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66th MSSA Senate
December 9, 1998 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M.
Roll Call
Senators Present
Houa Vue 5-2-0, Mickey Cupkie 6-1-0, Patrick O'Shaughnessy 7-1-0 , Adam Hutzenbuhler 7-0-0, Kyle Jarvis 15-1-0, Laura Depuydt 17-0-0, Ken Feucht 8-0-0, Francis Klinkner 15-1-1, Rachel D. Noah 14-1-2, Helen Agbo Mbuagbaw 4-0-0, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Cory Howk 5-5-7, Andy Welti 3-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 13-2-2,
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs 2-12-3, Chelsea Dullard 14-3-0, Marie Ntangsi 7-6-4, Shawn Bakke 7-2-0, Cindy West 5-12-0, Bob Pavlenko 2-1-0, Mohammed Rafizuzzaman 10-5-2, Mitchell Berg 5-3-0, Phil Rowan 16-1-0, Lucretia Burgess 14-3-0, Chris Boyce 12-1-4, Arif Khan 4-1-2, Nate Prouty 12-1-3, Tonya Knaak 10-3-2
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina 17-0-0, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg 16-1-0,
Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis 16-1-0, Assistant Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko 14-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak 15-1-1, Macharia Githaiga 2-0-0
Quorum Present

Approval of Minutes ­ December 2, 1998

Senator Report
Off-Campus Senator Francis Klinkner
I could stand here today like most Senators and recite to you what IÕve done, but who would listen? I could stand here and tell you grand tales of old, but where are the beverages? Or I could use my years of experience to tell you things other Senators worked years to learn, and wish they had been told years ago.

The first and most important thing to know is that the road to the top is far more enjoyable than the top. In my opinion, the position of Senator is the highest position on the Senate. Obvious reasons for this statement include the difficulty of holding Senators responsible for their actions, the ability of Senators to meet with anyone they desire and say anything they want. A Senator can act like a President and never worry about the consequences. A GOOD Senator, however, will always know how his actions reflect on the people he represents. But the main reason the Senator position is the highest position on the Senate is the students.

There is no question that the President and Vice President represent the students. But representation does not necessarily mean action, and executives frequently find themselves caught up in grander issues, like Activity Fees, University policy and the like. Senators get the intense opportunity to work hands on with students to work out problems with faculty, financial aid, or any other hang-up that shows its face on campus. These are the opportunities that are to be relished.

Be a Senator. DonÕt be someone who just takes up space. If you donÕt have something to work on or a reason for being here, leave. There is so much to do on this campus; there is no reason to be sitting still. The obligations set upon Senators (i.e. reports, committee meetings, etc.) are not difficult requirements to fulfill. For that reason I present the following letter to the Chairperson of the Commission on Ethics and Standards.

The next thing every Senator should know is their strengths. Find out what your interest is and become and expert in it. I can tell you everything about parking, Minnesota State policy, and how to be an effective lobbyist. What can you tell me? Expertise in an area of campus is essential for two reasons, the first of which is, if you take the time to know everything there is to know about something, the director of that something will never try to pull the wool over eyes, because he knows better. The second reason relates to the next thing every Senator should know. Not every one can know everything about everything.

Know your weaknesses. I know nothing about Cultural Diversity and I know hardly anything about academics, as my G.P.A. would illustrate. However, I rarely make a poor decision in these areas because I know that Mohammad Ali Abbas, Mona Wallace, Sylvia Oelberg, Mike Kirkwood, and John Mulcahey, would have never led me astray. It therefore becomes incumbent on every good Senator to not only know what they themselves know, but to also know who knows what they donÕt know.

I guess my point here today, is to tell you that you have the power. ItÕs all right there in front of you. Nothing but your own laziness and lack of ability can keep you from victory, and lack of ability goes away with time. Sometimes you have to lose a few of the battles before you win. It is up to time, and lore to decide how many IÕve lost and won, I will not speculate, and perhaps next year no one will remember anyway.

The time has come for me to move on. I have finally achieved the very goal they say every student comes here to achieve, though I can honestly say I have never met any of those students. But nevertheless, Mr. Speaker, Madam Vice President, it is with great pleasure and remorse that I submit to you today, the resignation of someone who has tried to work very hard the last five years, to make Mankato State a better place. And even as time goes by, and names change, so to must the face of Senate. Good bye, farewell, and good luck my friends.

Committee Reports
a) Academic Affairs ­ Chair Phil Rowan
Reviewed policy on Probation and Suspension, will forward recommendations to MSSA President. Also working on grade appeal process.
Motion out of Academic Affairs committee
MSSA Grade Appeals (see enclosed procedure)
R#12.09.98A MSSA Grade Appeal Assistance Procedure
1) Upon requesting the MSSA to assist in the pursuit of a grade appeal, either verbally, or in writing, the appellate student has the following options available:
They may be assisted by their academic representative (as per college) or the Assistant Campus Coordinator.
2) Academic senators assisting the appellate shall inform the Assistant Campus Coordinator of actions taken and progress made during the appeal. Academic Senators must forward copies of necessary documentation to the Assistant Campus Coordinator for record keeping.
3) All grade appeals will be documented on tracking forms, and any documentation will be kept confidential by the Assistant Campus Coordinator, with the appellate studentÕs name removed from all documentation retained. Only senators that represent the student appellate and MSSA executive officers may review said material and only on a need-to-know basis.

Senator Pavlenko-document puts in writing procedure to handle grade appeals. This would allow us to track appeals as they come through our office. This is a sound recommendation.
question-President Kocina-has the rules committee had an opportunity to review this?
Senator Jarvis-move to refer to Rules Committee, second Senator Boyce.
Senator Jarvis-this is an internal policy, it should be reviewed by the Rules Committee.
Senator Boyce-we should have our ducks in a row if we are to make policy.
President Kocina-can you review operating policy regarding the Rules Committee?
Speaker Van Every-read rules from Operating Policy. It is my interpretation that this committee is to govern senate issues only.
Motion to refer to Rules Committee passes.

Motion out of Academic Affairs Committee
R#12.09.98B Commencement Issues Ad Hoc Committee
Be it Resolved: That the MSSA Senate create an Ad Hoc Committee for the
purpose of addressing student concerns on issues pertaining to commencement

Senator Edwards-Merton-there has been speculation that there is chaos regarding walking in commencement. We need to find an area where we can work this out.
Senator Rowan-have heard issues regarding commencement-there has been considerable input from students. The formation of this committee is very important. If your recommendation has the strength behind it, it will have more power going to the administration.
President Kocina-move to Rules Committee, 2nd Senator Rachel D. Noah
President Kocina-it is appropriate that we are consistent.
Motion to refer to Rules Committee passes
b) SAC ­ Chair Chris Boyce
This afternoon the SAC makes four recommendations to the senate:
The SAC recommends an SAF subsidy of up to $3,180 to the Swim team for the purchase of 60 warm-ups.
The SAC recommends an SAF subside of $150 to the Campus Lutheran Chapel
SAF Policy Statement, Article IV, Section M
R#12.09.98E SAF Policy Statement, Article IV, Section M
M.) Athletic Post Season Travel Accounts
These accounts are established to provide SAF funding for post season travel that is not to be included in the regular athletic operating budgets. It is SACÕs intent to follow the NCAA Championships Guidelines for Division I-II Sports, which includes transportation costs, per diem, official traveling parties limits for reimbursable and non-reimbursable competition. Also, any tournament reimbursements for travel must be deposited back into these accounts.
If any revenue sharing results from post season tournament participation the Athletics Department shall be allowed to keep all revenue sharing dollars.
The SAC recommends $23,091.39 be allocated to the Athletics Post Season Tournament travel accounts.
Senator Noah-you said this is money that gets lent out, why and how does it come back? Will this continue? If you always give out won't there always be a deficit?
Chair Boyce-once the deficit is complete then there should be enough to work with.
President Kocina-would like to clarify-revenue and reimbursement. Reimbursement is money that the NCAA reimburses teams for travel, revenue applies only to WCHA Hockey- Hockey will share in revenue of tournaments. Revenue sharing was added so that Athletics can use that money for other sports within the athletic department. This will provide an outline on how the account will work. Currently we do not have an outline. The account will work-teams will travel, NCAA will reimburse, some sports do not have a large reimbursement, there will be shortfalls, but this will allow the account to stay in balance. There are two issues-replenishing should be dealt with out side of this.
This guarantees reimbursement; it allows the athletic department to keep money
Senator Jarvis-has the Speaker, the Administrative Assistant, or the SAC chair given the senators copies of the policy?
President Kocina-it is on file in the office.
Senator Jarvis-we have not had a chance to see the policy, we should not amend a policy that we have not seen. That is an uneducated vote. Would like to see
a policy in everyone's senate binder.
Senator Dullard-it would be a grand assumption to assume that everyone has not read the policy. Everyone should have read this policy.
Senator Pavlenko-move to postpone for one week. Senator Jarvis-second
Senator Pavlenko-move to amend-can someone immediately move to amend his or her own motion?
Parliamentarian-I believe so, I have nothing to back it up.
Senator Pavlenko - Move to amend to (postpone to January 13).
President Kocina-have concerns about postponing. This policy has been referred to at least a dozen times. How much longer do we need to work on this? I have
spent countless hours working on this. The policy has been available. This can be done this week, it can be cleaned up, we need to work on other issues.
Senator Boyce-I believe we are setting a precedent if we do not pass this because not everyone has read all of the policy. If we allow this postponement to go through we are setting a rather hasty judgement.
Senator Noah-I think we should vote on this, if this is what SAC is bringing to us,
we should accept it, they have worked on this, that is what committees are for.
Senator Rowan-we should postpone to allow reading of the policy.
Vote on amendment to postpone to January 13, 1999.
Motion fails
President Kocina-move to lay on table.
President Kocina-we don't need to discuss this further
Debate to table- motion fails.
Discussion on motion to postpone
President Kocina-I think this motion is just fine, postpone it and I will pass it next week with an Executive Order.
Senator Jarvis-still am stuck on senators not having rules. As a governing body
we need the document we are amending. It is a matter of principle.
Senator Welti-I agree with Senator Jarvis-we should have an actual copy before us when we are amending.
Senator Noah-postponing a week will not do anything, again this is what committees are for. We do not have time to read all procedures.
Senator Dullard-I would like to support what Senator Noah has said? Do we want every policy in our binder? This policy is available to us. This is a good thing; it will be beneficial to the students.
Senator Boyce-I am offended that a lack of information will postpone this.
Vote to postpone R #12.09.98E Motion fails.
Vote on original R#12.09.98E
Senator Rowan-as it stands I can not support this.
Vice President Oelberg-was this policy made available?
Chair Boyce-the President did circulate this and it was available.
Chair Boyce-it was not on the board, but it was available.
Senator Feucht - call the question
Vote on motion R#12.09.98D Motion fails.
Senator Welti-move to postpone discussion on resolution to January 13, 1999.
Senator Berg-call the question Motion fails
Discussion on motion to postpone
Move to immediate vote on rather or not to postpone to January 13, 1999
Motion to postpone fails
Discussion on original resolution
Senator Edwards-Merton-move to Rules Committee
President Kocina-the MSSA Rules Committee deals with MSSA policy.
Speaker Van Every-anything can be referred to any committee (Speaker Ruling)
Senator Edwards-Merton-two other like motions have been refereed to Rules Committee tonight, so why not move this?
Senator Dullard-please vote this down, and vote on this. It is not a bad thing.
President Kocina-Rules Committee is not the appropriate place for external policies, they do not know Student Allocation policies, SAC knows policies. MSSA Rules Committee was to establish internal policies. Article IV Section I-no where at anytime is University policy considered. This has to do with university policy. This should not be sent to a committee that does not know the policy.
Discussion on main motion
Senator Welti-how much money over the next couple of years could be kicked back so that there will be enough money for them to generate their own?
President Kocina-revenue sharing will not go back to post-season but to the
athletic account.
Immediate vote on R#12.09.98E
Roll Call
Senators Voting Yes
Houa Vue, Chelsea Dullard, Mickey Cupkie, Bob Pavlenko, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Mitchell Berg, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Corey Howk, Chris Boyce,
Andy Welti, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Rachel D. Noah, Ken Feucht
Senators Voting No with Rights
Kyle Jarvis-It is the belief of the McElroy Center senator that a governing body should not amend or ratify a document that it has never seen
Senators Voting Yes with Rights
Phil Rowan-I feel that this issue was not in question, but that the information be made available. That information being: 1) A copy of the SAF Policy statement
In itÕs entirety. This information was not readily available in the MSSA Office.
Vicki Edwards-Merton-After hearing otherÕs statements, it encouraged me to a vote in the affirmative. However, I am in the office often and I did not see the proper paper work pertaining to this policy statement.
Executive Staff voting Yes
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg
Motion passes
R 12.09.98F
The SAC recommends $23,091.39 be allocated to the Athletics Post Season Tournament travel accounts.

Senator Cupkie-where do these funds come from?
Chair Boyce-these funds come from supplemental allocation funds, money that is left over after SAF accounts get their money.
Senator Cupkie-so now with the last article passed, the Athletics Department will have their own pool or reserves. Do other departments have these reserves?
Chair Boyce - we are not talking about M&E dollars, we are talking about SAF
dollars. SAF dollars pay for things from student activities account.
Senator Welti-if money is not used, where will it go.
Chair Boyce-this is money that has already been spent. We need to reverse it from a negative balance.
Senator Cupkie-who monitors account? Why was this not corrected earlier? Is this being abused?
Chair Boyce-the senate tried to deal with this last year. It has been addressed.
This keeps growing, unless we clean it up. This is not being abused.
President Kocina-when you talk about paying back are you referring to the NCAA not covering all the travel?
Chair Boyce-yes
R# 12.09.98F
Motion passes
Senator Edwards-Merton abstains
Officer Reports
a) President - Jason Kocina
MSUSA-attended Dec. Board meeting. A number of resolutions were passed. Most resolutions were authored or co-authored by Mankato delegation.
A Cultural Diversity round-table was held. Dr. Fagin and Deb Foster set the
tone for the afternoon. It was a positive event.
Met with Vice President Healy yesterday, discussed the Commencement Issues. We need to talk around campus and bring back ideas for a final recommendation.
Regarding Athletics-a policy will come forward regarding Post Season Travel.
Treasurer Mareya will be resigning to accept his Internship.
b) Vice President - Sylvia Oelberg
Holiday Sharing Tree-please give a donation. There is room at the dinner tonight
for the Ambassador. Tenant Issues will be the third week in January. Good luck
on finals. Enjoy your holiday.
c) Speaker - Dan Van Every
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition-Minnesota State Campers Association, Eta Sigma Gamma
Registration Renewal Update-Judo Club
Off-Campus Senator position available
question-President Kocina-would like interpretation regarding senator
reports. Are senators required to give two reports this semester?
Speaker Van Every-no, new document replaced all of old requirements. This is no longer enforced.

d) Treasurer - Ngomi Mareya
Accounting report-transferred line items. Budget is balanced.
Treasurer Mareya will be leaving for Internship with Cargil

Staff Reports
a) Campus Coordinator - Kyle Jarvis
Campus Express Bus Service-bus will run now run from 6:00 P.M.-10:00 PM.
Parking Advisory passed this at last meeting. Mass Transit will give this a trial run, if it is profitable it will go before the City Council.
Met with Dr. Healy regarding commencement. Met with Malcolm O'Sullivan regarding proposal regarding student athletic facility. Architects gave ways to
cut expenses.
MSUSA-two good points regarding MSUSA, MSSA delegates did an excellent job.
Cultural Diversity roundtable was excellent.
Former Off-Campus Roger Baardson-extends invitation to his graduation party.

b) MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep Rachel D. Noah
Roundtable was successful, we brought Deb Foster and Dr. Fagin. It was useful.
We are fortunate; we have a Women's Center, a LGBC. Many schools do not
have these offices. What was brought out at sessionÕs show that lobbying efforts need to focus on academic Cultural Diversity requirements.

Senator Reports
a) Allied Health & Nursing Senator Houa Vue
b) Graduate Senator Mitchell Berg
c) Graduate Senator Adam Hutzenbuhler
Have ordered MN State University College of Graduate studies sweatshirts.

d) Arts & Humanities Senator Chelsea Dullard
Good to see grade appeal process is now going to be in format.
Will be meeting with Dr. Early early next semester.
e) Off-Campus Shawn Bakke
We have to look at our selves and how we are operating. We don't need
unnecessary side shows. Empty chairs reflect what is happening. Battle
lines are being drawn; some of this is good. Today, debates were unnecessary.

Rachel D. Noah - senators should not leave during senator reports
Phil Rowan-I think calling the question should be used at an appropriate place, not to just end debate
Vicki Edwards-Merton-apologize for making unnecessary motion. I was disappointed that we sent something to Rules Committee. If we have a proposal out of committee, lets get busy so we can work on it.
Chris Elvebak-next Wed, Dec 16, we can attend a free lobbying seminar and receive legislative updates. This session is a unique site-based training for nonprofits and the public to familiarize individuals with capital complex and its informational resources. This could be a good tool in lobbying.
Senator Jarvis-we are all on the same team, whether we agree or not.
Senator Dullard-we are not a team, we are a body. We will keep that in this room.
Speaker Van Every-we saw some animosity tonight, lets try to keep that to a minimum. Was promoted to basic branch office master.
President Kocina-presented copy of SAF policy from his office.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Chelsea Dullard, Mickey Cupkie, Bob Pavlenko, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Phil Rowan, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Andy Welti, Kyle Jarvis, Shawn Bakke, Laura Depuydt, Rachel D. Noah, Abdoul Aziz-proxy Corey Howk, Chris Boyce-proxy Chris Elvebak
Senators Absent
Rainey Briggs, Marie Ntangsi, Patrick OÕShaughnessy, Mitchell Berg, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Cindy West, Lucretia Burgess, Arif Khan, Tonya Knaak,
Helen Agbor Mbuagbaw, Nate Prouty, Nate Prouty, Ken Feucht
Executive Staff Present
President Jason Kocina, Vice President Sylvia Oelberg, Campus Coordinator Kyle Jarvis, Asst. Campus Coordinator Bob Pavlenko, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Chris Elvebak