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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
November 17, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:02 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi 5-1-0, Miriam Monomo 9-1-0, Chris Schmidt 9-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson 10-0-1, Ed McBride 3-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 11-0-0, Chris Boyce 11-0-0, Nequra Campbell 9-2-0, Laura Depuydt 11-0-0, Emilie Peterson-Proxy Mike Groenwold 9-0-2, John Fritz 3-0-0, Ian Radtke-Proxy Lee Weston 8-1-1-1, Cynthia Davis 7-3-1, Scott Taylor-Proxy Rachel D. Noah 4-3-4, Yingfah Thao-Proxy Kristy Anderson 2-4-5, Jesse Palmer 8-1-2, Tina England 10-0-1, Zahid Ahmed 8-3-0 , Nick Morriston 3-2-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-10-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 7-1-1-2, Mickey Cupkie 0-8-3, Karma Lama 5-3-3, John Fritz 3-1-0, Kristen Blekum 6-5-0, Carla Von Bank 1-4-0-1, David Paulzine 0-10-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 9-1-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

Phil Rowan, speaking about resignation, being effective means more than attending meetings, it means being in the office, attending committee meetings and being involved. (see letter sent to Constitution Commission)
Felt the MSSA name change was not properly interpreted. Felt the name change should have gone before the student body as an amendment to the constitution. Does not feel the name change followed the Black's Law Dictionary definition on how the name change was interpreted by the MSSA Constitution Commission.
Jesse Palmer-Misrepresented in Reporter, not Chair of Parking Advisory.
Ed McBride-Sorry to see you go Phil, you have done alot and have done a great job.

Presentation-Mike Hodapp, Student Allocation Committee
Everyone is watching with interest the University of Wisconsin lawsuit. As an administrator, very interested. In Mankato, we have a very good system, hopefully they will not do anything that will affect that.
Highlights of Student Allocation Committee- MN statute states that we can establish a student fee. Our objective is to provide as broad and comprehensive a program as possible for the cultural, social, aesthetic and physical enrichment of students. This fee is then presented to Minnesota State. Minnesota State has basically the same policy that we have had in place for thirty years. They give us guidelines on how to establish a committee, budget process, how to review organization accounts. It gives student involvement in the fee process, what the fees should, be and who should get them. The President of the University does have the final say. Can count on one hand the number of times a president has said no to what the students have declared the student fees. We have five main groups that receive student activity fees: Student Life/Activity, Student Union Facilities, MSUSA, Health Services and Technology. We can assess up to $12.50 for student life fee. We are well under the cap. Athletics can go up to $50 per semester, ours comes to about $38.00 Health Services, $45 is max, we pay about $37.20. Technology fee is $8.00 per semester, we are at $3.11, well below ceiling. (see SAF flyer) Each student pays $20.60 per credit up to 12 credits. Maximum you can pay is $280.00 per semester. In 1962 President chaired SAC, total amount allocated $189.000. Students do a very good job in the allocation process.
Students have taken the time, done their homework. When they come to you in the Spring, believe me they have done their homework. Trust them. Involvement comes from you. Senate tells the President what you want allocated. Committee consists of 3 senators and 3 non-senators. Committee meets on a weekly basis, heavy in the Spring.
(see Student Activity Fund policy Statement) started in mid to late 70's. Students wrote down guidelines & criteria. New additions are included in the back of the policy. This is somewhat like history, it states things students had on their minds through the years. Big question is do things fit criteria. Budget process starts earlier, in the middle of January, programs will receive packet, programs need to review goals & objectives and review of past budget and request for new budget. Budget hearings will be in February and March. Everyone is invited that wants to request funds. Students are invited to attend and find out what programs are all about. Recommendations are heard and forwarded before the end of Spring quarter. Encourage you to talk to Chris, Mike, Tim-they are your representatives, ask them questions. or go and talk to Mike Hodapp.

Approval of Minutes November 10, 1999 Minutes approved
Senator Boyce-remove Senator Reports to before Item 5

Officer Reports

President-Sylvia Oelberg
Surprised that senators did not have questions on SAF. Must pass test on SAF if you want a button. Once you have that test you can have a button. Student life-This week I worked with 17 students on housing, parking, confidential issues. Attended grand opening of Hockey facilities. They have a study room and must meet GPA requirements. They also have a State of Art exercise room. Players do use this facility on a daily basis. Athletes that spoke feel university really supports them. Attended Student Union grand opening. It is important, it is a wonderful opportunity for all students.
MSUSA-Ex. Director Viggiano did arrive last Wednesday, we discussed student issues, and effectiveness of MSUSA, and how can they better serve us. Vice Chair Adam Zobel was in attendance at Grand Opening, he met with our coordinators. MSUSA Conference Dec. 10 & 11. If you plan on attending, sign up so we can get you into committees. In our Bylaws in states that you must attend a MSUSA Conference. State Chair will be here Dec 8-10. We will conduct a Student Activity Fee Dialogue on campus, this will be open to students to ask questions. We will be able to tell effectiveness of our process. SAF logo signs will be posted in offices so that students can see how fees are used.
Committee appointments: Leg Affairs, Malhi, Seinah International Programs Advisory Committtee-Adria Lovaas
Met with Dr. Healy yesterday, talked about Financial Aid, work study. Several memos were sent out today including memos sent to Academic and Student Affairs. We are not getting reports from these committees. We have several issues, and not one motion has been put forth to address these issues. We must be accountable for all of our actions and responses. The Senate needs to respond to the 8% tuition increase that Dean Trauger presented to MSSA. Dean Trauger was good enough to come before the senate with information and we've failed him. He needs a response from this senate. We need to applaud all of our individual efforts-Dahlia Mahmoud- art exhibit at the Grind. Student Services Coordinator Boyce-RHA master plan, all residents received this. This will help RHA with restructuring, planning, building.
Senator Radtke-sitting on Res Life Master Plan commission, if you need more questions, please contact. him.
President Oelberg-drew numbers from Mav Card office today for prizes.
Senator McBride-has Madam President-considered Emailing us of all the upcoming events?
President Oelberg-I do not do mass Email mostly because of confidential issues.
Senator McBride-I was involved in the vote of no confidence against Mr. Trauger and I believe I was wrong in this vote.
Senator Depuydt-I have looked through the Constitution and Bylaws and I thought it was removed that we have to attend the MSUSA Conference.
Speaker Mayfield-Yes, I looked also, and it was removed.
President Oelberg-Thanks to however returned my wallet.

Vice-President Houa Vue
I attended both the ribbon cutting of All Seasons Arena and the Student Activities Building. I had a chance to sit down with Adam Zobel, Vice Chair of MSUSA, along with President Oelberg, when he visited on Friday. It was a very productive meeting and we talked about many important things. We discussed ongoing issues that were a concern to us about the December MSUSA conference plans
I have been in contact with Rene Hersrud, Interim Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies. There is an Academic Standing Subcommittee that hears students requests for reinstatement and she would like the names of five students willing to be a part of this committee. I met with Dr. Healy yesterday along with President Oelberg. She gave us an update on award letters and Financial Aid. 10,746 people have applied for aid, 7,348 people actually enrolled at MSU,M, 6,724 award letters went out, 5,025 of those have received money at of Monday morning. $11 million dollars in disbursement has gone out. About 600 people have not received their award letters, this due to verification, default, or they were sent to permanent addresses. We have reserved a table at the Cultural Diversity Annual Dinner this Friday at 6:00 PM.
Senator Taylor-Proxy Noah-of the 5,025 student that have received their aid, do you know if they have received all that they were awarded?
Senator McBride-Did Dr. Healy say anything about not canceling classes?
Vice President Vue-She did not say that but I highly doubt it. They are working on getting all the aid taken care of.
Senator England-Have they said anything about when State grants are to be applied?
President Oelberg-State grants have been applied.
Vice President Vue-I will talk to Dr. Healy about classes being dropped.

Speaker-Dustin Mayfield
Yield - Coordinator Pavlenko-Academic Affairs
I am the staff person to consult on any and all issues regarding curriculum, academic advising, program requirements, accreditation, and the academic calendar. If I cannot give you an answer right away, I can likely direct you to the same research sources I use.

I have been running Academic Affairs since I was appointed, and I am a little confused, as we have had difficulty meeting quorum, yet the majority of academic senators tend to be present at the meetings. Some of you I have heard your reasons why you cannot attend, so you are off the hook. The others, I need to speak with. I have posted all relevant contact information of the Academic Affairs bin in the office.

I have been trying to meet with Dr. Boubel since I got appointed, and finally got a meeting scheduled for this week. I regret to report that I must reschedule again, as Dr. Boubel has fallen ill. When I do meet with her I intend to discuss the following: the NCA visit, the academic calendar for the next few years, faculty advising as we would like it done, the AIC, and possibly Johann Sebastian Bach, as Dr. Boubel used to be a music teacher.

I attended the MSUSA Fall conference a couple of weeks ago, I attended several meetings including: Federated Higher Ed Issues, Hot Topics of the Leg Session, Issues on Financial Aid, Influencing MN Higher Ed Leg. , MSUSA Proposed State Leg Agenda, and Minnesota State Board of Trustees Information session. I also attended brief white washing session administered by HESO, and got to see senator Wellstone, who I must say is on the of most stirring speakers I have ever had the privilege to observe. I also endured very bad food, and on a couple of occasions when I couldn't find a convenient escape route ended up talking to Vice Chair Zobel. One side comment, I think at some point you folks may want to thank Mr. Rhys Gaffer for his exemplary participation in the weekend's events. Rhys handled himself very well, unlike myself who spent the first PBOD meeting I attended brushing up on my Cthulhu Mythos knowledge and avoiding eye contact with people. Rhys was vocal, assertive, and successful in annoying that girl from Winona that we couldn't stand even more than I had hoped for. Let's hope he is able to attend and cover the next several conferences.

An issue was dropped in the MSSA Academic Affairs committee's collective lap last week, that being the destiny of the Mini-Mavs Evening Childcare Program. We are in the process of consulting the dean of the College of Ed to insure that the transition is successful, and as smooth as possible. Another big fun things that we are discussing right now is the fate of MSU-Akita, which unfortunately may be closing its doors soon. President Oelberg has compiled a folder on this matter, which I believe should be available in the Info Corner in the office. We as a committee will in all likelihood not be bringing you legislation on this matter, because I do not believe that we as a student association should endorse a school closing, not even that of St. Cloud State. We will however, make a statement about the decisions made by Minnesota State and how they may have effected MSU-A's forthcoming fate

Speaker Dustin Mayfield
Initial Recognition
The DSO Club, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society)
Recognition Renewal
Hsing Chen Kung Fu Club, Minnesota State Campers Association, St. Thomas More Newman Center
It is a sad duty to announce the vacancy of Science Engineering & Technology Senator, Phil Rowan
Correspondence from Malcolm O'Sullivan
R#11.03.99A. This resolution recommends that Student Health Services have access to up to $14,400 in Health Service depreciation funds for 2 computers and replacement of office furniture in the Health Education Office. The President has reviewed this resolution, has no questions and approves this allocation.

Office hours-you are required to be in the office for two hours per week. We have not been keeping track of that, but come in the office and hang out, that is how you learn what is going on. No meeting next week. Will meet Dec. 1 and Dec. 8.
Parking-never understood issues until I got a car, I spent 20 minutes driving around the lot looking for a spot. SAC budget meeting-end of year, start looking at it now. Mayoral election coming up, do we want to invite them to Senate?
President Oelberg-We are here to promote positive activism. This is important, they are willing to work with our senate we should be willing to work with them.
Senator Taylor-Proxy Noah-I think it would be more effective for this body to come up with a time that they could speak to all the campus.
Senator Thao-Proxy Anderson-Agree with Proxy Noah, ,br> Senator McBride-If you decide you want to hear the candidates, we could have them here, but we would need to have this official and for everyone..
Senator Depuydt-Why don't we have our PR Coordinator work on this?
President Oelberg-PR position has been redefined, we have been talking about this, it should not be a surprise to anyone. An invitation has gone out there to some candidates.
Senator England-Have been doing my office hours and have not heard about this.

Senator Reports

Laura Depuydt-Social & Behavioral Science Senator
(see written report) Today I would like to address the Senate on the various activities and projects that I have been involved in since the beginning of the semester. I have been to both of the Dean Advisory Board meetings, along with Emilie and Chris, and have really been impressed with the Dean as well as the other members of the board. It is a very impressive group and I have high expectations for the rest of the year.

I have also been addressing all of my classes in regards to my being a senator and the various ways in which they may all play a part. I must admit, I am a bit disappointed in the apathy many have toward the issues I have brought forward to them. I have enjoyed talking to the different class members and will continue to discuss issues and bring forth opportunities.

I have also been paying attention to various things around campus and beyond. I have found some inconsistencies around campus and have brought them to the attention of those concerned. I will be doing follow up to find out the results.

I have been trying to get involved with various groups or events on campus. Within these groups, I have discussed Senate issues and opportunities,. I would like to suggest that to everyone who is an RSO, there are also students you represent. Do not only introduce yourself to your classes, but also take a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting.

I have set up a meeting to meet with the Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences tomorrow to discuss some ideas and concerns I have.

Last, I want to address the letters that were posted in the office earlier this week. There was never an intention on my part for those to become public knowledge. I was simply bringing forth a matter that is very important to me, fellow senators and most importantly, the students. I will continue to watch attendance as well as other rules and policies. I am not ashamed, nor embarrassed by what I did by sending those letters. I will continue to act in a manner that will help the students. I also hope you all are acting if you feel action needs to be taken. Every voice needs to be heard, because every voice in this room is the voice of the students and if you are not here, you can not be the voice of those students. I am not here to hurt or attack anyone, I am trying to help.

Yield for statement-President Oelberg-received copies of letters sent to Ethics. I felt an immediate need to post these letters, so that action could be taken. Past letters did not receive attention. Many people do not know what Ethics Commission does. This was not an attack, it was to get the information out.

Chris Boyce-Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Met with Dean Of Social & Behavioral Science and attended Advisory meeting. College will be working on updating Web site, it is hard to find something on site. Learning experience-Dean asked what is the most meaningful experience you have had at MSU? What I heard was that students felt it was not in the classroom, focus of students has changed, it is about what more we have to learn and not about money. Dean expressed possibility of traveling and learning about other countries, we have an office-International Student Abroad, that can help students that want to student in another college.

College Social & Behavioral Science will be focusing on teaching, not research, professors number 1 priority is teaching and adding technology, this will add new careers and degrees. We discussed fees, lawsuits and group projects. Sylvia has been working on this all year. Social & Behavioral will be addressing this next semester, what the results should be and how it should be restructured. Being a senator means joining clubs, attending lectures-Kessel Lecture.

Attended Social & Behavioral Science career day, many people felt it was too focused on certain careers and not enough on others. What do you do with a Political Science degree? Career day will focus on this and foreign careers. Parking is a hot issue, I think advocacy is a job of a senator as is education in assistance. Explain to fellow students why things are the way they are, challenge your classmates to change and become involved so this does not happen to people after you.
Senator England-So Poverty Law Center-is that the same as É
Senator Boyce-Man was in charge of sending materials to teachers.
Senator England-Were you talking about Mentoring in your program?
Senator Boyce-Mentoring may be in the future, this was about a day where you could meet with people in the field by attending a focus group or a booth
Senator England-Is this strictly for political science majors or anyone?
Senator Boyce-This will be open to anyone.

Senator England, Off-Campus Senator
Squeaky door is fixed. Passed out bookmarks from Women's Center.

Senator Simonson-College of Education Senator
Talked to Bob & Chris today about working on Mini-Mavs project.

Senator Morrison-Mav Hall Senator.
I am a new senator for Maverick Hall so I'm still learning how all this works. I'm right now concerned with the issue of school funding so I have joined the Legislative Affairs Committee. I have talked to my constituents and currently their only concern is a need for more beer money. I have also decided to put an idea box in Gage Towers to give the students better access to me.
Senator England-Idea box is an excellent suggestion.
President Oelberg-Senator Campbell has already met with RHA and will be getting an idea box. She has the policy and will assist you.
Senator McBride-You might not want to put your name and number on the box, if you don't want to get requests for beer money at 3:00 in morning.

Senator Orbisi, College of Allied Health & Nursing (see written report)
Met with Dean last week. Have asked students in classes , concerned with GPA and requirements getting higher all the time.
Senator Monomo-Last week attended College of Business Cultural Diversity Dinner. , it was great, but wish more students would be there. Talked about getting more students involved in College of Business. Advising,
Attended College of Business lectures, Dennis Miller- talked about increased technology and how it will effect schools. They are going to go ahead with Mentoring program. Lap top- page is set up, questions and answers are on a list. Class sizes are being discussed so students can get one on one attention.

Senator Campbell, Crawford Senator
Next Tuesday will in front of Carkoski with senate and committee applications, introducing self. Sending out letters in Crawford, making sure kitchen facilities and showers are fixed for students. Will be hanging up posters with picture so that students can contact me with questions.

Senator Schmidt, College of Education
We finally got Delta internship, will be going to Atlanta for Internship.
Senator England-Did you pass with flying colors.
Senator Boyce-What does flying colors mean, or is that a Navy term?
Senator Schmidt-Will defer that question for future report.
Senator Palmer, Off-Campus Senator
Parking Advisory, Thursday morning, 11 am. Problems with housing-maybe we should do a fact sheet for students because they don't know their rights. Damage deposit is a big issue. We should think of making a fact sheet and getting it out to students.
Chris Gaffer-students can request a sheet of rights from the city. The city manager could provide you with this.
Senator Boyce-Are you aware that the lawyer is now working on this so that students can be informed?
President Oelberg is working on a tenant forum.

Coordinator Anderson
ECDC-has a proposal for a Diversity Conference, has had a table in the Union. Will be continuing to follow Exhibition Africa, using showcase for information on Epilepsy. Planning on being in the Union Tuesdays. MSUSA proposal for getting money for multicultural dinner at MSUSA Conference. Friendship Night-thank you for going and representing senate. Cultural Diversity Dinner, Friday.
Senator McBride-Thank you for talking slowly.
Student Abroad Trip-Turkey. This is a good deal and is over Spring break


Speaker Mayfield-Vacancies will be advertised, Election Dec. 1. Love debate and don't want to limit it. ,br> Senator England-???Biblical UnGodly Truth
Senator Radtke-DonÕt miss the meteor showers tonight.
Senator Thao-Proxy Anderson-would like to talk to Business senators and Social & Behavior senators about a new International Job Fair.
Senator McBride-Rys Gaffer-you are doing a wonderful job of covering the senate.
President Oelberg-Phil Rowan, that was positive activism. That is the way you go about it. When you want something done, handle it in a professional manner. Phil Rowan did an excellent job. I did inform him that he will be receiving a certificate of his accomplishments while in the senate. You will not be forgotten if you serve this senate.

Adjournment ,br> Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Todd Simonson, Ed McBride, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke0Proxy Lee Weston, Emilie Peterson-Proxy Mike Groenwold, Cynthia Davis, Tina England, Zahid Ahmed, Scott Taylor-Proxy Rachel D. Noah, Yingfah Thao-Proxy Kristy Anderson
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump, Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Karma Lama, John Fritz, Kristen Blekum, Carla Von Bank, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Jesse Palmer, David Paulzine