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68th MSSA Senate
March 28, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:09 P.M. by Speaker Roger White Owl

Roll Call
Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 21-1-0, Zach Biesanz 19-3-0, Jack Rector 22-0-0, Brian Mullin 2-0-0, Stacy Wiech 21-0-1, Mikel Akers 21-0-0, Amy Bicek 17-2-3, Joe Muggli 14-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 14-0-0, Ian Radtke 22-0-0, John Helcl 4-0-0, Christina Ische 16-6-0, Brian Mullin 2-0-0, Rachel D. Noah 11-2-0,
Lori Fick 12-2-0, Karly Klein 19-2-0, , Pete Wonsmos 4-1-0, Eric Loge 5-2-0
Senators Absent
Byron Pike 9-1-0, Dan Peskorz 5-4-0, Nayoki Cormier 13-9-0, LaRonne Prtichett 7-6-0
Officers Present
President Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 3/21/01 Minutes approved

Vacancy Elections
College of Allied Health & Nursing (1)
College of Education (1)
Social & Behavioral Science (1)
Undeclared (2)
James Tung
Thank you all for giving me this time. I am a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee. I would like to see more involvement from this body on this committee and in diversity on campus. I can make a significant contribution to this senate.
Senator Helcl-What year are you in school?
Mr. Tung-2nd semester.
Mr. Tung-I want to run for the senate for the experience of student government. Cultural Diversity was interesting, so I want to know more about student government.
James Tung-elected Undeclared Senator

Officer Reports
President Chris Boyce
MSUSA this weekend. Thank you to everyone getting up early and giving their time to attend
The Department of Political Science/Law Enforcement and the United Nation/International Relations Club will be holding a public presentation by His Excellency Ambassador Andre Erdos, Ambassador Erdos is the official representative of the Republic of Hungary. Tuesday, April 3. 2:00 PM CSU 284
Ethnic Studies-American Indian Perspectives.
Undergraduate Research Center-very interesting undergraduate work being
done ,very scholastic process of papers and research.
MSU is being featured on MPR-Wireless
CDC Open House tomorrow.
Dept. of Security Pedestrian. campaign next week. Double sided between driving and walking. How can we make our campus more safe.
Dave. Cowan-requested that we have 5 people attend the student bookstore advisory committee.
MS Walk-Sunday, April 22
Working on a farewell to Dr. Rush.
Part of big 10 plan-20%discount at bookstore for recognizing student workers.
5:00 tonight Cheer & Dance Team Exhibition

Vice President Tim Huebsch
Bookstore Advisory Committee-need people to volunteer.
Tech Roundtable-tomorrow 4:00. MPR dong stories on rural wireless. MSU will be the featured institution Thursday before 9:00 "A.M.

Speaker Roger White Owl
Recognized Student Organizations
Jewish Student Organization
Correspondence: Malcolm O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President Student Affairs
MSSA Technology Fee Recommendation 03.07.01. The President wishes to address all allocation requests at the same time. Therefore, he will respond to this resolution when he provides a response to the entire set of Student Senate recommendations on the Student Activity Fee for FY 2002.

Committee Reports
Election Committee-Tim Huebsch, Chair
Elections April 10. Debates April 4. In Purple Lounge. Get out the word.

Academic Affairs-Rhys Gaffer
Grade Appeal Process-The language being amended is the language we put into the proposal. . Dr. Hersrud made clarification regarding faculty consultation, ways
of keeping process moving for students in situation of faculty member not being present. Recommendation - Coordinator Bicek-In use of university grade appeals committee, committee felt there should be student representation.
Committee Recommendation 03.28.01
The MSSA appoint one student to the MSU Grade Appeals Committee.
Senator Bicek-currently right now there are not students on that committee, in keeping in university policy we should have a student on that committee-a student appointed by MSSA.
Senator Gaffer-It is good to have student representation. The language has been cleaned up, and we jump at the opportunity to have student representation.
Motion Passes unanimously
Senator Gaffer-Two students can be appointed to serve on this, so there could be the possibility of three students on committee.
The administration is looking for a response by April 16.

Senator Gaffer-Union Board-tomorrow night.
Senator Bicek-Honor Society 60 credits in speech Forensics
Team public performance April 3. SAC is still hearing budget
Mondays and Fridays. Athletics will be Friday at 9:00.
Senator Fick-Newspaper Committee Meeting 2:00 Friday.

Roll Call
Senators Present
Christina Ische, Michael Groenewold, Lori Fick, Zach Biesanz, Jack Rector, Brian Mullen, Rachel D. Noah, Stacy Wiech, James Tung, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek, John Helcl, Peter Wonsmos, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Eric Loge, Rhys Gaffer
Senators Absent
Byron Pike, Nayoki Cormier, LaRonne Pritchett, Dan Peskorz

Adjournment 4:53 PM