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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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67th MSSA Senate
December 1, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:04 PM by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused
Juliet Orbisi 6-1-0, Dahlia Mahmoud-Proxy Yusra Ahmed 7-1-2-2, Miriam Monomo 10-1-0, Chris Schmidt 10-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson-Proxy Bob Pavlenko 11-0-2, Ed McBride 4-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 12-0-0, Chris Boyce 12-0-0, Nequra Campbell 10-2-0, Laura Depuydt 12-0-0, Emilie Peterson 10-0-2, Ian Radtke 9-1-1-1, Scott Taylor 5-3-4, Yingfah Thao-Proxy Abu Bhuiyan 2-4-6 Jesse Palmer 9-1-2, Tina England-Proxy Rachel D. Noah 10-0-2, Zahid Ahmed 9-3-0 , Nick Morriston 4-2-0
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-11-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 7-1-1-2, Mickey Cupkie 0-9-3, Karma Lama 5-4-3, John Fritz 3-2-0, Kristen Blekum 6-6-0, Carla Von Bank 1-5-0-1, David Paulzine 0-11-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 9-2-1
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Approval of Agenda- Speaker Mayfield added elections of Graduate Senator Seat and SET Senator Seat. Nick Morriston Mav Hall Senator following Senator Meuangsaksith.

Presentation-Dr. John Frey, Dean, College of Science, Engineering & Technology, Dr. Timothy Kochery, Director Instructional Technology, Greg Bednar, Director of Advancement for College of Science Engineering & Technology
Dr. John Frey-Wireless has been a dream of Dr. Rush for many years. Dr. Rush brought the idea to campus and it became a part of the Electrical Engineering Dept. Working with companies (Midwest Wireless) and other companies that would enable us to have a wireless campus. Wireless will come in various forms. There is a 800 Mg. cell site. Computer Science people are also getting excited about this, they are merging. Would like MSU to be a leader in the technology field. We need assistance from various companies such as Intel. Several things have happened. Midwest Wireless interviewed students, what they thought about it, how and if they would use it etc. . We now must bring students and faculty together so that when it gets here it here it won't be a surprise to anyone.
Mr. Bednar-Wireless has been a learning experience. Student experience will change rapidly, you will no longer have to be tied to any source. It will allow you wireless access to the internet. If you live in Crawford, you can check your messages wireless through your lap top. You can down load lecture notes, use internet. You can play games with people in Pittsburgh etc. Order pizza wireless, this is not far fetched, we have the technology, it is out of the laboratories. President Rush meant for this to be for all students, front and back, not merely a small group of students. We would become a global showcase. We already have global wireless recognition. It only takes vision and drive and to get all the right players involved. Job is to get partners to do this at no cost to the university. Global customers will be able to do testing, implementing through things going on here at MSU. Nothing for you to endorse today, but the is coming when the students best interests will be the senate's best interest. They want the cost of this to the students to be a wash. Companies need demonstration sites, they can't do that in a commercial site. They would rather come to a setting like MSU where they can have live vendors assisting them.
Senator Radtke-Any thoughts on bandwidth?
Mr. Bednar-4-6 gig for wireless. 3G-when that comes a cell phone can be as fast as a Pentium 2.
Senator Monomo-If this works, how soon will companies begin working here on this?
Mr. Bednar-Project by the middle of next year, we should have the industrial part.
Senator Boyce-It is incredible that something like this can be in Mankato, MN. But speaking as a college student, I hope that this university takes into consideration the dollar amount.
Mr. Bednar-You are absolutely correct. We shouldn't think twice about wireless, but it should be common place and low cost. It is why we need a student focus group. We don't want preconceived notions without student input. First stage would probable be voice communication. Wireless Ethernet is here, we need to merge.
Proxy Noah-is it anticipated that this will only be for on campus students?
Mr. Bednar-On or in a certain distance, hi and low mo. We are keeping in mind non traditional students and regular students.
Mr. Bednar-It would be a hybrid system using cable that Bresnan has installed.
Dean Frey-Want to keep you informed of what is happening, not replacing existing system. As lap tops become more common place, we need communication such as this. Many practical reasons for doing this. We need to remain competitive.

Mr. Robert Zelin/Mrs. Linda Anglin, College of Business Lap Top Proposal
Mr. Zelin-College of Business is putting together a notebook-you hook up your PowerBook, a new kind of classroom, very interactive. Students can bring in different sources, data base, lotus, etc. Students can learn more through interactive. Surveys were done on all levels in college, student advisory board, raising funds, can now get project off the ground.
Senator Boyce-Are lap tops being leased?
Mr. Zelin-Yes-will they be rotated on a three year lease.
Senator Radtke-when the students get the lap tops, what will be the cost to the students?
Linda Anglin-Do not have an exact cost figure. Hard to give specific cost because don't know the cost at the time they will purchase the laptops. Have checked across the country. Want to keep the costs down, also want to provide hard drives for students if the hard drive does go down. Student Advisory group will share information as soon as they get this information
Proxy Pavlenko-What is the buy-out option?
Linda Anglin-That depends on the lease up front. Higher buy-out because don't envision buying many. Student Advisory board will give advice on this. Technology changes so rapidly.
Senator Boyce-Will I have the same machine for three years.
Linda Anglin-This will be put into sophomore curriculum.
Senator Boyce-What about summers, will it go home with me?
Mr. Zelin-Some schools have a summer option, that is less than during the year. Would like students to have an option for a year. Also would like a server so that you can back up all your files and you can have imprint out there if anything happens to your files.,br> Vice President Vue-What happens to students that already have lap tops?
Linda Anglin-Students will be required to lease in the fall, yet at upper divisional level you could take a lap top class. They could use their own lap tops at this level, Support Staff will help maintain, but if a student has a model that is different. it would difficult.
Linda Anglin-New students coming in will know in advance. Faculty will need to be trained in one computer.,br> Proxy Bhuiyan-With the money you have received now, will any of it cover scholarships
Mr. Zelin-$25,000 now earmarked for scholarships. Cost can also be worked through your student aid as a loan.
Senator Monomo-After three years there may be a transition to new technology. What about the lap tops?
Linda Anglin-It would automatically be called back in. Basically new ones will be coming up every three years. But only two models at a time.
Senator Campbell-Will there be a place where we can go and print things off?
Linda Anglin-There will be a place specifically designated. Also we hope to go wireless.
Senator Taylor-Have been working with computers for twenty years, if technology follows perimeters, three year lease is too long, is this carved in stone? A two year lap top is worthless.
Mr. Zelin-Trying to keep students cost within reason. Two year leases are available but the cost would be higher. ,br> Linda Anglin-The faculty will be getting the newest model they have. We waited a month longer for faculty lap tops to get the latest model. There is also a cost factor. The state contract was the best deal.
Speaker Mayfield-You have a plan for hardware, have you thought about software etc.
Linda Anglin-Yes Office 2000 and some professors may have software specific to their discipline.
Speaker Mayfield-What will be the cost of licensing to students.
Linda Anglin-That cost will be built in. Fee will not be as much as if you went to the store.
Linda Anglin-We hope this will eventually be a university wide thing. This is becoming a necessity.
Proxy Noah-I keep hearing three year lease, is that from a company?
Linda Anglin-You will actually be leasing from the university.

Approval of Minutes November 17, 1999 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President-Sylvia Oelberg
Asking, informing, requesting that everyone stay away from clerical space. Put things in folder if you want things done. Use copy card in good faith. Sited Article IX regarding Classified work place.
Committee Appointments: Elections Committee: Allison McGee, Houa Vue, Steering Committee, Allison McGee, Census 2000, Sylvia Oelberg, Unnamed Committee-regarding F grades and Drop Classes, Sylvia Oelberg, Director of Computer Services Search Committee, Tim Huebsch
First meeting of year 2000-Rules Committee, decide who you would like to elect etc.
Feb 2, 2000 we will host the mayoral candidates.
SAF Dialogue, Wed. Dec 8 Ostrander Auditorium.
SAF test-only two people took test. Chris Boyce and Mike Groenwold passed.
MSUSA-sign up, we need to send in a participation list for voting purposes. State Chair will be here on the 8th.
Exhibition Africa-read article, we need to support our students This is globally benefiting the university.. Met with Vice President Trauger regarding non-payment, nothing to do with Financial Aid problems. University Budget meeting Monday 3:00, Senate Conference room.
Meet & Confer cancelled because we do not have any resolutions or information from this body. When we don't make resolutions it is hard to meet because they want representation from campus.
Attended Cultural Diversity Dinner with many senators.
(Passed out resignation form) You evaluate yourself.
Attended Men's Basketball Tip Off Classic.
Attended third annual Lao Leadership Conference.
Working with public relations coordinator on SAF flyers etc.
Did not receive a formal announcement that Women's Center Director Search has been postponed. Acting Director has been appointed temporarily.

Vice-President Houa Vue
Holiday Sharing Tree-jar is located in office, please give your extra change to help us by gifts. MSUSA Conference-it is a time for senators to get along and enjoy each other. You can meet other presidents, senators. Friday night-Ground Round
Academic Standing Committee-need five students. You are changing lives of students-important committee
Emailed Dr. Healy with concerns of classes being dropped.
Had lunch with Dr. Rush and President Oelberg on Monday. Very enjoyable.
President Oelberg-are you stressing that senators take advantage of activities going on during MSUSA Conference?
Vice President Oelberg-Yes, take advantage of this, bring your friends.
Senator Taylor-Every time there are activities it seems they do not have arrangements for vegetarians.?
Vice President Vue-There will be arrangements made for vegetarians.

Speaker-Dustin Mayfield

Correspondence from Malcolm O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
RE: Senate Resolution
In regard to a resolution passed at the November 10, 1999 meeting of the Student Senate, requesting that the Children's House assume responsibility for the Mini-Mavs Evening Child care program beginning in January, 2000. It further indicates the Student activity Fund will continue its efforts to provide financial support at the : "maintenance" level. The resolution also states the Student Association's desire to remain in a consultative role, a request for a budget separate from the Children's House and the continuation of the original mission (to provide quality, affordable evening childcare on the campus, at Minnesota State University, Mankato). The President has reviewed this resolution and provides the following response.

This is a significant change that deserves a full analysis by the University. A number of people need to be consulted on this matter, including the Dean of the College of Education, the Director of Children's House and the appropriate Vice Presidents. The President appreciates the collaborative language of the initiative and feels that additional conversations on definition, liability and resource allocation should occur. The President requests that these conversations occur before he makes a final decision on this resolution. He asks that Dr. Margaret Healy, vice President for Student Affairs, be the initial contact for MSSA on this matter. Dr. Healy will involve appropriate individuals in addressing the contents of this resolution.

Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Multicultural Student Council, Time of Transition Literary Conference

Senate seat vacancies, Graduate Studies, Science Engineering & Technology, Off -Campus
Staff Reports

Chris Boyce, Student Services Coordinator
(mid-term Power point presentation)
Specific Goals:
¨Work towards extended hours and quality service in Library & ACC
¨Increase Communication
¨Work for Involvement & consultation
¨Work towards safe intersections
Philosophy: Advocate, Educate, Challenge
Areas of Involvement:
¨MSSA, Campus Wide, Community Wide, MSUSA Level, Minnesota State Level
MSSA Duties:
¨Meet regularly with VP Student Affairs
¨Attend Senate Meetings
¨Attend Staff Meeting
¨Attend Meet & Discuss
¨Other duties as directed by the President
Campus Level Regular Meetings
¨Vice President Student Affairs
¨Directors: Dining Service, Athletics, Health Services, Security, Campus Recreation Campus Level Regular Meetings Cont.
¨Sub Meet & Confer, Parking, Student Union Board, Residence Hall Association, Campus Budget Committee, Multi Cultural Council, Athletic Advisory Council
Community Wide
¨Working on Traffic & Pedestrian Safety in University Area
¨Building a dialogue with City Council
¨Attending Board Meetings & Fall conferences
¨Presenting reports on Student Services to MSUSA
¨Building resources on other school Student Services
Minnesota State
.¨Student Union Restructuring Task Force
.¨Revenue Fund Restructuring
.¨Monitor Minnesota State events in the Student Services Area
¨Building a general survey of student opinions about the ACC, library and Technology on campus in general
.¨Working with Associate Student Services Coordinator and Tech coordinator in Student Laptop Initiative in the College of Business
Other Semester Issues:
.¨Financial Aid, Tuition, NCA Focused Visit, Several Search Committees, Student Athletic Facilities Task Force, Minnesota State Computer issue
Student Activity Fee
.¨Awareness Campaign
.¨Student Activity Fee Dialogue
Next semester Student Services will be working on promoting awareness of SAF, Promoting awareness of MSSA/Senate, Student Union Shopping option/lounge, Technology.

Emilie Peterson, Legislative Affairs Coordinator
(see written report) Washington D.C., HESO, Minnesota State Bonding List, Lobby Days, Platform

Nequra Campbell, Ethnic/International Coordinator
Working with International students solving a conflict they had in regards to Asian night celebration, solved in diplomatic way.
Sending out posters with name and picture, email etc to all Crawford residents. Working on in-state tuition policy for international students-would like to change to 5 years.
Working with Ethnic students on campus.

Senator Reports

Emile Peterson, Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Last week Tuesday, I met with Denise Thompson, the Assistant to the Dean. Denise is taking a look at the college's web site, specifically mobility and access. What I was asked to do is perform different tasks, to see how people find things on the site, if links are working and if wording is clear enough to find what you are looking for. All of this is being done in an effort to make the site more accessible, to not only students already in the college, but undecided majors and prospective students.

In the computer age we are in, the CSBS is doing it's best to keep up and make sure that students can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Many times the designers of the sites think they are doing a great job and because people that know how it works use it mostly, no one ever knows better. Check out your own college's web site and see how easy it is to move around. I think that you might be surprised, I was. I will let you know what I find out from the study.

Proxy McGee-do you know that it is not only your college web site, all the colleges suck?

Juliet Orbisi, Allied Health & Nursing Senator
(see written report) Met with the Dean yesterday and interviewed her.
Questions: Has the College of Allied Health & Nursing has been accredited before?
Dean Samuel's-Yes, the college of Allied Health and Nursing has been accredited by the national professional accrediting. Some of the programs accredited are nursing, speech pathology, athletic training, dental hygiene etc.
What do you expect from the students in this college when they graduate?
Dean Samuel's-Graduates are expected to know the college mission statement which states that "The College of Allied Health & Nursing is dedicated to promoting wellness and improving quality of life through education, scholarship and service to the sate, region and global community". Graduates are also expected to follow and practice some values and principles like wellness, critical thinking and life long learning, cultural diversity, etc.
Have you thought about a laptop program for this college like the College of Business?
Dean Samuel's -There is a computer lab for students of this college to develop computer skills related to health care and it is located in Armstrong Hall . We have not thought about the laptop program.
Do you have an advisory committee?
Dean Samuel's- There is an advisory committee.
Do you have a job fair for this college?
There's a job fair for some of the programs in this college. Jobs are usually out there when students are ready to go into their career after graduation. Most of all, to all students pursuing their career in health related field, the number one goal is care, the big word is care and it is very important. Without the presence of care in this field, every other thing would not take place.
College of Allied Health & Nursing mission statement-Graduates must practice wellness, we should be a role model to practice exercise and good food. Graduates should be able to think critically, you shouldn't be thinking like a baby anymore. Cultural Diversity-you should be able to relate to all peoples. You must be able to care for others. Life-long learning, learn everyday in order to keep our health programs going

Nequra Campbell, Crawford Senator
Working on new goals. Will be giving residents a comment sheet dealing with Res. Life or personal issues. At MSUSA Conference-the President can select two individuals to attend a conference in Feb. I am thinking of having a student study night in Crawford at least one night a week. This can be a designated area where people can get help and have quiet.
President Oelberg-there are study stations, maybe you could incorporate them.,br> I did not approve of MSUSA Conference, however, since they are paying for it, we can consider this. Individuals could learn information and bring it back to senate.

Ian Radtke, McElroy Hall Senator
Introduction: McElroy Senator, Vice-Chair of Student Affairs, sitting on RHA as senate liaison; sitting on Parking Advisory Committee for RHA; sitting on Residential Life Master Plan Commission. Have a double major in Computer Science and Astronomy. Involved with Mankato Area Astronomy Association. I've been meeting regularly with the RHA Executive Board in an effort to assist and educate the RHA body as to Senate dealings with Res. Hall issues. Been meeting with Dan Elliott, Rich Wheeler, and Diane Solinger from Res. Life dealing specifically with Ethernet/Internet connectivity issues in the Res. Halls. We will be presenting information from the Res. Life Master Plan Commission to the Legislative Affairs Committee (Adding a Res. Hall is on of their agenda items). Meeting with Dean Trauger on the university budget. Attended MACURH (Midwest Area Colleges and Universities Residence Halls). Talked with other representatives about Res. Hall policies, programming, etc.

Scott Taylor, Off-Campus Senator
-am available to students, pet peeves besides traffic is students getting screwed by land lords. Problem is lack of education, due to age of students. Students do not know that landlords can not enter your domicile. Issues are unacceptable. Have had a report that there will be classes during finals week. I will get information about that.

Nick Morriston, Mav Hall Senator (Senator Chris Boyce)
(see written report)
President Oelberg-object to Senator Boyce reading Senator Morriston's report.


President Oelberg-thank you for reports that were given today. They represent the students.
Proxy McGee-if you don't like your job, sign your letter, I will find someone that will be dedicated. Some of you are lazy. If you want to represent me, represent me.
Scott Taylor-Maverick Men's Choir and Women's Choir have a concert Thursday and Sunday at Performing Arts Center
Emilie Peterson-Dr. Pock will be here Feb. 9. Senator Boyce did invite him.
Senator Boyce-Dec 8, 3:00 SAF Dialogue
Senator Monomo-Thank everyone that came to Cultural Diversity Dinner. I want you to get excited about African Night.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 638 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Juliet Orbisi, Dahlia Mahmoud-Proxy Yusra Ahmed, Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Ed McBride, Timothy Huebsch, Chris Boyce, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Scott Taylor, Yingfah Thao-Proxy Allison McGee, Zahid Ahmed
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump, Mickey Cupkie, Todd P. Simonson, Karma Lama, John Fritz, Kristen Blekum, Carla Von Bank, Tina England-Proxy Rachel D. Noah, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Jesse Palmer, David Paulzine, Nick Morriston
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue