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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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66th MSSA Senate
September 16, 1998 Minutes

Roll Call
Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Senators Present
Dahlia Mahmoud 2-0-0, Miriam Monomo 2-0-0, Chris Schmidt 2-0-0, Todd Simon 2-0-0, Chris Boyce 2-0-0, Laura Depuydt 2-0-0, Emilie Peterson 2-0-0, Nequra Campbell 2-0-0, Ian Radtke 2-0-0, Scott Taylor 2-0-0, Yingfah Thao-proxy Penh Lo 1-0-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 2-0-0, Tina England-proxy Esther Hoffman1-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 1-1-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 2-0-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-1-0, Laila Pirani 0-2-0 Mickey Cupkie 0-2-0, Cynthia Davis 1-1-0, Andrew Marshall 0-2-0, Kristen Blekum 0-2-0, T.J. Ryan 0-2-0, Jesse Palmer 1-0-0, David Paulzine 0-1-1, Ken Feucht 0-2-0
Officers Present
President Sylvia Oelberg 1-1-0, Vice President Houa Vue 2-0-0

Student Forum
Presentation- Chris Goettl-RHA Chair
Elections next week. 4-6 Wed CSU 203. Executive meetings 9:00 Indigo

Rachel Shauts-Yellow Ribbon Program, part of Light for Life Foundation of MN , based in Mankato. Program was launched last year after the death of her brother. Suicide is fastest growing cause of death in youth ages 15-22 year olds. Fast becoming #1 major health problem. Suicide is a brain illness that causes depression, it is curable. Encourage people to ask for help. Medical treatment is available. Watch for warning signs. There are basic life skills that people can use to help. Stay with people and listen. Get help immediately. There is immediate crisis referral. The Light for Life Program is trying to start a program on campus.
Senator Boyce-you can buy extra cards or give donations, is that correct?
Rachel Shauts-they are always in need of donations.

Tim Marshall-Athletics Business Manager-Women's Soccer-Colorado Trip
(see handout) MSU is a member of the North Central Conference. Northern Colorado is a member of the conference. Certain sports are not mandated to play every year, for example baseball only plays every four years. SAC has asked that they not include Colorado travel in the general budget allocation, but do this as an individual request. This will be a supplemental request. This is soccer's first trip, and it is the only team that will be traveling to CO this year. In scheduling they look at the most economical means of traveling. They will fly, this eliminates less motel rooms, and less time away from school. If Athletics can answer any questions, please contact the Athletic Office.
President Oelberg-suspend the rules for consideration of the motion.
Recommendation R#09.15.99A President Oelberg, second Senator Schmidt
Recommend the allocation of supplemental funding of $7,916.90 for the Women's Soccer Team to travel to conference play in Northern Colorado

President Oelberg-it was clarified that this is required travel due to Northern Colorado being part of our conference.
Senator Schmidt-where do they stay?
Senator Boyce-because tuition and fees have not been collected we do not know how much money we have, but there is enough money to cover this.
Senator Boyce-this is not out of line. Last years SAC made this agreement that they should come back in the fall. I think we should start pressuring our administration about whether we want Northern Colorado in our conference.
Senator Taylor-I have seen a pattern here regarding requests, they are coming in a very short time for us to make a decision. I am uncomfortable evaluating in such a short time. This is procedurally heavy handed.
Senator Boyce-to address a concern-we pass on information to senators as soon as we receive them.
Recommendation R#09.15.99A
Recommend the allocation of supplemental funding of $7,916.90 for the Women's Soccer Team to travel to conference play in Northern Colorado
Motion passes

Approval of Minutes September 8, 1999 minutes approved
Senator Boyce-where are the minutes being kept?
President Oelberg-on the table and on top of the mail boxes.
Officer Reports

President ÐSylvia Oelberg
Thank you for being here today. Apologize for not being here last week. We are having a MSUS A Conference at Southwest in Marshall this weekend. Representing MSU will be President, Chris Boyce, Abu Bhuiyan, Bob Pavlenko. Bob Pavlenko will be the MSUSA rep this week. In that capacity you are employed by MSUSA. You work for them on this campus. Feel it a conflict of interest that MSUSA rep is a proxy for President on the Board. Met with Gregory Bednar, Development Director for the College of Science Engineering & Technology,-will be doing a tour of our campus. They would like 10 volunteers to drive tour vans. This would be beneficial for our senate, so that we can be represented. Sept. 24 there will be a rehearsal regarding map around campus etc. Many people are coming into the office regarding rental issues. We have brochures available in the office. If people bring in written complaints, please get to President as soon as possible. NCA Focus group information available in the office. Attended Budget Sub Meet & Confer meeting, note calendar.
Appointments NCA-Phil Rowan, Adam Hutzenbuhler,-Meet & Confer-Chris Goettl, ECDC-Ty Barth, Leg Affairs-Phil Rowan, Newspaper- SAC-Brian Holmgren
We are still trying to get organized in the office, we will share information with you. Come and ask questions. Door is always open. Information will be out in the office. Try to get answers so that you can support your constituents. Please do not put things on the walls at this time. Wait to store your materials-all materials for you to review will be out on the table. We can make a check list if you want to take material out of the office.

Vice President Ð Houa Vue
Nithy's t-shirts are available in the office, this is a fund raiser for is Africa trip. Information regarding DM&E -lack of voices have been heard, so the state does not feel there are concerns. Good Council- Oct. 7 will be the next meeting. Financial Aid award letters will be going out on the 17th for some students. Be informed to help students. Tomorrow is Cultural Diversity picnic at Highland Park. People that you represent will be there, go and talk to them. (see calendar of events). Attended Ethnic Meeting Went to voice concern regarding a policy that they wanted to pass regarding attendance policy. They agreed and expressed why they had concerns. Senate Open House October 7. There are still committees that need to be filled. We will have a table down in the CSU to try and get people involved. If you have ideas on how to represent you constituents or suggestions, please talk to Dustin. New senators are getting lost in our dialogue, please intermingle and help out a new senator that does not know why they are voting on.
Senator Peterson-regarding Financial Aid, a women came into the office earlier with concerns. We will be taking her concerns to the MSUSA Conference this weekend.
Senator Taylor-regarding DM&E-what time is that meeting?

Speaker- Dustin Mayfield
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Interior Design Student Association, Happiness Ministry, Mediation Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato Math Club
French Club, MSUM Mass Comm Club, Recreation Club, Homing Student Association , Human Performance Club , Athletic Training Club, Minnesota State Men's Rugby Football Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma, LDSSA Institute of Religion, Golden Key National Honor Society, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi.

We have a ruling called Trigger that allows for the suspension of the rules. If you have questions, please contact me.
Tim Huebsch-next Wed. instead of committees we will meet in ACC and have a tour, it will last about 45 minutes. Please come and see the areas of technology on campus. This will include the ACC and the Library. We will visit more secluded areas in the future. ,br> Speaker Mayfield-this is mandatory.
Proxy policy-if you are having a proxy, please bring in a note or tell one of us. We need to practice policies set in bylaws.
President Oelberg-can you tell us about requirements of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs.
Speaker Mayfield-as a senator you are required to attend either Student Affairs or Academic Affairs
Senator Lama-When do clubs have to be recognized by?
Senator Boyce-RSO's have to be recognized by Oct. 31. Also-on this document what is SDL& SL?
Vice President Vue-what happens if people do not attend the organizational meeting?
Senator Taylor-if this is mandatory and there is not penalty what is the point?
Speaker Mayfield-that is more of a philosophical question.
Senator Monomo-Can anyone from an organization show up?

Staff Reports
a) Emilie Peterson
New senator and also Legislative Affairs Coordinator. Excited about getting Leg. Affairs committee up and running. If you know a student that wants to get involved, point them in our direction. Will be working with Financial Aid controversy this weekend.

Senator Reports
a) Laura Depuydt-Social & Behavioral Senator
(see written report)

President Oelberg-please consider signing up for Development Tours. uiI continue to say SDP&A and will continue to call them that until they gave us a press release. We funded them as SDP&A. I don't care if they change their name, however, activities is not mentioned in the name.
Senator Huebsch-reminder of tour next week.
Senator Schmidt-Aviation club wanted you to know they will be landing a plane on campus twice this year.
President Oelberg-do you know when they will be landing behind Gage? This field is being renovated.
Senator Rowan-Will be in the office more next week. Spend some time in the office, you will learn alot and then will be able to get involved.
Vice President Vue-you do need to pick up your tickets for Maya Angelo. November 22
Speaker Mayfield-University Stores will be having their sale Sept. 23 & 24.
Coordinator Anderson-Discussed Homecoming events
President Oelberg-if you have items for Meet & Confer Agenda, please contact me.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:28

Roll Call
Senators Present
Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Todd Simonson, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Timothy Huebsch, Phil Rowan, Karma Lama, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Scott Taylor, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Tina England-proxy Esther Hoffman, Zahid Ahmed Senators Absent
Laila Pirani, Tracy Kump, Mickey Cupkie, Andrew Marshall, Kristen Blekum, T. J. Ryan, Cynthia Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Paulzine, Ken Feucht Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue