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68th MSSA Senate
February 21, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:0 P.M. by Speaker Roger White Owl

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)
Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 18-0-0, Lori Fick 9-1-0, Byron Pike 6-0-0, Zach Biesanz 15-3-0, Jack Rector 18-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 8-1-0, Stacy Wiech 17-0-1, Mikel Akers 17-0-0, Amy Bicek 14-2-2, Joe Muggli 10-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 10-0-0, Ian Radtke 18-0-0, Christina Ische 14-4-0, Nayoki Cormier 12-6-0, LaRonne Prtichett 6-3-0, Pete Wonsmos 1-0-0, Eric Loge 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Courtney Powell 15-3-0, Karly Klein 16-1-0, Dan Peskorz 4-1-0,
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 1/31/01 Minutes approved

Vacancy Elections
College of Allied Health & Nursing (1)
College of Education (1)
Off-Campus (1)
Undeclared (2)
SET (3)
Off-Campus candidate-John Helcl II
Law Enforcement/Political Science major. Involved on campus, ran for an executive office last Spring.
Senator Rector-What interests do you have in regard to committees?
Mr. Helcl-Judiciary committee, try to be a jack of all trades.
Mr. Helcl-Being in Law Enforcement I try to be as objective as possible.
Mr. Helcl-I will attempt to fulfill the office as best as I possible can.
Senator Elect-Off-Campus Mr. John Helcl

Officer Reports
President Chris Boyce
Recommendations for appointments: Academic Affairs-PeterWonsmos, Legislative Affairs-Jennifer Lowe
HESO-committee. Robert Poch will be attending a senate meeting.
Financial Aid-Associate Dir. of Financial Aid Search Committee
Dean of Library Services, attend open sessions. Open session dates are posted
Lobby Day-official count 135 students. Governor was impressed with the number of students we had at the capitol. Thanks to everyone that helped make this such a huge success. Our budget requests will continue to be made personal. We need to keep knocking on the door of the Governor. Eventually he will answer.
Attended a meeting in the Twin Cities last Friday regarding bussing. We also
have a bus contract. The bill was for $3,000 less than in the contract.
Introduction of Kelly Gregg-former MSSA President. Mr. Gregg works at
St. Croix Camps-works with court ordered kids. He is on campus looking for interns or full time positions.
MSUSA Delegates Assembly-will meet with delegates before they attend and give information on the issues and voting.
SAC hearings. Learn the process. A letter was sent to all program directors today letting them know we are facing a tough budget with tuition and technology. We need them to know that all their request may not be funded.
Big 10-We are getting close to meeting all our goals.
Signed an Executive Order last week on SAC recommendations because we did not have a Senate meeting. Holding this would have cost the organizations more money. Please remember this is a cost issue.
Working on closing web site.
Will be discussing J term.
Attended WOW dinner to thank them for assistance they give us with Mini Mavs program.
Pan African Conference this weekend. Greet people and welcome them to our campus.
ISO will be hosting a luncheon featuring the country of Ghana. Reservations can be made in the ISO Office.
Recommendation. This came up after SAC met. This is an extramural event. $140.00 will take them to LaCrosse, WI for their regional playoffs.
Senator Noah-Is SAC consistently meeting at 9:AM and on Friday?
Senator Wonsmos-How many people are attending the LaCrosse trip?

Vice President Tim Huebsch
(read letter from Andy)
Student Rep needed for Library task force.
Student Technology Roundtable recommends that the university move
forward on the installation of a core group of synchronized clocks to be installed at common locations across campus
Recommendation passed unanimously

Speaker Roger White Owl
Recognized Student Organizations
Registration Renewal: Time of Transition Literary Conference, The Literati

Correspondence: Malcolm O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Re: Resolution #12.06.00A Grade Appeal Process/Review Process
The President requests that the Student Association continue working with Dr. Rene' Hersrud on the language changes included in the resolution.

Delegates-Have attended Delegates in the past, It is a great experience, very educational.

Committee Reports

SAC-Brian Mullin, Chair, Amy Bicek, Vice Chair

SAC Resolution #02.21.01A
SAC recommends an allocation of up to $1,493 to be used by the University Repertory Dance Theatre for transportation and lodging during the Great Lakes Regional American College Dance Festival at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign.
Resolution passes

SAC Resolution #02.21.01B
SAC recommends an allocation of up to $1,556 for Alternative Spring Break to cover lodging costs in their service trip to San Francisco.
Senator Noah-Stand against this resolution, we are funding 1/4
of this trip. This should not be coming out of SAF. Doesn't this negate what they are doing? They shouldn't need to fly off to San Francisco when they could do service learning close to home.
Senator Rector-Speak in favor of this trip. This is a Spring Break trip. Lodging costs for San Francisco are very high-this is incredible low. They have done fundraising for this. This should be passed.
Chair Mullin-This funding would benefit MSU students-students would
be faced with the challenge of living on the streets in a large metropolitan
Senator Wonsmos-Voice opposition because we need to be conservative
with funds. Motives are great but Spring Break trips should not be funded.
Senator Groenewold-If this resolution does not pass would they still take this trip?
Chair Mullin-They have already done fundraising, they are only asking for lodging costs.
Senator Noah-I object to this because it is more than $50 per person.
I would support them receiving $50.00 per person. It is a good thing but activity dollars should not pay for this.
Senator Gaffer-Agree with Senator Noah. Lets vote this down and go back to $50.00 per person.

Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Lori Fick, Byron Pike, Zach Biesanz, Jack Rector, Stacy Wiech, LaRonne Pritchett,
Ian Radtke, Peter Wonsmos, John Helcl
Senators voting no
Michael Greonewold, Rachel D. Noah, Mikel Akers, Joe Muggli, Rhys Gaffer, Eric Loge,
Senator Bicek abstain with rights
Motion Passes
Senator Groenewold-Motion to reconsider/Gaffer second
Senator Gaffer, appreciate people that voted for this. However we can change this to $50.00 per person.
Vice Chair Bicek-you did just approve $2700 for the Cheer team.
Senator Gaffer-An executive order was given for the Forensics
Team and the Cheer Team. This body may not have approved that.
Vice Chair Bicek-I strongly urge you to not do this.
Senator Noah-This is not about the number of people that go. You
represent your constituency. Vote to revote before we approve this.
Senator Rector-Move previous question. Second Senator Radtke
Vote on motion to reconsider-motion fails
Resolution passes

SAC Resolution #02.21.01.C
SAC recommends a request to forgive an outstanding loan of $10,400 made by
SAC/MSSA in 1998 to purchase two treadmills for the Fitness Center.

In 1998 the MSSA gave a 3 year non-interest loan to Intramurals to purchase
treadmills. Former MSSA President Sylvia Oelberg and President Boyce supported this. Now the administration is asking that something be done about this. SAC recommendation is that we forgive the loan and that no further loans be given.
Senator Muggli-Why can't they pay back the loan?
Chair Mullin-They are going through many changes now. They are
taking over the Highland area and have many renovations. They are having
some financial problems because they have not had the surplus. We are
not giving them anything.
Senator Wonsmos-This is a paid service, all students can not use these.
Senator Pike-Am upset about this but because they can not pay this but we need to forgive it and move on.
Senator Noah-Understand this but we are representing the student body. This happened in 1998, but we should not have to pay for something the students pay to use. Vote no.
Senator Muggli-There is no way I can support this, we should not have to pay again to get on these treadmills.
Senator Rector-Can we add an amendment to this?
Speaker White Owl-No, this is out of committee.
Senator Wonsmos-I want to suggest that if we don't vote this down then every student should be able to use this without charge.
Chair Mullin-Concerning another budget issue-correspondence
from Todd Pfingston. This would be a way of showing support for campus recreation.
Chair Mullin-There is a precedence for forgiving a loan from the early 90's. KRNR-student senate forgave a $5,000 loan.
Recommendation failed.

MSSA Recommendation #02.21.01A
Motion by President Boyce, second Senator Bicek
Resolved: That the MSSA Senate approve a Nonbudgeted Funds Request
of up to $140.00 for the Intramural Sports-Campus Recreation Women's Basketball Team to attend the Regional Extramural Basketball Tournament in LaCrosse, WI.

Whereas: This request will allow the team the ability to compete and represent MSU at a regional competition.

Recommendation passes

Union Board, Rhys Gaffer, Chair
Working on Master Plan and consultant that was hired. Get in touch with your constituents. Will report back on what was discussed.
Another survey is going out getting students opinion. Projects have been
put on hold until after Master Plan is reviewed.
Chartwells will begin having Styrofoam cups. Henry Morris is looking for ways of providing free cups. Will be attending a UPS Convention this week to look at Cafeteria supplies.
Need 2 students for Union Board. Art project criteria is being developed for the commission of student art for the Phase III area near the elevator. The theme is "Celebrating Student Diversity and Campus Life." The committee will be looking for an MSU student to design and implement their work during the summer interim before the next homecoming. The criterion is for a competition/call for art proposals/designs. The artist(s) chosen will receive a cash award for creating/displaying their work in this area.
Gameroom had grand opening. Revenue has doubled in last month.
Senator Groenewold-What about the plastic forks?
Chair Gaffer-Cost of plastic cups cost has gone up would like to purchase
styrofoam and be able to provide a better black fork.
Senator Greonewold-Are they not concerned about the environment?
Chair Gaffer-All the recycling does go to the same place.
Senator Helcl-Clarification-from my understanding they are
giving up paper cups for more trendy plastic, why not something
more environmentally friendly?

(lost quorum)

Roll Call
Adjournment 6:25 PM