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67th MSSA Senate
February 2, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Roll Call
Senators Present Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused
Juliet Orbisi 8-2-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 10-1-2-2, Miriam Monomo 14-1-0, Chris Schmidt 13-1-0-1, Ed McBride 7-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 15-0-0, Chris Boyce 15-0-0, Nequra Campbell 13-2-0, Laura Depuydt 15-0-0, Ian Radtke 12-1-1-1, , Jesse Palmer 12-1-2, Nick Morriston 6-3-0, Zahid Ahmed 11-4-0
Senators Absent
Mickey Cupkie 0-12-3, Emilie Peterson 12-1-2, Karma Lama 5-7-3, Manu Morais 1-2-0, John Fritz 3-5-0, Scott Taylor 7-4-4, Kristen Blekum 6-8-0, Carla Von Bank 1-8-0-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Laura Depuydt, apologize for not having a proxy last week. Has been offered an internship with the City of Mankato, due to time constraints does not feel she can best represent her constituents. Has preached about proxies and broke that rule, therefore is resigning her senate seat. Thanks to Jason Kocina, Matt Harmon, Rachel D. Noah, Francis Klinkner, Chris Elvebak. Resigning from all committees and positions.

Presentation-City of Mankato Mayor Candidates Jeff Kagermeier and Edgar Twedt
Mr. Kagermeier-great to be on campus today. Voted for the first time in 1978, always excited about keeping up with the candidates and what they had to offer. As I spend time on campus and in classrooms.I know students deserve to be free from discrimination, deserve to walk on campus and to apartment buildings and feel safe. Rode with Mankato Police Department, impressed with communication between campus security and city. Campus Parking needs to be a reality, through city and campus working together. Another issue is growth of Mankato, this would provide more opportunity for jobs, etc. Has helped provide scholarships etc to have better people to work with in community. Recently we had an opportunity to expand the mall-we need to take an initiative to keep businesses moving forward. Relationship between life long residents of Mankato and students. Both are very important.

Mr. Twedt-Last year worked with Dave Cowan and held a picnic for students and the neighborhood. We need to do more things of this nature with students and Mankato residents. Of all the people in the City Council should have been aware of primary date. Will continue to work for students and with students.

Senator Morriston-What experiences qualify you for Mayor?

Mr. Twedt-started as a pastor, first experience in leadership, on faculty here for 25 years. Was assistant VP of Student Affairs. Helped develop ISO. Head of Dept. of Ed Foundations, President of IFO, Now a member of City Council for 3 years. I know how the Council members interact with each other. I have time, I can give issues full time.

Mr. Kagermeier-Born in New Ulm, raised in Mankato, one of the first kids in Maha Hockey program, this is where he formed seeds of leadership and reasons for serving community, followed words of Thomas Jefferson when he said you have to contribute back to society. Attended University of Minnesota. In 1986 moved to Boston, Architectural School. Is on many civic committees, as a participate you get actively involved-have been on Housing Authority, Downtown Restructuring Committee,. Adjunct faculty at MSU, President of Mankato Rotary Club. - program dedicated to service of community. Have a great interest in how this city prospers. Wants his child to make decision to be a participate in a growing community.

Chris Elvebak-Student body very fortunate to have both of you running-along those lines, can you describe fair rental housing ideas. Ordnance was passed where landlords were responsible for their tenants- attorney heard over 30 cases last semester on landlord tenant issues. Some landlords even bordered corruption in dealing with students in rental housing.

Mr. Kagermeier-This needs to be looked into, have heard complaints. Damage deposits have been problematic. There are opportunities for interaction between landlords. We need to have more housing, growth . If more housing it would lessen problems for students.

Mr. Twedt-We do need housing however, there are limitation on space and money. Two things important-helpful in rental area-standard lease form for city of Mankato, and Senate could set up workshops so students would know rights. One standing committee, student leadership and police side, meet regularly, same with hosing- housing issues. If people are doing things illegally the city needs to know that. We should push for that.

Senator Huebsch- What are your feelings on Technology Plus?

Mr. Twedt-went to senate to lobby for Technology Plus. Technology Plus has 3 business incubators- help new ventures in technology, community access is important, all citizens should have access, not just for the haves. It is the unique thing about this. It has the potential of a network all around the country. Other places have expressed an interest, it would be good for the city.

Mr. Kagermeier-Technology Plus-I think that my vision is one that goes beyond a building. It has to be a virtual place. I don't know if this could exist in the private sector. If you bring technology plus to every neighbor it would be interactive to everyone.

Senator Morriston-I keep hearing about Mankato growing, what are plans to bring things to Mankato

Mr. Kagermeier-we need to diversify, we want businesses that work with each other. When we look at Midwest Wireless, we want that type of thing going on around us. We want these things to grow and to attract new businesses. Next decade will bring many coalitions between the schools and businesses. Mankato could become diverse economically.

Mr. Twedt-I don't have a plan for growth, it is more fundamental- The business of America is business-wrong-quality of life is fundamental, what kind of community do the citizens want it to be, sprawl, no green space, I don't think so. How do we continue quality of life? How do we project for 10 years and 20? Must talk about incentives and growth thoughtfully with quality of life.

Participant from gallery-students like to park in front of my house, even student that has a purple sticker-do they overbook? Feel MSU should look at Hub parking lot-away from campus but students could be bused, city could share cost.

Mr. Twedt-we did one thing in the city, we rerouted bus through parking lots. Plenty of parking but they are far out and it is a walk in the cold weather. The city can't pay totally, MSU can't pay totally, fees can't pay. Both parties should sit down and talk about this to see if there is a way to fund. Two years ago there was parking on side streets, we now have worked out a permit parking plan.

Mr. Kagermeier-I think that is right on. As we look at transportation, MSU campus could be a major hub for mass transit system.

Senator Boyce-Parking is still a hot issue, and tenant association as well. How would I know that you are the mayor and what you are doing for me?

Mr. Kagermeier-would be on campus, finding out needs and responding to needs. Presence should be known, provide a forum at City Council. There should be more nteraction between city and students.

Mr. Twedt-encourage senate and leaders to fill out applications for city committees. Would push you to apply to committees. Would try to make sure things we are talking about would be put in place.

Senator McBride-If you are elected and decided to leave in the middle of the night, where would you go?

Mr. Twedt-I know you are kidding, but I think that issue has been dealt with enough.

Mr. Kagermeier-My wife would know, in my work shop.

Senator Huebsch-Tech Plus Mankato as Silicon Valley?

Mr. Kagermeier-working with companies like Hickory Tech-we need things in place for high speed connections. Need to promote that we are a beautiful place, something that needs to be preserved. Businesses attract businesses.

Mr. Twedt-must distinguish role of council and mayor. Mayor can be a great ambassador, would do that with city planner. To dream and plan and make tech more than a little Midwestern thing is something that is that we can imagine.

Soren Erickson-What do you want to do with surplus or Sales Tax?

Mr. Twedt-We can't do to much with it except with expansion of airport. The back tax runs out when 25 million dollars of bonding has been paid off. It can't be used, but if it could we would have many environmental and civic projects.

Mr. Kagermeier-Once the bond is paid off and the airport is brought up to satisfactory, we should drop the tax.

Mr. Kagermeirer-Appreciate what you are doing to represent others. As I move into hopefully the mayors role, I hope I can work with you as a council person and a mayor. It is admirable. that you care for the other students on this campus. Your vote is very important. It has shaped this campus.

Mr. Twedt-There is a long tradition of excellence of leadership on this campus. This is an example today. Would like to work with you, but your statement is even more important, vote. You are an important part of the electorate. Thank you.

Approval of Minutes-minutes approved.

Elections: Allied Health & Nursing: Christina Ische- Non-traditional student, interested in senate because want to represent Allied Health, also keeping programs like Mini Mavs for single parents and other non-traditional students.
Coordinator Pavlenko-How much experience do you have with Mini-Mavs?
Christina Ische-no experience, but would like to advocate for these programs.
Christina Ische new senator Allied Health & Nursing
Off-Campus, Rachel Noah-very interested in Off-Campus, was senator last year, Student Affairs and SOAFC. Experience would be important.
Amy Bisek-will withdraw from first seat, Derek Short-withdraw from first seat.
Senator McBride-if you left in the middle of the night where would you go? No comment
President Oelberg-Do you know senate commitments?
Rachel Noah-yes knows commitments, has mornings free, does have an evening class. Would find a proxy for class. I do believe that this body is the official voice representing us to the university, this is very important and would take this very seriously. Diversity is important, and feel could represent constituents. Elected Off-campus senator Rachel Noah
Derek Short, Served time in legislators office. Experience with student government. Want to find out what students want and what they need.
President Oelberg-Do you know what requirements you need for student senate?
Elected -Off-campus senator Dekek Short
Amy Bisek-Involved in Newman Center, tutoring at learning center. Joined Student Affairs last semester, would now like to be a part of Student Senate.
Senator McBride-How will you cope with the stress of this job?
Amy Bisek-fully aware of how to cope with stress Amy Bisek-I hope you will give me the opportunity to work with students, and want to work on Tenant Landlord issues.
Amy Bisek-Elected Off-Campus Senator

Senator Schmidt-Mr. Speaker, In your opinion can Steering Committee remove a Presidential appointment?
Speaker ruling-Steering Committee does not have that jurisdiction.
Suspend Rules for Union Board report
Chair Dale Sack- Resolutions: RSO of the Year Selection Policy Addendum (see written report) vote-passes, Senator Noah, abstain.
Fund Raising Policy (see written report) An addendum will be drafted in regard to this policy for the Inter-Cultural Center.
Senator Monomo-Did this get tabled last week, because we could not figure out if contract was right or wrong?
Dale Sack-The contract was from Chartwells, but we sat down with all the interested groups and they are figuring out the policy. When these groups formulate a policy, it will go to Union Board for approval, and then to Senate.
Senator Monomo-Even if we vote on this, and the issue is resolved, it can be added on?
Mr. Sack-Yes that is correct.
Senator McBride-is this legit that they will agree because the interested groups were quite concerned last week.
Senator Boyce-Yes, we divided this into two groups, this will allow organizations the opportunity to do fundraising and will also allow the Inter-Cultural Center an opportunity to formulate a policy.
President Oelberg-This policy does not affect the Inter Cultural Center? They can be put into the lottery system as well as any other organization. This policy is not restrictive to them, but they will be able to have an additional policy put into place.
President Oelberg-Amendment-
This policy does not include the Inter Cultural Student Center Therefore, the InterCultural Student Center shall continue to operate under previous fundraising guidelines until a compromise is met.
Second Senator McBride When students come before us in a forum, we should make that an absolute concern, until their needs have been met.
Amendment passes, Senator Noah abstain Main Motion-motion passes

Officer Reports

Vice President Houa Vue (report given by President Oelberg)
Vietnamese New Year, Latino Night, Women's Conference.
President Sylvia Oelberg, Welcome new senators. Thank you for the support on the Mayor forum. Vote February 15. March 1 will be Tenant Forum. Nominations for Rules Committee will be posted.

Appointments: SOAFC-Nequra Campbell,
Lobby Day, February 16. We need to get students involved in Lobby Day. Have sent a letter to the editor, sent letters to Deans, Emails. Nequra has posters out regarding Meet Your Senator Day. Presented in front of SAC today requesting money for Women's Center event.
The Steering Committee does not have the power to fire, it is only to make it fair. Anyone can get on this committee. Coordinators are paid, that is why it is important for them to be accountable. President can remove a coordinator that is not doing a job. Is that not correct Mr. Speaker -actually no under Roberts Rules-if ByLaws authorize . you can appoint a cabinet, but not actually given the power to remove an appointment.
President Oelberg-If I have a problem, I should send it to Ethics? Ethics can make a recommendation for removal. Are they allowed to continue to be paid during that time?
Speaker Mayfield-If the Steering Committee brings it to your attention, you can evoke their stipend.
President Oelberg-I have no intention of removing a Coordinator, I just want Coordinators to do their job, and senators should ask about their jobs, because you approved them. I did not say I was going to remove anybody. We have a Steering Committee for checks and balances.
Speaker Mayfield-made a mistake. Senator McBride found an exclusion in Article X, Section 2
The President, Vice President, Senators, and presidential appointees shall be subject to recall. No elected official shall be recalled within the first three months of the tenure. A presidential appointee may be recalled at any time.

Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Vacancies-Social & Behavioral, Undeclared, Off- Campus.
Four years ago to the day, Mr. Pavlenko brought Dustin Mayfield to proxy, next quarter after that, ran for SET seat, became senator. Ran for Speaker, I lost, came back the next year, became SET senator. Brought many motions forward in regard to KRNR. Ran for Speaker, lost. Became Parliamentarian, went to MSUSA for first time, became confused, ran for Speaker and won. Here I am, interesting things have happened this year. I regret I have to offer my resignation at the adjournment of this meeting from all MSSA . It has been an honor to serve the senate.

MSUSA Sylvia Oelberg
Washington, DC trip appointees: Trip to St. Cloud took four hours due to lack of heat. We tried to meet with Leg Affairs Coordinator in regard to appointees. In ex. session I asked about at-large seats available, was told there were 7 seats available. Nequra Campbell, Rhys Gaffer, two at this time, because we have not met with Leg. Affairs Coordinator. MSUSA then choose to only take 6. Nequra Campbell was chosen so that she can meet with the territories. She would not have been selected in at-large pool. It was what was fair and equal. Rhys Gaffer was proxy at St. Cloud conference. Delegate Assembly is coming up. Information will be in MSUSA notebook, sign-up out side office. (see written report)
Nequra Campbell (speaking Dahlia Mahmoud) Diversity Conference, April 28. February 23-Conference, Meet Your Senator Day, February 16, be there if you are not going to Lobby Day.
Coordinator Boyce, Student Services Coordinator- served as acting Student Services Coordinator. Proxy was necessary, because I had to be a board member. Ex. Summary of NCA Focus -Feb. 21 & 22. Students will be asked questions. Budget Sub Meet and Confer yesterday, enrollment up about 5%. Behind in tuition collection- 8 million dollars. Tell students to stop by the Hub or Financial Aid, payment plans can be set up. Student Activity Fees have not been collected yet. Email was sent to Dean Trauger the first day of school, lines were long, not acceptable. We need to evaluate what we do for rush situations. The Hub has many services, but service is still priority. Would like people to serve on a Hub focus group. We need to see how we can better serve students. Make a commitment. February 10-NCA Focus group committee for welcoming.
Senator McBride-we have a strategy that was used in the past, teams for specific problems.

Coordinator Boyce-Senator Huebsch and I are student reps on Master Planning Committee. This will be looking at companies that want to develop an association with the university. We need a direction. Looking at consultant teams.
Senator Radtke-how does campus wide master plan relate to residence hall master plan.
Senator Boyce-sit at group looking at bonding for res halls and student unions. They are going to be asking for bonding, we have a problem with this. We need to decide to fix problems we have or we don't borrow until we have a plan as to how to fix the situation. 60 million will not cover over 150 million dollars worth of problems. Res Life will be included in this.

Dahlia Mahmoud, Ethnic/International Coordinator. Main focus was to have us known off campus as diverse as possible. Many problems in Mankato high schools last year. Became aware of problems, to my surprise, East High School is sponsoring a Diversity Fair. They had people from countries, booths. West High School is also doing very well, they are having an International week. A lot of International students have had problems with the ISO. We will have to do something about this. About 200 students have talked about this. Don't be surprised if you get questions from International students.
President Oelberg-several students have approached me, it is better if they can put it in writing.
Coordinator Mahmoud-they will be coming in to talk to senate as a whole.
Senator McBride-is there a commonality, what is the problem?
Coordinator. Mahmoud, not organized, mistreated, not being heard.

Staff Reports

Chris Boyce, Student Services Coordinator

Committee Reports

SAC, Chris Boyce- SAC items being brought forward next week. President. Oelberg's request for the Women's Center was not denied, but they are looking at this request because they are offering prizes being given away etc. CoEd Cheer team has request for National Competition. These will happen next week when we have quorum.

MSUSA PR & Development, Rhys Gaffer, Served at PR & Development Committee Lead. Motions passed to encourage students to wear clothing with university logos. Education tables will be set up regarding MSUSA platform, and information on attending Lobby Day.
Senator McBride-Mr. Gaffer thanks for all your time and work.

Legislative Affairs, Ian Radtke (provided report) Tables are set up for Lobby Day, Room 146, Lobby Space. There are extra lobby days, March 27 and April 10-will let people know of exact dates. Memo from Dave Able-regarding Lobby Day.. Students and faculty. Top issues for MSUSA Tuition, Income based grant programs for part-time and independent students, Minnesota State bonding list, Minnesota State supplemental budget, Elimation of HESO, Student faculty agenda.


Speaker Mayfield-thanks to Eric Bakke, Bob Pavlenko, President Oelberg, Vice President Vue
President Oelberg-Census 2000, Our city will lose $250.00 per person for everyone that is not counted. Lobby Day - we are all responsible for this, not just Emilie, we need to work with her. She is efficient and will get meetings scheduled with legislators. Good Luck Dustin in all your endeavors.
Senator Boyce-Dustin it has been fun. We will miss you.

Adjournment 7:05
Roll Call
Senators Present Christina Esche, Chris Schmidt, Ed McBride, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Ian Radtke, Jesse Palmer, Derek Short, Amy Bisek
Senators Absent Juliet Orbisi, Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Karma Lama, Manu Morais, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Carla Von Bank, Scott Taylor, Rachel Noah
Executive Staff Present President Sylvia Oelberg