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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
April 28, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:02 P.M.
Roll Call Present-Absent-Proxy

Laila Pirani 1-0-0, Tracy Kump 0-1-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 0-1-0, Miriam Monomo 1-0-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-1-0, Chris Schmidt 0-1-0, Todd Simonson 1-0-0, Andrew Marshall 1-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 1-0-0, Timothy Huebsch 1-0-0, Phil Rowan 1-0-0, Karma Lama 1-0-0, Chris Boyce 0-1-0, Laura Depuydt 1-0-0, Emilie Peterson 0-1-0, Kristen Blekum 1-0-0, Nequra Campbell-proxy Lucretia Burgess 0-0-1, T.J. Ryan 1-0-0, Ian Radtke 1-0-0, Cynthia Davis 1-0-0, Scott Taylor 1-0-0, Yingfah Thao 0-0-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 1-0-0, Jesse Palmer 1-0-0, Tina England 1-0-0, David Paulzine proxy Chris Elvebak 0-0-1, Zahid Ahmed proxy Abu Bhuiyan 0-0-1, Ken Feucht 0-1-0 Chris Boyce -1-0

Executive Staff
President Sylvia Oelberg 1-0-0, Vice President Houa Vue 1-0-0

Quorum present

Student Forum

Presentation- Vice President for Finance & Administration Dean Trauger
Tuition Rates-FY2000 and FY2001 Proposed Tuition Rates. We said we would hold band rate for two years. 1999 & 2000 in the 12-18 band would be $1,250.00. In general tuition rates would go up 1.27%. There is not a gap between 11 & 12 credits. For a student taking 20 credits it would cost $20 more per credit. Non resident would have a $20 an hour increase. 1-11 credits $9.00 per credit hour. This is the lowest in the Minnesota State institutions. 20001 tuition change would be 3%. This would be $3.15 per credit in the 1-11 band.
Rachel D. Noah-what is the rational on the $5.00 on 19 + credits.
MSU tuition rates will be the lowest of any other state school.K
Intent is to have 3% increase across the board.
Senator Paulzine-Proxy Elvebak-comparing to other schools-is that the band?
Trauger-yes that is the band. Winona, Bemidji are higher. If you are taking 11 credits, we are higher. Bimidji and Winona have seen some problems with people droping lower and having problems with financial aid etc.Most students are in the 12-18 credits. Tough one is the 1-11 credits, this about 9.50 % increase this year. 1-11 has seen an increase to make the band work. 80% of students are in the 12-18 credits. Rate did not have a negative impact on 1-11 students. Total hours increased in 12 plus. 11% of students take less than 12 credits. We have more students taking 18 credits. Semester conversion caused more students to take higher course loads to excelerat graduation. Banding did help with course loads during semester conversion. St. Cloud had a significant drop in undergrad enrollment without banding. Semester Conversion caused change in classes from four credits to 3 credits. Students take same number of hours but credit load is less. Overall results were what they were trying to achieve. Tech Fee- MSU $37.32. Bemidji chargess $75.00, Metro $21.00, St. Cloud $24, SW52.50, Winona 51, Moorhead 18. Last year we charged $18.00. Technology is important, last bienium we received 1 million dollars, this was one time money. This year we are getting very little support for technology. Encourage you to try and do what you can in lobby process to get leg to pay attention to technology.
Hope Life-Time Learning tax credit-David Cowan
The 2 new tax credits-Hope Scholarship-undergrad students eligible up to $1500. Older students in lifetime did not get as much. These 2 credits will not go away. They have been successful. 1800 were provided in 6 weeks.
MAV Card- Promotions, one student won tuition prize. Play Station promotion was a success. Many new vendors signed up for MAV card, not cash stripe. We now have two banks, US Bank and Norwest, Afinity Plus Credit Union will be third institution available for you. Narrow strip-hope you can use this for washer and dryers as well as copy machines.
President Oelberg-you will need to get a new MAV card.
David Cowan-we will make both stripes very attractive to you.
Replacement Fee for lost card is $10.00. Mav card will have new face.
President Oelberg-will you get a statement from the bank.
Cowan-you can activate strip free of charge.
HUB-in December I was formally told that the President had approved the HUB. HUB opened in January, it is an attempt to provide and consolidate services. They take care of less complex things at the HUB. Can purchase parking tickets, copies of registration, help with tax forms. Notary public. Receiving good reports, are there new things to make HUB better.
VP Trauger-Fall aid distribution-new registration and accounts receivable system, bringing those together they will be hadkled through the accounts receivabe system. First day financial aid may have to be moved to the 5-8 day for this fall so that we do not have the nighmares many institutions have had with this new system. Minnesota State is struggling and still trying to make refunds from fall term. They have had to create new folders by hand for the entire school year. We do not expectations for finacial aid on the firtst day. New financial aid system-3 new systems figure in to ability to deliver. Stafford loans must This also be distributed in 3 days. Enclourage you to talk to students to sign up for electronic distribution, then we can deal with 3 day turn around. Mailing can cause problems with addresses going across the country. Incentives will be out there for students to use their MAV Card, they can gauarantee if charges are to MAV card. There will be potential discounts. More information will be available this summer. Collection is moving to Minnesota State office. This is in compliance with Y2K.
Outline of construction projects this summer. Road and parking lots will be closed. The HUB has a web site and will have one regarding construction sites. Exciting things going in improving facilities.
Coord Elvebak-there is language in the Higher Ed bill where state can reduce credit load of 15. Have you discussed repurcussions if this were to occur.
VP Trauger-this is inconsistent to the message they gave us in wanting more students to graduate in four years )more timely graduations) If this were to pass it would not affect the band only more calculations. Band would remain the same. This state grant may provide more money at 12 credit load.

Approval of Minutes April 7, 1999, April 21, 1999

Committee Reports

a) SAC Chair Chris Boyce
(Chair Boyce explained SAC process to new members) SAC Resolution #
SAC REsolution passes-Senator England abstained--fianal recommendation from committee

Officer Reports

a) President ÐSylvia Oelberg
This is the last meeting, we will be busy all summer. Our coordinators office will be used by Chartwell. Coordintor position descriptions are in the office. Applications are in the office. Deadline is May 7. Some positions are paid, some are not paid. Committee applications are now available.
Appointments: Steering Committee:
Need representative for Transit Advisory.

b) Vice President Ð Houa Vue
Committee applications are on the mailboxes, including descriptions of committees. MSUSA - CD Rep. Burning issues-religious burning of candles, etc. We will be working with the Residence Hall's on this issue. Do we want to add International Student tuition to the MSUSA platform? Orientation needs to be done before the first day of school. Orientation will be the Sunday before school starts. This is mandatory. Still need summer information for mailings. Apply for your committees or look at discriptions and apply in the fall. Yield to Jesse MIS/MSSA picnic, Friday at Highland Park. $4.00

c) Speaker- Dustin Mayfield
Correpondence from Malcolm O'Sullivan, Asst. Director of Student Affairs.
RSO Renewal-Kappa Sigma
Sign up for News Service information.

Staff Reports

a) Legislative Affairs Coordinaor Chris Elvebak
MSUSA Conference this past weekend. This was the last conference of the year, new people had exposure. Applications are available for MSUSA Coordinators. Federal Leg committee-Higher Ed Act Reform, there is language going on which has questionable terms.-denies funding to any one convicted of a drug or federal offense. Blanket provisions does not allow judges to hear individual cases, many other issues involved. Emails are very timely. At MSUSA proposed conferences, Mankato will have the December conference in 1999. When you host, all senators should attend as much as possible. If you are on Academic Affairs go the the MSUSA academic affairs meetints, you will gain information, very informative. Keep conferences in mind. Bill tracking-following the VETS bill. This would give aid to MN vets for text books etc. It didn;t make it through this year, but we should keep heads up on this for next year. Hazing policy-unless wrong, policy may or may not be in handbook. We want to keep it in the handbook. Make sure this is in there. Policies were set up for next year's lobby days. One is a rally, the second one is very formal. We meet with all our legislators. Earning threshold for grants-if you make 9,000 you will see a reduction, this earning threshold was raised this year to 6,000. Rochester-house language includes Mankato and Winona to have a say in this. This language was not in Senate version. There is a $ 5 million discrepancy in house and senate. We lost Pell pass through language.
Pell pass through-if the fed gov updates Pell grant the state reduces your state grant an equal amount. This is a big issues, we came close this year final vote was 30 35. It is getting closer and closer each year. This would be a big student victory. Student share-is 47% we wanted to reduce this to 45%. Financial aid is based on cost of attendance not need so money funded goes into grant programs. Privates therefore get more money in their grants. The farther a student share gets reduced the less we get in grants. We lost that battle. A compromise was reached, an amendment got an additioanl 10 million for Minnesota State budget. Senate proposal has jumped from 87 to 97 million. We are working our way up there. Moe proposed-if you want state to come in line with full time enrollments 15, we will knock it to 12 but we will then take it from base budget. Full time status will remain at 15 credit level.
Emails needed to go to House members. Our agenda may be able to go through unless something changes in "two minute warning". It is important we get out Emails. When we get list, send out Emails. This really matters to all our students. There are only three main points.

New Business

Senator Reports

a) Senator Chris Boyce, Social & Behavioral Science Attended memorial for officers killed on duty. Met with Dean and advisory committee. Would like to host a town forum with College to solicite ideas.
Also would like to work on tuition increases with Leg Affairs Coord.
We can go to a point-and VP numbers were not concet.
Construction sites-Lot 8 as of saturday is gone. Can park in Lots 20 & 21.
Working on Web site that tracks construction work www. 50 million worth of consturciton going on in next two year.
Elections are over-lets get beyond that point. We have different people and a different time. The bottom line is the students, we want to serve the students, we will have a great session if we keep that in mind.
Senator Davis-repeat web site


Seantor Rowan-we received a lot of information today. We need to look closly at that information. Ask questions. We need to form an opinion and get that back to the administration. I hope the President will make such actions .
President Oelberg-I will be available to answer questions or direct you. We did have success on EMails but we need more. If I can use Emails everyone should. Please check bulletins boards in office
Coord Pavlenko-over interim I will be open to giving insturctions on Parli Pro and other info.
Senator Boyce-regarding the President-I believe we are the senate to fastest descriptions out. SAC will be going to the movie tonight, everyone is welcome.
If you haven't been in the office-there are changes, thank President.
Coordinators conference room will be good naturally be surrendered to Chartwell. We will have office look nice for orientations.
Senator Taylor-the copies of the materials presented today, can we get those.
Senator Oelberg-they will be available in the office.
Coordingator Elvebak-Thank you for being receptive, get everyone you know to send Emails.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Miriam Monomo, Todd Simonson, Andrew Marshall, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Timothy Huebsch, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, Kristen Blekum, Nequra Campbell, T.J. Ryan, Ian Radtke, Cynthia Davis, Scott Taylor, Yingfah Thao, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Jesse Palmer, Tina England, David Paulzine proxy Chris Elvebak, Zahid Ahmed proxy Abu Bhuiyan
Senators Absent
Laila Pirani, Tracy Kump, Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Chris Schmidt, Karma Lama, Emilie Peterson, Yingfah Thao, Ken Feucht

Executive Staff
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue