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67th MSSA Senate
February 23, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:05 P.M. by Speaker Ed McBride

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 9-4-0, Christina Ische 3-0-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 12-2-2-2, Miriam Monomo 15-3-0, Chris Schmidt 16-1-0-1, Emilie Peterson 15-1-2, Timothy Huebsch 17-1-0, Manu Morais 2-4-0, Chris Boyce 18-0-0, Nequra Campbell 16-2-0, Ian Radtke 15-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 14-2-2, Nick Morriston 8-4-0, Rachel D. Noah 2-1-0, Derek Short 3-0-0, Amy Bicek 3-0-0, Scott Taylor 9-5-4
Senators Absent
Mickey Cupkie 0-15-3, Zahid Ahmed 12-6-0, Ryan Austad 0-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Presentation - Dr. Poch, Director, Higher Education Service Office
Primary responsibilities of HESO: Financial Aid Program, Child-Care Grants, Loan Program, State Grants. HESO achieves understanding through dialogue, would like to hear student issues.
Senator Morriston-Why are Privates getting more than state schools in financial aid?
Dr. Poch-This has been a bit of contention since conception. Legislature created state grant program-student choice, can choose what institution you want to go to, this is a State Law. Private College gets more because grant is not only based on financial need, it includes cost of the school you are attending. Disparities is because of cost of institution. and whether or not the state subsidizes an institution. A state institution is a state school because of public dollars it receives. Privates can not ask for bonding money. Privates get subsidized through student aid. Legislature has focused in on students, students should have a choice of where they want to go to school. Every student is supposed to meet 47% of cost of attending a school, regardless of what school you attend. You pay more at a private. State schools get fewer grant dollars. Fundamentally there are more dollars allocated to a private college than a state school. We need to look at mechanics in addition to philosophy.
Senator Peterson-Can you explain briefly how it works when work study is allocated and not used and how it then can be transferred to privates?
Dr. Poch-There is a point in time when institutions report back on what they have spent on work study and child care, after that it can go back to a central pool. Work study gets spent more than child-care. There is a reallocation process, money is taken from one institution and given to another, from a state to a private school. It depends on what demand is. Ultimate goal is to spend it all down. Thankfully work study is heavily utilized. Child care is not always spent.
Senator Peterson-My understanding is that when work studies are not spent and go to the general pool, they could go out as grant funds.
Dr. Poch-That is not wrong, but typically work study is spent as work study, what is left over is very small. There is an avenue for reallocating in student aid. Child care has been worked into work study. One issue is why is child care not spent down? Child care grant is capped at $2,000 per student. We can transfer money between programs.
Senator Boyce-Can you tell us how HESO is structured?
Dr. Poch-General structure is organized into 7 areas. Service agency, Director's Office-Communication Legislative Services, Student Financial Aid Services Division-internal accounting of programs. Research and Programs Division including maintenance of enrollment . Also have Information Management, Human Resources Division. They work for a Board appointed by the governor. Unique feature-is that a student was serving as a co-chair, this is a national distinction. 4 members, 1 student. Function is 3 fold, hire or fire director, review operation of office, they make recommendations to governor and legislature.
Senator Boyce-There are two bills to abolish your office, what do you do that is right?
Dr. Poch-Great question, we are there for specific reason; Administer programs efficiently, provide fundamental services to students and citizens of the state. Have numerous customers. Share information on post secondary information that as a whole anyone can understand. Charged with administering state and federal programs, 1 1/2 million dollar grant that helps students prepare for college. They are trying to get on campuses and find out issues and see how they can improve on them. Will continue to meet on campuses. Need open honest dialogue between students and administrators.
Senator Noah-If HESO is abolished who would take over duties?
Dr. Poch-There is a bill out there where duties would be divided among many different players. It would be disbursed, U of M, Trustees, CFL, the bill specifies that in detail.
Senator Noah-Nothing new would be developed?
Dr. Poch-A new agency would not be developed.
Dr. Poch-One fundamental, structure is put in place by Legislature. It is not an invention of this office. We need to look at profile of public and private schools, There is a belief that rich go to privates etc. Many feel 47 % is not equitable. If we get all this information things might be looked at differently. If we can look factually at all issues we could get at core. Is grant program set up correctly, should we look at choice versus access? We have a data book that answers some of these questions.

Approval of Minutes 2/9/00 Minutes approved

Elections: Education, Graduate Studies, Off-Campus. Social & Behavioral Sciences, Gage A, Undeclared

Off-Campus candidate, Roger White Owl, Sean Bakke
Roger White Owl-Went to a tribal college. Have lobbied for non-Indian students. Students need representation. Rights for students is important while attending college. Want to be apart of this body to help other students.

Sean Bakke-Was on student senate two years ago. Have realized that this senate is on the right track . Withdrawing from candidacy. Encourage you to watch tuition issue.
Roger White Owl, No problems of working and attending school. Thanks
Senator Morriston-Are you aware of time commitments of this position?
Mr. White Owl-Want to make sure all students get representation and do not have strife.
Elected Off Campus Senator Roger White Owl

Erin Wilson-Social & Behavioral Sciences Senator Candidate
Would like to represent many students, open to learning.
Senator Noah-Are you aware of time commitments, 3:00 & 4:00 meeting?
Senator Schmidt-Have seen you in the office lately-what would you do if you were being chased by a rabid rabbit?
Elected Social & Behavioral Science Senator- Erin Wilson

Officer Reports

Vice President Houa Vue (see written report)
President Sylvia Oelberg
Thanks to everyone that went to the Capitol. Also a thank you should is directed to those individuals whodid emails.
Meet & Confer-trying to get students involved on campus with lobby issues. NCA focus visit went very well. Jesse Palmer, Bob Pavlenko, Houa Vue and President Oelberg met with Dr. Schwartz. Washington, DC trip. Emilie Peterson appointed to trip. Regarding trip-asking SAC for funding for trip. Paying for 3 individuals. Selection process was brought forward. Nequra can go as an International student. She will represent Territories. We have no exclusions.
MSUSA Delegate Assembly-March 24-26. Appointments next week. Over view in Survival Guide.

Thank Chris Boyce for bringing Dr. Poch today.
Committee Appointments: Jackie James, Ethics. Union Board-Roger White Owl, Matt Larimore Fraternity Sorority Liaison position- Derek Short. Recall from SAC appointment, Michael Groenewold.
Election Rules will be in boxes next week, we will vote on them hopefully, next week. .Election Day-April 11.
Graduation Fees-will be meeting with Dr. Korvas tomorrows.
Meeting with Dr. Rush tomorrow.
Tenant Forum March 1.
Academic Calendar-proposals will be forwarded .
Proclamation-Friday, February 25 is going to be Don Brose Day for service and dedication to MSU Men's Hockey Program..
Senator Mahmoud-If I wanted to go to Washington, what would be the cost?
President Oelberg-Selection process has been completed but could give you information for next year.

Speaker Ed McBride
Good questions for Dr. Poch. Meetings will start at 4:00.
Recognized Student Organizations
Black Student Union
Correspondence from Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Malcolm O'Sullivan. Senate Resolutions.
The President has reviewed the following resolutions:
R#2.09.00A. This resolution recommends that the Social Work Club receive up to $500 for a service learning trip.
The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation.
R#02.02.00B. This resolution recommends that the MSU Forensics Team receive $5,441 for travel to the AFA-NIET National Tournament. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation.
R#02.02.00C. This resolution recommends that the MSU Cheer Team receive up to $1,842 for travel to the National Cheerleaders Association National Competition. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation
R#02.09.00D. This resolution recommends that the MSU SAGE receive up to $270 to attend a GLBT Educational Conference. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves the allocation.
R#02.09.00E. This resolution recommends that MSSA receive up to $442 for travel costs to the MSUSA State Lobby Day. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation.

Resignation-Science Engineering & Technology, Karma Lama
Speaker McBride-Reports must be in writing and turned in prior to meeting.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt-Is that considered a Speaker Ruling?
Speaker McBride-That is correct.
Speaker McBride-Will be referring senators to Ethics if they miss more than two consecutive weeks.

Senator Boyce-Motion on the floor to allocate $1,000 to the Women's Center for "Voices of Africa". This went before SAC but with two week lay over they had decided to not act on this. SAC conducted an email vote, "Voices of Africa" failed. It was not moved out of SAC. We should move on this at this time.
Senator Noah-This has come out of committee so it can be voted on this at this time.
Suspend Rules-Opposed Noah
Senator Morriston-Is there any reason to not pass this?
Senator Boyce-No, this is for programming.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt-What were the reasons for not supporting this.? What were the feelings and comments for the split?
Senator Boyce-Some members felt this was procedure, they did not think the Association should be in programming or Co sponsorship.
Senator Peterson-Do you know what the budget is?
Senator Boyce-The budget is $4500. Our allocation is $1,000
Motion Senator Boyce
Motion withdrawn.
Motion President Oelberg
Motion R#02.23.00.A
MSSA is requesting a $1,000 supplement to co-sponsor the performance fees related to the "Voices of Africa."
Second Senator Morriston.
Senator Morriston-This is not the most important thing to come before Senate, however, it is a good thing.
Senator Noah-My understanding is that the $1,000 will be to pay for drums.
President Oelberg-We can not spend money on gifts. This is specially for programming and getting MSSA's name out.
Senator Noah-Will one hundred drums be given away?
President Oelberg-This is only for the programming of the performance.
Senator Boyce-SAC knows it is not drums. It is specifically for the program. We are the co-sponsor not the sponsor.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt-Is this coming from the senate budget as a supplement?
President Oelberg-Yes, it is a supplemental, that will be given to us for us to give to them.
Senator Noah-I arise in opposition, we are not trusting our committee. This is not against the program, we need more information.
Senator Boyce-I understand the confusion, we are taking $1,000 from a $5 million dollar pot to give to the Student Senate to give to the Women's Center for this group coming from Africa. We are not paying for objects given to the audience. SAC did not support this, because 3 people said yes, 3 people said no. I believe it is in the benefit of the students.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt-I believe President Oelberg said there were other organizations that wanted our co-sponsorships, what happened with those?
President Oelberg-Yes, Kessel wanted too much money, one was to late in regarding time line, one was a dating issue. This is working with a department and it will help build bridges. This association exists to help students. This is a neutral item. We owe it to all students to help them. Committee members did not like that I went before SAC without request on a form. That was a procedural mistake and should not be taken into consideration.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt-Concerned that, yes this is neutral but feel that we will have more of these requests coming in and taking time.
Senator Taylor-Move previous question
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt, what do you mean by these?
Senator Noah-She means more requests for co-sponsorship.
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Timothy Huebsch, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Scott Taylor, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Derek Short, Nick Morriston
Senators abstaining
Emilie Peterson
Executive Staff abstaining
President Oelberg
Senators voting No with Rights
Senator Wilson-Proxy Depuydt, Social & Behavioral Science-Rights. I am voting against this because I am afraid of the precedent it may set. I feel that other groups may come forward and the President will need to use her/her discretion to decide how and what will be promoted to the Senate. I believe in SAC and their decisions. I do believe this is a beneficial program but I don't feel that Senate is in place to take the decisions of SAC and override by way of the Senate's budget.
Motion Passes

Staff Reports

Student Services, Chris Boyce
Good dialogue with Dr. Pock, Met with the NCA team, also met with Parking Consultant. Lobby Day was fun, 500 students were packed in the Lobby. Working with the Inter-Cultural Center on on-going issues. Met with Dr. Healy. Reinvestment Task Force-one problem is that two largest providers of off-campus housing were not included in report. It is nice to see students in the office asking for help. We need to let people know who we are.

Technology, Tim Huebsch
Technology continues to be a major issue. MSSA started regular meetings, want to provide feed back to administration. Come to meetings and share ideas of future of technology on campus, before these go to SAC. Meet at 2:00 Friday in 219A. Ask students what they want to see in Technology on campus. Computer Service relocation-time table has been pushed back, looking at moving to Library. University looking at creating purchasing of domino system for student records. Wireless will be a big issue on campus, looking at integrating data.
President Oelberg-Will three be more dialogue on Internet access?
Senator Huebsch-Yes they will be doing that.
Senator Mahmoud-Were do I go for complaints regarding the Art Lab?
Senator Huebsch-Mr. Sharpe

Ethnic/International, Nequra Campbell
MSUSA had a Diversity Conference today. We did not have representation. Next Conference will be in October, will be giving $100 for the design of the new theme. International Festival in the high schools, week long. Senator Mahmoud will be attending a meeting regarding this.
Senator Mahmoud-Will be working with high school student on South East Asia, Africa and Europe. Students need help and encouragement regarding food, flags etc. They need our support and to know that we are there for them.
President Oelberg-We weren't represented at conference because we did not vote for it. This was a conference outside our system. We have missed so many days off campus, this takes money from our budget and time that we can be representing our students here at MSU.

Committee Reports

SAC, Chris Boyce
Motion passes Opposed Senator Noah, Senator Peterson
Senator Peterson-I understand there was a motion to allocate $600 to MSSA for the DC trip
Senator Boyce-Yes but that has been withdrawn, because of the increase in air fares.

Legislative Affairs, Emilie Peterson
Thanks to everyone that participated in Lobby Day.
Dr. Poch-I will take a long look at all his HESO stuff. Email-please, there is a bill posted in the office #3160-a bill specifically to give money to Phase II. There will be students coming in soon to find out there home senators-it will be on the computer, help them. Alumni will be sending out this information across campus. Fill out Legislative network form in your boxes. This is the universities way of letting you know what you should be emailing.
Senator Boyce-Can we help you with a web page on emailing etc.?

Senator Reports

Crawford Hall, Nequra Campbell
Thank you to everyone that supported me at Crawford Hall. Students did not have concerns, but appreciated us being there. We interacted with students at Carkoski.

Off-Campus, Rachel Noah
Serve on Student Affairs, Chair of SOAFC, RSO's are important, involved with SAGE , dance March 3 at the Legion. Diversity comes in all forms. Gay population does not have alot of support. Our organization was the first in the nation. Would like to see support for this. This dance is a way for them to raise money for Eliminate Hate Day. We need more people to get involved. Nametags are important, wear them all day on Wednesday. Ask your professors to let you speak in class.
President Oelberg-Regarding the dance, they have given us information before, have contacted them and they did not return calls. Can they put GLBC on their flyers?
Senator Noah-No they cannot use the name yet, it is still in court.
Senator Morriston-When and where is Eliminate Hate Day?
Senator Noah-Don't know exact day. There will be information, tables etc. I will bring information next week.

Science Engineering & Technology, Tim Huebsch (see written report)
Attended Deans Council Meeting-calendar issue. Idea of a break between start of school and Thanksgiving. This would allow for research and give the opportunity to meet with faculty. There was a day-break during this period a couple of years ago but has been eliminated in the past few years. Annual Rube Goldberg Science competition last week. 25 high schools competed. Was a judge, amazing how many hours were put in. The Science Fair is right around the corner and they are still looking judges, as is the elementary fair.


Senator Taylor-Maverick Men's Choir-Friday at Hockey game.
Senator Mahmoud-International Student Association elections coming up-would like support, running for President
Senator Bicek-Tenant Forum, March 1. Stop by table and attend forum.
President Oelberg-Tenant table, also you voted to sponsor "Voices of Africa", so help get people there. Thanks Amy for work with Tenant forum.
Senator Schmidt-Next Monday-Aviation Club, Black Student Union will be supporting African American Pilots.
Senator Short-Attended meeting today for Panhellenic, was appointed Greet Liaison for Fraternities and Sororities and the Senate. Attend their meetings and keep them informed and keep you informed. Recently began planning a Parliamentary Procedure workshop. April 17-after election, good for new senators.

Adjournment 6:25 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Dahlia Mahmoud, Chris Schmidt, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Scott Taylor, Derek Short, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Nick Morriston
Senators Absent
Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie, Manu Morais, Ryan Austad, Zahid Ahmed
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg