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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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66th MSSA Senate
November 4, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 PM

Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 4-1-0, Chelsea Dullard 11-2-0, Marie Ntangsi-proxy Ngoni Mareya 7-4-2, Mickey Cupkie 2-1-0, Patrick O'Shaughnessy 5-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 5-0-0, Phil Rowan 13-0-0, Chris Boyce 10-0-3, Vicki Edwards-Merton 10-1-2, Kyle Jarvis 12-1-0, Francis Klinkner 11-0-1, Shawn Bakke 5-0-0, Laura Depuydt 13-0-0, Tonya Knaak­proxy Jen Drganc 9-1-2, Nate Prouty 11-1-1, Ken Feucht 4-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 10-1-2, Lucretia Burgess 11-2-0, Mitchell Berg 4-1-0, Arif Khan-proxy Kristi OÕShaughnessy 2-0-1, Helen Ambagdaw 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 1-9-3, Cindy West 5-8-0, Abdoul Aziz 5-4-4, , Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 8-4-1
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 13-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 13-0-0, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 12-1-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 10-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 11-1-1
Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes October 28, 1998 - clerical changes

Mid-Year Vacancy Election
a) Education (no students present)
b) Social & Behavioral Sciences (no students present)
c) Undeclared (no students present)
d) Gage A (no students present)
e) Off-Campus - Brandon Prasnicki, Helen Ambuagdaw
Brandon Prasnicki-Off-campus student, MIS major. Past President of
Alpha Lambda Delta. Feels he can bring many issues to the Senate.
Helen Ambuagdaw-Graduate student, presently advisor for African Student
Association. Would like to represent foreign students and issues and
concerns that they have.
Senator Klinkner-would you support an additional fee for improving
an Athletic Facility that would benefit all students?
Brandon Prasnicki-would be appropriate if general students are in support of this.
Helen Ambagdaw-I would support this, if we want new facilities we need to support this.
Senator Cupkie-what would be your greatest asset to Senate?
Helen Ambagdaw-very convincing, outgoing.
Brandon Prasnicki-the computer science field is a rapidly changing field, it is necessary to keep up with this, I would do the same for issues in senate
Senator Berg-do you think the amount of money given to Ethnic studies is enough?
Brandon Prasnicki-I have seen people working together for events, I can't say that amount of money is enough without seeing budgets etc.
Helen Ambagdaw-African Student Association raises their own funds, they receive a small amount from the International Student Association.
Senator Jarvis-regardless of today's outcome, how much time do you have and how will you stay involved?
Brandon Prasnicki-have other involvements on campus, but will work for students.
Helen Ambagdaw-have a goal to bring as many students as possible to understand and appreciate diversity. I will continue to pursue this.
Off-Campus Senator elected 11/4/98 Helen Ambagdaw

Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
Appointments-Timothy Huebsch-Learning & Technology Round Table
Daryl Schultz-International Programs Advisory Committee.
Calendar for 1999-2000 Proposed start date, August 30 or Sept 7.
Finance and Administration-Mav Card promotion last week. Over whelming participation. Step forward for Mav Card on benefits they are offering
Student Affairs- Met with Dr. Healy regarding Policy Handbook of student life issues. Some services offered through our office were missing. An insert will be printed
Parking Advisory met Tuesday and discussed Residence Hall students (179) in McElroy and Crawford having to park in Lot 21. Pay Lot will open up 80 stalls to Gold permit holders, this will provide additional close in parking for people wanting Gold or tired of the purple hunt. This will also help bring Res Hall students closer. This will not be a Parking Advisory expenditure as no new permits will be purchased.
MSSA issues-Nov 14 Men's Hockey, MSSA will be Corporate Sponsor, we sit in
section 109. Senator Noah will be singing the National Anthem.
Concerns-confusion between Point of Information, Point of Order, Point of Personal Privilege. Point of Order-this is to be used when an infraction has occurred. Point of Personal Priviledge-bascically an example -can we have under current cease? Point of Information-request for information germane to discussion going on, time can be yielded to clarify.
MSUSA Conference-November 6-8.
Senator Knaak-proxy Drganc-how often do staff have to attend meetings?
President Kocina-staff is encouraged to attend, not necessarily required. They are They are not required to give reports to the senate, they give written report to the President.
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Cultural Diversity issues-current issues have been maintained with the help of Rachel Noah, A MSSA CD report was compiled and sent to MSUSA, a copy is in the office. Our strong point is that our Cultural Diversity represents the entire population. MSUSA Cultural Diversity seems to be representing only persons of color. Our goal at MSUSA will be to have MSUSA goals on diversity as a whole.
Friendship night is Saturday, senators please attend. We do vote on money that is given to events.
Cultural Diversity Annual Dinner will be held in Ballroom November 20. This dinner raises money for scholarships, they have been doing this for 28 years. This benefits all students.
Worked with KMS television, owner of Highland Hills today, many things were resolved.
November 17, Tenant Landlord Issues meeting at 2:00 PM, please inform all Off-Campus students or students thinking of moving Off-Campus.
The Speaker handles the Senate-if you are having problems, please see the Speaker. If you are having problems with Committees, please see the Vice President.
Presented enrollments of students in colleges and how many students a senator represents.
Will be attending Union Board Conference in Twin Cities, and reporting back to senate.
Senator Feucht-explain Friendship Night
Vice President Oelberg-all ethnic groups that wish to participate have an evening of food, fun, and a dance.
Senator Knaak-proxy Drganc, are committees filling up? How does attendanceÕs, tardiness etc. work on committees?
Vice President Oelberg-some committees have guidelines, this is usually at the Chair's discretion.
Assistant Coordinator Pavlenko-where do you buy Friendship Night tickets?
Vice President Oelberg-tickets were being sold in the Union, International Student Office.
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition SADE (Students for Alcohol and Drug Education), Vietnamese Club
Registration Renewal Alpha Lambda Chi, Circle K International, Delta Chi, Financial Planning Club, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, International Student Association (ISA), Minnesota State University, Mankato Amateur Radio Club, Phi Delta Theta, Role Players Special Interest Group, Straights and Gays for Equality (SAGE), St. Thomas More Newman Center

Senate Correspondence
R# This resolution provides funding to the Muslim Student Association
For the cost of travel for a series of seminars in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The President has reviewed this resolution and approves this allocation for travel.
R#10.14.98-02. This resolution provides funding for the Minnesota State University, Mankato baseball team for the cost of transportation for competition at the University of Northern Colorado. This resolution provides $6,211 for that trip. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation.

Senate and Senator Conduct-respect, decorum in this room. Please give speaker during presentations all of your attention. Do not be reading books, etc. Give them your undivided attention. Use your normal voice if you want
attention of the Senate Speaker, do not raise voice or shout. Do not question the motives of a fellow senator. Follow protocol set in Robert's Rules of Order. Have questions, comments, debate all go through the Speaker.
Avoid using names or personal attack. Relating to undercurrent-if Speaker hears this, it is out of order. Follow simple, underwritten rules of maturity, conduct-attendance and being on time-lateness is not acceptable.
Senator Knaak-proxy Drganc-could you explain the difference between absence and tardy.
Speaker-there is currently no tardy, attendance is merely changed to reflect senator coming into the room. This may be changed. Excused absences-if they are conveyed within a reasonable amount of time and are legitimate excuse they can be excused.
Senator Knaak-Proxy Drganc-what happens when you come and leave?
Speaker-if a senator is present for at least part of the meeting, they are counted present, this is also under review.
Senator Knaak-Proxy Drganc-what I would like to know is why are you questioning motives of senators? They do not have to be here. I feel you have disrespected your senators by eluding to conduct.
Speaker-I would not have mentioned conduct if a senator had not approached me regarding this. More than a couple people have brought this to my attention. I don't feel I have questioned motives, I have addressed conduct. I have been as liberal as possible. There is an attendance policy.
Senator Knaak-Proxy Drganc-how are reports to be done for senators and staff?
Speaker-senators have to give two reports according to the Bylaws.
Reports have not been a problem.
Senator Cupkie-I offer your support, how far do you want this extended, does it apply in the office as well, what is the boundary of limitation?
Speaker-limitation is bound to the meetings. I have no authority in the office, that is the boundary of the President.
Senator Edwards-Merton-I was wondering in your own opinion, because of new people in the meetings what do you think of people in the gallery coming to the table?
Speaker-legally I don't believe under policy, I can keep people from
approaching the table. During the meeting we discourage people from
approaching the table, it does happen in a recess or caucus, we could ask people from doing this, but it can not be mandated.
Senator Cupkie-if things don't change, what will be done to improve this?
Speaker-this discussion was to set down guidelines, and create an awareness of
people dissatisfied in senate and in gallery. I may refuse to recognize a senator after a certain point.
Senator Dullard-where does it say you can refuse to recognize a senator?
Senator Klinkner-I move to adjourn, Second Senator Noah
Senator Feucht-it is not debatable according to the motion chart
Vice President Oelberg-since the meeting time has not been set the
meeting time is debatable.
Senator Klinkner-I object to the grilling and therefore I move to adjourn.
Senator Dullard-I don't see it necessary to adjourn. We have a meeting and an agenda to finish.
Senator Jarvis-I agree with the philosophy, but I rise in opposition because there is important information that should be shared.
Senator Jarvis-the person who holds the floor can stop taking questions.
Motion to adjourn-Motion fails
Speaker- read from Robert's Rules, obtaining the assigned floor (page 28)
Senator Dullard-I understand that I must obtain the floor, but I
want to know if you can choose to ignore, where does it say you can be discriminatory?
Speaker-it does not say the Speaker can be discriminatory, but they
can choose not to recognize after a certain amount of time.
Senator Dullard-the issue I am speaking on has to do with senate conduct.
Speaker-I believe the member jumped to conclusions, I feel if there is a warning then there could be censure.
President Kocina- Am I correct that the Speaker can interpret the
Constitution, the Bylaws, and Roberts Rules?
Senator Edwards-Merton-the Parliamentarian can offer an opinion, but it not an official interpretation?
Speaker-no, the Speaker has the final interpretation.

Staff Reports
a) MSUSA Campus Representative - Kyle Jarvis
Very, very interesting. My report was 67 pages long. No student activity fees were used for this report. An EMail went to campus reps reminding them to give weekly reports to student senates or governments on MSUSA. I guess this is part of my job description, although I don't remember PBOD passing this. Our MSSA Speaker did not feel MSUSA should say who was to be on his agenda. I EMailed MSUSA Monday, I asked them to let me know what I should report to campuses. Response dealt with Monitor racks etc.and brief comments with no information "bullet-Minnesota State is hiring a Marketing Consultant". One thing that actually made sense, syllabus guidelines for Minnesota State have been released. This will show you what Minnesota State is doing for you.
Conference is Friday-Robin Robbinson to speak at Conference. Penney Fellowship Dinner-speaker-Minnesota State Chancellor Morrie Anderson, MSUSA Chair Tony Rust, MSUSA Executive Director Frank Viggiano, and a member of the State Board of Trustees
Senator Boyce-what is the mission statement and purpose of MSUSA?
Coordinator Jarvis-they are to be the student advocacy group at the
state legislature for higher education.
Senator Boyce-what is the feasibility of liquidating MSUSA within the next year for not meeting up to that purpose.
Coordinator Pavlenko-where you aware of Minnesota State inspectors being on campus?
Coordinator Jarvis-yes, we have a contract and will be discussing this with the student attorney. In reading the contract it does say that routine inspection for maintenance repairs is acceptable. Minnesota State and Mr. Wheeler are implementing inspections for structural reasons. They also can go through your wardrobe.
If they find alcohol you can be written up, illegal substance could get
you suspended.

b) Campus Coordinator - Kyle Jarvis
KMS Television here today, I was impressed. After everything that has happened, they came into meeting and offered a different package, more channels, and a smaller price. The concerns of the residents were taken care of today. They should be thanked and applauded for that. Thanks to everyone that helped their constituents. You should be applauded as well.
I am the Student Affairs committee chair, we have no problem with attendance. We have had productive meetings. The MSSA Safety and Security Task Force submitted recommendations, they have been received and they are under discussion.
Senator Rowan-where you aware that the fourth person from KMS was their Technical Expert?
Senator Cupkie-is KMS resolved?
Coordinator Jarvis-very productive meeting, I believe the situation has been taken care of.
Senator Klinkner-some of the major obstacles have been resolved, only things that remains is to see if KMS does the follow-up.
Vice President Oelberg-the President of KMS will be in contact with the
MSSA Vice President and Campus Coordinator.
c) Assistant Coordinator - Bob Pavlenko
Briefly in Academic Affairs-grade appeals process, accompanying that will be tracking forms to show type of documentation, this should exist so that records can be kept.
Met with Vice President Boubel-discussed academic calendar. Start date will be
Sept. 7, seventy class days. Also discussed policy tracking. There will be a draft circulating and will be discussed very soon. Grievance policy is also on agenda to be dealt with, once a draft is completed it will be circulated.
I have been working on a grade appeal for several months. Hopefully the final meeting will take place next week. Attended Curriculum and Planning meetings.
I was fascinated with Election process, we have many talented people coming forward. It was difficult to see clear candidate. We need to attain professional respect.
Senator Dullard-is this a draft or the final copy of the calendar? Secondly I am concerned about the Grade Appeals Process, and the update with the Senate, this is personal information.
Assistant Coordinator Pavlenko-I felt this information was necessary because many individuals do know how long this process has been in the making.

Senator Reports
a) Science Engineering & Technology Senator Phil Rowan
Congratulations to Governor Elect Ventura. Will give report on MSUSA conference to the Senate. Met with Dave Gjerde, Registrar, regarding MARS worksheet. We need to get word to students that we are using old system for Spring registration. Dave Gjerde also agreed to put out an EMail to faculty and students about worksheet. I am excited about the new pier advising center for SET students.
I feel that Carthage should be destroyed.
Senator Dullard-what is Carthage?
Speaker- This was a city in Rome, Senator Cato always referred to this in the end of his speeches.

Vice President Oelberg-Regarding KMS, if you know residents, they do need to submit card identifying if they want cable. DonÕt forget Friendship night Saturday.
Senator Dullard-Encourage people to attend Friendship night. You meet lots of people, good food, good music, good time.
Senator Klinkner-Announcements is a time you can do anything but conduct business. MSUSA mission statement is lengthy, this should be shortened and defined. Congratulations to Vice President Oelberg and Coordinator Jarvis on KMS, "This is quite possibly the biggest victory weÕve had in a long time in this association." Athletic Facility meeting, 11 million dollars given for renovation. Legislative Affairs, consider the following items: this year we will have a Republican House, Reform Governor, while I am all in favor of a deadlock, there are still opportunities for good things to happen. Maybe a one year tax
rebate, Republicans and Governor Ventura could support this, this could be spun as a tax issue. We need to refine MSUSA Leg agenda, many things are not good for us to lobby on, considering current change in demographics.
I think it is good to be reminded of what decorum is. Ethics Commission determines proper behavior, anyone can refer someone to Ethics Commission. Rather than ask pointed and veiled questions, write a nasty gram and send the individual to the Ethics Commission, this organization needs to be tested. This is Another option-Speaker can be removed by writing a statement and having 2/3rds of senators sign.
President Kocina-Student Events Team invited us to come to Laser Tag tonight until 8:00 PM.
Coordinator Elvebak-Leg Affairs is discussing platform. Also working on
advocacy guidebook. If you want experience lobbying, we have a
guidebook that outlines the procedures. We will be experiencing a unique Leg Session. Tax credits, etc. will be discussed.
Coordinator Pavlenko-working on film, if you are interested contact him.
Senator Jarvis-Thanks to Senator Klinkner and Senator Bakke for attending Athletic Advisory meeting
Campus Representative Jarvis-John Dorn represents MSU.
I have confidence in Graduate Senator Hutzenbuhler. My longest personal report
was one hour six minutes.
Senator Edwards-Merton-Proxy England-You are all welcome to come to my hone for Thanksgiving.
Coordinator Elvebak-Leg Affairs-trying to get Minnesota State Board here, so we can educate Board of Trustees in realm of higher education.
Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard, Mickey Cupkie, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Tina England, Lucretia Burgess, Kyle Jarvis, Francis Klinkner, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Nate Prouty, Ken Feucht, Helen Ambagdaw
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Houa Vue, Marie Ntangsi, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Mitchell Berg, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Abdoul Aziz, Cindy West, Arif Khan-proxy Kristi OÕShaunessy, Tonya Knaak-proxy Jen Drganc, Rachel D. Noah
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak

Adjournment Meeting adjourned 6:57 PM