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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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67th MSSA Senate
December 8, 1999 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M. by Speaker Dustin Mayfield

Roll Call

Senators Present Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused
Juliet Orbisi 7-1-0, Dahlia Mahmoud 8-1-2-2, Miriam Monomo 12-1-0, Chris Schmidt 11-1-0-1, Todd P. Simonson 12-0-2, Ed McBride 5-0-1, Timothy Huebsch 13-0-0, Chris Boyce 13-0-0, Nequra Campbell 11-2-0, Laura Depuydt 13-0-0, Emilie Peterson 11-0-2, Ian Radtke 10-1-1-1, Scott Taylor 6-3-4, Jesse Palmer 10-1-2, Tina England 10-0-2-1, Zahid Ahmed 10-3-
Senators Absent
Tracy Kump 1-12-0, Mickey Cupkie 0-10-3, Karma Lama 5-5-3, John Fritz 3-3-0, Kristen Blekum 6-7-0, Carla Von Bank 1-6-0-1, David Paulzine 0-12-1, Vicky Meuangsaksith 9-3-1, 0 Nick Morriston 4-3-0
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue

Student Forum

John Bauer, Editor Minnesota River Review
The River Review is a collection of poetry and prose. Any one can submit materials. Give out $200.00 awards for best fiction reviews. Copies available in the office. They have one work study student, majority of budget is for printing.

Presentation-Alice DeYonge, Project G.E.M
Offering computer classes for At-Risk youth, alternative high school, Blue Earth, Nicollet, Brown County roughly 250 students.Offering basic computer skills, Internet training, new software programs. Focus will be on art related design programs. Located at old CWC Building-past Kmart, Industrial Park. Looking for college students interested in grant research, service learning students to supervise and teach. Possible training for college students,
Senator Taylor-Define at Risk
Alice DeYounge-Alternative schools, group homes, model schools, students that do not fit in regular classroom.
Senator Mahmoud-If college students do this, would it be internships, or service learning?
Alice DeYoung-Can't say if there will be money for internships.
Senator Huebsch-What is the time line?
Alice DeYoung-Looking at starting classes this summer. It will be broken into semesters or quarters. Students will be coming in at the same time each hour. It will be flexible, and will continue into the school term.

Steve Behm, MSSA Attorney
Have handled 44 cases since last report, 31 were landlord tenant issues, privacy and deposit, 6 of those were involved in Articles of Incorporation. 3 Divorce, family custody, 4 roommate problems. Correspondence with Sawdust city. Received letter stating that he will be sued for defamation. Landlords are taking advantage of populous. Are awaiting a date for landlord tenant forum. Sent letter to Sawdust stating we could do a Class Action Law Suit, and name him on the Web site-saying which landlords are not recommended. Also putting their name for prospective students and in the paper stating which landlords are not recommended. Don't like to see students getting assaulted financially.
Senator Taylor-Questions regarding legality regarding Bresnan, or forcing certain companies on tenants. Worried about health issues in off campus housing, like leaky windows, heat etc. Privacy is another issue. Can there be some recourse of not maintaining apartments?
Steve Behm-Yes but do not want to see things changed and than 6 months later, back to the way it was. We need to work on this and then have facts reported to Mankato City Attorney. We need student involvement to fight this. We need information in the student newspaper.
Senator Depuydt-Have you seen instances changing since you have be aware of this?
Steve-It is still consistent with problems.
President Oelberg-we have a letter going out to all landlords, companies, should the forum be the same as last year?
Steve-would like to bang heads with tenants to get standards for ordinary wear and tear. Must have a presumption in favor of the tenant if things are older than two years old. Privacy has very set standards, this needs to be observed.

Ryan Kulikowski, MSUSA State Chair
Attends Winona State University, MSUSA is a student advocacy group. They don't govern, but take an advocacy role, they discuss student issues, lobbing is main focus, also Minnesota State, Federal Government-higher ed issues. Handle issues similar to student governments. MSUSA sponsors 3 scholarship programs: Penney Fellowship-public service internships, Nellie Johnson Scholarship-minority students, Affinity Plus. His role is to be executive officer. Execute policy of the board, Minnesota State Board of Trustees, Advisory Council. MSUSA is important because students can discuss issues of a similar nature. Students need to be represented together as a group. If you want to lobby for Minnesota State-going as a group is more effective. Lobby for bonding issues, such as Phase III. Also good for students to try to help MSUSA by funneling information to them. This organization was put together by students. We should use this as great tool to help run our campuses.
Senator Boyce-Are there any other students from MSU involved with MSUSA?
Ryan Kulikowski-Kristy Anderson and Emilie Peterson. Everyone gets to vote if they attend committees.

Approval of Minutes December 1, 1999 Minutes approved

Elections: Science Engineering & Technology
Manu Morais-Jr. in Engineering & Technology. Interested in what is going on in the university, and doing activities. Was a student monitor in high school, at So West was a judicial officer. Have also proxied for this position. Will be fair in seeking funds. Will do my best to work with you. Consider it a great honor to join you on senate
Senator Depuydt-Do you have the time commitment?
Manu-Yes, am free on Wednesdays.
Manu-Will work with Speaker and Coordinators and will consider it an honor.
Elected-Science, Engineering and Technology Seat-Manu Morais

Officer Reports

President-Sylvia Oelberg
Allocation for Flight Team, Margaret Healy, Vice President for student Affairs There remains one outstanding matter from the 1999-2000 Student Activity Fee allocation process. The Student Association sent forward recommendations for the 1999-2000. In accepting your recommendations, the President did not approve the line item allocation to the Flight team. The Student Association was asked to discuss this line item with me.

I have discussed with the Student Association both last spring and this fall my concerns about adding a new line item allocation to the Student Life Fee. This allocation to a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) sets a new precedent, a precedent about which the Student Allocation Committee (SAC), the Student Association and the university have not done sufficient study. Thre are more than 150 RSOs in any year. Our current practice is to make funds available to those groups through SOAFC and through supplemental allocations from SAC. To expand the line item budgeting process to include all RSOs would have substantial impact on both the process by which student activity fee decisions are made and on the level of fees we would be required to charge. Until there has been more study I will not include an RSO in the line item allocation of student activity fees.

MSUSA Conference this weekend, agenda in office.
Don Strasser-Kessel Institute-political and youth activism conference, need people to be involved in committee.
Union Board-Why have they have been not reporting to us? They have not done that all year, they also have not be having quorum, and their members are to have immediate removal if they miss more than two meetings. They did not give us information on tenants moving into the Union.
Financial Services review-(report)
Tenant issues-Senators can do things for this, working with forum, putting up posters. If you have an issue do it, if you want to ride on Sylvia doing it, you can.
Mini-Mavs decision will be made by Friday.
Fund raising function of CSU-met with Director Morris (report)
Correspondence-sent letter to Kelly Meier in regards to our senate meeting being in the Spring calendar.
Thanks to Tim Huebsch on your expertise in technology. You have shared much of your time and expertise to students in many important issues.
Have tried to tell you that I support you in your endeavors, yet there are barriers involved. I have showed you that we are on an even playing field. Have showed you all materials. I don't act like I am over you I have a title but I would still be doing things here on this campus because I believe in justice for all. I believe in common ground, but now there will be no common ground in publications etc. You are accountable for your actions. I don't believe in campaigns, this is not the place for that. It is important that we have a clean environment in our senate because we represent all the students. If you are not doing your job I am all for getting rid of you. You need to get to the root of a problem, like a radish which has deep roots.

Academic Standing Sub Committee-Ed McBride, Rachel D. Noah, Ying Fah Thao, Vicky Meuangsaksith, Year Vue, Parking Advisory-Ian Radtke, Ethics-Jesse Palmer

Vice-President Houa Vue
Holiday Sharing Tree
MSUSA Conference this weekend
Talked to Dr. Healy about cutting classes, they have not cut anyone as of yet. Met with VP Trauger for a two hour meeting on university budget, very interesting meeting. Dean Trauger is an amazing man. Also Senator Tim Huebsch asked many important questions. All of us should be doing that. Many questions were answered at the meeting. Bookmarks are good information to give people that are interested in Elections or that just have questions. Presented Certificate to Senator Nequra Campbell for outstanding work in Crawford Hall. Presented Certificate to Kristy Anderson for outstanding work as Diversity Coordinator.

Speaker-Dustin Mayfield
Vacancies: David Paulzine, Ying Fah Thao, Vicky Meuangsaksith.
Biggest problem we have now is that we have not done anything this year, except Mini-Mavs. Where are the big things or ridiculous motions. We are students that are supposed to have radical ideas. Go for social activism, go for trying to make the world a better place, do it for the student senate.
Senator Schmidt-second Senator Taylor move to suspend rules to move Coordinator Pavlenko's report to agenda.

Coordinator Pavlenko, Academic Affairs
Problems in Academic Affairs with quorum, do have two motions.
Be it resolved that the MSU,M Registrars Office offer the option of having a hard copy of grades be mailed to their permanent address.
Senator Cambell-I think this is good because I don't agree with university emailing grades. It is hard to get on line from home.
Senator Huebesh-You can access in two ways, Minnesota State or Mars.
Senator Taylor-Am curious-what about the officialness of a copy off the web site? Has anyone thought about this?
Coordinator Pavlenko-I am sure they have thought about this and it would be official. They can handle this internally.
Senator Schmidt-You can still go to the Registrar and get an official copy, that will not change.
President Oelberg-You can also get this at the HUB.
Vote on motion-
Be it resolved that the MSU,M Registrars Office offer the option of having a hard copy of grades be mailed to their permanent address.
Motion passes unanimously

What this concerns is things that the university is putting money toward, building projects. Don't anticipate opposition to this from the administration. We already do have rights to this. Senator Boyce-It is nice, but it is fluff, all capital improvement projects are underway and there are students on these committees.
Coordinator Pavlenko-This would ensure that student reps have voting rights. Being there as a consultant does not give students the right to vote.
President Oelberg-Dr. Healy has received a letter from Minnesota State stating rights. We shouldn't send something up that is already in motion.
Senator Boyce-Make a motion to refer back to committee, second Proxy Anderson.
Coordinator Pavlenko-I don't have a problem with this being referred back to committee.
President Oelberg-Would like to ask Vice Chair Laura Depuydt her opinion.
Senator Depuydt-I agree that it could come back to committee. Hopefully we can get quorum and take some action on this.
Motion to send back to committee passes.
Coordinator Pavlenko-Made a statement about Akita campus closing, I don't think this body should take action or that as students we should not endorse closing of a school. Have been holding off on Mini Mavs because waiting discussion from Dr. Healy and Dean Kemp. Corresponding with Dr. Boubel regarding Academic Information center.
President Oelberg-Did you know that the intent of my letter was not to show support or not to show support but only on the process?
President Oelberg-Did you discuss tuition increase?
Coordinator Pavlenko-This was discussed.

Staff Reports

Kristy Anderson, Diversity Coordinator
ECDC did a table for Exhibition Africa. T-shirts available.
Need people to be on committee for publicity etc.
Diversity Conference-might team up with SDL&SL. Need people to help give input. Need a Business Senator and a Social & Behavioral Senator for a Career Fair for an International Job Fair.
Have a fun New Year.
President Oelberg-Motion to suspend rules for Todd Simonson to give report, second Vice President Vue. 10-1 motion passes.

Committee Reports

Union Board-Todd Simonson
Listed RSOs that get office space. This decision was supported by SDL&LS and approved by Union Board.
Explanation by Kristy Anderson
President Oelberg-Object to process, students have been notified improperly, Union Board did not support that documentation last Spring. There has been a change in the process.
Chi Alpha Campus Ministry-InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Circle K International COSBO, Modern Language Clubs/Coalition and RSO of the year-MSU Aviation Club.
Speaker Mayfield-do you feel the correct procedure was followed?
Kristy Anderson-There is a process that it be brought to Senate in five days, that was not done so am bringing it to you today.
Senator Boyce-Move to refer back to committee
Senator Taylor-This particular item regarding space, according to the process that we were given, we managed to shoe horn an additional two RSO's into spaces. As far as I saw we followed procedures.
Senator Simonson-This came so late because Union board has not met quorum and we waited for all applications to be in by Oct. 31. All organizations could then be recognized.
Vice President Vue-I understand that there is a process, but we need those offices to be used. We can write to the Union Board, but those offices should be used.
Rhys Gaffer -as as member of an organization we did not receive much notice, and did not feel we got a fair shot. Reevaluate the process, so that all organizations have a good chance.
Senator Simonson-There is a yearly process, so each organization can have a chance.
Speaker Mayfield-This information was given out at the RSO information meeting.
President Oelberg-They gave out information at the meeting that was not approved.
Senator Depuydt-Do not agree with Vice President Vue. If there is a process then we need to follow that, not just rubber stamp it. We need to look at the process, we need to do what we have to do to make sure the process is followed.
Senator McBride-Move to refer back to Union Board, second Senator Boyce.
Send back with stipulation that Chair comes and reports to Senate, this does not sound right, we do not have to push this through.
Senator Boyce-Agree, nothing personal on anyone on Union Board, but need to look at procedure or policy. We can explain our selves to committee at that time.
Vice President Vue-Length of time worries me, will it be next year? Will they be kicked out?
Senator Simonson-Union Board is meeting Thursday. Also multiple members of Union Board are resigning, you are looking at a whole new committee that does not know the process that has been followed.
President Oelberg-If we send it back they will vote on it tomorrow in the exact same way, and present to us in January in a whole new committee, what is being accomplished? As students we can't rectify without hurting other students. It is ridiculous to send back. Maybe we can say we will support organizations in there, but we need to look at the process.
Senator Simonson-We just followed process we were given, selection process was extended to other organizations. Only one organization did not receive office space.
Caucus 2 minutes
Move to table, Senator McBride, second Senator Boyce - Fails
President Oelberg, second Vice President Vue Motion

The Minnesota State Student Association endorses the following applicants for the four available Student Activity Center organizations office spaces: Chi Alpha Campus Ministry & InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, circle K International, Council of student Business Organizations, Modern Language Clubs/Coalition until proper procedures have been followed and properly presented for approval before the senate.

President Oelberg- I understand the process was not followed, but we really don't have that power to remove them. Make sure students are represented.
Senator Depuydt-Move to amend motion-Add until a resolution
Motion passes

The Minnesota State Student Association endorses the following applicants for the four available Student Activity Center organizations office spaces until a resolution can be made: Chi Alpha Campus Ministry & InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Circle K International, Council of Student Business Organizations, Modern Language Clubs/Coalition until proper procedures have been followed and properly presented for approval before the senate.

Emilie Peterson, Legislative Affairs Coordinator
Legislative Affairs Platform
*Support HF 2452, The Bill To Abolish HESO
*Support Minnesota State University, Mankato's FY 2000 Capital Request for additional funding for Phases II and III of the Student Athletic Facility.
*Support the exploration of the addition of a new resident hall to campus
*Continued support for in-state tuition rates for International students from 4.5 years to 5 years.
*Support decoupling state/pell grants
*Support restructuring the work study program on both campus and state wide levels
*Support lowering the independent student age to 21

Senator Boyce-concerned with abolishing of HESO, and why are we doing that. We will have Dr. Pock here in Feb. from HESO. In regard to bonding issues-we should say access to funds not specifically a residential hall.
Senator Radtke-What are Phases II and III?
Senator Boyce-Everything outside of the Fieldhouse and the theatre.
Motion passes

Jeff Rothmeyer-Public Relations
(no report)

Senator Reports

Laura Depuydt, Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Chris Boyce, Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Nequra Campbell, Crawford Senator
Miriam Monono, College of Business Senator
Todd Simonson, College of Education Senator. Resigning from senate position because of Student Teaching.
Chris Schmidt, College of Education Senator
Speaker Mayfield-recognizes vacancy of College of Education seat


Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Miriam Monomo, Chris Schmidt, Todd Simonson, Laura Depuydt, Emilie Peterson-proxy Mike Groenwold, Nequra Campbell, Ian Radtke, Scott Taylor, Jesse Palmer-proxy Kristy Anderson, Tina England-prxy Chris Elvebak
Senators Absent
Juliet Orbisi, Tracy Kump, Dahlia Mahmoud, Mickey Cupkie, Ed McBride, Timothy Huebsch, Karma Lama, Chris Boyce, John Fritz, Kristen Blekum, Carla Von Bank, Zahid Ahmed
Executive Staff Present
President Sylvia Oelberg, Vice President Houa Vue