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66th MSSA Senate
Ocotber 28, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:07
Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 3-1-0, Chelsea Dullard 10-2-0, Chris Elvebak 9-1-1, Patrick O'Shaughnessy 4-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 4-0-0, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Cory Howk, 5-3-4, Phil Rowan 12-0-0, Chris Boyce 9-0-3, Vicki Edwards-Merton- 9-1-2, Kyle Jarvis 11-1-0, Francis Klinkner 10-0-1, Shawn Bakke 4-0-0, Laura Depuydt 12-0-0, Tonya Knaak 9-1-1, Nate Prouty 10-1-1, Ken Feucht 4-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 9-1-2, Lucretia Burgess 10-2-0, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 8-3-1, Mitchell Berg 3-1-0, Arif Khan 2-0-0
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-8-3, Marie Ntangsi 7-4-1, Cindy West 5-7-0, Mickey Cupkie 1-1-0
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 12-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 12-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 11-1-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 9-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 10-1-1
Quorum Present

Student Forum

Presentation David Cowan-Chair Parking Advisory Committee
(see handouts)
First page is map, showing locations, hourÕs etc.
Parking Advisory recommendations filed with Dr. Rush June 25, 1998.
Copies appeared in newspaper prior to that. September 29 a letter was sent to the editor of Reporter stating that the Parking Advisory Committee is guilty of not showing how receipts received through parking permits, tickets etc. are used. Also that there is not a parking plan in place.
Parking plans are in place. Parking Advisory deliberately made multi-year plans with expectations of expenditure and future. This program receives no student money, no state aid. They have gone up and down over years. $242,000 shortfall due to work on sunken lot. At the current time anticipate a
revenue of $93,900, assuming a $50,000 expenditure of Lot 13. Blue document states that additional spaces will not be created by McElroy and Crawford
this Fall. Parking Advisory has to come up with a potential problem in Lot 21 when the snow flies, this is a 1.2 mile walk for McElroy and Crawford
residents. They need to be closer to their residence hall. New proposal would allow residence hall students to upgrade to Lot 13, 15 or 16 (Performing Arts). Where would the purple go if residence hall students were in these lots? Proposal would be to use bottom half of Sunken Paylot. By and large that lot is not full on a day to day basis. The proposal would be to liberate the old entrance and allow purple to drive through, this could give 150 new stalls. This could still be used for guests on special occasions such as Career Days. This is a six month fix. We do have new construction going on On-Campus. There is no secret that the new Taylor Center will be built. This will be a wonderful addition to the campus, with Admission located in this building it will be the new entrance to the campus. We will have an opportunity to use lots 20 and 21
more fully, these would be paved next summer. This would also allow Heartland Express to go through the lots and students can pay .25 to ride. This would give better ridership in the Winter. This would get the bus where the people are.
The Taylor Center will happen, and we do have a plan that will accommodate the purple ticket holders. Lot 9 Gold users could be apart of the pay lot; Purple ticket holders would be able to use Lot 8. Cameras will be put in lots 20 & 21, as well as paving.
President Kocina-will the telephone in Lot 21 be repaired?
Senator Klinkner-I do not like the idea to put Purple in the pay lot. To
clarify-there is no plan to create new stalls lost to construction, only to be
moved to somewhere else. Do you see the administration interested in the
future of expanding new stalls?
David Cowan-there is alot of land behind lots Lot 20 and 21. We have
all kinds of land, there is always the possibility of creating new lots, providing there is funding.
Senator Klinkner-the purpose of the paylot is to offer short periods of service.
Is it possible to provide some extra parking in this area?
David Cowan- Currently the covers are being taken off meters.

Approval of Minutes - October 21, 1998

Old Business
a) Bylaws (second reading)
President Kocina (highlighted amendment made 10/14)
Vote on passing of documents as amended.
October 28, 1998 Bylaws passed Maker President Jason Kocina.

Committee Reports
a) Academic Affairs Committee - Chair Phil Rowan
Academic Affairs had a presentation by David Gjerde, MSU Registrar. Minnesota State has allowed delay of new MARS system until 1999. The university asked for a
extension and received this to allow for implementation of new system.
Because of the old system constraints, we will not be able to extend the hours of MARS for Spring registration, which begins Nov 10.
Summer registration and Fall will be under new Minnesota State MARS
system. Advantage, MSU will be sight of southern MN server. Should
allow for extension of extended hours.
President Kocina-did you express concern that students will need copies
of old system so that students are not confused by new system?
Chair Rowan-word will be going out for students to use old system.
Senator Klinkner-what are disadvantages of new MARS system?
Chair Rowan-we will lose Mailers system this is the automatic
mailing of grades. They are looking at going to a telephone system. Also loss of
direct deposit, dealing with financial aid and paying your bill.
b) Union Board Committee - Chair Cleo Miller (not present)

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Applaud Vice President Oelberg and Coordinator Jarvis on coordinating Highland cable concerns.
Appointments: Phil Rowan-Meet & Confer, Communication Board-Adam Hutzenbuller, Arif Khan-Student Affairs-Jacques Lewis, Legislative Affairs-Ken Feucht, International Programs Advisory Committee-Meredith Gall, Cultural Diversity-Sreekanta Kumar Banik

This past week we have received flack because we have not purchased a table at the Penney Fellowship Dinner. Student dollars to purchase a table is not the best
expenditure, fee dollars should not be used for scholarships. MSUSA
sent Email wanting to know why we were not participating, we are not
trying to shut this down only not participating.
Parking-Keep in mind- Mr. Cowan brought in an outline, Parking Advisory does change mind, just because you see proposals now does not mean they will be in place a year from now.
Committees are working hard. Expect every senator here to vote next
Speaker Van Every-if we were to go to the Penney Fellowship, how would
this be paid for?
President Kocina-it could come out of the Senate account, which I don't agree with, or students could pay $35.00 apiece personally, or we could get it
donated. I don't feel this is the business of MSUSA, lobbying should be the
core of MSUSA and that is what they should be focusing on.
Speaker Van Every-how are most schools paying for this?
President Kocina-Winona purchased several tables, St. Cloud had their
administration purchase some. Many governments do not operate as we
do, they are not as hands on as we are. They feel this is what student
government is all about. Our money should be spent on lobby, investment
in technology and on adequate funding for issues.
Speaker Van Every-it is my understanding that student senate is funded
through student activity fees. Student Activity fees are not to be used for
scholarship therefore this would be in violation, is that correct?
President Kocina-there are always ways around that.
Senator Edwards-Merton-thank you for standing outside the norm and
taking a stand on this. Was this a campaign promise?
President Kocina-I have always felt this way, but it is not a long time goal
Coordinator Elvebak-would you agree that the Penney Fellowship has an extrinsic value in lobbying and which our government does pay attention
President Kocina-MSUSA is known for more things than the Penney Fellowship.
People do see this as a valid program. Scholarships are limited as to who can apply for them. I am concerned about the future of the corporation, referred to U of MN Lawsuit regarding spending of student fees.
Coordinator Elvebak-I don't think the lawsuit is applicable. But the basis
of MSUSA as a lobby effort is the issue, is Penney Fellowship helpful? Are there
avenues we have not looked into as far as getting a table?
President Kocina-I stand firmly opposed to this, but someone could buy
a ticket, individuals could privately purchase a spot or table.

b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Thanks for help with Open House.
Please read Highland Hills letter being passed around. Basically if you
meet with students in regard to Highland Hills cable issue, please have them
meet with Coordinator Jarvis. The owner of Highland Hills called today and confirmed meeting next Wed at 1:00. Senators that are residents of Highland Hills should be in attendance.
MenÕs Hockey recognition of Student Senate is Nov 14.
We will not be having tables in the Union next week. Admissions Phonathon
is coming up. Please see Cheri for details. Tenant Issue meeting, Nov 17.
ECDC met today, yield time to Senator Noah.
Senator Noah-Cultural Diversity committee is up and running. We need
representatives at the annual dinner, Nov 21. Cost $5.00. We need reps at
Friendship night. Intercultural Center Open House-tomorrow from 2-4.
Black Student Union is selling Hallograms. Theater department is looking
for ethnic students to audition. Nov 9-13, blood marrow donors needed. This is
free to students of color.
Thank you to Malcolm and Michelle for judging pumpkin contest.
Student Affairs-winner. Second-Sylvia and Chris, Third-Reporter.
Coordinator Jarvis-please give calls and questions on Highland issues to
Coordinator Jarvis, questions are getting complex.
Senator Boyce-are Cultural Diversity events posted?
Vice President Oelberg- most events are posted in the office.
President Kocina-what do we do if Coordinator Jarvis is not in the office?
Vice President Oelberg-take accurate information and give message to Coordinator Jarvis.
Senator Edwards-Merton-what is biggest complaint?
Vice President Oelberg-Students are not coming out ahead with these changes.
Channels were selected ahead of time. These were not options.
Senator Dullard-is this a satellite service?
Vice President Oelberg- This is a satellite service purchased as a business. It is considered legal. We don't have all the answers at this time. We only know there are problems and concerns for tenants.
Senator Jarvis-will Campus Coordinator be researching this to be able to
answer questions?
Vice President Oelberg-Coordinator will be doing research to give accurate information.

c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organizations

ACS Student Affiliates, Alcoholics Anonymous, American Marketing Association, Anthropology Student Association, Black Student Union, Campus Bible Fellowship, Campus Lutheran Chapel, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries (Christians in Action) Corrections Club, Delta Tau Delta, E IV GentlemenÕs Club, French Club, Student Events Team, InterFraternity Council, International Business Organization, Korean Student Association, Lambda Chi Alpha, MSU Finance Club, MSU German Club, McElroy Activities Council, Maranatha Christian Fellowship, MSU Wildlife Club, Men's Ice Hockey, Minnesota State University-Mankato Veteran's Club, Pagan Organization, Phi Kappa Psi, Pre-Med Club, Sigma Nu, Spanish Club, Student Art League, Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), Student Association of India, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta
Senator Klinkner-object to Student Events Team, since Student Events Team is part of SDP&A why
do they get student recognition?
President Kocina-they fall under organization recognition, they do need to
be recognized as a student organization.
Senator Klinkner-withdraw objection
Senator Dullard-I object
Why are they given money if they are an RSO?
Speaker Van Every-Student Events Team meets the qualifications of a student organization.
That is what I go by.
President Kocina-this comes down to the policy, there are more than one
types of organization. Some organizations are student groups for interaction, some RSOÕs are department affiliated organizations that do receive funding. The policy states that that an RSO can be for societies, department groups or professional groups or sororities, social fraternities or sororities, special interest groups. Any one can become a RSO if they meet the requirements. Student Events Team fulfills the qualifications for recognitionÕs, they are within the university policy. I support this recognition. There is no reason for denial.
Senator Klinkner-move to postpone for one week. Second Senator Edwards-Merton.
Senator Klinkner-I just want some clarification, essentially they are a
department of the University, they do not need RSO status.
Speaker Van Every-read purpose of Student Events Team.
"Student Events Team is the student run programming board on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato"
President Kocina-the deadline for renewal is October 31. This is a university
wide policy. I would rather Student Events Team was a RSO, then we know who the
officers are and their purpose for programming. The purpose of establishing Recognized Student Organizations was to promote organizations so that we have more student involvement on campus. Student Events Team has been a recognized student organization for years. If we have concerns then maybe we should look at the policy. This is not the appropriate manner for us to take. I do not see violation of policy, they should be recognized as such.
Senator Noah-move previous question, second Senator Knaak.
Vote on ending discussion and moving to previous question. Fails
Senator Rowan-I don't think we should postpone.
Senator Dullard-I would like to postpone, I am not attacking Student Events Team,
only looking at the policy, we should not do things only because this
was done in the past.
Senator Klinkner-we are not denying, only taking a look at the policy. This
is what should be done. An RSO is usually happy to answer questions.
Deadline is not an issue. They can always submit an Initial Recognition.
Senator Boyce-I believe we should postpone, this is not out of order, but
serves the best interest of students.
Senator Edwards-Merton-why do we automatically have to rubber stamp
an organization?
Senator Jarvis-yield to Mr. Bakke
Eric Bakke-this did seem confusing, Student Events Team did not initially ask for this
status, however it falls into the same status as the Residential Hall's seeking status. Previous senators have gotten in the most trouble when they
did not recognize an organization. This is an important issue.
Senator Jarvis-I don't know if they are receiving funding, but they are a
student run organization.
Coordinator Elvebak-I don't know all policies, maybe this is a time when
we can lean on others leaders knowledge. From what I have heard
they have followed policies correctly. The potential for the deadline-
is more of a problem for us.
Senator Noah-do other organizations receive funding?
President Kocina-yes many organizations receive funding. Greek
organizations receive funding, Residential Hall Organizations receive funding, International Student Organization receives funding.
Senator Jarvis-E IV Gentlemen's Club receives funding of $75.00 from
Residential Life.
Senator Dullard-we are only looking into a policy, not denying.
President Kocina-to postpone or not to postpone that is the question. I am
looking at the currently adopted MSSA Bylaws, Article VII, Section I-
Speaker recognizes organization has not violated any guidelines. This policy
is clearly outlined in our Bylaws. Where are they violating the Bylaws? They
are a legitimate group seeking recognition. This organization has fulfilled
all necessary requirements. They fulfilled what we have laid up. If you want requirements more specific, make them.
Senator Boyce-move to call all previous questions, Senator Klinkner second
Vote to postpone
Roll Call vote
Senators voting No
Houa Vue, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Berg, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman, Phil Rowan, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Ken Feucht, Tonya Knaak
Senators voting Yes
Chelsea Dullard, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Francis Klinkner, Arif Kahn, Rachel D. Noah
Executive Staff voting No
President Jason Kocina
Motion to postpone fails
Vote on acceptance
Roll Call vote
Senators voting yes
Houa Vue, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Berg, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman, Phil Rowan, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Francis Klinkner w/rights, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Tonya Knaak, Rachel D. Noah, Nate Prouty, Arif Kahn, Ken Feucht
Senators voting no
Chelsea Dullard
Senators abstaining
Vicki Edwards-Merton
Chris Boyce-rights, I believe that rubberstamping an RSO after serious questions were raised is not the correct action of this senate.
Francis Klinkner-I vote yes only because I like to err on the side of students. I did not originally object in spite of Student Events Team but out of curiosity as to why a department would need such recognition. There is a key difference between Greeks and Student Events Team. Greeks are student run organizations that receive funding from SDP&A., but are not SDP&A. Student Events Team is SDP&A. They are the part of SDP&A that does movies, concerts, lectures etc.
To recognize Student Events Team is similar to recognizing MSU Security. Security is a department. It would be possible for the student employees of security to organize, I would just want a better understanding as to what the MSU Security Club would do.
It is my belief that the senate has not demonstrated concern about the protection of a fine line that exists in the area of Student Organizations. It is solely our duty as senators to protect this line and prevent abuse. I do not claim that abuse has taken place, but I guess we donÕt know; we didnÕt take the time to check.

Student Events Team approved as 1998-99 RSO.

Speaker Van Every-thank you senators for making a thoughtful decision.
R#10.21.98-01. This resolution allows the Department of Music to transfer $3,617 from the Chamber Singers to the Choral Music account. The President has no questions and approves this resolution.
Admission Office Phonothon-Nov 9-12, Nov 16-19. Please volunteer some hours.
MSUSA-we have determined who is going to the Fall Conference, these
conferences give you experience in deliberating, discussing, very valuable.

Senator Reports
a) Maverick Hall Senator Ken Feucht
Became a senator to get involved and to try to make an impact somewhere.
Looks forward to working on committees. Thanks to everyone that has
helped me.
b) Allied Health & Nursing Senator Houa Vue
Working with Assistant Coordinator Pavlenko on appeals. Will be
meeting with the Dean. Intercultural Center Open House-October 29.
b) McElroy Hall Senator Kyle Jarvis
I'm disappointed, thanks to those that voted yes. MSUSA breaks you in, get involved, know what Penney Fellowship is.
You can vote how you want in this room. This stays here.
A Speaker was interrupted tonight, if you have questions, please read
Robert's Rules of Order.

President Kocina-in regard to debate and controversy, that is good, you
debate to get what you feel is best. It is important to do homework
before you come to meetings. Read the Bylaws, policies, get copies
if you need them.
Assistant Coordinator Pavlenko-working on an amateur horror film, they
need victims.
Senator Klinkner-first time in a long time that senate has argued about
such petty things.
The Lady Mavs will play the U of M. Hockey season opener, Friday night.
Parliamentarian Mayfield-roll call votes are important, but when you are doing
things like calling the question etc. it is not important, save them
for important issues.
Vice President Oelberg-debate is good, but you do not need to repeat something
That has been previously said.
Senator Rowan-as newly recognized RSO, Student Events Team-is presenting a movie tonight.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Berg, Abdul Aziz-proxy Kory Howk, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Tina England, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis,
Francis Klinkner, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Tonya Knaak, Rachel D. Noah, Arif Kahn, Nate Prouty, Ken Feucht
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Chelsea Dullard, Marie Ntangsi, Mickey Cupkie, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Cindy West

Adjournment 6:40 P.M.