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67th MSSA Senate
April 26, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Ed McBride

Roll Call

Senators Present
Christina Ische 9-2-0, Chris Schmidt 24-1-0-1, Kelly Eittreim 6-0-0, Timothy Huebsch 25-1-0, Chris Boyce 26-0-0, Erinn Wilson 6-0-2, Emilie Peterson 21-2-2-1, Amy Bicek 11-0-0, Derek Short-Proxy Rhys Gaffer 9-0-2, Rachel D. Noah 10-1-0, Jesse Palmer-Proxy Allison McGee 21-2-3, Roger White Owl 7-0-0-1, Zahid Ahmed-Proxy Tam Bui 16-8-2. Nick Morriston 15-4-1, Dahlia Mahmoud 16-6-2-2, Miriam Monomo 20-5-0-1, Ian Radtke 22-2-1-1, Nequra Campbell-proxy Yolanda Buchanan 20-4-0-2,
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi 14-7-0, , Manu Morais 3-9-0, Andrew Grundhoefer 2-5-0, Ryan Austad 3-5-0 Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

u>Presidential Report

President Sylvia Oelberg Announcement regarding Jim Chalgren-LGBC Office
Appointments: MSUSA Conference-Derek Short, Rhys Gaffer
Spoke at City Counsel Monday, spoke for under age 21 students allowing them right to choose.
Food Drive in office.
When Dustin Mayfield resigned he stated that President can remove a coordinator. Sent letter to Constitution Commission regarding coordinators and also to Ethics. Used recall process as stated by former Speaker and present Speaker. Sent Coordinator to Ethics, Ethics did not meet. At this time I don't know officially what the procedure is, urge you to get this in written form. Make sure your committees have minutes. Could have done a petition, choose not to do this and have someone stand in front of you, this would not be humane. If a coordinator wants to clear their name, then let them do that.
Chairs of committees please stand up, you were elected, appointed by President. Students have put you in the lead. You are responsible for minutes, for everything of your committee. Have enjoyed working with each of you, some more than others, but I have learned from all of you. I applaud you.

Student Forum

Christopher Rhys Gaffer
Am happy to have become involved with Senate. Choose Senate over reporting on the Senate. Would like closure on many issues, want to extend thank you to Sylvia and Houa for showing me the ropes. We all make an impact on things, this is either negative or positive. Negative is not always bad, it allows you to balance out things. In the Senate chamber things went well, out side of the chamber things were sometimes negative. Am discouraged that Ethics never met. I don't understand why it happens that things do not come out of committees. There is always a way to get things done. Am disappointed with the lackadaisical efforts of students, Ethics Commission. Also disappointed with Constitution Commission, member there also was brought before Ethics. Object to back biting after we leave this chamber. I am disappointed with Academic Affairs Coordinator Pavlenko, having reviewed what he said he would do and what he was to do. He voices things but he does not take action. Having enjoyed this year, but needed closure on this year. Whatever differences we have had we need to try to make things better next year.

Allison McGee
I stand before you today wearing several hats, co-chair of elections, Constitution Commission member and having served on various other committees. Thank you so much to everyone for keeping it how Allison would have you do. Apologize for being on Ethics and not having done what I should do. Apologize as a member of Constitution Commission for not having minutes. Throughout many years of hard work of Sylvia this Association has grown. She works hard for all students, she puts other students ahead of herself, thank you President Sylvia Oelberg-you put everyone else above her self. I envy her, and hope I can do things as well as she can. I will always remember her for saying, I am for the students. She is the best person I know. Thank you President Sylvia Oelberg

Roger White Owl

Kelly Eittreim-Alpha Chi Omega-Car Wash-proceeds to CADA House.
Houa Vue-You make what you are doing the best it can be. You have commitments-but make your role on senate what you want it to be. If there is not something going on in your committee make something happen. Take and learn what you fail at, that means you won't fail at it again. Make next years senate successful
Nancy Sager-Emilie Peterson and Tim Huebsch need commendation for leading the committees they are on. Tim will make us a leader in technology. Emilie was involved in her Leg Committee, she always had great new ideas and information for us. When we went up for Lobby day she had everything so well organized. Emilie you deserve a great deal of credit. Thank you Sylvia and everyone for making sure students are counted and treated well.
Steve Behm-Unique experience to be involved in Election process.
Interpretation of Article X of the Constitution
I have had an opportunity to review Article X, Section 2 of the Constitution. It is my understanding that the interpretation and application of paragraph three of the section is in controversy. From my reading and interpretation, paragraph three applies to both preceding paragraphs. In other words, it applies to the provisions of the section as a whole. If this paragraph were intended only to apply to one of the other two preceding paragraphs, there would be language indicating such intent. For example, such language would be substantially like the following: "With regard to paragraph two of this section...
Soren Erickson-Never spoken in front of Senate before. In light of Mr. Gaffer's report, I see problems that are brewing. Things do not have to be negative, Mr. Gaffer is talking about back stabbing, while he is back stabbing-once you are elected you are supposed to work together. Mr. Gaffer's speech was to keep someone from being elected for Speaker. Mr. Gaffer was not elected, he should not bring out one side of an issue. Everyone has different opinions. You are not working for yourself, you are working for the student body as a whole. Thanks for all the good times and for the not so good times.

67th Senate is now adjourned.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Christina Ische, Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Kelly Eittreim, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Erinn Wilson, Emilie Peterson, Ian Radtke, Amy Bicek, Rachel D. Noah, Roger White Owl, Zahid Ahmed, Nick Morriston
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi, Nequra Campbell, Derek Short, Jesse Palmer, Ryan Austad

68th MSSA Senate
April 26, 2000 Minutes
Meeting called to order by 67th Speaker Ed McBride
Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy)

Senators Present
Yolanda Buchanan 1-0-0, Christina Ische 1-0-0, Michael Groenewold 1-0-0, Lori Fick 1-0-0, Chad Oates 1-0-0, Nayoki Cormier 1-0-0, Tam Bui 1-0-0, Craig Shub 1-0-0, Courtney Powell 1-0-0, Nancy Sager 1-0-0, Stacy Wiech 1-0-0, Karley Klein 1-0-0, Mikel Akers 1-0-0, Amy Bicek 1-0-0, Kerry Hoffman 1-0-0, Derek Short-proxy Rhys Gaffer 0-0-1, Nick Morriston 1-0-0, Ian Radtke 1-0-0, Roger White Owl 1-0-0, Erinn Wilson 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Zach Biesanz 0-1-0, Eric Kroiss 0-1-0, Casey Argall 0-1-0, Steve Price Jr. 0-1-0, Derek Short 0-1-0, Matt Lairmore 0-1-0
Officers Present
Preseident Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Speaker Elections Speaker role is the most important position in the senate. They must get along with the President and the Vice President.
Speaker candidates: Rachel D. Noah, Andy Welti
Miss Noah-I want to be your Speaker. I have had the honor of being a senator the past two years I have served on SOAFC, Student Affairs, Communication Board, Newspaper Committee. The Speaker needs to have time to dedicate to all members. I am that person. Approachable, and friendly can answer questions on the Constitution, wants everyone to feel comfortable.
Andy Welti-Have been involved in leadership roles since he was in fourth grade. Am a learning center coordinator currently. Was a senator last year. Served with President and Vice President on Tech committee. The main point is that I want to develop a team in order to accomplish tasks. I want to know your strengths. I have respect for the President and VP. I want the door to always be open for people to get advice. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and be heard.
Senator Groenewold-Do you agree with the student attorneys interpretation of Article X.
Andy Welti-I don't have the background on that Hopefully next years committees can be effective so something like this does not happen
Ms. Noah, I also have not had time to look at this, however, I do feel we need to trust committees.
Senator Ische-How would you make meetings run smoothly and in a timely manner.
MS. Noah-Roberts Rules are used to make things run smoothly
Mr. Welti- Robert Rules of Order are to be used to run meetings affectivity. Next fall I would like us all to get together and discuss how we want the MSSA senate to run. I agree with time limits. I would like us to set goals for next year and rules for meetings to run by.
President Boyce- What are some of your ideas to build the senate as a group what are you going to do to make us respect each other?
Mr. Welti-I would like us all to meet and get to know each of you. I would like to learn each of your qualities and that if all of us get along. I believe in fair and honest settlement. I am willing to listen to all sides so that everything will run smoothly
Ms. Noah-Every year an orientation is held, so everyone can get to know what is going on. People need to know what is going on. Wed. is a time for us to share what we have done doing the week. Office hours are important. We need a strong Ethics Commission, Constitution Commission. The Speaker can communicate and be there in a positive role.
Senator Morriston-How could we do things differently in the Senate?
Ms. Noah-I am a little more formal. If you are goofing off, I would have a little firmer hand. I think time can be limited and we need to keep things on task. Ed has been effective.
Andy Welti-I agree Ed has been a good Speaker. I might allow more time for senators to be heard
Senator Sager-Do you feel you can balance students wanting to be heard and accomplishing what needs to be done?
Senator Sager-Can you give an example of how you would balance students wanting to be heard and the time limit.
Mr. Welti-If the time has expired, I would take a vote to see if the majority want the time to be extended.
Ms. Noah-That is the Speaker's main job, to see that everyone gets to speak. The Speaker does have power, things can be changed, we can suspend rules, any effective Speaker can find time for some one to speak.
Senator Morriston-When we have important things come up we caucus, everyone gets together with their friends, what would you do about this?
Ms. Noah-Actually you call a recess to caucus- what is a caucus and how can it be used effectively. Sometimes breaking up into small groups can be a good thing. The senators need to do what they do.
Mr. Welti-I am confident in the process of caucus-one way to avoid cliques is to discuss in orientation the purpose of caucus. I am confident in senators, and that they will know how to caucus.
Andi Welti-thank you for giving myself the time today, if elected I would look forward to working on senate in doing the best we can do, we can accomplish \some great tasks. I am confident I can work with Tim and Chris in creating the best Senate.
Ms. Noah-If elected I would do the best job I can. I am approachable. I would love to meet personally with all of you. Helping, hearing and listening, I do care!

Proxy Bob Pavlenko Steve Price
Elected - Mr. Welti-68th MSSA Speaker


President Boyce-Dean Trauger will be at senate next wed. 4:00 PM Discussing $50.00 surcharge.

Adjourned 5:30 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Yolanda Buchanan, Christina Ische, Michael Groenewold, Lori Fick, Chad Oates, Nayoki Cormier, Jack Rector, Tam Bui, Craig Shub, Courtney Powekk, Nancy Sager, Stacy Wiech, Karley Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek Kerry Hoffman, Derek Short-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Nick Morriston, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl, Erinn Wilson
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Adjournment 5:38 PM