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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
April 5, 2000 Minutes

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 13-5-0, Christina Ische 7-1-0, Miriam Monomo 18-4-0-1, Chris Schmidt 21-1-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 22-1-0, Chris Boyce 23-0-0,. Nequra Campbell 19-3-0-1, Ian Radtke 20-1-1-1, Jesse Palmer 19-2-2, Dahlia Mahmoud 14-5-2-2, Nick Morriston 12-4-1, Rachel D. Noah 7-1-0, Derek Short 8-0-0, Amy Bicek 8-0-0, Roger White Owl 4-0-0-1, Erinn Wilson 4-0-1, Kelly Eittreim 3-0-0
Senators Absent
Emilie Peterson 18-2-2-1, Ryan Austad 3-4-0, Zahid Ahmed 15-8-0, Andrew Grundhoefer 2-2-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-19-3, Manu Morais 3-7-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Approval of Minutes 3/29/00 Minutes Approved as read

Paul Kroenke, Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Barnes & Noble is happy to be here, 3 year contract, percentage of sales goes to scholarships on campus. Grand Opening-April 26. 10-1. Ribbon cutting at 10:30. 20% off on clothing April 26-28. Buy back is coming up. This is a win- win situation between bookstore and students. Want as many books as possible so students have used books to buy. Come down to store and talk to them.
Senator Short-Do you sell books to a wholesaler?
Mr. Kroenke-Yes, if they get more books than necessary or if they are not being used they get sold back to a national wholesaler. Best time to sell books is during finals, can always look books up for you and see if they have a value.

. Vice President Ron Korvas, Office of University Advancement
Commencement-University Advancement has responsibility of putting on Commencement. One issue they are facing is to try to continue to put on and develop a commencement that will capstone a students years at MSU. One challenge is increasing costs, Civic Center, services-senior salute, better publicity, on campus brunch , better transportation-shuttle service. Many issues moving in right direction. Students would like to see diploma more substantive. Bottom line is they have had deficits for a number of years. Advancement has eaten those, in FY99 they did redistribute some money to help in terms of FY98 deficit. Still carrying deficit of $21,475. Trying to get external organizations to assist, still a deficit. 3 schools are charging in Minnesota State system. Talking in cabinet about a $20.00 commencement-beginning with Dec. commencement. This would put them in a situation where deficit would be alleviated. Registrar could then look at a more substantive diploma.
Coordinator Pavlenko-Would fees be going to every student, could students not walking be excused?
Vice President Korvas-There are a number of things we have to do in the planning process, there is an overhead built in, it needs to be fair. Some students decide late to walk.
Coordinator Pavlenko-Would it be possible to reduce fees for those not walking?
Vice President Korvas-I would like to pass that on, and look at this. We need to look at many things such as tickets etc.
Vice President Vue-Do you have something in place for Graduate Students?
Vice President Korvas-Senior Salute is for all students including graduate students, as a graduate student it is even a greater milestone, and this should be a very meaningful experience for them.
Senator Ische-Have you done fundraising for this?
Vice President Korvas-that is an idea, giving someone visibility is an idea-sponsors. It is an area where the world is going, it could get political.
Senator Eittreim-Do students already have a fee?
Vice President Korvas-That is a good questions-do you have to pay-I don't know that.
Senator Palmer-After spending thousands of dollars, I don't think $20.00 is unfair amount.
Senator Wilson-How many tickets would students be allowed?
Vice President Korvas-currently students get 4 tickets, we are concerned that Taylor Center would not have enough seats. We try to make this more attractive-more meaningful, then there will be more pressure on getting tickets. Maybe a big screen in Meyers Fieldhouse would allow us to use the Taylor center.
President Oelberg-What are you seeking from the student association at this time in regards to the $20 fee proposal?
Vice President Korvas-Information seeking and looking for feedback. I don't know process wise regarding resolutions, we could take those back to the presidents cabinet.
President Oelberg-Could we have a student at these meetings?
Vice President Korvas-We would need to check on protocol-but we want this to be as positive for all as can be.
Rhys Gaffer-I was curious-is any part of the fee negotiable-is $20 very specific to the amount necessary for the deficit?
Vice President Korvas-$20 would balance the budget situation. Some of the uncertainties-Taylor Center etc. The $20 fee would be in place for about 3 years and get some trends and research and then see what the books look like at that time. Increased participation could lower the fees. We would not come back and raise this fee twelve months from now.

Dave Cowan, Parking Advisory Committee
One thing decided last year was to not raise fees, because of construction it would be prudent not to give more worries. They did a lot of work last summer, paved $300,000 worth of lots. Public Hearing tomorrow. Proposing to raise about $100,000, this is why we believe we need to address some of the inflationary costs, 3% a year. They have observed this the past 3 years. Gold permits recommending a $20.00 increase for 12 months. $10 increase for Purple permits. Green Residence Permit.-decided to walk away from linking purple and green. Green have good parking 24 hours a day. Committee felt they should depart from linkage as green has more value. Handicap $60-80. Trying to get an installment plan, to make hikes easier. Visitors paylot will increase to $2.50 instead of $1.00. Improvements: Performing Arts, gravel lots, additional cameras. Trying to deal with section of road between Stadium and Ellis. The senate can address this by a resolution, but we would like you to attend tomorrows hearing. Senator Huebsch-regarding price changes-is summer gold going away, will night time be for gold only?
Mr. Cowan-We know some gold spots are not used after 5:00-that is why purple use this after 5:00. There is some value to this, that is why they are proposing a $10.00 charge. There has not been much problem with this. A study was done with 10 other institutions. We still will have Free lots, it will be gravel but free.
Senator Boyce-Have you heard back from Parking Consultant?
Mr. Cowan-Not yet, he did look at all of campus, we are waiting for his report.
Senator Boyce-Who made proposal to change Lot 16?
Mr. Cowan-This was left unfinished, no formal action has been taken. Theater does not like it, purple does not like it. This may not go very far.
Senator Bicek-Summer-permit?
Mr. Cowan-Lot 10 would go away, but you could buy a $40 permit. People buy gold to protect from Viking spectators.

Committee Reports

SAC-Christopher Boyce
SAC Recommendation #04.05.00A
SAC Recommendation R#04.05.00A
The Student Allocations Committee recommends that the Academic Computer Center be allocated $994,000 for FY'01. SAC supports the proposed funding requested for the Center. Regarding the proposed Campus Technology Initiatives, SAC supports: Dial-in- Access outsourcing ($30,000), 30 wireless access points ($30,000). 20 wireless laptops ($52,000). Student File Storage & Centralized Backup ($35,000) and under Universal Access-network management security system ($30,000) with remainder of costs ($35,000) covered by the state.

This recommendation would require the current technology fee to increase from $3.00 per credit up to $3.70 to a maximum of 12 credits ($44.40 per semester).

Senator Mahmoud-Who is managing the Computer Lab in Nelson Hall?
Chair Boyce-Right now students are managing these labs. This would be for a classified position.
Senator Palmer-Will wireless be done over the course of the year?
Mr. Sharp-Some are in the library, with wireless we can go very fast-we hope to get ready for fall.
Senator Palmer-does that include out sourcing of dial in?
Mr. Sharp-That is a little more intense, goal is for fall, but can not commit.
President Oelberg-I wonder if we are increasing labs wouldn't it be better to add a professional staff? Not that students are not qualified but it would be nice to have a permanent manager that students could consult with. We need to strongly look into this.
Senator Huebsch-There is a need for the satellite lab, if we could tie in a person, we need to get this possibly opened.
Soren Erickson-Who will be able to use these lap tops?
Mr. Sharp-Preliminary plan-micro computer store-short term for classes. haven't nailed down all details.
Senator Morriston-Did we talk about that in committee?
Senator Huebsch, Yes that was part of the original documentation.
Senator Bicek-Can we afford to add $45,000?
Mr. Hodapp-This would be $.14 more.
Senator Palmer-What qualifies a satellite lab that this person would manage?
Mr. Sharp-Anything specialized, such as Geography, where they have several specialized program. Right now staff is trying to manage this. Students should have a mentor to work with, helping students to learn how to repair. Labs are CSU, Gage Lab, Nelson Hall 201, 202, 208, 204-English-almost used full time. Armstrong Hall-Biggest lab. This position would provide a more consistent product.
Coordinator Boyce-Actually this would be a $.18 cents a credit increase.
Senator Huebsch-Would like to speak in favor of this, we would be further behind if we waited until next year with wireless etc. This is a good step forward.
Senator Mahmoud-Move to support the $45,000 to employ the full time Satellite Lab Manager position. Second President Oelberg
Senator Palmer-Concerned that this is too low. I don't think we would get a qualified person for that amount of money. There would be a high turn over in this job. Creating this position for all these labs would require experience as they all require different software.
Mr. Sharp-I agree with you, this may be low for funding two positions. We have been able to get people that want to stay in this area.
President Oelberg-Do you know the job description?
Mr. Sharp-In a nutshell-over 200 machines, 4 or 5 servers, typically it is 100 machines per one person, they would take care of machines, install new ones, take care of server.
Senator Morriston-Maybe we could try this at this salary now.
Passes-1 nay.

SAC recommendation R#04.05.00B
SAC recommends a nonbudgeted funds request of up to $200.00 for travel/lodging of the Golden Key National Honor Society to their annual conference.
Passes abstain Senator Eittreim and Senator Wilson

SAC recommendation R#04.05.00C
SAC recommends a nonbudgeted funds request of up to $429.00 for travel lodging of the Anthropology Student Association on a Archeological Dig Field Trip.
Passes Unanimous

Student Life Fee-next week. 19th Budget Hearing.

SAF Policy Changes

Tournament Travel
The Student Allocations Committee requires that tournament or post season travel not be included in the regular operating budget of activity programs. If activity programs qualify and are invited to participate in tournament/post season competition, programs should submit funding requests for consideration by SAC at that time.

Meal Allowance Policy
The maximum daily meal allowance for those programs funded in part from student activity fees is $14.50 per day for FY 2001 and $16.50 per day for FY 2002. Outside fundraising to supplement the SAF meal allowance is permitted. The sum of both shall not exceed $32.00 per day.

Officer Reports

President Sylvia Oelberg
Appointments: Rhys Gaffer-Election Committee
Census Information available in office.
Banquet next week.
Not on Election Committee-resigned 4/4/00.
Am going to get out THE Vote campaign, with Senator Noah, anyone else want to help, that would be great. Please ask if you have questions. Questions need to be addressed.
Regarding Carkoski-we were not told of construction. Lobbies will be improved upon, change furniture, carpet. A lounge with a locking door excludes students.

Vice President Houa Vue
Speaker Ed McBride
Staff and senator awards

Senator Reports

Senator Ische, Allied Health & Nursing
I had a great time at the delegates assembly. Being a new senator, it was very educational. The first meeting I attended was the Public Relations Platform. I was just a visitor there. After that, I attended the Academic Affairs Platform in which we got all of our requests passed. Mankato was the only school with changes to the platform. Then I attended the Presidential Board meeting. It was interesting to hear what was going on at the other campuses and their issues. Saturday, I attended the delegates assembly. I did not realize how much power we as students have until I attended this meeting. The Presidential Board of Directors meeting was next on the agenda. We tried voting in a President, but at 4:30 a.m., we all decided to adjourn until 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning, we voted in a President and Vice President and went over the budget. I would recommend that any new senator should attend this conference. It was very educational.


Senator Palmer-Purple Rage, Friday. Parking tomorrow.
Senator Huebsch-SAC should be out for display by Wed. of next week.
Senator Ische-Academic Affairs 3:00 4/12.
President Oelberg-It is your responsibility to bring people to run for Elections.
Speaker McBride-MSSA banquet next week, We have spent $2 1/2 dollars in two weeks.
Senator Schmidt-Aviation Banquet . Next week aviation in review.


Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Christina Ische, Chris Schmidt, Kelly Eittreim, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Rachel D. Noah, Jesse Palmer, Roger White Owl, Nick Morriston
Senators Absent
Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monono, Mickey Cupkie, Manu Morais, Erinn Wilson, Emilie Peterson, Andrew Grundhoefer, Derek Short, Ryan Austad, Zahid Ahmed
Executive Staff Present
Sylvia Oelberg