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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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68th MSSA Senate
January 31, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:03 P.M. by Speaker Roger White Owl

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)

Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 17-0-0, Lori Fick 8-1-0, Byron Pike 5-0-0, Zach Biesanz 14-3-0, Jack Rector 17-0-0, Courtney Powell 15-2-0, Rachel D. Noah 7-1-0, Stacy Wiech 16-0-1, Karly Klein 16-0-0, Mikel Akers 16-0-0, Amy Bicek 13-2-2, Joe Muggli 9-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 9-0-0, Ian Radtke 17-0-0, Dan Peskorz 4-0-0, Christina Ische 13-4-0,
Senators Absent
Nayoki Cormier 11-6-0, Md Mosharof Hossain 1-16-0, Matt Lairmore 9-8-0, Craig Shub 10-7-0, LaRonne Prtichett 5-3-0
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 1/24/01 Minutes approved

Vacancy Elections
College of Allied Health & Nursing (1)
College of Education (1)
Off-Campus (2)
Candidate Peter Wonsmos-Jr. Political Science. Interested in senate because he is a military veteran. Has leadership skills to get people involved. Tutor in Learning Center.
Senator Wiech-If you could be a kitchen utensil what & why
Peter-a spatula-two sides to everything, and we should look at both sides of all issues.
Senator Bicek-Are you aware of Lobby Day?
Yes, and do plan to attend.
Senator Akers-What committees would you like to be involved with?
Peter-Leg Affairs, Student Affairs, wherever I could serve the best.
Elected-Peter Wonsmos
Undeclared (2)
SET (1)
No candidates in attendance

Officer Reports

President Chris Boyce
Appointments: Union Board-Sylvia Oelberg
800 657-3717-Governors office-call him and tell him you don't like the budget. Tell people in your classes to call, we don't like the Higher Ed bill.
Promote Lobby Day, get on a bus, have lunch.
Attended a press conference today at SCTC with Chancellor. Stated we were not happy with governor's budget.
Will be attending Alumni Bd meeting with Vice Pres. Huebsch.
Will be attending a conference next week to get more money from the federal government for bussing.
Admissions Office is looking for people to give tours next week.
Press conference at the library on Sat. with John Hottinger, John Dorn . MSU is asking for 10.1 million to cover increasing teacher licensure cost, Nursing program, Wireless, work on deteriorating buildings, additional heating costs and ensuring that our faculty and staff have average salaries.

State of the Student Address

(Well-just remember I have state troopers everywhere and if it is good enough for the governor it is good enough for you.)
1. Increase Campus Safety-Keep our campus safe for our students / and staff and residents.
2. Increase Student Worker/Graduate Assistant wages-say thanks to those who work for our campus & a full tuition waiver for Grad assistants.
3. Begin University/Student Association President's Student Spotlight-Formal presentation to support our students contributions to our Community.
4. Student Focused Lobby Day & Further-Student focused lobbying\ encourage students to lobby for personal concerns and involving the widest amount of students.
5. Renting 101-Educate our students to be good tenants and have their rights protected
6. Unified Student Complaint-formation of a unified complaint resolution policy to serve our students.
7. Wider recognition of SAF and Student Association-we need wider recognition of student fees. We are student involvement and consultation, but we need students to do this and be recognized for efforts. Continuing bridge building with University and Community.
8. Student Athletes Priority registration-keep our athletes - student athletes.
9. Freezing parking rates-The years of the grand improvements are over , now we don't want to pay any more. Freeze for one year, look at tuition and possible lower rates.
10. Low Student Fee Increase-Student Association setting tone by not asking for an increase next year. (Read my book and watch XFL)

Resolution-Senator Bicek/Senator Ische
Resolution #01.31.01A Lobby Day
Move that the MSSA Senate meeting be canceled on February 14, 2001 so that students can attend State Lobby Day at the Capital.
Senator Gaffer-I agree with the motion however an amendment should be added for senators that do not go to Lobby Day.
Motion passes

Vice President Tim Huebsch
February is Black History Month. See brochures
Would like feed back on looking at electronic voting.

Motion Senator Gaffer/Wiech
Resolution #01.31.01 B
Move that any senator or coordinator not attending the MSUSA Lobby Day Rally must spend the senate time from 4:00 PM-5::00 PM on 2/14/01, engaged in a lobby day related activity for the MSU, Mankato students. Activities to be determined by MSSA Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Stacy Wiech
Motion passes

Speaker Roger White Owl
Yield to President Boyce- Delegate Assembly sign up.
If interested in elections-please direct committee issues to Vice President Huebsch.
Attended Press Conference-the governor's. plan is bad, it needs to be looked at.
Student involvement was not discussed, yet this is very vital. We don't want this approved

Committee Reports

SAC-Brian Mullin
Forensics Team request for money to National Tournament in Fairfax VA. We are now viewing forensics as an athletic team.
Senator Radtle-How many people are they taking?
Chair Mullin-17.
Senator Noah-Do we pay for coaches etc?
Senator Wonsmos-Do they do this every year? It seems they should include that in their budget.
Senator Noah-The reason they don't have this in their budget is because it is not in the same location every year and the costs may very.
Senator Akers-How much if any have they raised themselves?
President Boyce-SAC has always treated line items the same. It is more beneficial to student activity fees to treat this on an individual basis.

SAC resolution # 01.31.01 A
SAC recommends a supplemental of up to $12,817.34 for the Maverick Forensic squad to travel to their National Tournament.
Chair Mullin-would like to withdraw this recommendation to allow senators to read the SAC policy and to put the recommendation on the agenda.

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs Coordinator Stacy Wiech
Lobby Day sign up, need help with staffing table. We need to show unified support. Ads will be in the Reporter.
Senator Bicek-Is there not a question on the bottom of the sign up sheet?

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science-Rachel D. Noah
I realize that many people have class at 3:00 however many people do not and we need to meet quorum. It is part of your senator duties. This is important because we rarely introduce legislation. Legislation comes from committees, res life issues, student issues come before committees.

Constitution Article 2 Section 4. Roberts Rules of Order
It is important for everyone to be familiar with the Constitution.
Article 5 Section 2-Standards. We do not have a Committee on Ethics and Standards, we need one now as senators should be sent to committee if they are not attending Senate Etc. . Or a recall should be held to recall several positions because people are not here and doing their jobs. It would be better to have 12 people that do their job.
Bylaws-Section 1
These Bylaws state that a senator can not miss 2 consecutive meetings, Section 2-miss over 49 %
Every senator is required to give 3 reports. This is important, you were elected by this body or the student body. If you don't report we don't know what is going on in colleges or halls. Everyone is required to be on 2 committees, you can report on these issues.
Operating Policies-Nametags-you are required to wear your nametag. Name tags give credibility.
Article 3 Section 2 subsection A-maybe we should have a mandatory training so that new senators know what to do. We need more outreach.
Article 6 section 1 Rules Committee-we need a Rules Committee, if we had one maybe these things would not be happening.
Sign up for Lobby Day-it is only for a few hours. It is fun, you get to go to the Capitol. It shows officials we mean business. I think it would be a good idea if everyone brought their own cup, instead of us getting plastic ones
. Senator Gaffer-Understand your responsibilities, take it seriously and do your job. Reports can be anything.

Mav Hall-Dan Peskorz
Would like assistance working with programs outside of Senate.
Senator Gaffer-Did you know there is a vacancy on Union Board?


Senator Bicek-Orientation Peer Advisor application deadline tomorrow.
Senator Biesanz-Ceilings in Crawford are made from asbestos. We are then exposed to this. Residential Life has a limited the number of students that do not have to have a meal plan. If you don't want a meal plan you are out of luck, only a few students with dietary concerns have this option . Students are being striped of their freedom by not being allowed to have this choice. That is infringing on student's freedom to choose
Senator Fick-College of Business etiquette dinner
Senator Gaffer-Union Bd-Master Planners are looking for people to be on steering committee. Contact Senator Gaffer or Speaker White Owl.

Roll Call

Senators Present<\u>
Christina Ische, Michael Groenewald, Lori Fick, Byron Pike, Zach Biesanz, Jack Rector, Courtney Powell, Rachel D. Noah, Stacy Wiech, LaRonne Pritchett, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Eric Loge, Rhys Gaffer, Dan Peskorz, Pete Wonsmos
Senators Absent
Nayoki Cormier, Craig Shub, Md Mosharof Hossain, Matt Lairmore
Officers Present
Vice President Tim Huebsch
Officers Absent President Chris Boyce

Adjournment 5:31 PM