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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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68th MSSA Senate
November 15, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M. by Speaker Andy Welti

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)

Senators Present
Michael Groenewold 13-0-0, Byron Pike 2-0-0, Zach Biesanz 10-3-0, Jack Rector 13-0-0, Stacy Wiech 12-0-1, Karly Klein 13-0-0, Mikel Akers 13-0-0, Amy Bicek 10-2-1, Samuel Eddy Ankrah 4-0-0, Matt Lairmore 9-4-0, Joe Muggli 5-0-0. Rhys Gaffer 5-0-0, Ian Radtke 13-0-0, Roger White Owl 10-3-0
Senators Absent
Derek Short 8-4-0, Courtney Powell 11-2-0, Rachel D. Noah 3-1-0, Md Mosharof Hossain 1-4-0, Craig Shub 9-4-0, Lori Fick 4-1-0, Christina Ische 10-3-0, Eric Kroiss 8-4-1, Nayoki Cormier 9-4-0, LaRonne Prtichett 2-2-0
Officers Present
Vice President Tim Huebsch
Officers Absent
President Chris Boyce

Presentation-Mike Hodapp, Assistant Director Student Union
Budget has been unanimously approved by Union Board and SAC. The good news is that fee will go down. For 2002 budget can be decreased because of enrollment growth, more bodies to collect from. Also Minnesota State has said they will assess us $100,000 less for debt service.
Senator Groenewold-Why is Affinity being charged less for ATM then other companies?
Mr. Hodapp, They already collect from Affinity in monthly rent charges.
Senator Groenewold-Many students would like a Wells Fargo, is there any attempt to get them back?
Mr. Hodapp-When they lost the Mav card they said they were not interested in putting in an ATM. Union management is trying to maintain services that students want. Students pay for this building, they should give feedback as to what they want in their Union.
Senator Rector-Move to approve the Student Union budget.
Second Senator Groenewold
R#11-15.00A Student Union Budget
The Minnesota State Student Association moves to approve the FY02 Student Union budget of $1,853,757.00
Motion passes unanimously. Abstain Senator Bicek

Approval of Minutes 11/08/00 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

Vice President Tim Huebsch (no Senate meeting next week)
We need to take a position on the tuition proposal. We will give that to Vice President Trauger before he meets with Minnesota State.
Senators needed for the Financial Aid committee.
Multi-Cultural events this weekend also Tip Off Classic on Friday, we need to get as many students at the Taylor Center as possible.
Night Safety Task Force-if interested let President Boyce know.
Looking for feedback on Technology Advertisement on campus.
Festival of Trees Sat. & Sun. Midwest Wireless Civic Center-supports Child Care Resource & Referral
Senator Lairmore-Have cell phones been distributed?
Vice President Huebsch-No, however, they will be next semester, they will be divided between the colleges. Each college will have to have a plan on how they will be allocated.

Tuition Proposal R#11.15.00B Senator Bicek/Gaffer
Whereas: The Minnesota State Student Association does not support a cut in student services
Whereas: Our tuition rate remains to be lower then regional universities
Whereas: We realize the need to level our current debt situation
Whereas: We would like to see an increase in staff, student wages, and increase technology in classrooms
Be it Resolved: The Minnesota State Student Association, support the proposed tuition increase of $125.00 per semester for the 2001-2 academic year.

Senator Rector-Division

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting Yes
Michael Groenewold, Zach Biesanz, Stacy Wiech, Karly Klein, Amy Bicek, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl, Christopher Rhys Gaffer
Senators voting No
Byron Pike, Matt Lairmore
Senators abstaining
Jack Rector, Mikel Akers, Samuel Eddy Ankrah
Executive Staff voting Yes
Vice President Tim Huebsch, President Boyce-absent
Motion passes 9-2 3 abstentions

Speaker Andy Welti
Presentations to Coordinator Wiech and Coordinator Bicek for outstanding service.
Celebration on American Indian Awareness. Will have dancers, speakers,dinner.
Help plan the 2001 Dance Marathon. Talk to Jason in SLD& SL
After much thought have decided to resign position as Speaker to attend school at the University of New Mexico. Will fulfill duties until Dec. 6. Will elect a new Speaker at that time.

Recognized Student Organizations
Delta Sigma Pi, Judo, MSU, Mankato Rehabilitation Club

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Relations Rhys Gaffer
Have been attending the work sessions and City Council meetings. There are still some issues with the Albatross, they are not following agreement to have a police officer there on their heaviest nights. Mass Transit issue-still keeping an eye on that. Worked with get out the vote, organized information tables.

Committee Reports

SAC-Amy Bicek
Presented information on Mass Transit Hearing. Petition signed by over 100 people to not change system. Committee will meet next week for recommendation to City.
Holidazzle Parade-when would senators like to go? Dec. 9. 11:00 Sign up in the Senate Office.

ECDC-Roger White Owl
Had quorum last night. Angela White Owl will be chair. Will meet biweekly at 4:00. Discussed Cultural Diversity night and First Indian Indigenous Night. Need representation from two students for committee.

Student Union Board-Rhys Gaffer
Need students to serve on board. Looking at commissioning some Art work on wall by elevator. Also some art in the hall way of Phase III. Need offices represented to influence type of art. Need good dialogue with Student Art League. Also doors now have new fire trips for code. Also anticipating new signage.
Senator White Owl-Is the Bowling alley going to have automatic scoring?
Senator Gaffer-Yes, also having an open house to get more students.


Speaker Welti -Sign up for holiday dinner.
Vice President Huebsch-Reminder, MSUSA is Dec. 1-3.
Senator Bicek-Will not be here for the Holidazzle Parade.
Senator Lairmore-Environmental Student Association currently has a petition going to urge President Clinton to designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a National Monument to save it from the proposed encroachment by oil drilling companies. Tables will be set up in the Union in the following weeks.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Michael Groenewold, Byron Pike, Zach Biesanz, Jack Rector, Stacy Wiech, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek, Samuel Eddy Ankrah, Matt Lairmore, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl, C. Rhys Gaffer
Senators Absent
Christina Ische, Lori Fick, Eric Kroiss, Nayoki Cormier, Craig Shub, Md Mosharof Hossain, Courtney Powell, Rachel D. Noah, LaRonne Pritchett, Derek Short
Executive Staff Present
Vice President Tim Huebsch
Executive Staff Absent
President Chris Boyce

Adjournment 4:48 PM