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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
March 29, 2000 Minutes

Roll Call

Senators Present
Miriam Monomo 17-4-0-1, Chris Schmidt 20-1-0-1, Emilie Peterson 18-1-2-1, Timothy Huebsch 21-1-0, Chris Boyce 22-0-0,. Nequra Campbell 18-3-0-1, Ian Radtke 19-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 18-2-2, Nick Morriston 11-4-1, Rachel D. Noah 6-1-0, Derek Short 7-0-0, Amy Bicek 7-0-0, Roger White Owl 3-0-0-1, Erinn Wilson 3-0-1, Kelly Eittreim 2-0-0
Senators Absent
Ryan Austad 3-3-0, Zahid Ahmed 15-7-0, Andrew Grundhoefer 2-1-0, Christina Ische 6-1-0, Juliet Orbisi 12-5-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 13-5-2-2, Mickey Cupkie 0-18-3, Manu Morais 3-6-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Kristy Anderson,
Spring Leadership Conference sponsored by SLD&SL. Also, attend Aids Quilt, volunteers needed. Eric Prose-Spring Aviation banquet, April 8

Approval of Minutes 3/22/00 Minutes approved as read

Henry Morris, Director of Student Union (see written report)
Budget will be coming in less than last year. They could use the extra $230,000. This years numbers do look different due to different way of funding of Minnesota State board. Each Campus should be more self funding rather then centralized. Each campus does not totally stand on their own, but moving closer to process. Assessment will include debt service. R&R is maintenance and that is required by board policy to increase by inflation amount. We are the largest Union in the system, our R&R will always be the largest. Our requests totaled over 2 and 1/2 million dollars. We also have day to day maintenance-this is not anticipated maintenance. With decentralization we can't come back if there is an emergency. They need about $125 thousand in operating budget for emergencies. 45% of budget is revenue, sometimes projection is not accurate. The other thing that changes is increased utility charges-about $100,000 increase. Utilities are now metered. Increase in professional staff salaries, this is a negotiated contract, along with insurance premium charges. Under the new restructuring plan, the Student Union will now get to keep rental income. Chartwells commission reduction reflects the loss of profit splitting under the old contract. The gameroom reflects a more accurate revenue projection. There is an anticipated continued growth in rentals and in the Indigo.
Senator Noah-You said the reserve would cover fire. Wouldn't insurance money cover that?
Mr. Morris-We don't know that yet. These buildings are self insured unless there is something catastrophic.

Committee Reports

SAC, Chris Boyce
SAC Recommendation #03.22.00
The Student Allocations Committee recommends the Centennial Student Union receive a subsidy of $1,847,137.00 based on the $245,000.00 facility fee assessment of $6.68 per credit.

Chair Boyce, SAC has no questions and recommends that the Student Union be fully funded.
Resolution passes, abstain, Senator Noah, President Oelberg

SAC Recommendation #03.22.00
The Student Allocations Committee recommends the following changes to the SOAFC policy. Article V, Section K, has been inserted to read: "The Student Organization must use the allocated SOAFC funds by one calendar week after the scheduled event has occurred, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Article V, Section L, will read: "All advertisements (event posters, leaflets, etc.) for SOAFC approved events must contain the SOAFC and SAF logos."
SAC is recommending passing these changes.
Senator Noah- Right now there are no set deadlines-organization came back this year, with no receipts etc. This is not a big change, it would just allow things to run smoother.
Chair Boyce-This is not eliminating anyone, only allowing groups to use the money or give it back.
Senator Schmidt-How available is this information to groups requesting money?
Senator Noah-I was chair last year, we told the groups they would be notified the next day, in a detailed manner, it is very clear. Policy change will not change any of that. It will only expedite process.
Recommendation passes. Senator Schmidt abstain.

Budget hearing on the 19th needs substance. Please ask questions before the hearing. If you have questions, show up at the SAC meetings. Directors can answer questions.

Officer Reports

President Sylvia Oelberg
Thank you to those that supported her during her medical problems. Delegate Assembly was very successful. Our students worked very hard and passed legislation that has not been able to be passed in three years.
Senator White Owl did a wonderful job as a new comer.
Senator Peterson-Thank you for leading our legislation.
Senator Short-Again as a newcomer you worked hard and asked questions.
Senator Noah-Thank you for assisting senators, your previous expertise was an asset.
Senator Boyce-Thank you. Senator Campbell-thank you. Senator Ische thank you.
Rhys Gaffer-Did alot of work lobbying, other schools and all of us. Thank you for working on mission statement.
Vice President Vue-Thanks for keeping me calm and reminding me there are always two sides to every issue.
We had Email stations on Monday and Tuesday-thanks to Chris, Nequra and Tim for working on that.
We had over 50 athletes send Emails. Football players were really supportive.
Mock Trial regarding judicial issues-very important for all of us. Anyone can be sent to judicial board for even a very minor issue. We all need to know this process because we represent students.
Attended Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Dinner dedication.
Group Project Meeting today, addressed issues with the faculty, faculty need to be accountable.
Parking rates-Jesse and Ian are going to have their hands full with the increases. Public hearing April 6.
Graduation Fees, Ron Korvas will be coming to Senate next week with information.
Have sent letter out to everyone that has a key for our office. We are doing what we can to make our office secure for the next administration. Goals-if you need help, let her know.
Try to attend cultural events coming up. African Night was well attended and a wonderful event.
Try to attend your meetings, so we can address issues before the end of the year. Elections are coming up-let people know of our process. We need to get students involved. We need to reach out. We have sent out letters to editor
Correspondence : Mayor Kagermier, Ed Twedt,
Residence Halls.
April 11 is Dave Oliver 's last day.
International Students will be having elections on the same day as our elections.
Conference room-we do let organizations use this room, it is important that we get traffic in our office.
Return your Census form, it only takes a few minutes. Census forms are confidential, count everyone living in your residence.

Vice President Houa Vue (written report)
President Oelberg-was date extended to file for Elections?
Vice President Vue-The date has been extended for senators to April 6. President and Vice President will remain April 4.
Speaker Ed McBride(written report)
Urge everyone to know issues before Budget Hearing. Beware of rules that govern special meetings.
Number of reports has been changed from 3 to 1.

Staff Reports

Technology Coordinator, Tim Huebsch(written report)

Senator Reports
Derek Short, Off-Campus (written report)

Tim Huebsch, Science Engineering & Technology (written report)

Jesse Palmer, Off-Campus
Parking Advisory , budget summary, capital improvements-what lots get paved etc. All free lots will be paved. Additional camera will be in lot 20. March 30, 11 AM proposed permit rates. April 6, public hearing. Possible revamping of Purple lots.
Senator Boyce-have you heard from any one about dividing lot where part would be green and part purple?
Coordinator Pavlenko-Who is proposing changes?
Senator Short-Is it correct that free lots will only be free for two more years?
Senator Boyce-Isn't it true that to have an impact that you have to be at meeting tomorrow?
Senator Palmer-Not really these are only recommendations, however, most impact will be tomorrow.
Senator Noah-What time is meeting?
Senator Palmer-11 AM
President Oelberg-When you debated Res. Hall price changes, did you know that there will be a proposal for $185.00 price change.?

Ian Radtke, McElroy(written report)
Programming going on throughout semester. Currently game show week. Mac Olympics coming up. This year with Ethernet things are running smoothly, but gripes with Bresnan. Master Plan looking at where new dorms could be located. Current recommendations are maybe apartment style for older residents. April 17 RHA- CSU 202 presentations will be made.
President Oelberg-Are they not making suites and not advertising single rooms for fall?
In regard to Parking issue-regarding Mr. Hagebak's proposal, what is Res. Hall stance? If there can be increased amount of spaces, increase would be ok. However, now we have little options-either far out in lot 21 or increasing rates. Where is the computer lab that was planned last year
Senator Radtke-In the Green Room. Unaware that Multi-Cultural center was moved so that a computer lab was to be put there. That is what the students requested.
Senator Noah-With revamping proposal, have there been students on that?
Senator Boyce-Was RHA notified of changes regarding facility and parking?

Miriam Monono,College of Business (see written report)
Have been meeting with Dean of College of Business, last semester talked about exchange program with University of Quam, we have two students doing exchange with France and are Doing well despite their unfamiliarity with the language. The laptop initiative is also moving smoothly. I have also been attending executive lectures and will be attending the next advisory council meeting.


Senator Boyce-Student Tech Fee and SAC-dealing with Carkoski Commons, currently not funding that because of security. Be at the meeting tomorrow, it is important.
Senator Huebsch-Reminder to Email.
Senator Noah- April 26 is turn over meeting. Regarding Budget hearing, we can not lose quorum. This is very important.
Senator Palmer-Saturday, the Purple Rage will play first game, designed web site.
President Oelberg-It is important to consider previous student issues, putting students in the basement to do academics and a lounge on the main floor is not acceptable.
Aids quilt, please attend. This is a very significant event for our university.
Senator Peterson-Attended lobby day today. Met with various representatives. Bills now go to conference committee next week. Email people on committee now.
Coordinator Pavlenko-Concerning budget meeting, if we lose quorum every recommendation will go through. Attended First Nation Night last week, it was amazing. Roger-speech was wonderful,
Senator White Owl-First Nation Night-was well attended, it will be better next year.
Senator Radtke-Observatory is open again. Monday through Thursday 8-10.
Senator Boyce-Nick Morriston will be at Nationals this weekend along with Forensic Team.
Senator Noah-Wed. May 10 singing National Anthem at Twins game.
Senator Schmidt-Urge everyone to attend Aviation banquet. This is a perfect example of what happens when everything goes wrong and the crew does everything right. April 29-Big Brother Flying day at the airport.


Roll Call

Senators Present
Chris Schmidt, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke,Derek Short, Rachel D. Noah, Roger White Owl, Nick Morriston
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie, Kelly Eittreim, Manu Morais, Erinn Wilson, Andrew Grundhoefer, Amy Bicek, Jesse Palmer, Ryan Austad, Zahid Ahmed
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg
Executive Staff Absent
Vice President Houa Vue