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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
March 1, 2000 Minutes

Roll Call


Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 10-4-0, Christina Ische 4-0-0, Chris Schmidt 17-1-0-1, Emilie Peterson 16-1-2, Timothy Huebsch 18-1-0, Manu Morais 3-4-0, Chris Boyce 19-0-0, Ian Radtke 16-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 15-2-2, Nick Morriston-Proxy Ellen Nelson 8-4-1, Rachel D. Noah 3-1-0, Derek Short 4-0-0, Amy Bicek 4-0-0, Roger White Owl 1-0-0, Erinn Wilson-Proxy Kristy Anderson 0-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 13-6-0, Ryan Austad 1-2-0,
Senators Absent
Mickey Cupkie 0-16-3, Miriam Monomo 15-4-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 12-3-2-2, Nequra Campbell 16-3-0, Scott Taylor 9-6-4
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Jon Bauer, Editor MN River Review, any student can submit literature to be published, deadline, Friday, March 3.
President Oelberg-Do you think there is an increase in students submitting articles?
Jon Bauer-Yes, They have many articles to choose from, anyone can still submit.

Approval of Minutes 2/23/00 Minutes approved

Elections Education, Graduate Studies, Gage A, Undeclared
Andrew Grundhoefer-Undeclared candidate
Senator Noah-Why did you want to join senate, do you have any issues?
Mr. Grundhoefer-No actual interests, however, politics background.
Senator Schmidt-If you were a book, what and why?
Mr. Grundhoefer-A novel, because of drama.
Mr. Grundhoefer-Would like to represent Undeclared majors, not a real direction and interested in learning about more things.
Andrew Grundhoefer-elected Undeclared Senator

Officer Reports

President Sylvia Oelberg
Thanks to Amy Bicek, Chris Boyce, Rachel Noah, Chris Schmidt and many more that helped at tables and at forum. It was a success, about 25-30 people attended.
Met with Ed Twedt this past week. Mr. Twedt fought for International Students to have an office on campus, also dealt with Security. He has immediately dealt with many issues on campus. He is student friendly and will work with all of us on issues. He is credible on all issues he has worked with on our campus.
RHA-met with Chris Goettl on RHA issues.
Graduation Fee-Ron Korvas will be coming before senate to ask for a $25 graduation fee. Look at proposal, it has not been finalized, it needs to go to Minnesota State. This will be effective Fall 2000.
Academic calendar proposals have been forwarded. If you have any questions or proposals we can still forward those.
MSUSA- sign up for Delegate Assembly, we will not be taking extra delegates, because of $100 cost to our senate.
Washington DC representatives will be leaving Friday. Arrangements have been made for representatives to go to airport by Land to Air.
Follow Up on Union Board Art Work- It was stated that we did not want any Art Work-if we do not request it the walls will remain as is except for the bulletin boards. We are still looking into office furniture exchange.
Congratulation to Interfraternity Council for their expansion. Sigma Chi.
Committee Appointments:
SAC, Amy Bicek Constitution Committee-Vicky Meuangsaksith, Xai Xiong, Chris Goettle. First Year Experience-Dena Neuhaus. Legislative Affairs-Matthew Pomier, Elections-Xai Xiong, Yer Vue

Diversity Coordinator-Kristy Anderson
working on Diversity Conference, International Festival. Women and Leadership Conference, Aids Quilt, this is sponsored by Student Events Team, I am going to work with it and so should you. Eliminate Hate Day, April 5-need volunteers.
Women's History Month
Senator Noah-When is the Aids quilt meeting?
Coordinator Anderson-Tonight in room CSU 168 or next Tuesday in room 203.

Speaker Ed McBride
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Men's Club Volleyball

Staff Reports

Committee Reports

SAC, Chris Boyce
SAC is now doing preliminary work for budget requests. Monday at 3:00 - International Student Office, Forensics.

SAC R#02.23.00A
SAC recommends up to $829 to the MSSA for transportation to the annual Federal Lobby Trip.

This recommendation comes out of SAC revised. The MSSA requested $600 last week for their delegation of three students to travel to Washington D.C.. SAC at that time made the recommendation of $600. This recommendation was held because of the cost of the tickets . This was not put forward because we weren't sure this would be enough money. Today a Student-At-Large requested $229 for the trip to Washington DC. SAC members felt that since they were going to the same place and rather than start a precedent it was decided to add it to the original $600 request made by MSSA.
President Oelberg- I am the contact and our request was for only three students to travel, I have not been contacted about adding another. What gives SAC the power to change the proposal?
Chair Boyce-SAC did not change your proposal. It changed how they wanted to fund or pass this. SAC is a committee of this senate.
President Oelberg-Concern is that it is MSSA going to Washington, the At-large position is not part of this, it part of MSUSA. The committee should contact the name on the form for discussion before Making a change like this.
Chair Boyce-SAC is only a committee of the senate. It did not change the request, only the recommendation.
Senator Noah-SAC changed the recommendation of MSSA paying for three people, if you give this recommendation it does not say that this has to be used for a fourth person.
President Oelberg-Motion to amend to $600.
Senator Noah-A motion to amend can not come out of this body, it would have to come out of committee.
President Oelberg-Withdraw motion
Senator Morriston-Proxy Nelson-I want to point out that if another person wants to go, that is a good thing. It gives more people a chance to be involved.
President Oelberg-There was an interview process, if we now choose to fund this then we should fund it for everyone to attend.
Coordinator Pavlenko-The individual you are discussing is myself. I applied under the regular process hoping to go as a delegate from this campus. I was not selected and I was encouraged to run for the At-Large Seat, I did this and won. I was never informed that the airfare, lodging etc. would not be paid for by MSUSA. Last Thursday I was informed that MSUSA would pay for my hotel and $100 for my airfare. I am requesting the remainder because I can not possible fund the rest. I understand the precedent of not funding At Large students. When I forwarded the request to SAC, I forwarded this as a special request, SAC decided to merge it with the MSSA request.
Senator Noah-I arise in opposition to this motion. This is a precedent. SAC made a mistake. This should have been treated as a separate issue. It was made clear that MSSA would not pay for At-Large positions. I would not support MSSA funding an individual person.
President Oelberg-I have two years of minutes that show MSSA has not funded At-Large in the past. I was available to SAC, no one came and asked me questions.
Senator Palmer-I would like to see us support At-Large in the future. It would be unfair for us to do that now.
Senator Austad-We need to be aware of favoritism, I don't see the big issue behind this. Just because their are precedents behind it, does not mean that we have to do that. This is a different senate. We can be individual.
Senator Peterson-I play a duel role, I am also Leg Affairs Coordinator, in the Leg Affairs books there are minimal records. I thought it was in the best interests of us to send students to lobby. I did not see anything on the At-Large application that said they would have to fund their own way. Up until last week, I too did not know how it was funded.
President Oelberg-Our office is a wealth of information. Mr. Pavlenko went through the interview process. At-Large was totally handled by MSUSA, we felt the funding would be handled by them. Favoritism, if we pass this we are paying favoritism, it would not be available to everyone.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Anderson-This has been set, we picked our three students, we should go with who we picked.
Senator Short-5 minute recess for purpose of discussion.
Vote on main motion, Motion fails, Abstain, Chris Schmidt, Emilie Peterson, Andrew Grundhoefer, Tim Huebsch, Ryan Austad, Amy Bicek, Chris Boyce, Rachel Noah, Senator Morriston-Proxy Ellen Nelson

Senator Peterson, second Senator Schmidt , Appeal decision of Chair
Motion to reconsider
Roll Call
Senators voting No
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Erinn Wilson, Ian Radtke, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Derek Short, Roger White Owl
Executive Staff voting No
President Oelberg
Senators voting Yes
Zahad Ahmed, Nick Morriston-proxy Ellen Nelson
Senators Abstaining
Timothy Huebsch, Manu Morais, Chris Boyce, Emilie Peterson, Zahid Ahmed, Amy Bicek, Chris Schmidt.
Motion Fails

SAC R#02.23.00B
SAC recommends up to $370 to Phi Alpha Honor Society for travel to the annual Social Work day in St. Paul Passes President Oelberg, abstain, Chair Boyce, abstain

Senator Reports

Nick Morriston, Mav Hall
The first ting I would like to talk to you about today is Forensics. First of all, thanks again for approving the funding. But, in all honesty the vote was a little closer than I would like to see it in the future. Here's the situation, every year Forensics is given a budget wetting aside the fact that they will need more when Nationals rolls around, this is because this amount fluctuates from year to year. Why then does Forensics need or deserve this money? Well, we use our rankings at National to bring in students. We have one of the premier Forensics programs in the country. By going to Nationals and consistently doing well, we draw in prospective students from other schools. These re committed, driven students who make this school a better place and that's why I think next year when this comes up for renewal you should all vote in favor if it. That's what we're here for, to make this school better. Now with regards to the "Voices of Africa". First off, I'd like to thank President Oelberg for her support of this, she really busted her butt to make this happen. Also, Chris Boyce, who led me in the right direction along with Ed McBride. Now I'm sure you're all aware of the hoopla that this whole thing caused. When I talked to Chris about it, he said, well, that's politics." And maybe it is, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. Now I'm sure that there were people with the legitimate contention that "Voices of Africa" was a misuse of the students' money. That's fine. I may disagree with you, but that's as far as it goes. But the back and forth bickering that went on over so small an issue should stop. And it's up to us to make sure that happens. And I agree with Proxy Depuydt and Senator Noah, that 99% of the time we should trust our committees. But I think this was a case with extenuating circumstances and I thank you all for the action that was taken and for supporting it. All is well in Mav Hall. Lots of activities are being planned, like the Polar Bear race. I don't know whose planning this, but people seem to be enjoying them. That's all.

Chair Boyce-We need to make a motion for MSSA to be funded for $600 also we should address this at Delegate Assembly
Motion, Senator Noah, 2nd President Oelberg
Move to allocate up to $600 for the purpose of travel to the Washington DC. Lobby Trip for MSSA's three approved delegates.

Motion Passes Abstain Senator Peterson, Senator Huebsch

Senator Schmidt-It was my understanding that SAC funds are specially not to be used for the purpose of recruiting.
Senator Morriston-The money is to participate but there is a benefit of recruiting from being at the National.
Senator Bicek- Off-Campus Senator
Good afternoon, once again, if you don't know me, my name is Amy Bicek, I am an Off-Campus Senator. I have only been on the senate for a few weeks now and I love it! I can't believe I waited this long to "Get Involved." However, I have been very active. This afternoon I would like to do a couple of things. First, I would like to take a few minutes to thank everyone for their time and effort they put into the Student Tenant Forum that was held this afternoon. It was a success. I felt there was a good showing of individuals and good questions were asked. Second, as an Off-Campus Senator I am involved with Student Affairs. Other committees that I am currently on include: Bookstore and Newspaper. Third and finally to show my appreciation to everyone that helped out with the Tenant Forum, I have brought pie from Baker Square. I also want to recognize Coordinator Boyce for giving a donation to the Tenant Forum ad in the Reporter.


Senator Palmer-MIS, Monday 5:00. Problems today with At-Large, I urge this body that we as a body take a stance on this so that it does not happen again.
Senator Ahmed-Conference
Senator Boyce-Thanks to everyone involved with Tenant Forum, Friday, Tech committee 2:00 PM. Financial Aid interviews. There may be progress on stadium road crossing.
Senator Noah-I don't feel we had problems. We can disagree, we all can voice our own opinions and let it go at the end of the meeting.
Senator Morriston-April 15 Dance Marathon, put on for Children Miracle Network. All invited to participate.
Senator Wilson-Proxy Anderson-Socials tonight and Thursday.
Senator Huebsch-Friday, 2:00 Technology meeting, Jr/Sr High Science Fair in ballroom.
Senator Bicek-Newman Center pancake breakfast,
Senator Radtke-Thanks to everyone showing up for Student Affairs, please show up or get a proxy.
Speaker McBride-An abstention vote is neither yea or nea. It is nothing.
Coordinator Pavlenko- Student radio club, Thursday, CSU 204 9:00 PM. Discussing fate of radio on campus. Thank senate for consideration afforded me, I understand it when the request was put forth. I did not think I was wrong in putting the request forward. I hope to be in DC lobbying for you this weekend.
Senator Schmidt-Presentation last Monday, about 200 people there. Very informative and entertaining. More information on Aviation banquet and speaker that will be attending.
Speaker McBride-A nay vote is required in a majority to appeal chairs decision .

Adjournment 5:46 P.M.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Chris Schmidt, Timothy Huebsch, Manu Morais, Chris Boyce, Erinn Wilson-Proxy Kristy Anderson, Emilie Peterson, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Derek Short, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Ryan Austad, Zahid Ahmed, Nick Morriston Roger White Owl, Andrew Grundhoefer,
Senators Absent
Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie, Nequra Campbell, Scott Taylor,