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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
September 29, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present
Dahlia Mahmoud 4-0-0, Miriam Monomo 4-0-0, Mickey Cupkie-proxy Chris Jenks 0-3-1, Chris Schmidt 4-0-0, Todd P. Simonson 4-0-0, Adam Hutzenbuhler 3-1-0, Timothy Huebsch 4-0-0, Phil Rowan 4-0-0, Karma Lama-proxy Manu Marais 3-0-1, Chris Boyce 4-0-0, Laura Depuydt 4-0-0, Emilie Peterson 3-0-1, Kristen Blekum 2-2-0, Nequra Campbell 4-0-0, Ian Radtke 4-0-0, Vicky Meuangsaksith 4-0-0, Jesse Palmer 3-1-0, Tina England 3-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 2-2-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-3-0, Cynthia Davis 2-2-0, Scott Taylor 3-1-0, Yingfah Thao 1-2-1, David Paulzine 0-3-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Presentation-Advancement Office-Vice President Ron Korvas
Friday 12 noon-Foundation Board, Alumni Board and visitors will be announcing Campaign MSU, 35 million dollar 5 year campaign. Largest campaign effort by a public institution. This started two years ago when Glen Taylor announced his gift.
First two years focused on Andreas Theater and Taylor Center. Five key components, 9 million dollars for scholarship, 8 million will be for undergrad scholarships, 1 million for graduate scholarships. Money will help with Presidential Scholarships, talent grants, and minority student recruitment. They will raise 4 million for sciences and technologies and the College of Business. 5 million will be used for recruitment and retention of "great teachers". Last year about 9,000 alumni contributed. Come out at noon Friday and help celebrate the university.
Senator Boyce-what is the actual closure time for Stompers and Resident Halls?
Vice President Korvas-Stompers will be closed from 12-12:30, Residential Halls will be from 12:00-1:00.
Senator England-could you repeat scholarship information?
Vice President Korvas-8 million for undergrad scholarships, Presidential scholarships. Looking for support for talent grants and minority student scholarships. On the graduate level it will be for scholarships. Talent grants are for theatre, athletics.
Senator Huebsch-Can you expand on technology formula?
Vice President Korvas-in addition to hardware and software it could be equipment and software across the board. It could be new panels for performing arts, or a piece of new equipment for the nursing department. We need to keep current to provide the best technology for all colleges. College of Business is looking at a Lap Top Proposal. A year from now College of Business will have Lap Tops in their curriculum. We have unique projects in departments that they are excited about, this will help transform the campus.
Senator Campbell-will this include International students? Vice President Korvas-yes, it will include International Students. We have goals for International students and minority students.
College of Ed is trying to earmark some of their scholarships for minority students. Money received will help across the board, International Students are in collective list of goals.
Vice President Korvas-the majority of alums contacted will be in MN because that is where most of alumni live, however, we need to have a relationship with all alumni, that is more of a challenge. If we know someone has the capacity to make a difference, we will try to get in touch with that person.

MSU,M Flight Team-Jim Jacobsen
Last Spring the Flight Team attempted to become a line item. This body approved this, however, it has not been approved by the University. The Flight Team now needs funding for the Region Flight Meet. They have competed against National Competition, winning numerous awards and have taken second place to UND the past two years. They know they can get $50.00 per person up to a maximum of $1,000 per year, at this time they would like to request $950.00.
Senator Depuydt-You said this $950.00 was included in the line item?
Jim Jacobsen-yes this was included in the $3,610.00. Regionals are coming up in the next few weeks. If line item is approved it would be for fiscal year 2000. SAC is not meeting yet, that is why I am before this body at this time. The Flight Team has been very active, they are hard working young adults.
Senator Schmidt, second Senator Palmer, move to suspend the rules for a motion to allocate funds to the Flight Team.
Senator Schmidt - Second Senator Palmer
Move to allocate $950.00 to the Flight Team for the Regional Flight Meet.

Senator Boyce
- Flight team approached SAC last year wishing to become a line item, SAC did not approved because this would open this request to over 200 organizations that could come and want to be a line item, that is also the concern with the administration. At the SAC hearing the line item came up again and was approved. This was sent upstairs to Vice President Healy, this was the only allocation that was not approved. The administration felt we needed to work on concerns. The main question is still about the general SAF policy. We need to negotiate that with the administration. The Rugby team wanted to go to Canada, we turned them down. We can't say no to one group and give to another. We don't know how much money is out there because bills have not been paid. When we know how much money is collected we will have a better idea of how much money we can give out.
Jim Jacobsen-regarding line item-maybe this body should look at track record of what organizations are doing and see their success.
Forensics-what is that considered? It is a line item and it is not a sports team.
Senator Boyce-Forensics is treated like an athletic team. We can look at this situation in the same manner.
Jim Jacobsen-Flight Team received RSO of the year. This is a group of people that have gone out and made a difference., they have a great track record.
Coordinator Anderson-Flight Team has been a very active RSO on campus.
Rhys Gaffer Reporter Staff Writer -if you don't get funding what does it mean for competing on that level.
Jim Jacobsen-we will go and we will compete. Flight Team appreciates what has been given to them. They are in a small college, with only 250 in the program but they have 90 freshmen. When the team is denied funding they feel they are not part of the University. They are proud to represent MN State and hope that we are proud to have them. We feel we have best aviation program in the Midwest.
Senator Rowan-argue in favor of this allocation, however, we need to look at all organizations. We should feel comfortable giving money to the Flight Team.
President Oelberg-Flight Team has done a wonderful job, however, we need to decide if they want $950.00 or become a line item. I can not support both, however, I will work toward them becoming a line item and I have already started steps. It is important that we watch our budget, so I cannot support this.
Senator Schmidt-One last comment, the Flight Team is a competition team. The Flight Team will be there, they will always put forth an effort and would appreciate any assistance.
Senator England-Senator Boyce, in your experience how does this request compare to last years allocation and the amount of allocation money that we have?
Senator Boyce-we will have a smaller dollar figure, but we can not compare the two.
Senator England-I support this even with the consideration of a line item.
Roll Call
Senators Voting Yes
Mickey Cupkie-proxy Chris Jenks, Chris Schmidt, Todd Simonson, Phil rowan, Emilie Peterson, Kristen Blekum, Ian Radtke, Jesse Palmer, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Voting No
Adam Hutzenbuhler, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Nequra Campbell, Vicky Meuangsaksith
Senators Abstaining
Dahlia Mahmoud, Miriam Monomo, Timothy Huebsch, Karma Lama
Executive Staff Voting No
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Motion Fails

Approval of Minutes September 22,1999 Approved

Officer Reports

President ÐSylvia Oelberg
Thanks to everyone that decorated for Homecoming.
Attended MSUSA Board this past weekend. If you are interested in Fall Conference, please sign up on board.
We are having a table donated for the Penny Fellowship. Please look this over and sign up if you are interested.
MEET & CONFER-Discussed grand opening of Phase III, November 12. Submit ideas to Union Board. Andreas Theater will be open in May. Meyers Fieldhouse demolition will be the end of Oct. MSU Technology Lap Top proposal was updated in July. (refer to Senator Huebsch)
Senator Huebsch-The College of Business is getting close to the end phase. They will be purchasing computers for faculty in the Spring. A student committee is looking at how this should be implemented and what classes should be required to purchase the lap tops. It will be a lease with a buy out at the end of a three year period. President Oelberg and I will meet with Dean Solomon next week regarding the proposal. President Oelberg (see SAF flyer) look at how this is broken down and how your fees are spent.

Leg Affairs-Robert Pavlenko, Mike Groenwold, SAC-Mike Groenwold, Union Board-Kristy Anderson, Learning Tech Round table-Tim Huebsch, Bookstore Advisory-Timothy Huebsch, Student Services Committee- Rachel D. Noah
Coordinators: Academic Affairs, Robert Pavlenko, Todd Simonson, International/Ethnic Coordinator-Nequera Campbell, Dahlia Mahmoud, Treasurer-Misty McKinney
Still accepting applications for an Ethnic Coordinator and an Assistant Student Services Coordinator.
The Minnesota State Chancellor contract has been extended for six months while a national wide search is conducted.
Information Corner is set up, everything you need to know that we have is on that board. Ask if you need something additional.
Did meet with Mike Hodapp and Dean Trauger regarding funding, they do not know what the figures are, we can not give out money until we know what our incoming figures will be.

Vice President Ð Houa Vue
Pick up your nametags. We have had a table downstairs. We did have people come up with questions about committees, attorney, SAF fees and general questions on senate. Elections are coming up on Tuesday. Spread the word. Open House, Thursday, Oct. 7.
Met with Kelly Meier, Assistant Director of SDL&SL today-we are trying very hard to communicate with them and they with us. They have many resources, utilize them. They can do a Leadership series etc. Dahlia needs input from senators for College of Education considering broad spectrum of disciplines within college.
Senator Depuydt-how long can people apply for elections?
President Oelberg-we do not have a deadline.

Speaker- Dustin Mayfield
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Camping/Outing Club
Registration Renewal
Circle K International, Junior Panhellenic, Lao Student Organization, Marketing Club, Minnesota State University, Mankato Law Enforcement Club, MSU Linux Users Group, S.A.G.E

Speaker Ruling
"As the Chief Administrative Officer of the Senate, the Speaker runs elections in the absence of an Election Committee."

Staff Reports

Kristy Anderson-Diversity Coordinator
Next week, President Clinton's Race Initiative- CSU 203 Dialogue 4:00. Oct 5 Diversity Expo 7:00 Oct 6-Ethnic and International Student Fair-we can also use this to recruit people for committees etc.

Senator Reports

Phil Rowan-Science Engineering & Technology Senator
Told all classes that he is senator, discussed financial aid problems, and to expect delays. Looking forward to working with Academic Affairs Committee. Concern with Web registration, grading method of Pass /Fail. Some students may choose P/F which would effect GPA. If you do choose this it will come back saying that that is not a proper grading method. Good news-people that use Norwest ATM can use that without charge.
President Oelberg-there is a glitch at this time and no one is getting charged.
Senator Rowan-When you come into the senate chambers-leave your personal feelings behind. Debates can get intense, this is for business and for what is best for the students. When you leave chambers leave this behind.
Senator Boyce-reminder that Constitution Commission meets at 8:00 AM tomorrow.
Senator Depuydt-Move to reconsider the previous question regarding MSU Flight Team.
President Oelberg-Move to refer to SAC, second Senator Huebsch
Senator Rowan-do not send to SAC at this time, encourage vote again at this time.
Proxy Anderson-There is the possibility that they could be reimbursed. I am not informed on the money we have and therefore we should not approve this, even though I really like the Aviation Team and what they do.
Senator Rowan-There is the timeliness of the situation. Let's keep this here. First vote was not correct, some people did not know what abstaining was.
President Oelberg-understand Speakers Ruling but let's send this to SAC because they will have facts and figures. We don't even have financial aid. We don't know what figures we have. I will stay late and call SAC members and get the committee going.
Senator Simonson-if you got the committee going would it be possible to have a decision by next Wed.?
President Oelberg-I believe they could make the decision if they have the dollar figures that I was not able to obtain today.
Senator England-is it not the process that SAC would meet and then it would come it to Senate on the following Wed.?
President Oelberg-yes, but we are hoping that they can substantiate the figures by that time.
Senator Cupkie-Proxy Jenks-we don't know if SAC will reimburse?
Speaker Mayfeild - Clarifying the motion that was at hand- motion to send the Flight Team to SAC and now we are in the motion to reconsider. What was the vote? 10 yes 7 no 4 abstention
Mayfeild - right now we are in the motion to reconsider
Senator Rowan- in favor of reconsidering - there was simple majority and so I didn't have the info to know that it had really passed
Pavlenko - Refer to chapter 8 page 395 - simple majority is something that is more than half - excluding blanks or abstentions.
Motion to reconsider passes
Motion to allocate $950 dollars to the flight team.
Senator Palmer - lets vote!
President Oelberg - we do not have the figures - so don't vote blindly.
Senator Rowan - Commend the president for her arguments and bringing it to a vote means that it could be defeated
Jim Jacobsen - We didn't come early because we thought that we had become a Line Item. I didn't even realize until I talked too Mike Hodapp.
Senator Rowan - Urges for proposal.
Senator Cupkie-proxy Jenks- want's to urge support for it
Senator England - True we don't have the figures - does life grind to a halt because we don't know the figures? Students have experienced hardship due to financial aid delay, why hold off on this support? Let's vote.
Senator Campbell - we have our minds made up let's vote, we shouldn't spend money that we do not have.
President Oelberg - I do understand all of us have formed opinions - we do represent the students. Maybe to you $950 is not alot of dollars. I want to represent the students the best we can and the best is to send it to committee. I want to support the student organizations. We are trying to make this happen, but I can not allocate it.
Senator Lama-Proxy Marais- Abstained because I didn't know what was going on - they have obviously worked very hard and have put alot of effort forward. So why shouldn't we show them that they are part of the MSU team?
Senator Palmer - I am going to vote for it again. They are a great club and really represent MSU. It is not our fault it's not their fault. We should go for it.
Vice President Vue-No it is not our fault- but it could hurt our activity fee's. We do not have the fund set. I am a student, I have to wait for the figures. We can vote yes we can vote no. But the point is WE DON"T KNOW
Reporter Staff Writer-question as to why there are no enrollment numbers.
Senator England - Computer problems across the board.
Reporter - Where does SAC come in the funding requests?
Speaker Mayfield - it would go to SAC and then to senate then to President Rush for ultimate ya or na power.
Vice President Vue- we may have $10,000 but that is still 10% and that is alot of money
Vice President Vue - We tried to contact SAC Liaison Hodapp and talked to SAC member Mike Groenwald and he said that funding has been reimbursed for transportation in the past.
Senator Radke - Give them the money, we can't let the tape stop us from making effective decisions
Roll Call
Senators Voting Yes
Mickey Cupkie-proxy Chris Jenks, Chris Schmidt, Karma Lama, Phil Rowan, Emilie Peterson, Ian Radtke, Jesse Palmer, Tina England
Senators Voting No
Miriam Monomo, Todd Simonson, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Chris Boyce, Laura Lepuydt, Nequra Campbell, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Abstaining
Kristen Blekum,
Executive Staff Voting No
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue
8-9-1 abstention
Motion fails


Speaker Mayfield apologizes for his mistake - sorry
President Oelberg - will be staying late for MSSA and to contact SAC - She needs people for Tuesday for Governor Ventura and needs volunteers. Emily will be heading this up.
Meet at the senate office by 10:00 or 9-2 .
Senator Simonsen - Thank you for voting for him for Homecoming.
Vice President Vue Planners for the new coordinators were donated by the bookstore.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:14 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie, Chris Schmidt, Todd Simonson, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Timothy Huebsch, Phil Rowan, Karma Lama-proxy Nanu Maraes, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, Kristen Blekum, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump, Dahlia Mahmoud, Cynthia Davis, Scott B Taylor, Yingfah Thao, Jesse Palmer, David Paulzine
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue