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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
March 22, 2000 Minutes

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 12-4-0, Christina Ische 6-0-0, Miriam Monomo-proxy Dorothy Mufisya 16-4-0-1, Chris Schmidt 19-1-0-1, Emilie Peterson 17-1-2-1, Timothy Huebsch 20-1-0, Chris Boyce 21-0-0, Andrew Grundhoefer 2-0-0. Nequra Campbell 17-3-0-1, Ian Radtke 18-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 17-2-2, Nick Morriston 10-4-1, Rachel D. Noah 5-1-0, Derek Short 6-0-0, Amy Bicek 6-0-0, Roger White Owl-proxy Kristy Anderson 2-0-0-1, Erinn Wilson 2-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 15-6-0, Ryan Austad 3-2-0, Kelly Eittreim 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Dahlia Mahmoud 13-4-2-2, Mickey Cupkie 0-17-3, Manu Morais 3-5-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Chris Boyce
-Quite often in the past at Election time candidates sometimes devoted all their time to Elections and not their senate responsibilites . As a candidate for elections he will not let Elections effect his job and the services he has to offer.

Approval of Minutes 3/8/00 Minutes approved

Elections Committee Houa Vue
Election applications were available on Monday, there will be an Informational meeting tomarrow, 4:30 Conference room.
MS Walk, you can walk or volunteer to help. See Houa or Cheri
Senate banquet-$7.00 for guests. Wed. April 12. Awards will be given, for Senator of the Year, Staff of the Year, Best Newcomer.

Officer Reports

President Sylvia Oelberg (see written report)

Speaker Ed McBride
Recognized Student Organizations
Renewal Recognition
Alpha Lambda Alpha
If you show up late it is your responsibility to let Speaker know that you are here. Reminder, not very many meetings left to get senator reports in.

Staff Reports

Legislative Affairs, Emilie Peterson
Washington DC information . Participated in meetings with various individuals (passed around itinary) Trip was very successful, were able to inform legislators. Next Wednesday, Lobby Day at capitol. Will leave at 7:30 AM. Pell Pass through was not addeed to the House, Senate will be discussing it.
Rys Gaffer-were you satisfied with MSUSA in regards to lobby issues? (disseminating information-follow up on meetings etc)
Coordinator Peterson-was not involved with
Rhys Gaffer-are you satisfied with your duties in regards to getting out information or information on issues, or information on Pell Pass Throuigh etc.
Coordinator Peterson-I did not plan any information regarding travel information. As far as feeling individuals were knowledgeable-peopel involved were at St. Cloud Conference. Made it clear that I was available to everyone that I would assist them.
Rhys Gaffer-So you were satisfied?
Coordinator Peterson-Yes
President Oelberg-since the Pell Grant did not pass does that mean we do not continue EMailing
Coordinator Anderson-It has not passed throught the Senate

Coordinator Boyce
-Please pay your bill or tell anyone you know to get them paid.
Toured Taylor Center, it is huge.
Worked with President Oelberg on entertainment issue.
Budget Sub Meet & Confer-Graduate stipedns will be increased from $6,000-$8,000.
Will be working with athletics on EMails on Wireless.
Parking meeting-Parking fees meeting 1:00 North Ballroom
Resolution of Student Concerns- draft stage, will continue to be involved. Working with students on Judicial Affairs issues.
$102,000 going to MSUSA from this Conference.
Meet & Confer
Bookstore renovation, will be very nice.
Graduation Fee Proposal-$20.00. Will be sending Dr. Korvas questions on what the $20 .00 will be for.
Working with the student attorney on private student issues.
Library Proposal
The Supreme Court has upheld the Student Activity Fee decision, that fees can go where the school felt they should.
Aids Quilt, on campus dialogues as well.
Millions of People-Social & Behavioral Science Dept.
President Oelberg-Did you mention the dialogue on group projects?
Coordinator Boyce-March 29, 3:00-dialogue between faculty, administrators, students regarding group projects.

Coordinator Campbell-(see written report)


Senator Huebsch-regarding Library proposal, they will be talking to us next Wed.
Senator Palmer-Parking Advisory, tomorrow regarding Permit price changes 11 AM csu203
Senator Wilson-American Indian Association- First Nations tonight.
Senator Morriston-Forensics, watch one speak, next Tuesday.
Senator Schmidt-Aviation club taking tour of Mesaba Airlines.
President Oelberg-Eliminate Hate, other campus organizations. Important-EMail or draft letters to Legislators. IMportant that we do this, it makes us viable. EMail in Athletics from 10-1 Monday & Tuesday
Seantor Orbisi-Africian Nite, Friday.
Proxy Anderson-presentation on Friday dealing with diversity, need volunteers. Noon Friday, Life 101, it is about stereotyping.


Senators Present
- Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Chris Schmidt, Kelly Eittreim, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Erinn Wilson, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Derek Short, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Ryan Austad, Zahid Ahmed, Nick Morriston, Miriam Monomo-Proxy Dorothy Mufisya, Roger White Owl-Proxy Kristy Anderson
Senators Absent
Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Manu Morais, Andrew Grundhoefer