at the Alumni tent.

Senator Rachel D. Noah
Thank you Senator Klinkner-as a first year senator I am pleased to be an
Off-Campus senator, I feel my most important job is to talk to my off-campus
constituents. It is important that you wear your nametag, introduce yourself.
It is important to be knowledgeable, find out and get back to your constituents.
It is not that hard, wear your nametag when you talk to administrators.
Discussed Safety tips put out by Women's Center-went in office and discussed
this with Director, they immediately removed these tips, as they were done very poorly.
Regarding Security-the reason they will not escort is because of EMTs-I will discuss this with them further.
Touchdown Tent-next to Stadium-they have a 3rd party vendor license. They will not be selling, but serving alcohol with lunch. It is $5.00. We will not have a dry campus on Saturday, rather a moist campus. Security does not seem to have a problem with this. Alcohol will only be served in tent. There are no
laws in Minnesota about being drunk on campus, only disorderly.
Thank you to Sylvia for being supportive in answering questions about Cultural Diversity. Thanks to Kyle in pointing me in the right direction and thanks to Speaker Van Every in answering questions regarding rules.
Proxy England-which she-Deb Foster? SDP&A did say there will be places on campus where you can bring your own bottle.
President Kocina-please give identification to people you are speaking about.

Senator Klinkner -I have a real job now, I am employed full time at the Mankato
Civic Center.
Senator Enter-This is my last meeting as Mav Hall Senator will be elected next week, but would be willing to proxy for someone.
Senator West-I nominate Senator Klinkner for Homecoming King.
Senator Jarvis-If MSSA does decide to participate in Homecoming games, I will not be joining you and I believe E4 Gentlemen Club will kick you.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM
Roll Call
Senators Present
Roll Call
Senators Present
Rainey Briggs-proxy Houa Vue, Chris Elvebak, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Cindy West, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Cleo Miller, Francis Klinkner, Laura Depuydt, Tonya Knaak-proxy Tina England, Rachel D. Noah, Nate Prouty, Amy Enter
Senators Absent
Chelsea Dullard, Brian Opatz,Abdoul Aziz, Marie Ntangsi, Soni Penh Lo
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Asst. Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Legislative Affairs Coordintor Chris Elvebak