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68th MSSA Senate
March 7, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:04 P.M. by Speaker Roger White Owl
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)
Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 19-1-0, Lori Fick 11-1-0, Byron Pike 8-0-0, Zach Biesanz 17-3-0, Jack Rector 20-0-0, Brian Mullin 1-0-0, Stacy Wiech 19-0-1, Mikel Akers 19-0-0, Amy Bicek 16-2-2, Joe Muggli 12-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 12-0-0, Ian Radtke 20-0-0, Pete Wonsmos 3-0-0, Karly Klein 18-1-0, John Helcl 2-0-0, Nayoki Cormier 13-7-0, LaRonne Prtichett 7-4-0, Eric Loge 3-1-0
Senators Absent
Christina Ische 14-6-0, Rachel D. Noah 9-2-0, Dan Peskorz 5-2-0,
Officers Present
President Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 2/28/01 Minutes approved

Officer Reports
President Chris Boyce
Dr. Rush is moveable
Town Meeting during Spring Break-See Rhys for Info.
Candidates for Dean of Allied Health and Nursing will be on campus the week of March 19.

Recommendations for appointments
Elections Committee Michael Groenewold, Timothy Huebsch, Dahlia Mahmoud, S.R. Nithy, Daisy Esqueda Elections are seven weeks away. Start thinking about if you are going to be here, and start promoting.
Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee James Wartman, Beenish Malhi, Jennifer Lowe, Chris Rogers
Student Affairs: John Helcl
Bob Poch from HESO will be coming March 22.
SAC - Attend hearings or at least look at minutes. Discuss issues with SAC members.
MSUSA Appointments Chris Boyce, Tim Huebsch, Amy Bicek, Stacy Wiech, Angela White Owl, Roger White Owl, Rhys Gaffer, Joe Muggli, Uzair Shaffi, Beenish Malhi
Send Dr. Rush an email-thank him. We appreciate him.
Senator Muggli-Are we a large city or rural area?

Vice President Tim Huebsch
I hope you all have a safe spring break. Last week visited Dell Plant in Austin, TX. Facilities are incredible.
Last week Jr/Sr High Science Fair was held on campus. Elementary fair coming up in April. If you are interested, please contact me.
Technology Vision (see back of buff sheet) Technology Focus. This is totally student generated. These are things students on committee felt important for technology to advance.

Speaker Roger White Owl
Correspondence: Assistant Vice President Student Affairs
Malcolm O'Sullivan-RE: R#02.21.01A-Repertory Dance
Theatre. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution.
R#02.21.01B-Alternative Spring Break. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution
R#02.21.01A Intramural Sports-Campus Recreation Women's Basketball Team. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution.
R#02.28.01A Circle K Club. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution.
R#02.28.01B Social Work Service Learning Trip. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution.
R#02.28.01C Finance Club. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution
Executive Order #02.09.01 Maverick Forensics Team Washington, DC Trip. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution
Executive Order #02.09.01B MSU Cheer Team National Cheerleading Competition in Daytona Beach, FL. The President has reviewed and approves this resolution.
Leg. Affairs Coordinator Wiech. Will be meeting with various legislators.
Union Board-Will be having a presentation in regard to the Styrofoam change over.

Committee Reports
SAC-Brian Mullin, Chair, Amy Bicek, Vice Chair
SAC Recommendation #03.07.01A
SAC recommends an allocation of up to $500 to be used by the Golden Key International Honor Society in their trip to the Regional Conference in LaCross, WI.
Senator Gaffer-Is the $500 amount for the number of people attending?.
Vice President Huebsch-Were they aware they could go higher?
Moved by Senator Rector, second Senator Gaffer-move to limit debate to 10 minutes Passes.
Recommendation passes

SAC Recommendation #03.07.01B
SAC recommends an allocation of $800 to be used by the Student Athletic Training Association in the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Association Conference in Milwaukee, WI.
Senator Wonsomos-Maybe they should look at putting this in their base budget.
Senator Helcl-Did they give any reasons for this not being in their budget?
Senator Gaffer-Have we funded this before?
Senator Klein-The trainers spend at least 6 hours each day with the athletes.
They do alot.
Recommendation passes

SAC Recommendation #03.07.01C
SAC recommends an allocation of up to $700 to be used by the MSU Chapter of the United States Institute of Theatre & Technology in their trip to their national conference in Long Beach, CA.
Senator Helcl-Is this Theatre or Tech students? These are technical theatre students.
Recommendation passes.

Technology Fee Recommendation
The Student Allocations Committee recommends that the Student Technology Fee for FY-02 be $4.50 per credit to a maximum of 12 credits ($54.00 per semester). This represents an .80 per credit hour increase and is projected to generate $1,251,100.
Chair Mullin-SAC reviewed requests and decided if an item was something students should fund.
Senator Gaffer-If this is passed as is do we lose credibility with the university considering that they started their request at 7.50?
Vice President Huebsch-Consider the focus items that the student focus group developed. Look at the focus and see if this is what we want and if we do all want to pay for this.
Senator Wonsmos-Who is in charge of spending the Tech. Fee money?
Chair Mullin-Mark Johnson is the CIO . Mr. Johnson-has a wide background in looking at keeping current.
Mr. Johnson- I want students to walk out of here with a better education and better knowledge of Technology. As CIO he is responsible for how this money is spent. Meets every week with students to see what their vision and focus for technology is. This is his management responsibility.
Senator Groenewold? Why is this a stand alone item, has it been considered to put this into tuition?
Vice President-It is hard to ear mark something for technology. If we did that, the money would not be designated and would be open to others using this money.
Senator Rector-What kind of accountability do we have that money is spent in the way it should be.
Mr. Johnson-The state and the board designate this. This is my job.
Senator Gaffer-I am curious about the disparity of the request and the recommendation-why was it that high?
Mr. Johnson-we have had significant advancement in technology, yet we need to incorporate it more into all disciplines. All students need to apply technology. We need to spend alot more and then we can bring this down. We should spend 6-8 million. When initial investment is done we can cut back. Working hard on getting this on Minnesota State list. Requesting many items for university. This funding
is for things that are a positive for you. The world has changed. We need projectors in classrooms. We need ways faculty can get information
to you, ways you can give on-line presentations. Coming from business
we did many things on power point yet we have very few on campus.
This is the only way we can make a leap for technology and for you so you can move ahead and walk into your workplace and bring them new ideas in technology. We need to leap ahead to get where we need to be.
Vice President Huebsch-Student Technology did not recommend a dollar amount only a vision. The administration recommended the fee.
Mr. Johnson-see spread sheet for reasoning on recommended fee. Would like to increase spending from 6 million to 10. If we don't get the governors money, spending will have to be decreased.
President Boyce-move previous question-Senator Akers second, motion failed.
Senator Fick-Elem students have more technology than many of us do. We need to keep up with this so that we can use the best technology when we get jobs.
Senator Wonsmos-It seems that students that use technology should pay more. Part of the cost of education is technology. Some of the problems I have-classroom technology, some departments are using old out dated computers. I am in favor of this recommendation if there was some way students could have more discretion in the spending. Also student dollars should not be used to buy down .
Vice President Huebsch-Senate has a voice in Student Technology Roundtable. Have weekly meetings. We do have an enormous voice in that sense.
Chair Mullin-In discussing the different pieces of equipment-they all started to cross over. Committee decided to give vision and go from there.
Mr. Johnson-If you don't see what we are spending the money on then we are not doing our job. I can tell you how every piece was purchased. We are making sure the entire campus is covered. Classrooms, student union. Tell me what you think needs to be done and let us do that. I am an administrator, if I am not doing my job I should not be here.
Senator Gaffer-I struggle with Technology issues yet I am disappointed that the proposal was not higher. If there is a way that we can do this, we should do this tonight. I think $5.00 would be better.
We are under the gun on needing to get back to the administration, yet we need to think this through. We need to think about a higher tech fee.
Senator Groenewold-Could someone elaborate on the Microsoft option.
Mr. Johnson-I brought this to the Tech committee. This was an opportunity for a very small amount of money to purchase alot of software. For $20 a year you get access to all versions of both Microsoft and PC. We don't agree with the governor. This was a way that you could get some software that you will use. You can just pay the upgrade fee and software that you can use. We should not give anyone alot of money. But we do need to look at vendors.
Chair Mullin-We received the request-looked at previous funding and wanted to give them seed money.
Senator Muggli-About calendar and applications-will Information & Technology Services be moving to Microsoft and is this necessary?
Mr. Johnson-We have seen interest from faculty and students about different products that will allow you to leave here and have more information. Students will have information on collaboration. Students don't use this because they don't have it. If we put up the Microsoft exchange, you will pay a little and you will get a little more back. You do not need to use Microsoft products. You can get
to this from other products. Course schedule could be used to develop your schedule.
President Boyce-My concern with some of the recommendations-you are throwing them in a coffin. You and your constituents are paying for this. There is a shift of administrative costs to student costs. Remember bottom line-with a 3% increase in tuition it will cost over $300 more next year. At least look at a mandated shift.
Senator Pike-In the College of Business, we will pay $550.00 next year. This is for laptop, licensing etc. College of Business is paying already, they do not want to pay more.
Mr. Johnson-If we accept Microsoft agreement-all licensing would be included, College of Business cost would be less to you. However, this would be for all colleges. Don't short change them. Make the investment for yourselves and the students coming. We have a couple tech carts we get around campus just to get them into the classrooms. No one else can walk home at night and use the technology in their own home free of charge. We can't stop because 800 students get laptops.
Senator Pike-I chose Mankato because I could graduate without the large loans. If we want to pay more we could go to the U. We need to keep technology in focus.
Senator Biesanz-I love technology-it can also be wasted. Have you seen the touch screens in Morris Hall? The instructor hooks up his computer on to a huge screen-and can then touch the screen. Some instructors do not know how to use this technology.
Senator Radtke-Lot of people are talking about bottom line of costs-costs are increasing everywhere. Technology is a big part of a modern campus. Technology is here but there is not necessarily the training. The increase is good-it is not enough. This is actually less than last year. We are one of the best Computer Science colleges, we should not let this backslide. I support this. It should be higher. I do think it needs more regulation.
Mr. Johnson-I also agree that technology has not been properly trained. They are also including training for faculty. All trainers will work just on faculty this summer. The amount of money requested here is also for faculty training so that they can get it to you.
Senator Klein-If the faculty is not using this appropriately that is another reason we are behind.
Senator Muggli-Internet provider?
Mr. Johnson-Last year part of tech fee was used to buy dial up access. We are asking vendors to bid on this. We don't have a provider yet. Students so far have to buy or use MSU's. They are trying to get a buy down on DSL if you are in the area.
Senator Muggli-If this is to be used for private use, there should be something different in place so all students do not pay for everyone's personal use.
Mr. Johnson-If you want to pull that out and buy your own, then we could pull that out. Many schools are doing that. We are open to proposals. If we can find a way to save money and give you more of what you want, let's do it.
Senator Biesanz-On the Microsoft package-Word, Excel, Visual, Front Page. Do all students have a need for that?
Mr. Johnson-Most disciplines do use many of these.
Mr. Johnson-you pay $80. You could not buy those products for under $500.00

Motion on the Floor - Suspend to have motion on the floor read.
Motion-Senator Gaffer/Senator Radtke
Move to amend by substitution the SAC Committee recommendation dollar amount on the Student Technology fee from $4.50 per credit hour to $ 5.75 per credit hour up to 12 credits
Senator Gaffer-We are talking about $3.70 now. We would be taking this up $2.00. The investment concept is the right one to support. We are doing a disservice if we do not support this.
Senator Radtke-This would increase the funding but it would only be moving it up by about $200,000. This is not a large amount but at least we are not moving backward.
Senator Wonsmos-Technology is important, but we need discretion.
Motion passes

Motion Senator Wonsmos/Senator Gaffer
Move by addition -that the SAC Technology recommendation on technology add the language after the bulleted section to read that the senate should retain discretionary authority over any campus software agreements with Microsoft or any other corporate entity.
Vice President Huebsch-We should use that portion into the Student Technology Roundtable-they should not have to come back to senate every time they want to buy a piece of equipment. The reason for the committee is for this very reason.
Senator Wonsmos-The reason we need to retain discretion-is because students need to have a voice and hear vendors.
Motion fails.
Move previous question-quorum
Recommendation passes

Senator Reports

Arts & Humanities-Mike Groenewold
Media Relations-What do you call MSU? When you are doing things on campus it should be Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota State University, Minnesota State, Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU)
Off-Campus-Pete Wonsmos
I would like to make a suggestion that the proper committee take a look at providing overnight parking for people who are travelling with RSO's or academic groups.
An item that I began to address last week I show we handle committee recommendations. First, I agree with President Boyce that these committees are ours and however, I do not agree that the problem is a matter of the Senator's ignorance about SAF policy. Where I feel the problem arises is that the committees' duties go partly unfulfilled, although it is each senator's responsibility to be as informed as possible about the items we discuss. It is the committee's responsibility, at least if they hope to have the Senate follow their recommendations, that they present those recommendations to the entire senate in a fashion whereby each member can be convinced that these recommendations are in the best interests of their constituency. What I am saying is that if our committees want to see a certain item approved, that committee and it's members need to show the senate why, exactly, that should be don. Under our current method, we are given very limited information and are expected to make snap decisions without adequate time, or information to make such a decision. The purpose of standing committees is not to make final decisions, but rather to properly inform the Senate members on particular issues so that each member does not have to hunt down necessary information ourselves. As an example, is someone had explained in terms we could understand why the students of MSU should pay for the delinquency of the Fitness Center loan for two treadmills, maybe people wouldn't address or refer to us a stupid apes.

Adjournment 6:22 PM