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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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66th MSSA Senate
October 14, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:04 by Speaker Dan Van Every

Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard 8-2-0, Marie Ntangsi 7-2-1, Chris Elvebak 8-1-1, Patrick O'Shaughnessy 2-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 2-0-0, Phil Rowan 10-0-0, Chris Boyce-Amanda Kraus 7-0-3, Vicki Edwards-Merton 8-1-1, Kyle Jarvis 9-1-0, Francis Klinkner 9-0-1, Shawn Bakke 2-0-0, Laura Depuydt 10-0-0, Nate Prouty 8-1-1, Ken Feucht 2-0-0, Rachel D. Noah-proxy Tina England 7-1-2, Lucretia Burgess 8-2-0, Abdoul Aziz 5-2-3
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-6-3, Houa Vue 1-1-0 Mitchell Berg 1-1-0, , Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 6-3-1, Tonya Knaak 8-1-1, Cleo Miller 6-2-2, Cindy West 5-5-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 10-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 10-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 9-1-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 7-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 8-1-1
Quorum Present

David Hendel Director Career Development Center/Deenna Latus-Career Exploration Coordinator
The Center began looking at students at greatest risk, found Undecided and Sophomore students with
lowest retention rates. Career Exploration program is to direct activities toward basically the Sophomores
and Undecided student that is not in a program. Focusing on Sophomores to show them that there is more out there. CD has updated library resources and also updating computerized Discover, offering Strong Inventory, Home Page will also be offering decision making, not just job search. Work shops will be offered in a sequence of two. The first workshop will be informational on the Career Development Center, and how they can be beneficial, including the assessments that they offer. Second workshop will provide interpretation of results of assessments and taking steps beyond that. These programs can help students decide a major and be a large factor in retention . If you choose a major earlier in your academic career you can take more courses which will help make you more marketable. Sophomores will be receiving a personal invite, however, this program is not only for sophomores but Freshmen, and even Juniors that do not as yet have a program. This is for all students. Dates for workshops will be published soon in Reporter.

LGBC - Tom Turner and Sidney Smith
Because of death of Matthew Shepard (student beaten because he was gay) who died Monday morning, there has been a lot of hurting. LGBC is sponsoring a vigil Thursday at 7:00 PM. Because of Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual History Month and Coming Out Week they have been very busy and very
short of funds, many campus and community organizations have helped them financially. They
are busy with activities and phone calls. (Passed around ribbons-wear in honor of Matthew Shepard) Orange symbolizes healing. They will have a table tomorrow for students to write cards for Matthew Shepard. They have a strong need for this awareness, they need support to feel safe and welcome, and to fell appreciated for who they are and also not be afraid. Spread the word and offer positive encouragement. Vigil Wednesday Evening at 7:00 P.M. in front of fountain. Ballroom reserved in case of bad weather. Candles have been donated by churches. They can use volunteer hours and help with security. The Rainbow flag will be flying tomorrow.

MSUSA State Chair - Tony Rust
Traveling on goodwill tour, trying to understand what campuses are about. Excited about new Legislative Session, Tuesday, De Coupling won with 4 out of 5 votes, U of M voted yes, this lays good ground work for things to be done this year. I am excited about the things happening this year, get involved and
get excited.
Senator Elvebak-in Leg next week we will be going over platform items. Are there changes that we will be told about? How about any ideas on lobby days and preparing for rally in Rotunda.
Chair Rust-Some issues remain constant, new things will be added and all campuses will be given information for Lobby days. Lobby days are effective, legislators do come, it gets student attention.
Vice President Oelberg-do you pick Speakers for Fall Conference?
Chair Rust-yes, we do.

Approval of Minutes - October 7, 1998

Senator Elections
a) Social & Behavioral Sciences
b) Undeclared
No students ran for vacant seats. Next Election October 21.

Committee Reports
a) Student Affairs Committee - Chair Kyle Jarvis
No resolutions at this time. Over view of what has been happening: Student Affairs is in process of writing a survey, will present to Senate next week. Also discussed surveying of students for how to MSU, also possibility of survey of staff and faculty. Will have straw poll ballot so that Res Hall
students are heard regarding Lot 13 expansion proposal. Senator Boyce gave update on Minnesota State
Dining Services proposals. Students will give input on decisions.
MSSA investigation of Bresnan Communications has been tabled until further notice.

b) Academic Affairs - Phil Rowan
First of all-attendance is mandatory. One of big things is presentation of Kris Pierre from FYE regarding hiring of staff, staff has been hired, and center will open on January 13. Another goal-status of MARS system-system has changed, this was mandated by Minnesota State, a focus group will work on this. This is timely because this will be in place by Spring registration. Will work with Registrar Dave Gjerde. Discussed Faculty evaluations, a focus group will look into this specifically. Academic policies have not yet been converted to semester system. In particular, Academic eligibility and Warning system. It is important that this policy be updated ASAP. Undergraduate admissions polity will also be examined. One
issue in committee-possibility of Lap top availability. We need to appoint students to Learning & Tech. Roundtable for discussion on this technology. Will be discussing status of policies with Dr. Boubel and status of North Central Accreditation.
Senator Boyce-proxy Kraus, how will information on updates of policies be given to students?
Chair Rowan-this will be decided by Administration.
c) SAC-Francis Klinkner
Recommendation out of committee
R # Muslim Student Association Non Budgeted Funs Request
Move to recommend that the Muslim Student Association receive a non budgeted funds allocation of up to $966.00 for the cost of travel of members of the Muslim Student Association to a series of seminars in the Twin Cities.

President Kocina-this is a legitimate request-all organizations can request money for seminars.
Senator Edwards-Merton-how many students attend these seminars?
SAC - Francis Klinkner-about twenty.
Senator Rowan-is this being fully funded?
SAC Francis Klinkner-they will be subsidizing these funds. They only get money if they use a vehicle.
R # Muslim Student Association Non Budgeted Funs Request
Move to recommend that the Muslim Student Association receive a non budgeted funds allocation of up to $966.00 for the cost of travel of members of the Muslim Student Association to a series of seminars in the Twin Cities.
Passed Unanimously

R# Athletic Request-Baseball Colorado Trip Funding
Move to recommend that the MSU Baseball team receive a non budgeted funds allocation of
$6,211 for the cost of travel, including meals, lodging and bus transportation for conference play in Colorado.

SAC Francis Klinkner-This request is for 22 players-meals for 5 days, three nights of lodging and bus transportation.
President Kocina-This is a legitimate request, this is a conference requirement. We really don't have much choice. Recommend support for this, baseball works hard for their money, they have to fund raise for over half of their budget.
Coordinator Pavlenko-We have an excellent baseball program-they need this. Support this recommendation.
SAC Francis Klinkner-Smaller sports are not seeing money given in allocation to Athletics, they should get more support. They are not getting it, a higher up source should be criticized, not the sports.

R# Athletic Request-Baseball Colorado Trip Funding
Move to recommend that the MSU Baseball team receive a non budgeted funds allocation of
$6,211 for the cost of travel, including meals, lodging and bus transportation for conference play in Colorado.
Recommendation passes
Senator Edwards-Merton, no w/rights
No, because I did not support the allocation for the trip to Colorado for the Football team. I would feel hypocritical in supporting one team's travel and not the other.

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Recognized Shelly -Athletics Advisory.
Athletics-if you have questions or concerns, go out and talk to athletes, coaches, Malcolm, Jason. We can't make judgment without talking to them.
Parking Lot 13- (behind Library) Parking Advisory is a 6 member committee-two students, various bargaining units, David Cowan. 130 students have attempted to purchase parking for Lot 13 or near Theater Arts. Parking Advisory has proposed expanding Lot 13 temporarily until we get a ramp or change parking in the future. Solicited response from Parking Appeals Bd. They supported
this proposal. RHA deliberated for 3 weeks and finally came out opposed.
Questions on Parking can be answered by President Kocina or David Cowan.
Vice President Trauger- has a concrete proposal for location and services that should be in the "Hub" center. It does need a new name. Student Affairs should come up with a name for this. Commend committees for work being done, and especially Chairs. Also SAC, Union Board, Safety & Security Task Force, Leg Affairs-will be hitting the ground running hard during session.
Yesterday Vice President Oelberg and I met with Ann Ganey, Mankato City Council and Al Ratzloff-Fire Safety-discussed many issues including organizing a meeting for students to discuss city issues like parking, trash, landlord tenant issues, etc. This would be helpful for all students.
Meeting with Vice President Healy tomorrow regarding Meet & Confer-if you have issues leave a note on them for discussion.
Bylaws - changes have been made including three pages of pink sheets with changes. This will be discussed next week.
Preamble-unnecessary-eliminated, Article I-no changes. New language in
section two. Section three-same total of senator requirements, only three per semester, reports should be oral and in writing. Section Four-MSUSA requirement, this is not necessary for all senators, this was unenforceable, senators should not be forced to go. Strike Recording Secretary. Starting on line 103-strike, no longer needs to be in Bylaws. Article 5 Board and Committees-adding the MSSA Budget Committee, Election Committee and Rules Committee. MSSA Academic Computing- this would
give a student voice on academic computing on internal issues.
Section 10-gives language to MSSA budget committee as to why it exists, and gives it a purpose.
Section 11-new language. Section 12-new language. Article 6 eliminated- placed in different place in document. Clerical changes regarding name changes.
Senator Rowan-speaking as Chair, can we have information on "The Hub"?
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Passed around sign-ups for open houses and tables. Last week many students did come to table and asked general questions. If you sign up-please show up or call. Open House is October 27 all day-special guests between 2:00 and 3:00. November 17 will be Tenants Forum in Ballroom. Add was placed in Reporter and around campus on petitions, we need to combat issues. Letters were sent out regarding Committees. Individual senate photos will be taken starting next Friday. Highland Hills did put in extra lighting and a fence.

Moved and seconded to allow Senator Edwards-Merton to give report because of time constraint.
Social & Behavioral Science Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton (see written report)
Attended Student Advisory Board for Social & Behavioral Sciences. Will be meeting with this group once a month on Thursday. Next meeting October 22.
Commission on Ethics and Standards is up and running, heard three referrals, two of the referrals were already vacant by the time we could meet. The third referral received a warning from the Commission. .
Will meet Thursday at 5:00 PM. As a member of the Academic Affairs committee I will be working on expanding MARS hours. Office hours 3:00-6:45 PM Mondays, also available on Friday afternoons.. Urge and challenge all of you to tell your classmates about getting involved in committees. Thank you to the students who participated in the Walk for Peace. It is good to see students involved with a cause. Thank students that organized the vigil. You don't have to follow the crowd in voting, Athletics.
is important but other organizations need our support as well. Some of you have witnessed me with my sheet of stickers. These give me a moment of serenity, I credit these for my new balance of logic and peace. I urge you to find your own outlet if you are feeling stressed. Quote Ferris Bueller's Day Off,
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
Remember to have fun.

c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Student Organization Recognitions
Registration Renewals: GAMMA Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol, International Association of Jazz Educators, R.A.N.G.E, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Society for Technical Communication, Student Nurse's Association
(SNA), United Christian Ministry

Senate correspondence-R# 09.30.98-01
This resolution recommends that the MSSA Senate receive $3,774.00 for the purchase of computer
equipment. This resolution resulted from a recommendation of the Student Allocations Committee. The President has no questions and approves this allocation.

Received positive feedback from senators regarding Halloween trip to Trail of Terrors. Transportation will be discussed after 2:00 on Friday.
Senator Dullard-I would like to request descriptions on acronyms for RSO's before we approve them.

Rules suspended for College of Business Senator Marie Ntangsi report
Senator Ntangsi-College of Business Career Day, October 27. Please help out with set up (sign up)
Vice President Oelberg-did you recently get a position that would enhance your senator position?
Senator Ntangsi-yes in the Academic Advising Center
d) Treasurer - Ngoni Mareya
Purpose of report-this has been a learning process. It is a complicated system. I was not prepared for the University Accounting system. My Accounting classes did not prepare me for this. Name change will not
affect our budget. (see written budget) Presented budget on overhead.

Staff Reports
a) Campus Coordinator - Kyle Jarvis
Would like to be publishing "How to MSU" by Spring. Met with Dr. Healy last week regarding supplimental budget of $100,000 for University Security. This is waiting for Dr. Rush's signature.
President Kocina-This is being discussed with the Bargaining units and then will be signed by

Senator Reports
a) McElroy - Senator Kyle (see written report)
I promise this is the last time I will go on about defining victory. How does one define victory? More importantly, how does one define whom to define victory over? For some of you it is a college dean. It's a faculty member. It's an administrator. It's a cable company. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the Department of Residential Life.
The night of October 1, 1998, there was an incident in McElroy Center. No one was harmed and no damage was done. But it took this incident for flaws in this picture. And it took a visit to the Office of the Department of Residential Life to fix it. Define Victory. I can. Victory was that a problem was discovered in the wee hours of October 8th. Consultation occurred with the Department of Residential Life that afternoon. And on October 9th, the residents of McElroy Center could not only feel safer, but also know that they really were.
Vice President Oelberg-We will be having pumpkin carving contest between Academic Affairs,
Student Affairs, and President Kocina is on his own.
Parliamentarian Mayfield-I would like the body to know that I was not voting only helping senator
know which is his right hand
Coordinator Pavlenko-again about Business & Career Day, need volunteers. Amnesty International tonight at 7:00
Senator Boyce-Swing dance in Gage B tomorrow night 8:00
Senator Klinkner - Thank Vice President Oelberg and everyone involved in organizing
tenant meeting. Now knowing there is a cookie of the week , I will be working much harder.
Senator Jarvis-On Oct. 6, the seventh sexual assault occurred-be aware of postings around campus.
President Kocina-Friday night-Exhibition Hockey, Saturday Blues Traveler. Next weekend Hockey home opener. Senate section-109

Adjournment 6:30

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Chris Elvebak, Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Francis Klinkner, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Nate Prouty, Ken Feucht, Vicki Edwards Merton-proxy Amanda Kraus, Rachel D. Noah-proxy Tina England
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Marie Ntangsi , Mitchell Berg, Abdoul Aziz, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Cindy West, Cleo Miller, Tonya Knaak, Nate Prouty
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg