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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
November 3, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present
Dahlia Mahmoud 7-0-0-2, Miriam Monomo 8-1-0, Chris Schmidt 7-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson-proxy Bob Pavlenko 8-0-1, Ed McBride-proxy Sydney Smith 1-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 9-0-0, Phil Rowan 9-0-0, Karma Lama-proxy Abu Bhuiyan 5-2-2, Chris Boyce 9-0-0, Kristen Blekum 6-3-0, Nequra Campbell 7-2-0, Cynthia Davis- 6-2-1, Laura Depuydt 9-0-0, Emilie Peterson 8-0-1, John Fritz 2-0-0, Ian Radtke 7-1-0-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith- 8-0-1, Jesse Palmer- 5-1-2, Tina England- 8-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 6-3-0, Nick Morriston 2-1-0
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi 3-1-0, Tracy Kump 1-8-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-6-3, Carla Von Bank 1-2-0-1, David Paulzine 0-8-1, Scott Taylor- 4-3-2, Yingfah Thao 2-3-4
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Presentation-Dave Gjerde, Registrar
As you know grades can be accessed by using the phone or by accessing the Web page. Registrar's Office currently looking at discontinuing mailing grades to home address, rational is to save postage about $7,000-$8,000. Also grades are mailed from St. Cloud with their postal mark. Grade reports can be printed with a seal or signature.
Would like student feed back as to if this would create problems for students.
Senator Rowan-Would there be a possibility of a check form for students to have their grade reports mailed to them?
Registrar Gjerde-They can get this information from the phone, or students could leave their name and we would mail the report. We would advertise this, put an add in Reporter, posters up around campus etc.
Senator Morriston-Is there a sudden need for discontinuing this policy?
Registrar Gjerde-Maybe, however, looking for areas to lessen budget.
Senator Peterson-Have other schools done this?
Mr. Gerde-Winona has been doing this since 1998.
Senator England-Have you communicated with Winona on feedback?
Mr. Gjerde-No, have not been in touch with them. Some students do want a grade report, so they are mailing out some. They have a report that looks very similar to an official grade report.
Senator Boyce-I think this is a good idea. Having worked at the HUB, I feel it is a good idea that you are the only one that has access to your grades. It also saves the university. It is a good move.
Mr. Gjerde-We lost some capability of students having a choice of where grades can go, so yes this is good.

Cheri Bowyer, Mini Mavs Evening Child Care Program
Speaking for Michelle Murzyn. Mini Mavs Coordinator (see attached report)

Approval of Minutes October 27, 1999 - Minutes approved

Officer Reports

Senator Depuydt-Suspend rules for Senator Reports. Passes
President-Sylvia Oelberg
Visual representation is good but senators reports are great.
MSUSA this weekend, Penny Fellowship Dinner Friday night, followed by Fall Conference. MSUSA information is on the board. All MSUSA materials are filled in the binder, feel free to check this out. Nov 10, MSUSA will be here to present and inform you about MSUSA.
Three MSUSA appointments: Campus Rep, Chris Boyce, Cultural Diversity Rep- Nequra Campbell, Board Proxy, Houa Vue
Committee Appointments: Legislative Affairs - Nancy Sager, Master Plan Commission-Ian Radtke
Does anyone have suggestions for students to serve on the Women's Studies Search Committee?
Safety Committee-meets 1:30, 2nd Tuesday of month, looking for a student rep. If you are interested talk to me, they are currently discussing bike safety.
Campus Brief-see November Monitor.
Making arrangements for a tenant forum in January and for Mayoral candidates to visit senate.
Visited Health Services this past week to see how things are run.
Meet and Confer this past weekend, discussed updated facilities on campus, Open House for Phase III November 12, if you would like to work on this, talk to Cheri. The theme is "A World of Opportunities".
Met with 252 students since last meeting.
Copy card is for senate business only.
Will be sending a list to Scott and Henry in regard to request for 3 bulletin boards, exchanging our coffee tables and 2 lamps. If there is something you feel we should put on the list, please let me know. They informed me that there is no money but I was led to believe that the furniture purchased for this facility could be exchanged among offices. In the mean time you can put your bookbags in my office.
New Monitors are in but apologize for campus briefs. Please help distribute Monitors around campus.
Last month MSUSA picked out the brief and they selected the Generals Daughter
Coordinator Pavlenko -I sent the materials in for the campus briefs.
President Oelberg-Should let all of us know.
Coordinator Pavlenko -I thought that Campus Reps handle that.
President Oelberg-No official campus rep appointed. You never applied for Campus Rep position.
Senator England-have you read the new Monitor yet?
President Oelberg-Not yet.
Senator England-Moorhead changed their name.
President Oelberg-Yes I know that.

Vice-President Houa Vue
Represented Student Senate last week at Student Union Board meeting. We stated that we want more voice in art work. We stated that we wanted our wall to represent something about us and not to have all art work up. This seemed to abe a majority feeling of all the residents of Phase III. They asked us to come back for another meeting and more in depth discussion. Reminder of Ribbon Cutting ceremony for Phase III, Nov. 12. 11 AM, All Seasons Arena 9:00 AM.
Mini Mavs needs one person to help with Bowling Night Tuesday , November 30, 6:00-7:30 PM.
Committee descriptions went out last week, feel free to help give the descriptions of the committees you are involved in.
Attended MSSA Meet Confer-interesting topics -financial aid, completed application went out, tuition payment is due November 22.
Coordinator Anderson can 't be here but asked me to pass around signup for Friendship night. Nov. 13 $5.00, information in office.
Senator England -Did anyone came to you about not receiving their Financial Aid letter:
Vice President Vue-No not personally.
Senator England -I was in Financial Aid yesterday and was one of seven people waiting who had not received their letter yet.
Vice President Vue-No, I don't know about it.
Senator Rowan-Do you have a date for information about the mailing addresses for grades?
President Oelberg-Received a letter and can do a follow up.

Speaker-Dustin Mayfield
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Food and Nutrition Club, Physics Club, Pre Law Club
Recognition Renewal
Bangladesh Student Association, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, Delta Chi, International Business Organization, German Club, Spanish Club, Straight & Gays for Equality, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Accounting Club, Nepali Students Community, Sociology Society, Muslim Students Association, PRE-Law Society, Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Actions (GAMMA), Wildlife Club, Physics Club, Campus Lutheran Chapel, Students for Urban and Regional Studies Institute, Economics Club

In the MSSA Operating Policies it states that senate reports must be written. Due to this policy, all reports going in the minutes must be written.
President Oelberg-The pennies that you donated for Penny Fellowship purchased a MSU mug, folder, pen & pencil. We did not pay anything out of our budget.
Speaker Mayfield-Finally, people having issue on vacating seats, power is dangerous and speaker should not use this power. I shall vacate seats if a senator resigns, changes college or drops out of school. Ethics commission can hear these cases and hand down the sanctions

Staff Reports

Abu Bhuiyan-Associate Student Services Coordinator
Sent letters to all deans and affiliated faculty regarding the Laptop initiative asking if they plan on establishing a Laptop program in the near future.
ACC lab survey will be established in accordance with working with Wayne Sharp and other individuals. The ACC publishes a newsletter so that you can be informed on the issues.

Emilie Peterson-Legislative Affairs Coordinator (see written report)
Committee Reports

Tina England, Chair-Student Affairs Committee
Student Affairs Committee has been meeting every week, although quorum has been an issue and is being addressed internally.
Last week spoke at length about V.P. Trauger's tuition proposal. It seems that the more discussion we have, the more questions we find. I've suggested that all interested parties from our committee should contact Sylvia regarding V.P. Trauger's discussion group, as I have. Today, although we did not have quorum until half-way through our meeting, we spend time discussion issues we can address and what our priorities as a committee might be. A word on Quorum. Quorum is vital to our existence as committees and as a Senate. Without quorum we are not a representational unit. Without representation by you, we can't and don't stand for anything. Schoolwork is first, I understand that--but you have made a commitment to this organization and the students you represent as well. Please Keep that in mind. PLEASE try your BEST to show up for meetings.

President Oelberg-received your Email and did send to everyone in committee.

Kristy Anderson -Union Board Vice Chair,
Big debate on art work at last Union Board meeting.
President Oelberg-Believe student's voice was heard in board meeting
Kritsty Anderson -I understood that the work is scheduled to be put up.
President Oelberg-Because of the different types of paint used, some take up to four months to dry. This art work was previously chosen.
Coordinator Boyce-The reason they call this the Student Union is that it was built with student money.
Kristy Anderson-Assumptions that the activity center is part of Student Union
Coordinator Boyce-Are the decisions made by students or administrators?
Kristy Anderson -Not educated to make this decision
Vice President Vue-A follow up meeting will be coming up , our voices will be heard
Kristy Anderson-Let your voices be heard.
Coordinator Peterson-Nothing goes through unless the students say yes.
President Oelberg- We are not able to paint on wall, yet the office downstairs is painting on theirs.
Kristy Anderson -Technically that is in their office
President Oelberg -I have been concerned with the process not the art work, and we should let Union Board know this
Coordinator Boyce-Received an invite from Henry Morris to grand opening of Student Activity Center.

Chris Boyce, Student Allocation Committee
SAC recommendation 11.03.99-A
The Student Allocation Committee moves that Student Health Services shall have access up to $14,400 in Health Service depreciation funds. Funds shall be used for 2 computers and replacement of office furniture in the Health Education Office.
How do we off set the expense account? The cost is spread over several years. Currently, $21,000 in reserve.
Reason for request is for purchase of two computers and replacement of office furniture in the Health Education Office. Following SAC policy Health needs permission to access account. No debate . Motion passes by unanimous vote
SAC recommendation 11.03.99-A
The Student Allocation Committee moves that Student Health Services shall have access up to $14,400 in Health Service depreciation funds. Funds shall be used for 2 computers and replacement of office furniture in the Health Education Office.

Tour of Health Service area on Friday by SAC

Senator Reports

Miriam Monomo-College of Business Senator
I have been talking to students in College of Business about Lap Top proposal. Faculty will have computers in the Spring, students will have theirs in the Fall of 2000. Concern with non major having to use Lap top for one semester. As of know they will have a WEB page for the initiative, so that students can look at Lap Top initiative. Also met with the Dean, and discussed things done in past years. Went to Advisory Council meeting, they are very interested in students. They are trying to decide if we could have a mentoring program, for students to ask questions or Email about things in their field. Also looking at an Advisory Council day, where students can ask questions about major and meet people in their field. We have an exchange program with students from France, also looking at getting students from England and Japan. Cultural Diversity dinner, Nov. 8. Want to talk to minority students about College of Business, also going to high schools to recruit students. Also talked about College of Business Advisors, and how they can be more available to students.

Senator Schmidt-College of Education
What the Aviation Dept. is and what it is all about. Presentation of things done last year. A Year in Review 1998-1999. Some idea about us and how active we are to the community. Explained Regional competition MSU distinction is that in every competition they have received a medal and that's why they are distinct. Three weeks ago went to Atlanta for NBAA and UAA Conference, about 50 students. attended, flew down there. MSU had the strongest showing. Doing their best to represent the Aviation Club Talked with Dean of College of Education . Dean concerned with education students who are working on certification from state and he is looking for student forum regarding this issue. actively helping with that.
President Oelberg, Are the students not happy with their teaching program?
Senator Schmidt-students are happy but prefer one or two professors be added to decrease the work load from the current professors.
President Oelberg-Is discussion in regards to tuition connected with increase or decrease?
Senator Schmidt- One wants increase but received limited funding for labs ,tuition hike will l not help us, more or less no difference
President Oelberg-You mentioned John Roberts, who purchased the airplane.
Senator Schmidt-Pat McKenzie purchased it.
President Oelberg-What is the cost for each ride?
Senator Schmidt-$100 average
President Oelberg- What is the national average? You did a great job on your presentation.

Senator England-Off Campus Senator
In reference to October 13 report: I am still working on the squeaky women's restroom door on the third floor of Armstrong Hall. I've made two phone calls over the last couple weeks with no response yet, but will continue in my efforts. I've spoken to Dave Cowan regarding the lack of garbage cans in lots #20,2122, and 23. Dave was not aware that the receptacles had been removed and promptly resolved the issue. As of this morning, I noted that we have receptacles in lots #20,22 and 23. Lot #21, where I happen to park, still doesn't have one, however!
I also spoke to Dave about the Bookstore Advisory Committee and he say's we will be meeting in a few weeks.

Dahlia Mahmoud-Art & Humanities Senator
Met with the Dean of Arts & Humanities, discussed various issues some of these involved in encouraging students to link with the students of graphic design, they need to get more recognition on campus. Open Forum for Theatre Arts students, students feel underrepresented, not getting recognition, met with music majors and asked the same questions, they feel that all the money raised goes elsewhere and they are not getting any. They asked the question, "what is talent?" This morning went to West high school and talked to professor and invited him to MSU, working to bring high school students to campus to show them our facilities.
Senator Depuydt-earlier in the year you stated that some of the students were not represented and that you mentioned involving them in senate committees, has any of this happened?
Senator Mahmoud-Art College is big, why not have two senators for what the students do and for the various departments?
Announcement-Art show open called Cultural Shock, Sunday 7 PM


Open house for Astronomy Association
Senator Davis-Fundraiser tonight, invite you all
Coordinator Anderson-ECDC meeting on Wed 9.00 AM Senate Conference room
President Oelberg-MSUSA and Monitor must be a miscommunication , will talk with state chair.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Miriam Monomo, Todd Simonson-proxy Bob Pavlenko, Timothy Huebsch, Phil Rowan, Karma Lama-proxy Abu Bhuiyan, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, John Fritz, Kristen Blekum, Ian Radtke, Cynthia Davis, Yingfah Thao-proxy Kristy Anderson, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi, Tracy Kump, Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Chris Schmidt, Ed McBride-proxy Sydney Smith, Nequra Campbell, Carla Von Bank, Scott Taylor, Jesse Palmer, David Paulzine, Nick Morriston
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue