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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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66th MSSA Senate
Ocotber 7, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:04 PM by Speaker Dan Van Every

Committee Report
Elections Committee
Elections Chair Kocina - Seating of newly elected senators: Allied Health & Nursing-Houa Vue, Graduate Studies-Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Berg, Off-Campus-Shawn Bakke, Maverick Hall-Ken Feucht

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 1-0-0, Marie Ntangsi-proxy Ngoni Mareya 5-2-2, Chris Elvebak-proxy Amy Kessler 7-0-2, Patrick O'Shaughnessy 1-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 1-0-0, Mitchell Berg 1-0-0, Phil Rowan 9-0-0, Chris Boyce 7-0-2, Kyle Jarvis 9-0-0, Francis Klinkner 8-0-1, Shawn Bakke 1-0-0, Laura Depuydt 9-0-0, Tonya Knaak 8-0-1, Nate Prouty -proxy Tina England 8-0-1, Ken Feucht 1-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 7-1-1, Cindy West 5-4-0, Cleo Miller 6-1-2, Lucretia Burgess 7-2-0
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-5-3, Chelsea Dullard 7-2-0, Abdoul Aziz 4-3-1, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 7-1-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton 6-2-1
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 9-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 9-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 9-0-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 6-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 8-0-1
Quorum Present

Presentation David Hendel - Career Development Center
October is designated Career Month at MSU. (see handout) Would like to solicit Student Senate support in getting participation of student body. Senior Salute is held for seniors in ballroom, it allows you to order cap and grown, ask questions about graduation or other questions. Creating Your Professional Image, October 21-at 11:30 and 5:00, formal dress on dinner etiquette etc. Major Fair, Oct. 21-helps students know where they should be in their career path. Business Career Day-October 27, Social & Behavioral Sciences Career Day-October 28. Interviews will be held on campus. Social & Behavioral Science can use some help with Exhibitors, contact CDC if you can help. Will visit next week on Career Exploration Program.

Approval of Minutes - September 30, 1998

Committee Reports
a) Elections Committee-Chair Jason Kocina (see above)
b) Rules Committee-Chair Rachel D. Noah

Resolution #09.09.98B Committee "Trigger" Senator Klinkner/President Kocina

Be it enacted: All proposed MSSA Senate legislation must
have a public hearing in a committee to be
determined by the MSSA Senate Speaker, and be it further

Enacted: The speaker through a written directive shall
instruct the committee to schedule a public hearing, which shall be defined as any regular
or special meeting in which the proposed legislation will be discussed, and be it further

Enacted: The author shall be notified of the committee's date of hearing, by the committee chair.

President Kocina-For those of you who do not know how legislation moves through the Senate-currently anyone can bring something to the floor to be voted on. This is not the most successful method. Good issues are brought up but they are not always supported by the Administration. The Administration feels that there is not always enough discussion on the issue. This Committee would provide for legislation to come from committee. You can still bring things to the Senate floor, but it would then be referred to committee. The committee can discuss the proposal-they can like it and pass it, amend it, or take no action, at which point a senator could bring this back to the floor and the senate could take it on. It would then be out there like any other motion. Emergency motions are not usually approved by the Administration, the Operating Policies can always be overturned by a 2/3rds vote. Emergency resolution can still be brought forth. This would also allow us to track our legislation better. The speaker would recommend to the committee chair that they need to have a public hearing.
We could save time by adopting this, it would answer the what ifs. It would bring up our success rate. This would help us produce quality, not only half effort. You have to have quality in legislation or the committee will make it have quality. Bylaws are exempt from this policy.
Senator Rowan-the "Trigger" is a good idea, but I think we can accomplish
as much. We don't need new rules to accomplish good legislation. This sets a precedent that we will be making rules everytime we want something more efficient. You don't need a committee to decide this, we can do this as a body. I am surprised that the author of this legislation also brought up Resolution # 09.16.98B Investigation of Bresnan Communications, after they brought up this. I understand past senate's ran over time because of long debates because of unresearched legislation, that should not pertain to us. This is trying to train us to do something we should already know how to do. The oversight is "all proposed legislation should have a public hearing", that is not bad.
Senator Klinkner-I want to get back to a few things previously mentioned.
Self policing has not worked, every year senate says they are going to send things to committee but it never does. We can say we have that confidence in ourselves. This would strengthen the body, if we are a super awesome senate, we could not pass this, but what about the future senates, in the past it was necessary. If we decide this rule is no good we can delete it. Bresnan motion-how does it compare to "Trigger" ? Did senate pass that? It was referred to committee. Self-policing was done, it has not come out of committee yet. This is a good resolution because it protects this senate from a senator coming before the senate with five resolutions that may be stupid. It protects from senators that have bad legislation. A group of people should have talked about this and discussed the legislation.
Parliamentarian Dustin Mayfield-a motion developed within a committee would have had a public hearing.
Senator Bakke-I can see merit in this proposal but if this is enacted our hands will be tied. If we don't allow people to bring up motions in meetings it will eliminate involvement of senators. Motions should be allowed to come before meetings. Ideally, how effective have the committees been? Let's give ourselves the options of coming to the meetings and putting forth legislation. Give us the chance.
Chair Noah-committee had same points being raised, the senate will still hear the legislation, only a group of people will already have done the research. It will make us stronger.
Asst. Coordinator Pavlenko-we set a dangerous precedent if we get into regulated legislation. Too many rules governing is less useful.
Senator Ntangsi-this will save us time and effort, it is also professional. Not necessarily will we be tied down in committee, they will not need to meet all the time, only when they have an issue.
President Kocina-let's review how legislation gets done in real government.
When something goes to the floor it is referred to committee, if it has merit is gets passed. They want to save time and have things done right the first time.
Committees have not had power, they need to be empowered. General student input is necessary. We are empowering students, committees are supposed to have more general students, we need to listen to the students will. We need to talk to our constituents, we need to get them involved. The committee is the heart of this body. We need to go through the right process, it protects, it empowers our students, and our committees.

Resolution # 09.09.98B Committee "Trigger".
Be it enacted: All proposed MSSA Senate legislation must
have a public hearing in a committee to be
determined by the MSSA Senate Speaker, and be it further

Enacted: The speaker through a written directive shall
instruct the committee to schedule a public hearing, which shall be defined as any regular
or special meeting in which the proposed legislation will be discussed, and be it further

Enacted: The author shall be notified of the committee's date of hearing, by the committee chair.
Resolution Passes

c) SAC-Chair Chris Boyce (no report)

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Congratulations and welcome to new senators. Met with Vice President Healy, regarding the future of Athletics at this University. I Look forward to involvement of SAC. Vice President Oelberg and I attended a FYE class.
Appointments: Elections: Michelle Murzyn, Personal Safety Committee-Ed McBride, Fiscal Affairs Focus Group-Timothy Huebsch.
Back in late May of 1996, the MSSA Senate Constitution Commission put forth a new Constitution, this ushered in a new era. Next years goal was to draft new Bylaws-some current Bylaws do not even exist because of changes in Constitution. Some recommendations were made, next years Commission did not do any changes. After reviewing Bylaws, I have made some changes, things needed to be updated. I have a new draft. This will be given to you in next couple days, please review before next meeting. You will also notice, Article 6 was eliminated because it was consolidated with previous Article 5, making it cumbersome.
Last week we dealt with some issues that reminded me of the slogan on my door - Define Victory- most people can not tell how we gauge success. Before you get angry and write resolutions, look at the final product, what is victory-define. If If you can't define victory, good luck.
If a student walks in the office and is having a problem with an office, what do you do? Ask questions-what are they trying to get done?
Have they talked to the person in charge of the office or organization they are having a problem with? Can we set up an appointment to try and get this resolved? Try to direct students as to how they should get things, we should be advisory, at times we need to step in, but they should be empowered to solve own problems, if they don't have success we will help them out. We should advise and direct instead of just doing things for people. It will make them stronger.
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Welcome new senators, we still do need help with committees, we will be having an Open House Oct. 27 and November 17. We will also have tables in the Union on Tuesday and Thursday the next three weeks, so that people can ask questions, get to know us, hopefully get involved in a committee. Please sign up to help out at the table. Orientation tape available-if you did not attend orientation, review this. Met with Multi-Cultural Board-thanks to senators that have been attending their events. They would like to see new faces as well.
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organizations:
Initial- The Mankato State Student Radio Club
Recognition Renewals: Blue Skunk, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Hong Kong Student Association, Lutheran Campus Ministry-ELCA, MSU Habitat for Humanity, MSU Kung Fu Club, Panhellenic Council, PSI CHI, Psychology Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Street Theatre Club

Congratulations to new senators. As Speaker I should act as Morale Officer-I would like to get some people involved in a Halloween event-nice group activity.
President Kocina-How do you feel about new power of sending legislation to committee?
Speaker-It does broaden my responsibility.

Senator Reports
a) Vicki Edwards-Merton (not available)
b) Kyle Jarvis
E-IV Gentlemen's Club received 1st Place overall in Homecoming for RSO. Open House for E-IV Gentlemen's Club tonight. Lot 13 expansion is becoming a larger issue then we anticipated, this will be going back to RHA on Monday for recommendation. Res Hall Senators you can go to RHA and exercise your rights to speak. Meetings are Mondays at 4:00 P.M. As far as defining victory- I was approached with a petition last week, it was not all bad, but I wasen't sure I could sign it. I thought about how the person that wrote it would define victory. I referred these people to President Kocina. More can be done that way then inciting a riot.
c) Laura Depuydt
I try to keep up with current events, in the local paper there was a picture of the parade with the caption of Minnesota State University-no mention of
Mankato, I saw this reference in other articles as well. This Minnesota State University somewhere is really an interest to the Free Press. Why can this newspaper let this happen over and over? The name change should enhance Mankato not diminish it. My victory would be defined as Minnesota State University, Mankato not Minnesota State University, somewhere.

Senator Boyce-Thanks to Union Board for moving statue of Abe Lincoln,
my victory.
Senator Klinkner-sign up for shirts and nametags.
Also I have never been much for theme parties, we should do away with the theme parties at senate.
Vice President Oelberg-sign up for tables
Senator Jarvis-Today is Rachel D. Noah's birthday, there may be a gathering for this theme. Everyone is welcome after meeting.
President Kocina-There is no pre-gathering for theme.
Senator Noah-I do know Francis is prone to paranoia
Senator Boyce-Pee Wee Hermon-jumps up and screams for victory
Senator Ntangsi. President Kocina I have Homecoming pictures
Senator Rowan-go downstairs and watch the candidates in the political forum, it is in Ostrander Auditorium

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM
Roll Call
Senators Present
Marie Ntangsi, Chris Elvebak-proxy Amy Kessler, Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Bert, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Cleo Miller, Francis Klinkner, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Rachel D. Noah, Nate Prouty-proxy Tina England, Ken Feucht

Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Abdoul Aziz, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Cindy West, Tonya Knaak
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Treasurer Ngoni Mareya,
Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Asst. Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Legislative affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak