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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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68th MSSA Senate
September 13, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:03 P.M. by Speaker Andy Welti

Roll Call

Senators Present
Yolanda Buchanan-proxy Nequra Campbell 2-1-1, Michael Groenewold 4-0-0, Zach Biesanz 2-2-0, , Nayoki Cormier 3-1-0, Craig Shub 3-1-0, Courtney Powell 4-0-0, Stacy Wiech 3-0-1, Karly Klein 4-0-0, Mikel Akers 4-0-0 Derek Short 2-2-0, Nick Morriston 3-1-0, Ian Radtke 4-0-0,
Senators Absent
Roger White Owl 3-1-0, Matt Lairmore 1-3-0, Amy Bicek 2-2-0, Jack Rector 3-1-0, Eric Kroiss 1-2-1 Christina Ische 3-1-0, Chad Oates 2-0-1, Nancy Sager 2-1-0, Casey Argall 0-3-0, Erinn Wilson 2-1-0
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Student Forum

Rhys Gaffer-I don't have anything against anyone that smokes, but I would like to see a resolution come out of committee providing designated areas.
Senator Groenewold-how do you propose this be inforced?
Mr. Gaffer-Just try to get awareness of state law and work with administration to develop areas and receptacles for cigarette butts. This issue should be talked about.
Senator Biesanz-Where and what building do you notice this problem in?
Mr. Gaffer-At the entrance of most buildings.
Mr. Gaffer-Maybe a protected area for the winter months.
Senator Wiech-Main reasons is because all the receptacles are near the door
Senator Kroiss-So your problem is that people do not enforce the 50feet from entrance. I move that we send a recommendation to our security to enforce the 50' from public building requirement. Second Senator Biesanz
Senator Morriston-Totally support a persons right to smoke, if we try to enforce this we will be infringing on the rights of many people.
Senator Sager-Ash trays are attached to the walls so people have to go up to them.
Senator Biesanz-I like the spirit of this motion, yet 50 feet is a long way. Ash trays are more for convenience to deposit their cigs in before entering a building.
Senator Radtke-I feel campus security has more important things to do.
Senator Sager-Can we change the motion and change the configuration of the ash trays?
Amendment-Send recommendation to security that they rearrange the configuration of the receptacle.
Senator Larimore-Can we send this motion to Union Board?
Motion to send this to Union Board passes.

Approval of Minutes 9/6/00 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Chris Boyce
Governor on campus today, their office held a workshop forum for student leaders to get jazzed up and encourage other students to want to vote. The office asked us to form a committee to identify leaders on campus and in the area. We shared this responsibility with SLDSL. Students did need to RSVP. Our directive was to identify leaders and make sure it represents who you are, make sure the invitations are sent out and they RSVP. We were told these students are to feel special. Talk is that this should have been open to the general public-we did what we were asked. We were the first institution they went to. The event went well. The governors office limited this event to 150 students. The governor said you are the reason I am in office. Pass the word on how things happened. I hope to push this. We need to work on the MSU votes on campus, we need to register students, inform and get them to the polls. Will need feed back on how to reach everyone.
Appointments: See attached
MSUSA appointments:
Chris Boyce, Tim Huebsch, Andy Welti, Nancy Sager, Angela White Owl, Rhys Gaffer. Next MSUSA event-Nov. Twin Cities. Sign up in office.
Search Committees- we need students to serve on various searches also students will be working on a questionnaire on new look for mascot for Maverick
Information-Mall incident. Preachers have been around for over 20 years. They do a circuit. They had a use permit, they can be there as long as they do not excite a riot. The crowd was dispersed and the people were removed. They were allowed to come back, because of constitutional freedom of speech. Campusview-our attorney is continuing to pursue this deposit issue.
Senator Short-What can be done if they do violate free speech law?
Senator Sager-If they are offensive or students are feeling disbarred can they not be removed?
President Boyce-We have to look closely at this, we run risks if we define this. This is a sensitive issue.
PGE-Positive Governor Event. This was a test campus. They learned from this as well.
Senator Sager-Would like to make a motion that we recognize the President for all the work he did for the governor event.
President Boyce-Recognize many people, Lauren, Kim, Lisa all staff.

Vice President Tim Huebsch
Technology committee-representation from all colleges-if in the next week introduce yourself to the Dean of your college and ask them to identify someone that would be good for the Technology Roundtable. Reminder of Heart Walk. Coordinator applications deadline, Friday, Sept. 15.

Speaker Andy Welti
Goals and expectations are on the office wall. Legislative Affairs-take on this responsibility through Leg Affairs-Get Out the Vote. Looking for someone to chair this committee. It will benefit MSU if we can set a goal that over 50% of our students voted. We need a committee to take that on. Decorate office for homecoming. Parade-float. Parade is Friday evening. Open House.
Recognize Karly Klein for letter in newspaper

Senator Reports
Off Campus Amy Bicek-proxy Erik Anshus (see written report)
Recommendation tabled.

Old Business

Student Technology Roundtable (see written motion)
Motion passes


Roll Call

Senators Present
Michael Groenewold, Zach Biesanz, Eric Kroiss, Nayoki Cormier Jack Rector, Craig Shub, Courtney Powell, Nancy Sager, Stacy Wiech, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Derek Short, Matt Lairmore, Nick Morriston, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl
Senators Absent
Christina Ische, Chad Oates, Casey Argall, Amy Bicek
Executive Staff Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Adjournment 4:40 PM