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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
October 20, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 2-0-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 6-0-0-1, Chris Schmidt 5-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson 7-0-0, Timothy Huebsch 7-0-0, Phil Rowan 7-0-0, Karma Lama- 4-2-1, Chris Boyce 7-0-0, Cynthia Davis-proxy Rachel D. Noah 4-2-1, Laura Depuydt 7-0-0, Emilie Peterson 6-0-1, Ian Radtke 5-1-0-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 7-0-0, Jesse Palmer-proxy Kristy Anderson 4-1-2, Tina England 6-0-1, Scott Taylor-proxy Dale Sack 4-2-1, Zahid Ahmed 4-3-0, Yingfah Thao -proxy They Nguyen 2-2-3, Nick Morriston 1-1-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-6-0, Miriam Monomo 6-1-0, Mickey Cupkie- 0-4-3, Kristen Blekum 4-3-0, Nequra Campbell 6-1-0, Carla Von Bank 1-1-0, David Paulzine 0-6-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg
Executive Staff Absent
Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Sylvia Oelberg
-The Department of Political Science/Law Enforcement celebrates the life, professionalism, friendship and dedication of Dr. Allan Wiese. Allen Wiese died this morning. There will be a Memorial service on Thursday October 21 at 5:30 PM at Holy Rosary Church in North Mankato.
Dale Sack - Speaking as a Union Board member, there are many problems with credit cards. Wants senate to debate credit card venders on the mall.
Kristy Anderson-issues need to go to committee first, Union Board and Student Affairs.

Presentation-Jessica Stoltz-Student at Large
Living off-campus in a house that has been a rental for many years. They are in strong litigation with the landlords brother. Has received help from student attorney and has had the attorney write letters for them, requesting funding from Student Senate. (approximately $125.00)
Article IX Section 1-Professional Staff
íThe MSSA shall employ an attorney to provide free legal advice to its members and to provide assistance to the Senate, the President and the Cabinet. The Students' Attorney may represent a client in court only if directed by a majority vote of the Senate. ý

Approval of Minutes October 13, 1999 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President-Sylvia Oelberg
Discussed Housing issues, will work on Housing Forum again. Every senator should familiarize themselves with constitution and issues.
Attended Hockey game, very enjoyable, try to attend athletic events.
Attended South Asian night, you should all try to attend these events. It is good that you get out there and get to know other students.
MSUSA-Penney Fellowship Dinner, November 5. This is separate from the Conference, we have three extra seats. This was donated by President Rush. Fall Conference is Nov 5-7. Bob Pavlenko, Houa Vue, Vicki M, Nequra Campbell, Chris Boyce, Emilie Peterson will be attending conference. We have one spot available. December Conference is 10-12. Sign up to help plan Conference. Monitor racks are empty, please help distribute them.
We need issues from Academic and Student Affairs for our MSUSA campus report. Met with Dave Oliver this week discussed Maverick Majority. He said he sees us as his "board of directors". This is a compliment to us, and he is more than willing to work with us. Met with Dr. Healy and SAC liaison Mike Hodapp this week regarding Student Activity Fees. Mike Hodapp will be coming to Senate to inform all of us on process of this committee.,br> Appointments: Academic Affairs-Jason Downing
Aerial View photo
President Oelberg second Senator Boyce- Motion to Committee
íBe it resolved that the large aerial view photograph of the Minnesota State University Community be hung on the wall of the Student Union between doorway 284A and 284B.ý
Speaker Mayfield-This motion will automatically be referred through Trigger to Union Board.
Presented Minnesota State Student Association Service Matters
Do your own list, set some goals, MSSA is not one person or one group. It is important that we remember that. Potluck sign-up is being passed around. Next Wed. October 27.
Coordinator Boyce-Meyers Fieldhouse will be delayed until March.
Tuition-if you are interested in working on that, talk to him so that you can work on plan of action. (Speaking for Vice President Houa Vue)
(see written report) Don't forget Expedition Africa T-Shirts available in the office.

Speaker-Dustin Mayfield
(motion to suspend rules for Staff report)
Nequra Campbell, IS/Ethnic Coordinator - Cultural Diversity Seminar, Ostrander Aud. November 15. Goal is to make sure individuals understand diversity and can better communicate. Will have many students from ethnic backgrounds that will relate issues. Please add or edit survey questions.

Senator Peterson
\-suspend rules for purpose of voting on housing issue. Second Senator England.
Motion Fails 7-5
Senator Peterson, Second Senator England
íI move that we appropriate the funds of $125.00 to Jessica Stoltz and her roommates as outlined in their request this day, October 20, 1999. This funding is to be applied, in addition to their own funds, towards the process of letter writing services provided by the student attorney in regards to landlord tenant dispute.ý
Motion Passes Referred to Committee

Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Minnesota State University Swing Dance Club
Recognition Renewal
Student Nurse's Association (SNA), American Indian Student Association, Phi Upsilon Omicron, African Students Association, Students for Alcohol & Drug Education (SADE), Finance Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Association of India, U.N. Club, Pre-Med Club, Minnesota Rehabilitation, Student Division, Hong Kong Student Association, Mankato Area Astronomy Association, Construction Management, Anthropology Student Association, Anti-Oppression Action Alliance (AOAA), MSU Amateur Radio Club, Regional and National Geographic Exploration, CLASA (Chicano Latin American Student Association), Eta Sigma Gamma, Human Performance Majors Club, Marantha Christian Fellowship, Phi Kappa Psi

Staff Reports

Tim Huebsch-Technology Coordinator
Student Association Web site has been updated, check over for spelling etc. Our link is now under the campus server Other Involvement- attended meeting regarding Lap Top Proposal- very constructive meeting. New Director of Instructional Technology-Dr. Tim Kocher

Kristy Anderson-Diversity Coordinator
(recess for obtaining quorum)
(lost quorum)

Senator Reports

Tim Huebsch-Science & Technology Senator
Phil Rowan-Science Engineering & Technology Senator


Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM
Roll Call

Senators Present
All senators excused lack of quorum