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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
February 9, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Vice President Houa Vue

Roll Call

Senators Present Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused
Christina Ische 1-0-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 11-1-2-2, Chris Schmidt 14-1-0-1, Emilie Peterson 13-1-2, Ed McBride 8-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 16-0-0, Chris Boyce 16-0-0, Nequra Campbell 14-2-0, Ian Radtke 13-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 13-1-2, Nick Morriston 7-3-0, Zahid Ahmed 12-4-0, Rachel D. Noah 1-0-0, Derek Short 1-0-0, Amy Bicek 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi 8-3-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-13-3, Miriam Monomo 14-2-0, Karma Lama 5-8-3, Manu Morais 1-3-0, Scott Taylor 7-5-4
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Speaker Election-President Oelberg
Shawn Bakke, Ed McBride
Mr. Bakke-Jr/Sr Graduated from Bethany. Learned from past experience that he wanted to be involved with Senate. Was on Senate in past, learned a lot. Has been working very hard at part-time job, this has lead to leadership abilities and ability to make decisions.
Ed McBride- Things he wants changed; time management, reorganized agenda so that things will get passed with full Senate because quorum is so important. Wants committees and boards to be made more responsible, wants resolutions turned in to the office early so that they can be reviewed before Wed. committee. Wants this to be a more fun place to be.
Questions: Senator Noah-how familiar are you with Parliamentary Procedure? Do you feel this important and can you run the meeting effectively?
Mr. Bakke-Feels level of expertise is adequate, not as adequate as Mr. Mayfield. Has been working on this, knowing is one thing, applying is another. Would need to adjust to the role, even if you know procedure, it could be difficult.
Senator Noah- How strongly should we be bound to Parly Pro.?
Mr. Bakke-Parly Pro is important because of rival actions so that senators can arbitrate, they are there to make meetings more effective, not to hinder.
Mr. McBride-Parly Pro is a learning process, it is important, however, it is also a hindrance. During elections we should suspend rules and conform to time constraints, it can also create a calm and orderly manner.
Senator Schmidt-Are you aware of time limits and can you commit to that time?
Mr. Bakke-Question of time is indeed important. I have found that when I have too much time I tend to waste it. You need to have quality time. Time commitment, I have Wed. free and a couple hours a day. Any commitment I make I will do my best..
Coordinator Pavlenko-What are your feelings on Speaker appointments?
Mr. Bakke-Rather controversial, when used properly they can be an asset.
Mr. McBride-I don't have feelings for or against, it is part of the job to follow that.
Senator Morriston-What is a Speaker appointment?
Mr. BcBride-I don't know a lot about that.
Mr. Bakke-Parliamentarian, Sergeant of Arms.
Senator Schmidt-Personality plays an important part in any role, if you were to be an animal what animal and why?
Mr. Bakke-I wish I could go second on this, I guess a duck. I could fly away if the situation arose.
Mr. McBride-A elephant, because of memory and being tough
Senator Mahmoud-How would you make committees more accountable?
Mr. McBride-We are all adults here. Committees rely on leadership, but committees need to work things out themselves and be more accountable.
Mr. Bakke-Committees-there is only so much you can do. I would try to be a leader, and encourage people to fulfill their duties, the best thing I could do is lead by example.
Mr. McBride-It is important that we remember why we are here. We are here for the students. I will insist on professionalism, respect, and acknowledge everyone.
Mr. Bakke-Strongest assets, leadership, good decision maker, good arbitrator, never with a party affiliation, always ran independent. Doesn't view himself as an activist. Wants focused debate, no personal attacks. There will be disputes, that is fine. It would be an honor to replace Mr. Mayfield. You will make a great choice however you vote today.
New speaker, Mr. Ed McBride

Approval of Minutes February 2, 2000 Minutes approved

Elections: Education, Off-Campus, Undeclared
Off-Campus candidate-Ryan Austad
Called Political Science Dept. to find about organizations. Interested in helping students. Here to learn.
Senator Noah-Are you aware of the commitments of time?
Mr. Austad-I feel it shouldn't be a problem.
Senator Schmidt-Going back to character, animal and why.
Would like to be a gorilla, lay on hillside and eat bananas.
Senator Morais-Proxy McGee-What type of personality do you have and do you have your own mind?
Mr. Austad-Constantly trying to learn, not judgmental. Outgoing.
Proxy McGee-Do you agree on saying, do you agree to disagree?
Mr. Austad-Oh yes.
Senator Noah-Are there any issues you want to work on?
Mr. Austad-Yes, getting people to vote, registered, and getting them active.
Senator Schmidt-Are there majors of interest to you?
Senator Austad-I like History, but I am not sure yet.
Senator Short-Are you familiar with committees?
Mr. Austad-Not really, need more information to lobby.
Senator Radtke-Are you aware of 3:00 P.M.meeting?
Mr. Austad-My boss is flexible. Appreciate knowing that.
Mr. Austad-Thanks for opportunity of doing this, what you are doing is a good thing and I respect that.
Ryan Austad-Elected, Off-Campus Senator

Officer Reports

Vice President Houa Vue (see written report)

President Sylvia Oelberg
Congratulations to new senator. NCA Advisory final report is in Information Corner. Proposal for Morris Hall Computer space. Volunteer Firefighter Program. Top MSUSA Leg. issues. Calendar of Events. Asian New Year. Committee meetings discussed, 2001-2002 Academic calendar. Meet Your Senator Day. Census Bureau-part-time jobs available.
Committee Appointments: Newspaper-Kristy Anderson, FYE-Amy Bicek. Bookstore-Amy Bicek
Coordinator Meeting-Monday 8:00 AM.
Job Fair Monday, if you can help other students with a ride, let us know. Parking proposal information. Frost Days this week. If you would like to be in the Lip Sync contest, let us know. Service Learning-reading to children. We all need to work with Coordinator Peterson to get people to attend Lobby Day.
Proxy McGee-What time is the Lip Sync contest is? What is the song, do you need to have rhythm?
President Oelberg-We can't give out the name of the music, but anyone can be involved.
Returned to SAC today, for request for Women's Center funding.
Speaker Ed McBride
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial: AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Fencing Club, Islamic Research Society (IRS), Campus Bible Fellowship, Kappa Delta Pi (Lambda Lambda Chapter), MSU Bike Club, Corrections Club
MSUSA Sylvia Oelberg
Sign up for delegate assembly. Information outside door.

Staff Reports

Emilie Peterson, Legislative Affairs Coordinator
Apologize to members in the room and thanks for giving me advice last week. Thanks to Sylvia and Houa for having an open door policy. Thanks to everyone that has worked at the Leg. Table. There is a Lobby Day table in the CSU. We need people to sit at this table and encourage people to attend. I can't do this by myself, it is a huge job. Lobby Day is Feb. 16. We will spend all day at the capitol. Rally in the rotunda, marching on the Capitol. Want legislature to know we care about student issues. (see student issues). Sent letters to RSO's, made tabletops for Stompers and Res. life, hanging posters. Talking to classes about attending Lobby Day. Dave Able contacted faculty about instructors supporting students attending. Monday, joint press conference with faculty about Lobby Day. Working on setting up appointments with legislators. Those attending, should attend a Lobby Day Role playing.
Senator Austad-How many universities attend Lobby Day?
Coordinator Peterson-All state and community and technical colleges.

Bob Pavlenko, Academic Affairs Coordinator
The Vice President of Academic Affairs would like to know if we could get comments up to Academic Affairs by Feb. 28 regarding 2001-2002 Academic Calendar. Discussed in committee a J-term or a short course during break. Attending IFO tomorrow. Will be bringing up a list of things to discuss with them. Also the possibility of a break in the middle of Fall semester-Engineering Dept. and other departments have questions on this. This would be for the term 2001-2002. Will be discussing Faculty evaluations, Joint committee-when quorum is not met in Academic and Student Services, we will have joint committee. Formal motions can not come out of that, but good things can come out of committee. Attended MSUSA-talked about merging applications in the Minnesota State system, so that you can apply for entire system with only one processing fee, that did not pass because of less money coming in to the campuses. Did pass saying they wanted a universal application. Need to talk to MSUSA about a separate Technology Committee. Technology growth on all campuses is a lot, and maybe would be more efficient if separated from other committees.

Chris Boyce, Student Services Coordinator
Get on the Bus-Dean Trauger wants a committee to see how we can better serve the students. NCA Focus Group-12:00.
Technology-will be focus of committee at MSUSA.
Coordinator Pavlenko-Have you considered the use of subliminal messages for Get on the Bus?

Committee Reports

SAC, Chris Boyce
Chair Boyce-Will be discussing request for Women's Center and other requests soon.

Recommendation 02.02.00-01
SAC recommends a budgeted funds request of up to $500 to the MSU Social Work Club for a service learning trip. Members are going to Chicago to volunteer, most members have not been in a urban community. They will work at a shelter. Request covers travel and lodging.
Recommendation 02.02.00-01 Passes

Recommendation 02.02.00-02
SAC recommends a supplemental funds request of up to $5441 to the MSU Forensics team for travel to the AFA-NIET National Tournament.
Questions: Senator Noah-SAC can give up to 50$ per person for travel or up to $500 . Why are we able to give more to various organizations?
Chair Boyce-Line items are different than RSO's, Forensic and Cheer and MSSA are line items. SAF are set so that we recognize club teams as an RSO. Sports, senate etc. are line items. There is not a cap for line items.
Recommendation 02.02.00-02 Passes Senator Noah, Campbell No, Senator Morriston Abstain

Recommendation 02.09.00-01
SAC recommends a supplemental funds request of up to $1842 to the MSU Co-Ed Cheer team for travel to the National Cheerleaders Association.
Chair Boyce, this request is for eighteen students to fly. They have been doing fundraising for the remainder.
Recommendation 02.09.00-01 Passes

Recommendation 02.09.00-02
SAC recommends a non budgeted funds request of up to $270 to the MSU SAGE for a GLBT Educational Conference in St. Cloud, MN,br> Chair Boyce-this is a request for the cost of fees for six individuals to attend. Recommendation 02.09.00-02 Passes Senator Noah Abstain

Recommendation 02.09.00-03
SAC recommends a non budgeted funds request of up to $442 to the MSSA for travel costs to the MSUSA State Lobby Day. Chair Boyce-this request is for the expense of the bus and two vans.
Recommendation 02.09.00-03 Passes Senator Peterson Abstain
Senator Morriston-Can you assure me that next week we work on the Women's Center request?
Chair Boyce-We will do our best.
Senator Noah-It is my understanding that the policy does have to go through Senate.

Constitution Commission, Chris Boyce
Chair Boyce-Get on the BUS. Constitution Commission has received a letter from the President Oelberg, regarding issues of correspondence.
Senator Morriston-Is there any way we can move the African Drums thing along?
Chair Boyce-No, we can not move it today. But we will move it along as soon as possible.

Senator Reports

Chris Boyce, Social & Behavioral Science
GET ON THE BUS. Attended Dean's meeting for Social & Behavioral Science. Talking to Dean about professors or taking classes, or field trips during Dec. not maybe a structured class, but field trips.


Coordinator Peterson-Motion to cancel senate next week to attend Lobby Day or attend Meet Your Senator Day. Lobby Day is very important. We won't be back by four. I am requesting this motion to go through so that people feel they don't have to find a proxy.
Second President Oelberg
Senator Campbell-What do we do about posts already up regarding senators emailing in office and eating at Carkoski?
Coordinator. Peterson-I would entertain a friendly amendment to change motion.
President Oelberg-amendment to motion.
Move to cancel next Wednesday Senate meeting for purposes of Lobby Day, and require senators to either go to Lobby Day or sit at the Meet your Senator Day table from 4:00 PM. to 5:00 P.M.
President Oelberg-Motion Second Senator Noah
Senator Noah-Move the previous question, 2ND Senator Schmidt.
Motion passes
Vote on main motion passes Opposed Senator Noah
Coordinator Peterson-sign up seat for Lobby Day or Meet your Senator Day.
Senator Schmidt-18 wall sockets. 100 slots on each blind. 2nd hand goes around...............19 doors....57 hinges. Etc. Etc.
Senator Short-Vote next Tuesday for Mayor. If we don't vote we don't get recognized.
Speaker McBride-I want questions to get answered. We will work on quorum.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:04 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Chris Boyce, Nequra Campbell, Jesse Palmer, Ryan Austad, Ian Radtke, Emilie Peterson, Tim Huebsch, Chris Schmidt, Amy Bicek, Nick Morriston, Derek Short
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi, Chritina Esche, Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie, Karma Lama, Manu Morais, Scott Taylor, Rachel Noah, Zahid Ahmed
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue