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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
October 13, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present Juliet Orbisi 1-0-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 5-0-0-1, Miriam Monomo 6-0-0, Mickey Cupkie-proxy Chris Jenks 0-3-3, Chris Schmidt 4-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson 6-0-0, Timothy Huebsch 6-0-0, Phil Rowan 6-0-0, Chris Boyce 6-0-0, Cynthia Davis 4-2-0, Laura Depuydt 6-0-0, Emilie Peterson 5-0-1, Kristen Blekum 4-2-0 Nequra Campbell 6-0-0, Carla Von Bank 1-0-0, Ian Radtke 5-1-0, Vicky Meuangsaksith 6-0-0, Jesse Palmer- 4-1-1, Tina England 5-0-1, Scott Taylor 4-2-0, Zahid Ahmed 4-2-0, Yingfah Thao - 2-2-2
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-5-0, David Paulzine 0-5-1, Karma Lama- 3-2-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Seating of Fall Election Senators
Juliet Orbisi-Allied Health & Nursing, Carla Von Bank-Gage A, Nick Morriston-Maverick Hall

Student Forum

Presentation-Dean Trauger, Vice President Finance & Administration
University budget-new information regarding tuition rates for 2001. This needs to be to the Minnesota State board by October 29. Would like to incorporate suggestions from today's meeting to meeting in two weeks. We need as much feed back as possible from students. Budget is fairly complex. Legislative Appropriation-Bargaining Unit Negotiations (Employee Salaries 83%) this is critical-Tuition Policy-this impacts the amount of resources we have to spend based on the rate. Enrollment-something we try to project, we have turned the corner on decline-good news, enrollment is up 5-5 1/2 %. State appropriation is very important it has been 63% going down to 61%. To maintain current services over the next 10 years, state support would need to rise by an average of 6 percent a year, and other state agencies would need 5 percent more annually to maintain the status quo. Technology funding is not there for 2000 and 2001. The prediction is that this will be a challenging year for the university. (see FY2000 Increase in Funds Available vs. Increase to Base Cost) what really hurts is the M& E appropriation-we lost over 2 1/2 million dollars worth of funding. What helps is the 2 million dollar increase in tuition, due to the 5 1/2 % increase in enrollment. Had we not had the growth the budget would be more bleak than it is now. The increase to employee fringe costs went up 23%. Repairs and betterment's- the legislation is requiring a doubling of the budget in this area, yet only $1,017.762 in appropriation. We have not increased any unit or division budget, other than supplies. Those budgets in terms of staffing etc. will remain the same in fiscal year 2001. Due to insurance increase with bargaining units we are short $1.5 million. Good news is that we ended FY 99 with a 5.8 million dollar carry over. Minnesota State hired 13 of our staff, they were not replaced causing a 600,00 plus savings in salaries. It was our loss in personnel, however, not having the staff available we had to bring in staff to consultant in financial aid issues. That was an expenditure that we would normally not have. If nothing else comes up our reserve balance would be $2,027,802. Minnesota State has required a $2 million reserve. We are going to go with this proposal to Minnesota State. What this means is that we don't make the base reductions in 2000, how will we get out of it in 2001? Enrollment and tuition are key factors. If we increase tuition 2%-4.5% we will have a $2.365,000 deficit. We felt the legislature reneged on their funding. In 2001 we will have an increase in enrollment, but not in staff. Projections could change after discussions with various bargaining units. With 5% increase in Credit hours we will still be short because of low reserves. We are the lowest of the banded tuition universities. Increases-St. Cloud 7.5, Winona 5.00, Bemidji-7.00, Moorhead-4.00. These rates are always looked at in terms of percentage increases. Dollar increase - Mankato $100, Winona $66.50, Bemidji $100.00, St. Cloud $97.00, Moorhead $51.20. When we made tuition recommendation a year ago we thought the board would follow through in appropriation-that did not happen. Our tuition rate would go to $1,350. This is a key element in providing quality education. We want to continue, yet we have a challenge in what the legislature wants to put in to this. We need to follow a process to help in increasing state funding. Four Key factors-the 5th could be legislative supplements. This session is supposed to be a capital bonding. There is hope that they will ask for funding for increase in fringe benefits. If we can get a half million in relief in insurance rates it would help, but we can't count on it. We are about what we need to ask for in band in 1-11. This is not the thing we would like to do but it comes down to a budget bottom line and a 4.5 increase next year to serve 10% more students. Because of this increase in enrollment there will be many closed sections, enrollment is necessary but puts pressure on university. Would like to provide as much information as possible-it looks like $1350 on the band. We don't want to go above that, but it is about as low as we can go as well.
Senator Depuydt-Will the over 18 credits and the under 12 go up the same percentage in the band?
Dean Trauger-there will be an evening out between grad and undergrad students in the bands.
Senator Palmer-can Minnesota State force us to raise tuition rather than deplete the reserve budget more?
Dean Truager-we would have to tell them that this is all we would be comfortable with. We don't think we can pass on additional cost to students, nor do we want to even though our tuition rates are lower then other institutions. We want legislative support, that is why we need to work with senate to achieve this.

Approval of Minutes October 6, 1999 Approved

Officer Reports

President ÐSylvia Oelberg
Received a note from Govenor Ventura for assisting last week. The information that Dean Trauger discussed today will be in the Information Corner. Prepare your questions for October 27. This week our coordinators met, willing to work together and find a common ground.
Appointments: Ethics Commission, Adam Hutzenbuhler, Vicky M.
MSUSA-will be giving a presentation November 10. November 5-7 Fall Conference. Dr. Rush purchased a table for the Penny Fellowship Dinner. Pennies for Penny Fellowship. We will be hosting conference in December. Hockey 7:35 PM. Friday night. Women's Center-Breast Cancer Awareness. Have prepared a list of involvement for senators.
Congratulation to Emilie-Leg is the largest committee out there.
Senator Rowan-were other names considered for Chair of Ethics?
President Oelberg-yes, but considered someone new, yet involved on campus and also who turned in application first. I believe she will do a good job.

Vice President Ð Houa Vue
Thanks to everyone that attended the Open House. Next Friday, we will be going to the Hockey game. Have contacted everyone that has been appointed to committees. Talked to Dave Hendel from CDC and he will be sending packets that can we will hand out regarding Career month. Oct. 19 Etiquette Seminar. MSUSA Web site-

Team Builder
Speaker- Dustin Mayfield
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Mav Mac User Group, Minnesota State University Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, Anti Chamber Club
Recognition Renewal Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, MSU Student Radio Club, MSU Aviation Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lutheran Campus Ministries, COSBO, Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Chinese Student Association, MSU Habitat for Humanity, United Christian Ministry, Alpha Eta Rho-International Aviation Fraternity

Vacancies-Graduate seats.
Recommending changes in constituion in regard to Bylaws regarding Fall Elections. You are responsible to the students, come talk to me for your duties.
Coordinator Boyce-regarding Fall elections, is that official the report to Constitution Commission?
Speaker Mayfield-that is a personal opinion.

Staff Reports

Chris Boyce-Student Services Coordinator
Confusion between Student Services and Student Affairs. State-wide association calls everything outside of classroom, student services. Met with Dr. Healy regarding Financial Aid, things are going much better, finally things are progressing. Financial Aid-letter will go to your permanent address, make sure that is correct. Let your constituents know that we will not have these problems next semester-the system does work. Student Union Task Force-we will be able to keep about a half million dollars here on campus. Met with Athletic Director Don Amiot and Athletic Business Manager Tim Marshall today, Myers Fieldhouse bids came in too high, trying to rebid and still provide a quality facility. We need to form an Ad Hoc committee regarding tuition. If you are interested in working with tuition, come talk to me so that we can come up with a proposal. In Student Services today we talked about consolidating platforms of people running in last election. . November 12-Official opening of Phase III, All-Season Arena.

Kristy Anderson-Diversity Coordinator
South Asia Night-Saturday. See Mid-term report

Senator Reports

Jesse Palmer-Off-Campus Senator
MIS Club will be holding meeting regarding Lap Top Proposal, will be trying to come up with a joint statement. Encourage involvement from all students to get student reaction. Also appointed to Parking, will be discussing a proposal to hire a consultant for proposal of Parking Garage. Also should university offer free parking spots.
MIS-Monday October18 Morris Hall 211
Parking-October 14 - 10:30

Phil Rowan-Science Engineering & Technology Senator
Tuition increase of 8% is alot, we are being asked to make up the difference on things that we have no control over. We need to make a recommendation to the legislature, this is astronomical to make up money for factors beyond our control. One of the things Vice President Trauger said should hit home, we need to work with the leg affairs committee about requesting special allocation from the legislature. Mankato has always had the reputation of not being a big buck institution, we need to try and keep that reputation. Also am part of NCA, however, apologize for not having worked on that yet.
Coordinator Peterson-Currently working on setting a meeting with President Rush regarding tuition increase.
Senator Boyce-Sept. 30 was date on sending information regarding NCA visitation. Have we sent anything.
Senator Rowan-no, not at this time.

Tina England-Off-Campus Senator
Attended Women & Spirituality Conference , keynote speaker was Leslie Feinberg. As an Off-Campus Senator-general discontent with students regarding parking and dining services-especially coffee and bland food. Explored Parking Express-it works great. Need to get familiar with Roberts Rules of Order. Working on getting squeaky door fixed.
Senator Boyce-we as a senate will be forming a committee that will be giving feed back to Chartwell.
Senator Rowan-do you feel 8% is alot?
Senator England-yes, out of pocket.


Speaker Mayfield-I like bland food.
Coordinator Anderson-Senator England compliment you on getting comments from students.
President Oelberg-we will be able to advertise seat openings in the Reporter this week..
Vice President Vue-Hockey game, Friday night, Oct 27-Senate picture.
Senator Radtke-have heard many good reports regarding food service in Res Halls. Senator Campbell-Res Hall residents take notice regarding mold in hallways. Check your halls, we need to do something about that.
Senator England-Student Services had quorum, Senator England Chair.
President Oelberg-we have Chartwell, but we need to work with them to adapt to our university. Same thing with the bookstore, we just need to work with them.
Coordinator Anderson-MSSA Pot Luck, November 27

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Miriam Monomo, Mickey Cupkie-proxy Chris Jenks, Todd Simonson, Timothy Huebsch, Phil Rowan, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, Carla Von Bank, Ian Radtke, Cynthia Davis, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump, Karma Lama, Scott Taylor, Yingfah Thao, David Paulzine
Senators Excused
Dahlia Mahmoud, Chris Schmidt, Kristen Blekum, Nequra Campbell, Jesse Palmer
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Houa Vue