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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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68th MSSA Senate
October 25, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:03 P.M. by Speaker Andy Welti

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)

Senators Present
Lori Fick 2-0-0. Joe Muggli 2-0-0. Rhys Gaffer 2-0-0. Samuel Eddy Ankrah 2-0-0, Matt Lairmore 6-4-0, Courtney Powell 9-1-0, Nayoki Cormier 8-2-0, Eric Kroiss 7-2-1 Jack Rector 10-0-0, Michael Groenewold 10-0-0, Zach Biesanz 8-2-0, Stacy Wiech 9-0-1, Karly Klein 10-0-0, Mikel Akers 10-0-0, Ian Radtke 10-0-0, Craig Shub 8-2-0, Amy Bicek 7-2-1, Roger White Owl 8-2-0, Rachel D. Noah 1-0-0, LaRonne Prtichett 1-0-0
Senators Absent
Tonya Hebeler 0-2-0, Md Mosharof Hossain 0-2-0, Yolanda Buchanan 2-7-1, Christina Ische 8-2-0, Derek Short 6-3-0,
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce Vice President Tim Huebsch

Induction of new senators: Social & Behavioral Science- Rachel D. Noah, Crawford Hall-LaRonne Pritchett.

Student Forum-

*Senator Rector-be it noted of the heat problem in the room

Approval of Minutes 10/18/00 Minutes approved


Anne Latsch-Career Development Center
Appreciate time to talk to Senate. Giving information today regarding CDC-Counseling Center. Would like students to be aware of Career Week, next week. Very delighted that the Chamber of Commerce made signs for Career Week. Inform your constituents about Career Week. Internet access informing students of jobs and employers. Business Career Day, Nov. 1, includes not only College of Business but SET, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, employers from many areas. Social & Behavioral Science Career Day, Graduate School Day Nov. 2. For more information check out Many job fairs will be coming up. Also workshop calendar-how to start a credential file, resume building, check out web site.

Apple Computers-Jean Mickelson
Apple really does want to be a partner with MSU in all campus events. They want to be part of campus life. If you have an event, notify them and they may be able to provide the digital camera. Partner Up with Apple.

Dean Trauger, Vice President Finance & Administration
Talk today about university budget and how it is put together. FY 2000 proposed tuition rates-Minnesota State Board has made a change in approach to budget development process and how tuition rates are derived. The appropriation is usually determined in May and we would get allocation from board in late May or early June-whatever difference in what we had appropriated we would try to cover with tuition. Now board wants to develop tuition and then make a pitch for what is needed to balance budget. This is a move in the right direction but concerned that it may work or it may not. Would like a focus work group and help with lobbying-providing information on our budget situation and how we compare with similar institutions around the country. We need to create awareness to help keep costs down.
Legislative Appropriation
Bargaining Unit Negotiations (employee salaries 83%)
Tuition (41-42% of budget)
Enrollment is an unknown factor that can have influence on bottom line budget. Would like to think that a new approach would be positive but need to change bargaining unit negotiations.
(See handout) Not proposing a large tuition increase. This would cause difficulties in terms of enrollment. We might have to cut expenditures. Proposal must be submitted in Nov. regarding tuition. Right now $75-100 increase in tuition is being looked at. $2500 band for tuition for two years then $2700. We are currently $302.00 below in national average. This may not be a proper comparison. Will give more specific information next week.
Senator Rector-Do not see data for increase of graduate tuition.
Vice President Trauger-we are looking at an 8% increase. We are 4% lower then other state institutions.
Senator Gaffer-What is the reserve currently at?
VicePresident Trauger-right around 3 million, we will be bringing this down to 2 million. Minnesota State will pressure us to build that back up. We have not wanted to make budget cuts, so we are holding up hope until the next biennium. We did receive extra funding of about $500,000 without that we would have had a deficit of 1.5 million.
Senator Rector-Why is there an increase because of the Andreas and Taylor Center? My understanding is that resident Trauger-Talking more of utilities etc. not programming use. Revenue is for student development or athletics.
Vice President Trauger will be giving more information next Wed.

Officer Reports

President Chris Boyce
Thank you for debates and tenant forum.

Student Technology Roundtable-Chris Schmidt, Josh Casper, Holly Hangsleben, Jennifer Hopp, Tom Higgins, Timothy Huebsch Legislative Affairs Committee-Joseph Muggli, Samuel Eddy Ankrah Student Affairs-Joseph Muggli, Samuel Eddy Ankrah Alcohol & Drug Educator Search Committee-Dee Marrero Academic Affairs-Lori Fick Newspaper Committee-Lori Fick Judicial Board-Ian Radtke, William Roll, Jesse Hokeness, Bob Monahan, Karen Borressen, Fang Fang Han, Joshua Jackson, Michele Koppinger, Joshua Ward, Rhonda Jacobson Personal Safety Committee-Craig Olson
Mass Transit concerns-first proposal was to increase costs, now the city of Mankato is locating at getting out of the business of bussing. We have a proposed hearing on the transit.
Senator Bicek-No one seems to think that students should even have this meeting, bureaucracy going on.
President Boyce-Three weeks ago City of Mankato brought in a new contract at a much higher cost. We did not sign this. Now they are looking at discontinuing the service. Mass Transit system should be a service not in the business to make money.
MSU votes-we now have over 3,000 people registered. Now in phase 2, we will make people aware of where they can vote, when they can vote etc. We have a table downstairs. Many organizations helping us. We will be putting posters in Res Halls on where to vote etc. MSUSA took a grant to basically help students registered, they now want to take our efforts and publish them as their own efforts to justify receiving this grant. Taking position-we will not allow that to happen. Someone else should not take credit for what we have done on this campus. All most all the other presidents have taken this same position.
Senator Gaffer-how do you feel about a motion coming from this body regarding our stance.
President Boyce-That would be a good idea.
Senator Biesanz-If we do not let someone else use this information, are we going to try to get a grant?
President Boyce-MSUSA accepted this grant when they were not in a position to accept. The money should have gone to some other group that should have used in more like the Technical Colleges.
Senator Groenewold-Who accepted the grant?
President Boyce-The Ex. Director, Frank Viggiano, sought out the grant and accepted it.

Vice President Tim Huebsch
Again Thank you to Apple for the computer. We have also had a digital on loan-view tenant forum and parade. We are also looking at more pairing and sharing with Apple. They have been so good to supply us with tapes that are needed. Again thank Apple and Jean for working with us.
Alumni Office-Offering four programs (see handout)
SET is having their SET fest. Tents outside Trafton, check out the solar car. Technology Roundtable will be starting Monday.

Recommendation-Senator Gaffer/Senator Wiech
MSSA requests that MSUSA staff provide a budget breakdown of their efforts in spending their portion of grant money awarded to them from Youthvote2000 for the voter education of students for the 2000 election year cycle; to be sent to MSUM, MSSA by November 15,2000.

President Boyce-tried to get this $10,000 to be broken up. Was told this was not possible, it had to go to a position or used by travel .

Motion Passes unanimously

Motion-Senator Gaffer/Senator Rector
Get on record that we need a larger fan. Recommendation Fails

Speaker Andy Welti
Correspondence from Assistant Vice President Malcolm O'Sullivan
R#10.11.00A Clock settings.
President has reviewed this and would like further discussion with Vice President Trauger and some members of the committee before this can be approved. .
College of Business seat held by Paul Menne is now open, Allied Health & Nursing seat held by Yolanda Buchanan is now open. Also-Mav Hall, Undeclared. Elections will be held every Wed. beginning Nov. 8
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition
Beta Sigma Lambda
Recognition Renewal
Campus Crusade for Christ, Minnesota State Rugby Club, MSU Shokokan Karate Club, Construction Management Student Association, Men's Club Volleyball, Council of Student Business Organizations
President Boyce-abstain from vote on Beta Sigma Lambda

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator-Rhys Gaffer
(written report)
Have attended last two city council meetings; the special DM&E meeting and one city council work session. Primary issues that have come up are the Mass transit/busing issue and rental units on Pohl/Balcerzak-this issue seems to be resolved. In Union Board presently reviewing the budget; will vote at the next meeting, there is a discrepancy in Minnesota State funds. This will be reviewed. MSU staff are interested in what students would like in regards to art on the walls of Phase III. Master planning for the CSU is also happening. I encourage all to ask any questions about this process and/or attend the meetings on Thursdays at 3:30. Please sign up to work the MSSA table.

Student Advocacy Coordinator Nequra Campbell
Have not had to address advocacy yet, will be putting up posters in offices etc. if students do not feel they are getting the service they deserve. Will also be putting up posters and add in reporter of all coordinators. Will be working with Student Events Team for leadership training for all coordinators. . Talked to Mary Dowd regarding my role as advocacy coordinator, she is giving me information on how better to assist students.
Senator Noah-Advocacy in terms of what?
Coordinator Campbell-Any issues that may come up, grade appeals, working on any issue.
Senator Groenewold-Aren't grade appeals handled by the Academic Affairs Coordinator?
Senator Noah-I am not sure what senators do then.
President Boyce-Job descriptions are available in the office.


President Boyce-Tomorrow night-MSU Cheer Team-spaghetti feed at The Still. MSSA Meet and Confer next week.
Speaker Welti-judging comedy show at Indigo. Come down.
Senator Gaffer-Leg. Affairs meet after meeting.
Senator Wiech-If anyone is going to MSUSA and want to go to the Media Conference-let her know.
Senator Biesanz-Nov 2-Ralph Nader will be in the Twin Cities
Senator Noah-Tomorrow-visiting faculty, first and only Fullbright scholar will be speaking
Senator Bicek-Talked to Rich Wheeler-we will still have a bus hearing on campus, Nov 6 3:00

Roll Call

Senators Present
Michael Groenewold, Lori Fick, Zach Biesanz, Eric Kroiss, Nayoki Cormier, Jack Rector, Craig Shub, Courtney Powell, Rachel D. Noah, Stacy Wiech, LaRonne Pritchett, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl, C. Rhys Gaffer
Senators Absent
Yolanda Buchanan, Christina Ische, Tonya Hebeler, Md Mosharof Hossain, Derek Short, Matt Lairmore
Executive Staff Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Adjournment 5:27 PM