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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
October 27, 1999 Minutes

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 3-0-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 6-0-0-2, Miriam Monomo 7-1-0, Chris Schmidt 6-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson 8-0-0, Timothy Huebsch 8-0-0, Phil Rowan 8-0-0, Karma Lama- 5-2-1, Chris Boyce 8-0-0, Kristen Blekum 5-3-0, Cynthia Davis- 5-2-1, Laura Depuydt 8-0-0, Emilie Peterson 7-0-1, Ian Radtke 6-1-0-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith-proxy 7-0-1, Jesse Palmer- 5-1-2, Tina England 7-0-1, Scott Taylor-proxy Dale Sack 4-2-2, Zahid Ahmed 5-3-0, Yingfah Thao -proxy Abu Bhuiyan 2-2-4, Nick Morriston 2-1-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-7-0, Mickey Cupkie- 0-5-3, Nequra Campbell 6-2-0, Carla Von Bank 1-1-0-1, David Paulzine 0-7-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Mary Bottengard, Vice President Student Events Team. Will try to keep us posted on what they are doing this year. Will come back to senate with additional updates.

Presentation-Dean Trauger, Vice President Fiscal Affairs
Two weeks ago discussed with us FY2000-2001 Budget. The budget relates to tuition. Follow-up on previous presentation. Last time presentation focused on budget, today giving background on how our tuition and appropriation compares nationally and how our funding measures up to other institutions. This will help explain background on what we are recommending. Would like the senate to put together a working group to work with him on budget and the adjustment of the tuition. If we do not get an increase in appropriation from the Legislature we could be looking at significant reduction in services and increase in tuition. How Minnesota compares to comparable institutions-gives background as to why we are having a hard time making the bottom line balance. Average tuition and fees for FY2000 $8,086, MSU, Mankato $6,340. MSU $1,746 less overall. Like institutions need to be compared to their peers, so MSU students will pay comparable tuition to other institutions. Compared to national average we are below national average by 26%. In terms of total spending we are $1,423 less then national average. We have not received enough on appropriations side by about $1,000 per student and we are short on tuition side. We need to work hard to get additional legislative support. It would be nice to get to average, if we don't it puts more pressure on the tuition side. We are $800-1100 short on appropriation per student. That is the problem, we need to see what we can do in working with the legislature in taking more seriously the funding of Minnesota State Universities, if we want to be competitive in what we can offer our students compared to other universities around the country.

Senator England-What other avenues are open besides looking at legislative appropriation?
Dean Trauger- We have been adjusting enrollment in the last 8 years, enrollment peaked in 1991. Since enrollment has declined, legislature has appropriated less. This has created a reduction in our university budget, we have reduced this by over $11 million dollars. We have had students work with us on what can be cut and what the implications of these cuts are. The revenue comes from state appropriation and tuition. A few dollars do come from placement, admission, transcript fees, but very small. President has raised money through donations, endowed shares. As far as budget, we have few options. Disturbing thing is the shift from the appropriation budget to tuition. That is why we need to put pressure legislatively to do more. The bad news is there are some mid year adjustments that are going to cost us $750,000. Taking the reserve down to 2 million, we would have to look at a $100 increase plus a $50.00 surcharge. It comes down to spending cuts. We received a million for technology in 98-99 but did not give us that in 2000. The surcharge would only cover the difference in increased insurance costs. We are still significantly less than other Minnesota State institutions and other institutions nationally. A work group would be helpful in determining what we want to be. We do not want to be mediocre. Having a good quality education makes you competitive in the job market. Quality programs make you more respected nationally. We need to pay attention to technology, we need adequate funding to just do the basics.
Tina England-Will the 8% increase in tuition be enough to maintain the services we now have?
Dean Trauger-It won't be without the surcharge if we do not get the appropriation from the legislature. Students supported Governor Ventura, so students need to get his ear, he should respond to students. As of now he is not supporting any further appropriation.
Tina England-Will the $50 surcharge be a one time shot.
Dean Trauger-That would be a one time assessment.
Tina England-In the packet you gave us it showed we are going to have a deficit-will we be looking at another tuition increase?
Dean Trauger-If there is supplemental funding in 2000-2003 we can keep costs down. Maybe the legislature does not want to keep cost of state institutions down because we are lower than average. However, if we pay national average tuition then we should receive national average appropriation.
Senator Rowan-One of the contingencies we are looking at is a 4-5% increase in enrollment, will that help balance the budget?
Dean Trauger-We might have a 3.75-4% increase, that depends on quality of institution. We can't increase enrollment and make budget Iwe do not get enrollment increase will we be looking at further tuition increases?
Dean Trauger-The tuition would not be changed, we would be faced with cuts. We have so many positive things here, we don not want to make budget cuts. We want to solve this by taking down the reserve, positive enrollment growth. Students are the best sales persons for the institution. Students need to explain what higher ed means to them.
Senator Rowan-
Dean Trauger-Enrollment numbers Will be slightly less then what we originally estimated.

Emilie Peterson-MSUSA Rep to DC. Will be going to DC in three weeks, this is a research trip, no lobbying will be done. Will meet with Financial Aid, Office of Management.
Senator Depuydt- Are all Leg Affairs Coordinators going?
Emilie Peterson-Each campus does have one representative.

Approval of Minutes October 20, 1999 Approved

Elections: Graduate Seats (2)
Candidate, Ed McBride
Senator Depuydt-We have been having problems with quorum, do you have time for senate?
Mr. McBride-Has Wednesdays open, working on thesis also in Women's Center. Sees Diversity on senate this year, but do not know what we are doing for diversity events. In regard to Dean Trauger presentation, we can lobby, but Governor is not for us. Ed McBride elected graduate senator.

Undeclared Senator Seat
Candidate, Jon Fritz
Involved in Student Senate at South Central Technical College.
Senator Depuydt-Are you aware of time commitment?
Coordinator Anderson-do you bring any issues of diversity to the senate?
President Oelberg-What would some of your goals be on senate
Mr. Fritz-Personally to achieve added leadership and communication
New undeclared senator-Jon Fritz

Officer Reports

President-Sylvia Oelberg

MSUSA representatives will be here November 10, will do presentation on MSUSA. Adding Dustin Mayfield to MSUSA conference and Christopher Gaffer. Have been working with Diversity, Ethnic Coordinators on campus issues. Met with Dr. Healy regarding Meet & Confer agenda. Attending All Greek meeting tonight, they felt their voice is not being heard by this body, feel all students should be heard. Will be looking at adding a Greek liaison position. We will be accountable and will represent that population. Mike Hodapp will be coming next week to talk to you about SAC.
Coordinators are accountable-talk to them about issues.
Committee Appointments: ECDC Jason Downing, Midori Marek
Bookstore Advisory-Christopher Gaffer, International Programs Advisory Committee, Nancy Ogenga.
Thanks to Student Services for bringing forth questions for Dean Trauger. In Dean Trauger's presentation he mentioned yesterday's Higher Ed Finance meeting-see booklet. Check office for new materials. Interesting day-we need voice heard on materials go in to the Student Activity Center. Art work placed in foyer today was removed, however, tenants will have a voice on Union Board tomorrow on materials put in Union. If you do not feel that your voice is not being heard, you stand up for it. Pick your own battles. I have met with everyone here and outside of this room , I hope that tomorrow the students voices will be heard. I find it to be a shame that doors can be closed and we can come up against brick walls. This should not happen to student concerns.
SAGE will be having a dance in the ballroom on Nov. 1. Received an Email and a student approached me about being on the Director of the Women's Center Search Committee. Women's Center- Money Management Seminar. Monday, Nov. 4, 12-1. We will be working with them on Legislative. Affairs.
Check my schedule by Cheri's desk if you want to know when I am in or if you want to make an appointment. I am always available to anyone, and to give you whatever information I have.
Senator Depuydt-Is your name on your schedule?
President Oelberg-Name is in the front of the book, color is blue.
Senator Palmer-In regarded to Spring bulletin, their are changes in Computer Science.
Senator England-What is the time frame for Women's Center Search?
Thank you for work you did on the Art-work.
Senator Peterson-Also changes in bulletin in Geology courses.
Yield to Kristy Anderson-
Diversity met this past week. Will be having a table for Nithy Expedition African, selling shirts. ECDC will meet Mondays at 9:00 AM. Concerns with So Asian night-have taken care of issues.
Friendship night Nov 13. We will have a senate table again. Concerns with Art work will be dealt with in Union Board. Thanks to Sylvia that worked very hard on that. Will be meeting with Dr. Fagin on Pan African Conference.
Suspend rules for senator report
Senator Tim Huebsch, Science Engineering and Technology
College of Science Engineering & Technology Student Advisory board met this past week, this was more for format of upcoming meetings. Will be working on wireless in the future. College of Business Laptops-position needs to be to bulletin by Dec. 1.
Senator Thao-Proxy Bhuiyan-how do you get on Advisory Board?
Senator Huebsch-Talk to Angie Bomier.
Senator Palmer-Are they taking bids on the internet for the lap tops?
Senator Huebsch- They are still talking about this, but do not believe they are taking bids yet. The only lab tops that have been ordered are for faculty.
Senator Palmer-Have you talked about an up-front buy out?
Senator Huebsch-Yes they are talking about that.

Senator Taylor-Proxy Sack-second Senator Thao-Proxy Bhuiyan-Suspend rules, passes.
Formation of New standing Committee-
Under Article I Sec (3) authority to create standing committees.
Amendment to the By laws.....
Section 13 Subsection 1
To create a new standing committee of the MSSA as a tool for review of artwork pieces to be placed in the Student Activity Center (SAC) (Phase III) of the Student Union. The name of the new committee will be, "The Student Activity Center Art Committee."
Subsection 2
The committee will be comprised of two representatives from each office in the SAC (both floors). They will be recommended by the Advisor, appointed by the MSSA President, and confirmed by the Senate.
Subsection 3
The Chair of the committee will be elected from within the committee members and recognized by the MSSA President.
Subsection 4
The SAC Art Committee does not replace the Student Art League. The focus of the SAC Art Committee is to review artwork selected by the SAL and to have discretion as to what artwork will be allowed in the SAC, and time schedules for rotation.
Yield to questions-
Senator McBride-This needs to be referred to Constitution Commission
Senator Boyce-Please refer to Bylaws on amending the Bylaws, would this be considered the initiative meeting.
Senator Depuydt-Who is given authority to place art work in the union?
President Oelberg-Technically we are but it is only a recommendation.
However, Director of Student Involvement can do what he wants.
Senator Taylor-Proxy Sack-now there is an oversight, this would eliminate that with better representations
Senator Depuydt-Maybe we should remove the Student Art League, and make Union Board in charge of this.
Senator Taylor-Proxy Sack-we are not replacing anything. We are not censuring but merely an oversight committee to oversee selection
Senator Depuydt-Would like to see this with Union Board. They could get requests from all the offices. As for the Director, maybe we need to have his position looked at. We need to be more proactive. I -am opposed to this committee, this is a reactive committee, we need to be more proactive. We need to look at other options. I can not support this with out looking into this further.
Senator England-We have a committee Trigger, does this play in to that?
Speaker Mayfield
Senator England-Agree with Senator Depuydt, we need to address this as part of the union as a whole.
Senator Taylor-Proxy Sack-it needs to go to Constitution commission, but would like this to be acted on. We need oversight on this.
Senator Boyce-Are you interpreting this as once it is sent to Constitution Commission that there will be no follow-up?
Speaker Mayfield-Constitution Commission is external to the senate, they do not bring recommendations to the senate.
Senator England- Who would?
Speaker Mayfield-The Rules Committee,
Motion to send to Constitution Committee is out of Order
Currently considering the initiation of the amendment to the bylaws, will be working on this next meeting.
President Oelberg-I think this might be reactionary, but that is what we are here for-positive reaction for the students. Proxy Sack has presented a good case, also agree with Senator Depuydt that this is for Union Board. Students were affected today. I don't know if we need a separate committee, but do commend Proxy Sack for this work being done for the students. We should always promote positive activism.
Senator England-What time are we looking at for artwork to be decided upon (if not already) and hung?
President Oelberg-Henry Morris stated that the artwork has been removed, temporarily, until the students voices have been heard. The art work will be returned, it really dos not matter what we say or Union Board does, it will be returning.
Senator McBride-The key to get things done is to give senators time to work on this.
Senator Schmidt-Move previous question, second Senator Monomo.
Lost quorum-motion to adjourn for 3 minutes.
It has been moved previous Question on the amendment.
It was moved to a vote 15-1-0
All those in favor of the initiation of the bylaws
Division 7-7-2 Motion fails

Vice-President Houa Vue

In response to Artwork, I will be attending Union Board tomorrow, talk to me about your views. Received an Email from Dave Cowan regarding Parking Advisory meeting. There will be adding a shuttle Monday-Thursday from 10:15 to 11:30 PM and Sunday night from 6 PM to 10PM. Effective Oct. 25.
Senator Radtke--Concern was for students in overflow lots, safety concerns etc. Everyone in overflow did receive a questionnaire on what they wanted to see. The University will be picking up the cost of the van.
Vice President Vue-Have drafted a letter to send to committees to get more information on committees. Have sent Emails to Coordinators to get a mid term report and a final report.
Speaker-Dustin Mayfield
Recognized Student Organizations
ACS Chemistry Club, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Biology Club, TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)Club, Vietnamese American Student Association

Quorum lost

Staff Reports (no reports given)

Abu Bhuiyan-Associate Student Services Coordinator

Senator Reports

Phil Rowan-Science Engineering & Technology Senator
Emilie Peterson-Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Miriam Monomo-College of Business Senator
Chris Schmidt-College of Education
Tina England-Off Campus Senator


Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM
Roll Call
Senators excused lack of quorum.