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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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67th MSSA Senate
January 26, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Roll Call

Senators Present Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused
Dahlia Mahoud-proxy Yusra, 8-1-2-2, Miriam Monomo 13-1-0, Chris Schmidt 12-1-0-1, Ed McBride 6-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 14-0-0, Chris Boyce 14-0-0, Nequra Campbell 12-2-0, Laura Depuydt 14-0-0, Emilie Peterson 12-0-2, Ian Radtke 11-1-1-1, Scott Taylor 7-3-4, Jesse Palmer 11-1-2, Tina England 11-0-2, , Nick Morriston 5-3-0
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi 7-2-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-11-3, Karma Lama 5-6-3, Manu Morais 1-1-0, John Fritz 3-4-0, Kristen Blekum 6-8-0, Carla Von Bank 1-7-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 10-4-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Presentation-Anne Latsch, Career Development Center
Handouts--Three areas to cover and take information back to students while they are working towards internships. We are now able to work with students from Freshmen year to Senior year. We are working with people in the community retooling their positions. Located in room 211 WI Administration Bldg. Minnesota State Job Fair at Minneapolis Convention Center. 1300-1400 students from all the 7 universities have been there in the past few years. Registration forms available in the CDC office that they can fill out prior to going to the fair. Web address is very important - You can find out recruiting schedules at web site. Many links to many companies and workshop calendar has lots in it. Resume quick stop is available for all students.
President Oelberg-How does the faculty respond to this? Do other departments help push this with their students?
Ms. Latsch-We work closely with some faculty. It seems that either faculty know about it and promote it or don't know about it.
Senator Schmidt-Aviation majors have to do resume and applications every year. Do you have things besides Quick Stop?
Ms. Latsch-Yes, we have much more to help you with in the library and with our staff..

Presentation - Chandra Silva, Interim Program Coordinator, Women's Center and Shannon Van Atta, Graduate Assistant, Women's Studies
Announcing spring program "Voices of Africa", The center would like to bring them here in March to perform. They are from Philadelphia. PA. It is an all female group that performs for two hours. It will cost $5,000 to get them here. We would like senate to help with $1000 towards this amount. We have not received any help from anywhere else. We are prepared to do the leg work but we would like your contribution of $1000.
Senator Palmer--Can you describe what the drums look like that they will be playing?
Ms. Silva-Yes we have a picture of the drums.
Senator Morriston--This is a good thing, is there any problem with giving them this money at this time?
President Oelberg--It would have to come out of our direct budget. Or they could go to SDP&A or SAC. If people are interested we can post our budget on Friday.
Senator Boyce--What other plans do you have for the Women's Center for performances?
Ms. Silva-We do have other programs. Women's History month. Black history month also. Women and leadership Conference.
Senator Boyce--Would you be alright if you went through SAC?
Ms. Silva-There is some time problems and the sooner the better.
Senator Pavlenko--How soon will you need an answer from us about the money
Ms. Silva-5th of February
President Oelberg-Since next week is the 5th can we meet and come up with the best plan? Can we set a time tomorrow at 9 AM to find the best options.
Ms. Silva-Yes that would be fine.

Approval of Minutes December 8, 1999 ---Approved

Washington D.C. Lobby Trip
Emilie Peterson and President Oelberg
Some of you may and may not be aware of the Washington Lobby Trip. It was brought up that not everyone understood that anyone could have gone. The information did not come in until finals week and that is why little info was given out. If you guys want we can wait on selection of these three students to go to DC. We would give until tomorrow for people interested in going and then you would have to trust Emily and I to chose the three students this Friday. There is still an at large application that is decided on by MSUSA. If other schools don't have all the people needed to go then more names will be drawn from the pool. The trip is from March 3-8th. The interview process consists of the questions on the at- large application. There are specific lobbing issues and you would have to be willing to come back to senate and report on the trip plus be available to next years senate for info. If you are interested you must let Emilie know today. Call her at home or myself. We do have apps in and it is not because of them that we are not choosing today.
Senator Depuydt-This is just for our three, not the at-large?
President Oelberg-Yes, at- large is decided by MSUSA

Officer Reports

Vice President Houa Vue
Welcome back, get your schedules in, if you have changes to your telephone number or address please notify us immediately. Sheets are available in your boxes and through Cheri.
December conference in Mankato was excellent. We have had a really overwhelming response. We do understand that finals week was that week. We had a diversity program. We are going to St. Cloud for MSUSA conference this weekend. They are having a fundraiser for the Nelli Stone Johnson. scholarships,
Met with the Mayor Candidate Kagermeier.

Open senate seats, inform people to get involved also tell your constituents about academic and student committees.
I will not be at the Senate meeting after 5:00 PM

President Sylvia Oelberg
(see written report)
No objections to Coordinator Boyce sitting in for President Oelberg on Sunday. Senator Campbell will be the acting Campus Rep for next conferences (no objections).
No questions on tenant forum.
Appointments to committees: Academic Computer Committee, Nancy Sager, Tim Huebsch, Christopher Boyce, Andy Welti, Nick Morriston, Ann Gerdensky, Transportation committee, Dale Sack Jr.

Senator Depuydt: Have you ever received a press release on the SDP&A name change? No.
Senator Morriston: What was this bond issue thing?
President Oelberg and Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peterson-Explanation of bond issues and that Governor Ventura did not. support
Senator Boyce: Aren't there signs to be hung up around campus?
President Oelberg-Yes, but only take one if you are not going to hang them up.

Committee Report-Dale Sack, Union Board Chair: Chartwells survey. Signage providing directions on corners of buildings. Student artwork oversight. Accepting student art, rotate existing art and working on less offensive art in building Union has a new PA system. Tomorrow we will formulate a policy for RSO of year, will present next week at Senate. (See Memo about fundraising policy). Debate on Union Board fundraising policy.
Coordinator Boyce: Working with Intercultural Office etc. who have concerns with the policy before you presented it. Lack of communication between Union Board and other offices.
Angela White Owl (Pres. of American. Indian Student Association. Also VP of Multi-Cultural student group).
1). Item A -- too much power given away to some RSO's.
2) Some student RSO's have off-campus accounts.
3) Re: items for sale must be approved. How does this affect food fundraisers any differently than food products handmade in the facility by students? - Permit issue then is in question.
Dale Sack responds to the above points. Justifying the reason items are worded as such.
Roger White Owl: Consensus of Multi-Cultural Office, American Indian fundraiser set precedent. Unprofessional behavior of CSU personnel. Director then informed them that they could not fund-raise, if food involved, and it was provided in writing. Found loop hole in contract with Chartwells, allowing the food fund-raisers to take place. These fund-raisers are life-lines for minority, under-privileged student groups. Bad faith of director of CSU is an issue. No input was sought by the CSU Director from ethnic students ( Angela has been around since 1995 (off and on)) and has never been approached or heard of ethnic students being included in discussions. These policies do not negatively affect other student groups and their fund-raising.

Move to table -Senator McBride, 2nd Senator Depuydt
All in favor, division
Motion to table passes

Academic Affairs Coordinator, Bob Pavlenko
Procedures on Academic Grade Appeals
Pink Sheet Policy, MSSA(Internal Policy) Attached
Sign up book available by box in back room
Faculty Evaluations
Academic Information Center
NCA Focus Visit
President, Oelberg will notify the president of the IFO because Robert said that she never contacted him back after several times he contacted her.

Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Vacancy elections next week, several seats open, Allied Health, Off-Campus and Education.
Lobby Day is Wednesday, February 16. Senate meeting will be cancelled so that everyone can attend. No excuses for not attending unless excused by the Speaker.
The Educational resource center wants to move to the lower level of the library, I mean the Computer Services center.
All agenda changes needed to be brought to my attention prior to the start of the meeting.
Want to thank Cheri for all the wonderful things she does, she is very organized individual. Had everything ready for the meeting.
Thank you Houa, Tina and Sylvia for taking minutes.

Staff Reports
Technology Coordinator Tim Huebsch
Tim spoke in a professional and well educated manner.

Move Fundraising Policy to Committee Motion
Debate-Motion to reconsider Senator Taylor, 2nd Senator Peterson

Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Emilie Peterson
Lobby Day February 16, 2000
We need students to attend lobby day and I want you to attend. I will have points and lobby information on Monday available to you.
Office hours, contact me with any questions e-mail me , call me.

Student Services Coordinator, Chris Boyce
Hi everybody some highlights over the break.
Financial Aid
President Rush's wife died
Letters are being mailed now.
Top 25 list of brick and mortar needs. We need money and more money
Minnesota State ranks requests, there are 230 million dollars in requests, Ventura has now agreed to 65 million dollars.
Safety Issues.
Revenue Fund for the Residential halls
We sell bonds publicly.
NCA focus visit letter mailed in response
Survey for Chartwells on new food groups
Chartwells quote from satisfaction survey, "
Athletics -Hockey student tickets were all used on Saturday night, some students had to buy tickets after our allotment was used.
Senator Schmidt has a financial aid issue with flight members
Senator McBride-want to debate the policy on tickets for the hockey games at the Midwest Wireless Civic Center. Agenda for SAC.
Policy can be re drafted Scott Taylor is a strong Tenor
Senator Schmidt directed to pay attention and not to count the ceiling tiles and light bulbs in the ceiling.

Committee Reports

Union Board, Dale Sack (above agenda item)

Senator Reports

Nequra Campbell: is a wonderful presenter. She is one of the best senators. Meet your senator day, February 23 is not a good day. Moved the date to February 16, and all senators not attending lobby day will be in the senate office for Meet Your Senator Day.

Lobby day, lobby day, lobby day, lobby day.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Dahlia Mahmoud-proxy Yusra, Chris Schmidt, Ed McBride, Chris Boyce, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Scott Taylor, Nick Morriston
Senators Absent
Julie Orbisi, Mickey Cupkie, Karma Lama, Manu Morais, Laura depuydt, John Fritz, Kristen Blekum, Carla Von Bank, Jesse Palmer, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed
Officers Present
President Sylvia Oelberg Senators Excused
Miriam Monomo, Timothy Huebsch