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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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68th MSSA Senate
March 21, 2001 Minutes


Meeting called to order at 4:02 P.M. by Speaker Roger White Owl
Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)
Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 20-1-0, Byron Pike 9-0-0, Zach Biesanz 18-3-0, Jack Rector 21-0-0, Brian Mullin 1-0-0, Stacy Wiech 20-0-1, Mikel Akers 20-0-0, Amy Bicek 16-2-3, Joe Muggli 13-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 13-0-0, Ian Radtke 21-0-0, John Helcl 3-0-0, Christina Ische 15-6-0, Brian Mullin 1-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 10-2-0,
Senators Absent
Dan Peskorz 5-3-0, Lori Fick 11-2-0, Nayoki Cormier 13-8-0, LaRonne Prtichett 7-5-0, Karly Klein 18-2-0, Pete Wonsmos 3-1-0, Eric Loge 3-2-0
Officers Present
President Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 3/7/01 Minutes approved

Vacancy Elections
College of Allied Health & Nursing (1)
College of Education (1)
Social & Behavioral Science (1)
Undeclared (2)

Presentation-Parking Advisory-David Cowan, Director of The Shop
Parking Advisory reports directly to Vice President Trauger. By law required to have a public hearing before the administration will accept or modify parking proposals. Many lots on campus, free lot has a camera and many paylots. Purple can bump orange, can also park on street. Gold stalls are premium.
This campus does not have a faculty lot or student lot. If you pay, you can park. Need 5% rate increase from users. Rates were in Reporter yesterday. With increase they hope to raise additional
$70,000. This is raised from customers and people who pay fines. To make the program operate on a self-sustaining business they need $70,000. In a perfect world they would not include parking
fine money. People would park where they should and would not get clamps and fines. Parking Advisory recognizes that $10.00 is no longer a threat. If fines are raised people are more likely to appeal which would create more work for people on committee. Recommendation is to go from $10.00 to $15.00. Rational is-how we are set compared to similar institutions of this size. MSU is basically in the middle, not the highest nor the lowest. We have the cheapest bus ride in the nation. The city is recommending $1.00 a ride. MSU is also piggy backing with U OF M for transit money. We do have 2 busses- both will increase rates and we will pay more if the grant does not come through. Capital improvements-next year spending $140.000. Have contracted with city to use their hot patch to repair pot holes. Pot hole replacement is part of $1million. Hearing tomorrow.
Senator Radtke-Lot 13-what is going on?
Mr. Cowan-Seal coating
Senator Gaffer-We talked about soft money in committee, can you talk about that?
Mr. Cowan-We can cut many things from spending plan. We can reduce many things. We could cut the cost of a tractor. We have two sanders, they both broke. Things break down and have to be replaced.
Also we need to replace hand held computers, trying to get that cost down from $100,000 to $60,000. Don't know what snow removal is at this time.
Senator Noah-Gold nighttime-$10.00 to $20.00. What is that?
Mr. Cowan-this is a perk for purple permit holders to park in gold spots at night. 240 people have paid for this .
Vice President-Is Gage lot (lot 2) for specific individuals ?
Mr. Cowan-This is mostly for bakers and FYE.
Mr. Gaffer-Talk about the current deficit of over $95,000. and what might be done to bring that down.
Mr. Cowan-We were going to knock that in half this year, but that was before the snow fell. We had incredible costs this year. We pray for good weather, low bids, grant money and the $75,000.

Dr. Poch-HESO (see handouts)
Higher Education Services Office is responsible for administration of and reporting on financial aid programs. The Services Office awards over $125 million each year in need-based state grants, about $70 million in state loans, and $12 million in State Work-Study funds. They can put forth proposals to legislature. These proposals were thought of from concerns given by students. These concerns make their way into their budget. Child care maximum grant award needed to go up. Current levels were not enough to off set costs. As a result of hearing that, they came up with an amount to request. Several issues heard in Feb. directly impacted their legislative requests Recommendations will enhance the success of current programs. A proposal currently will enable students to keep pace with rising prices by funding a 2.5 percent per year increase in components of the price used to calculate State Grants. Calculating State Grants based on actual tuition and fees charged to students at their institutions rather than a single charge. This will revolutionize state grant programs. This is a significant change. A maintenance proposal is before the legislature that will allow students to remain eligible for State Grants until they have received a bachelor's degree. This is a major innovation students had requested. It is a poor state investment to stop a student from funding before they get a degree.
Senator Gaffer-Where are the recommendations in the legislative process?
Mr. Poch-In both the house and the senate, the bills have been interviewed and in process of hearings. Bill #973 House. Senate #898 have to go through hearinsg be debated, proceed as all bills do, this usually takes place in April and May. Have no idea just what the support will be.

Motion-R#03.21.01 Senator Gaffer/President Boyce
Move that the senate support a $.25 increase in the MSU campus "U-Zone" bus fare from the current rate of $.25 per ride, to $.50 per ride.

Senator Gaffer-Am in support because this would be more in line with rising costs of transportation
and because we have not had a rate change in 10 years. The money has to come from somewhere. .50 is not that large of a bump. This is more reasonable than looking at a dollar.
Senator Noah-Move to move this to committee. Wait until the hearing tomorrow-there are many issues to think about.
Vice President Huebsch-we need to keep this in mind before parking makes their recommendations.
President Boyce-Parking meeting is tomorrow.
Senator Gaffer-that proposal is for both routes one and two. It is difficult to charge for different routes.
President Boyce-At leaset if we were able to say we passed this tomorrow it would help.
Motion passes.

Officer Reports
President Chris Boyce
Dance Marathon-iRaises money for Children's network.
10th Annual Lao New Year this weekend.
MSUSA delegates meet next week.

Vice President Tim Huebsch
Attended press conference this week regarding another partner to crate a wireless technology campus. The newest partner is Phone Online. Other partners include Nokia, Hickory Tech and Midwest Wireless. The companies provide equipment, professional staff and funding to the university. MSU faculty develop class curriculum to teach students on the latest equipment.
Concept-phone on line has a software that is expensive to purchase. If a student created a mobile device they would have to create it for all of them out their. This would allow you to only create one.

Speaker Roger White Owl
Recognized Student Organizations
Minnesota State University, Mankato Chapter of Psi Chi, Psychology Club
Attended Lobby trip in Washington DC. Received positive feedback from senator from No. Dak.
Senator Gaffer-Were you the only one from out of state that had to make your own appointments?
Speaker White Owl-The students from WI made their own appointments.

Committee Reports

Election Committee-(see rules)
Tuesday-Informational meeting. Debates-Wed. prior to elections.
Motion- Senator Noah/Senator
Move that Article 1 section 1 .with a 2.00 GPA be struck. be stricken.
Senator Ische-We need to represent every student. Everyone needs to be involved.
Senator Rector-Disagree with motion.
Senator Pike-50% of Freshmen don't graduate. I would rather see someone with a 2.00 that would be here for the whole year.
Senator Mullin-Work in College of Science. If you have below a 2.00 you are placed on probation after three semesters you are suspended.
Senator Helcl-I believe all students should have the opportunity.
Vice President Huebsch-The majority of the committee felt students are here for education and that should be their number one priority.
Senator Bieszanz-Is this cumulative? If transfer is figured in they may not get a 2.00.
Senator Noah-I feel someone with a 1.99 should not be prohibited from senate. They should be voted in by peers. It is not our obligation to say someone is a bad student.
Senator Gaffer-In agreement with Senator Noah-if someone is suspended this body could take care of that.
Motion passes
Motion-Senator Groenewold/Senator Noah
Move that the election rules voted on 3/8/00 by MSSA Senate:
"General Election Rules be amended so that they are no longer based on a party style model and that, excluding a President/Vice President duo, all candidates will run their own campaigns without party affiliation." Be stricken.
Senator Groenewold-This will do away with last year's edict. If someone had not come to me I would not have gotten involved.
Senator Noah-The Party system is a great idea. It has worked. If you don't have parties people don't get involved.. The Party system is an excellent system.
Senator Bicek-Proxy Vue-I have seen senate operate, the reason for eliminating parties that you will
get a more diverse organization, this is to represent the student body. Parties are good but it brings in one voice. People should run for themselves. Many students are skeptical of parties. Individuality creates diversity.
Senator Wiech-I have heard the horror stories of parties, I feel without parties you have less chance of being on one side. More can be accomplished. I was involved under a no party system. I don't
feel I had to be in a party to get a position.
Senator Helcl-I agree with Senator Wiech in what can happen with parties. Yet if someone knows what they are doing in forming a party they can get people involved that know how to represent.
Senator Gaffer-I guess it is safe to say that we all belong to one group-I went through on my own experience last year. It is now less adversarial, we don't need political parties to serve our
constituency. We need to keep our energy focused.
Senator Noah-I have been involved here the longest. Usually people from different parties are elected. When you run with your friends and good people they will be around the longest. Diversity
has nothing to do with it. A good campaign manager will have diversity. Party system is fun. It is not like the entire party wins. When 20 of you run together it is easier, because it is alot of work
to hang posters etc. It is admirable to think people will run on their own. There is nothing barring anyone from running. Individuals can choose a platform.
Senator Rector-Call previous question.
Move that the election rules be amended
Roll Call
Senators voting Yes
Michael Groenewold, Brian Mullen, Rachel D. Noah, John Helcl, Ian Radtke
Senators voting No
Christina Ische, Byron Pike, Zach Biesanz, Stacy Wiech, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek-proxy Yer Vue,
Joe Muggli, Eric Loge
Senators Abstaining
Jack Rector
Executive Staff Abstaining
Vice President Tim Huebsch
Motion fails

Senator Rector-Regarding the ISO and ISA offices as neutral.
Vice President Huebsch-We are conducting elections with the International Students as well and felt their offices should be neutral as well as ours.
Senator Gaffer-What are the sanctions that could happen?
Vice President Huebsch-This is the discretion of the Election Committee regarding the severity of the sanction.
General Election Rules
GPA requirement change and clerical changes
Move to pass the document as a whole with changes.
Motion Passes
Senator Noah, Senator Groenewold-Rights
One of the fundamental rights bestowed upon us in the U.S. Bill of rights is the freedom of association.
It is interpreted that we are allowed to be apart of a group that believes in the same values we do.
For the MSSA to take a stance against this-in not allowing a traditional campaign parties-shows small -mindedness upon those who have voted against it.
People wish to be involved, but for many it is hard to do so on their own. Many lack the self-determination to go out and actively pursue opportunities to be involved, and even less when they are not encouraged by a friend or another member of the group to do so.
In our case, this allows for more people to be involved in the MSSA< which allows for the greater representation of the MSU student body.
It is truly pathetic that eight people-who wouldn't be involved themselves were it not for the encouragement of another-have decided against allowing for parties for a 12,000 plus student population they claim to represent.

Senator Reports
Senator Pike-college of Business- Sit on SAC, budget requests coming in are asking for a lot more money. SET Advisory-Board-college of Business Lap tops, may be changing to Dell computers for
incoming class.

Senator Radtke-April-Eliminate Hate Week. Be aware, be involved.
Senator Gaffer-Student Union Bd Steering Committee meets tomorrow.
Adjournment 6:07 PM